Arches in the hallway

The use of arches in the interior is a fairly popular idea. They can fulfill a functional and decorative role. Arches in the hallway meet guests, creating a certain impression from the doorway.


During design planning, it is worth figuring out what role this or that object will play in the interior.. An arch in a hallway can have several functions:

  • original interior element. Such a design can look unusual if you create a custom design using lighting, carving, ornaments or other additional decor;
  • zoning tool. Apartments may have large enough hallways, which are best divided into functional areas. The arch in this case will serve as a clear border, but at the same time it will look less bulky than the door;
  • a way to adjust space. The corridor does not always have a good layout, but this can be visually corrected. An arch with rounded corners will help to expand the narrow hallway, and a round shape will improve the appearance of a room with low ceilings..

An arch is an element not only useful, but also beautiful. To give it original features, you can use different materials and choose the desired shape..

Forms and their features

The classic design is a rounded top passage. But curly arches with unusual openings can make the room more interesting.. There are several of the more popular options:

  • an asymmetrical opening or semi-arch is a bold solution for interiors made in one of the modern styles. Such arches are often created using drywall, since a variety of shapes can be made from it, it is easy to process;
  • the completely round and large upper part is typical of historical styles, for example, baroque;
  • the oval arch is smoothly rounded at the top and widens at the bottom. This shape of the passage goes well with various niches or shelves that can be positioned on the sides;

  • the traditional style is a rectangle with rounded corners, this option is suitable for a classic design, it resembles a regular doorway, but it is the easiest to make it;
  • The use of an arched ensemble looks unusual – several arches going one after another. This option is decorative and is suitable only for large rooms with high ceilings, but it looks really impressive..

It is important to remember that an unsuitable shape can noticeably “eat” part of the space, so small apartments require a special approach. In a small hallway, trapezoidal structures or ellipsis-shaped openings will look better.

Materials used

An arch can be made from different materials, choosing an option that has the necessary properties, for example, with increased resistance to moisture. The offers from hardware stores are quite diverse:

  • drywall is popular. It is easy to work with it, you can cut curly shapes from it, it is durable and stable. Among the different grades, there are both ordinary and inexpensive material, as well as moisture-resistant and fire-resistant grades;
  • Fiberboard is also often purchased. These are slabs compressed from chips – waste from the woodworking industry. Due to this origin, the material is afraid of moisture, and it is also less durable than drywall, but it costs less;
  • plastic is available, and stores often provide the opportunity to order the desired color that will suit the decor of the room. However, not every interior style will allow plastic elements to fit in, in addition, the material can crack from a strong load;
  • gypsum arches require long and painstaking work, but the result is worth it, the finished structure looks impressive and does not require additional decoration due to the relief details present. In addition, gypsum can be given almost any shape, creating elements and decorations from it, so nothing limits your imagination;
  • the most expensive option is natural wood mass. However, the price justifies itself – the tree looks luxurious and has a long service life with proper care..

The material must be selected not only in terms of price and properties, but also in combination with the chosen interior style.

Historical directions require the use of natural wood or gypsum, while modern ones can also be fitted with plastic..

You can make the arch yourself. It is not difficult to work with drywall or fiberboard, and even a beginner in construction will be able to deal with such a task. In some cases, a plasterboard structure can be attached, practically without destroying the existing doorway. If you plan to use complex and expensive materials, then it is better to entrust the work to a professional.

Style and design

Since the arch is located between two rooms, for example, an entrance hall and a hall, it should organically blend with the surrounding space. This should be taken into account when choosing a design and decor.. You can decorate the arch in different ways:

  • cut finish. The use of glass mosaic, imitation of masonry, stained glass or even ordinary decorative plaster, which can also give a beautiful look, looks original. You can arrange a cut and framing in this way;
  • backlight. It is easy to mount spotlights into a drywall arch, which will create original lighting and a cozy atmosphere. You can use a simpler solution – LED strip, which also looks interesting and effective. An unusual solution – lamps in the form of candlesticks or lanterns, which go well with the decoration in the form of masonry;
  • niches and shelves. Such elements will not only make the arch unusual, but also add practicality to it – you can use them to store some things..

An interesting option is the use of mirrors.

They can be fixed in special frames both in the arch itself and next to it, on the walls. This not only looks out of the box, but also helps solve the problem of limited space. Mirrors will visually enlarge the narrow corridor, and also, due to the reflected light glare, will make a small room without windows brighter and more spacious. The main thing is to choose the right lighting to achieve this effect..

The use of additional decor adds originality to the arch and allows you to create a harmonious atmosphere in the room. If the space is small or the presence of some elements seems inappropriate, then simpler options can be dispensed with. This finish will not take up much space, but it will look quite decent..

The easiest way is to cover the arch with wallpaper., if it is made of drywall. It is enough to choose a suitable color and pattern for the design to look good in the interior. Wallpaper wears out quickly enough, but it is not difficult to replace it. Also, for the hallway, it is better to choose options that can be washed, and, if possible, do not use completely light shades – such a coating will quickly lose its appearance.

Another simple finishing option is painting. Such an arch looks stylish, in the spirit of minimalism, if you choose the right shade. The coating can always be updated if it loses its appearance or wants to change its color. Before applying, the surface will need to be prepared using a special primer, so the paint consumption will be less.

This type of decoration can be used not only in the hallway, but also in the kitchen, living room or other room where such a design will look appropriate.

You can deviate from the standard, which involves the creation of arches only in doorways, and make unusual arched niches in the walls, provide them with lighting and decor. For a large hallway, such a solution will be very original, it is also suitable for other rooms in which there is enough free space..

The characteristic feature of the arch – design versatility. You can fit it into absolutely any interior style, from historical to ultramodern. It is only necessary to give it an appropriate appearance so that the opening is combined with the design of the room. A functional and beautiful arch will be an excellent design solution.


For how the arch will actually look in the interior of the hallway, see below.

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