Drywall arches: options and features

Drywall arches: options and features

When arranging their home, everyone tries to think through all the details and nuances, including the style of doorways. At the moment, more and more often preference is given not to ordinary ordinary doors, but to majestic, light and graceful drywall arches.


To begin with, the arched frame can be made of a variety of materials, among which natural and artificial wood and stone can be noted. Arched plaster passages are no less popular and affordable. But drywall arches became the undoubted favorite, and there are a number of reasons for this..

Drywall has become popular due to its versatility. Indeed, its profile is very wide, since it is used in many areas of repair. It is used in the creation of wall partitions, ceilings and ceiling structures, with its help you can make many decorative details, and this list of its scope is not limited..

And all because drywall is a fairly plastic, pliable and flexible material, from which literally anything can be molded. That is why drywall is the best option when creating an arched structure in an opening..

Drywall is light enough, therefore it is very easy to install and secure it. Thanks to its texture, it can easily hide the unevenness of the wall. In addition, do not forget that this material consists of natural components and therefore does not pose a health hazard, which is an undoubted plus. Especially when the plasterboard arch is installed in a house where children live.


If we talk about the arches themselves, then recently they have become even more popular. This seemingly very simple type of opening increasingly replaces heavy doors. We must give the arches their due, even the simplest of them look very attractive. This is especially true of entrance arches with additional decorative elements..

Do not forget that arches significantly save space, and this is very important for owners of small apartments..

Everyone knows the decorative possibilities of arches, which can have an unusual design and shape. Such arches often complement the overall style of the room, bringing a certain zest to the interior..

However, in addition to the chic appearance, arched openings have a number of other advantages, and one of them is practicality. They are easy to install and, if desired, they can also be easily dismantled, they weigh very little, and are made of high-quality material. When installed, they do not spoil the walls, so in case of dismantling, you will not have to spend money on cosmetic repairs..

Moreover, sometimes arched passages are purposefully used to hide wiring, protruding pipes, ventilation or uneven walls..

Due to its shape, the arch can also become a place for storing books, vases, figurines and various small decorative items. It is enough to make special niches on the sides of the arched opening, and additional storage shelves are ready.!

Arched walkways can be a good way to zone a room., which is especially required in one-room apartments or studio apartments. Arches can separate the kitchen area from the living room or, for example, the dining area from the work.


Interior arches have a huge number of types and variations, which are distinguished depending on the shape of the vault, style, places of application and additional structural elements. For example, doorways for the hallway and the hall may have large and original decorative plaster details that do not have additional functionality. Conversely, the arch in the corridor can be made with lighting or with columns, which would look very harmonious in rooms in baroque and classical styles..

The device of a door arch from the hall to the kitchen can contain niches with shelves on which you can store anything: from dishes and vases to books and boxes of documents. In a minimalistic interior, a zone with an increased number of small details will look very unusual. The same can be said for loft-style living rooms..

It is customary to divide arched openings into several types, among which the main ones are classic, avant-garde arches and arches in the form of trapezoids. But, of course, there are many more subspecies, and they are all divided according to the shape of the vault. For example, there are elliptical plasterboard arches, Gothic, Roman, Turkish, British and even Thai arches. There is also a portal arch. Let’s analyze some of the named types.

Let’s start with the classic arches. This type of doorway is suitable for any interior.

As a rule, classic arches do not have additional decorative details, they are as simple and laconic as possible, and therefore are universal. They can be of different shapes, but the most important difference is the clearly marked door frame..

Sometimes classical arches are called Roman, because it was the Romans who began to spread this type of doorway everywhere. The diameter of such structures usually reaches the width of the doorway, so such arches will look especially good in an apartment with high ceilings..

Avant-garde arches have a wider and slightly flattened shape, which visually expands the space. Almost always they are elliptical, which does not prevent them from being combined with additional details such as columns or shelves built into the sides..

The arches in the Romanist style are somewhat reminiscent of the classical ones, only their edges are smoother and more rounded. Usually they are installed in rooms made in modern styles..

Portal arches are known not only for their cosmic name, but also for their minimalism and simplicity. They are easy to install and dismantle. Often such arches have wooden inserts. Their shape is often rectangular..

The arches in the Gothic style have an unusual lancet shape, so you will not see smooth graceful lines in them. These types of openings look quite authentic, especially if mosaic or stained glass elements are used in the arch device.

The oriental arches, the shape of which imitates the pointed dome characteristic of oriental buildings, can give the room the mystery of Arabian nights..

Due to its specific shape, this type of arch is suitable only for a narrow circle of exotic oriental styles like the Arabian or the Moroccan style that has recently become loved..

Designers do not ignore Slavic motives either. Slavic-style arches usually have a smoothed rectangular shape, so this option can be called one of the most versatile. The same cannot be said about the Thai arches, the shape of which is characterized by excessive asymmetry. This type of arched passage is designed in such a way that one side has a rounded elliptical shape, and the other an angular square one. This option looks extraordinary. Usually, such structures are quite wide, so they are used more often in studio apartments..

It should be noted, whatever the type of arch, it should always fit the style of the whole room, otherwise it will not become an additional decorating element and spoil the look of the room..

Form options

Despite the existing types of arches, they can have a huge number of variations in relation to their shape. And in this case, any owner can give free rein to his imagination and come up with his own unique design of the arched passage, which will be one of a kind.

However, it is worth mentioning the classic forms, because they are the basis of any curly arch. For example, arches can be rectangular, square, elliptical, semicircular and trapezoidal. Today these are the most common forms of arches, and their size can be absolutely any. Such arches are suitable for apartments in a modern style and with low ceilings..

Arches of unusual shape can increasingly be found in spacious apartments. Of course, during their installation and dismantling, you will have to sweat, and even better, find a professional who will correctly install the structure. It can be expensive, but the result is definitely worth it..

Some arch shapes can have a large number of angles., forming volumetric polyhedral passages. Moreover, the more corners, the more such an arched opening will resemble a round arch..

Some rectangular arches have at their top a special rounding element in the form of a semicircle, which is often made of glass and appears as an additional interior window. Such options can be useful if it is necessary to pass daylight from one illuminated room to another unlit room. For example, some of the daylight from the living room can flow through such an arch into a dark hallway..

You can often find options for arches that have several arches at once. Such a decorative form is characteristic to a greater extent for the oriental and Gothic arches, which have a rather unusual sharp vault. An interesting design solution will be multi-tiered arched walkways with multi-layered details and convex jambs.

A good functional option is rectangular and rounded arches with through side niches. We have already mentioned that such recesses can be used as additional shelves. However, their through options can be closed with transparent or colored glass, and then the doorway, with the correct refraction of light, will literally sparkle with new colors. Such an arch will definitely add airiness to the room..

Decorative arches with niches can also be used as a shelf for bulky equipment such as a TV, DVD-player, tape recorder or audio system. Any variations of such use of additional shelves will be both bold and practical at the same time, and for many living spaces a combination of beauty and functionality is simply necessary..

Plasterboard arches can be symmetrical and asymmetrical. Moreover, the asymmetry in arched art is not limited to any specific set of forms. In other words, if desired, the designer can take into account the most daring decisions of the client and depict whatever his heart desires..

So, for example, for an interior with marine motives, you can make an arch, the shape of which imitates the crest of a wave or a seashell of a specific shape. And, of course, such solutions need to be supplemented with a drawing made by the hand of a good interior artist. Otherwise, the idea may not be expressed clearly enough..

Asymmetric arches are suitable for low ceilings, adding the necessary zest to the home. Often, such vaults are accompanied by various decorative elements such as stucco molding or plaster rosettes, which will look especially organic in a classic interior..

With the right combination, any shape of the arch can express the taste preferences of the owner of the apartment and decorate the interior. The main thing is to think over its structure to the smallest detail, and then it will delight you with its appearance for many years.

How to finish?

Of course, the shape of the arch is not everything! After all, its decoration, which, if necessary, can significantly change the appearance of the arched opening, is of great importance for the style of this plasterboard object..

Many people mistakenly think that finishing plasterboard arched passages is limited to ordinary boring painting to match the color of the walls. But this is far from the case! The arched opening does not have to merge with the walls. Although this option can be very well presented. Of course, such a simple approach to the design of arches is suitable for lovers of minimalist design, which must certainly be done without any flashy and small details..

Yes, an arched passage, disguised as the color of the walls with paint or wallpaper, is versatile and practical. He certainly will not overload the interior. But still, this option is too simple, it will not allow experimenting with a doorway and ennobling the room. It will become a neutral part of the interior. Arches with simple shapes and lines are more suitable for a laconic high-tech style that loves everything angular and straight.

In order to create a perfectly flat plastered surface of the arch, smoothly and imperceptibly turning into the wall, they use an environmentally friendly and practical material called fiberglass. It is easy to use and can boast of its durability, but the paint lays on it just perfectly. From a technological point of view, this is a godsend for creating arches without protruding elements..

But the arch can also be used as a good decorative element. On the sides it can be decorated with various kinds of plaster elements of various shapes. For example, in the form of butterflies, flowers, birds, animals and whatever comes to mind. Plaster moldings can be inspired by the motives of the ancient world or ordinary geometric bodies. There are a lot of options. In addition, the manufacture of such gypsum objects in our time is not difficult, since they are very affordable at their cost..

An arched passage can contain an optional but interesting element such as built-in lighting. Spotlights located along the perimeter of the arch can be switched on separately from the general light and, remaining the only burning lamp in the room, create a pleasant intimate atmosphere in the evenings. Indeed, by the evening, the eyes get tired of the bright light, and such illumination will be just right.

If the arched opening is installed in the kitchen, then part of it, in addition to built-in shelves, may contain special metal mechanisms for holding small things such as glasses, mugs, tea towels, napkins or, for example, small pots with blooming violets. This device looks very home-like. Especially for rustic kitchens or in the now popular Provence style.

For apartments in such modern styles as Art Nouveau and Loft, you can decorate the arch with natural or artificial stone. An imitation of brick or tiled masonry imitating the subway wall will also look very trendy and street-style. Sloppy and excessive roughness of shapes and textures here will only deepen the street style..

In addition to natural stone, you can trim the arched passage with natural or artificial stone. This option will really appeal to lovers of the classics..

Arches with a hint of wood always look expensive and presentable, and due to their unobtrusiveness they will not draw undue attention to themselves.

Wood, stone, a bucket of paint and plaster – this is not all that the modern design of arched structures can boast of. But this is not the case. You need to find the element that you like and attach it to the arch.

Lately, many designers have given us freedom in the choice of decorative materials and methods of their arrangement. So, for example, bamboo sticks, various kinds of fabrics, some small twigs, leaves, common bugles, seashells, natural stones such as amber, license plates from different countries of the world, pebbles or special stones for aquariums can be used for decoration …

Anything can be used as a decorative material. Even empty cans or soda pops or some rare beer bottle caps. Any unusual element in the right hands can become a rather original decoration for your interior, which is great.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Everyone can afford to place a beautiful modern arch in their home, because now there are a lot of interesting examples of using a fashionable or unusual arched structure. But most often the arch is located in the living room..

Designers do not prohibit combining two arches in one room at once. Moreover, they can be completely different shapes, sizes and textures. Let one arch be higher and the other lower, no big deal. It is enough to keep them in a single style and color scheme, and then they will perfectly complement each other..

Complement the archway with a full or shortened column that ends at a small room parapet and you’ll see the magic of room zoning work in action. With the help of the arch and its details, the designer managed to easily and simply separate the kitchen area from the guest area..

In any apartment, structures with built-in glass, combined with white and thin partitions, arches give the room lightness and airiness. In such a room you always feel a little freer. And this is not surprising, because glass inserts made of transparent glass transmit light well.

Do not assume that arches can only be located in a doorway. This is not at all the case. They can be installed over stairs or over windows. You can also imitate an arch in any room above the mantelpiece or, for example, above the TV. Arched motifs will look good at the head of the bed in the bedroom..

In this video, you will find a photo selection of drywall arches.

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