Kitchen design on the loggia

What can upset the hostess in the layout of the apartment? Small kitchen, of course. It is not functional enough, it is difficult to properly equip and decorate it. Housewives have to limit themselves in choosing furniture and household appliances. Such kitchens are most often used as a work area, while there is absolutely no room for a dining table. Therefore, either you have to completely abandon family lunches and dinners, or move the meal to the living room, which is impractical from the point of view of using the recreation area..

Interior designers offer an interesting option that will allow you to enlarge the kitchen, make it not only more spacious, but also aesthetically more attractive. It is necessary to combine the kitchen with the loggia. Despite the many nuances, this method of redeveloping an apartment is highly popular among contemporaries..


Do’s and Don’ts

Having engaged in the redevelopment of an apartment, first of all, it is necessary to settle many points at the legislative level. After all, it is possible to remove the wall between the kitchen and the loggia only after obtaining permission from a number of state institutions: BTI, SES, an independent licensed bureau, Gospozhnadzor, an interdepartmental commission, the Ministry of Emergencies.

Unfortunately, not all ideas can be translated into reality. And those that can often take a lot of time and effort. For example, you cannot clean the walls in an apartment without obtaining the appropriate documents. Otherwise, a fine. Also, not every wall can be torn down. In particular, load-bearing walls must not be dismantled. In panel houses, the load-bearing wall thickness is about 120-140 mm, and in brick houses – more than 380 mm.

“Legalization” of the demolition of the partition is such a laborious process that you need to be patient before the result is achieved.

Having received all the permissions and having decided on the option of dismantling the wall (full or partial), it turns out that there are a number of other prohibitions that must be taken into account when redeveloping the premises. For example, it is forbidden to take out a centralized water heating system to the loggia. Therefore, before removing the wall, you should take care of the correct insulation of the loggia..


Interesting design solutions

How to profitably beat the balcony, which is combined with the kitchen? How to use the resulting space correctly? How to rationally fill an area of ​​8-9 square meters, 12 square meters, 15 square meters, etc..?

  1. Dinner Zone. Install a beautiful solid wood table on the former loggia, select chairs with high backs for it – then family dinners will become not just an ordinary meal, but a whole ritual.
  2. Bar counter on a “non-removable” part of the wall, which can also be used as a work surface.
  3. Rest zone. A soft sofa, cozy armchairs, a coffee table, a rocking chair, your favorite books or educational magazines – what could be better for relaxing after a busy day?
  4. Work zone. Take out the kitchen set and most of the household appliances to the balcony, thereby freeing up space in the kitchen itself, which can now serve as a full-fledged dining room, such a connection is considered very successful.
  5. A winter garden is an unusual, but very interesting solution in a connected kitchen. Plants soothe, soothe, oxygenate and bring freshness and peace to the home.

Registration rules

The design of an interconnected space requires the use of the “one style” method. You should not neglect the stage of correct decoration, because the attractiveness and integrity of the perception of the room depends on how the kitchen and the loggia will be decorated. To give the kitchen a special charm, to make it as cozy and comfortable as possible, the following points must be taken into account:

  1. the floor must be made of the same type of materials, several levels are allowed;
  2. uniform style in the design of the ceiling and walls;
  3. the right combination of colors – an excellent option would be to use two shades of the same color and one contrasting tone (for example, a combination of pistachio, light green and orange or terracotta, a combination of pink, purple and chocolate, etc.).

Stages of combining two zones

The process of combining a kitchen and a loggia into one room can be divided into several stages:


The main function is to obtain all the necessary documents for the demolition of the wall, as well as cleaning. Quite right, before starting any work, it is necessary to free the loggia from the “good” collected there.

Glazing and wall dismantling

It is important to take care of the thermal insulation of the room. And everything starts from the glazing of the loggia or the replacement of the window profile, if it is of poor quality or has already become old. Demolition of the wall implies complete or partial dismantling of the dividing partition.


This procedure involves not only internal, but also external insulation. For the street, special foam plates are suitable, which are mounted on the wall, then they are plastered and painted in the color of the walls of the house. Inside the loggia can be insulated through the use of foam. It is also recommended to make “warm floors” and install infrared or electric heaters.


The most interesting and creative stage. Upon completion of all the “dirty” work, you can start decorating the room.

Decorating and lighting

The aesthetic appeal of a room plays an important role in the integrity of perception. A cozy atmosphere can be created with the right decoration and lighting.


After dismantling the wall, you should consider the options for the correct design of the exit to the balcony. The arch is the most popular and interesting option. If the method of partial dismantling was used (only the window and door openings were demolished), then the whole emphasis is concentrated on the remaining lower part of the wall, which can be arranged in the form of a bar counter, an island table, shelves for indoor plants and even a working area for the hostess.

A harmonious combination of a kitchen set, upholstered furniture and a dining table will add comfort and coziness to the room. It is advisable to adhere to a single style and one color scheme. And to complete the stage of decoration should be the selection of home textiles and various little things..



The selection of lighting fixtures for a combined kitchen is one of the key stages in the design of an updated kitchen. There should be a lot of light, while it is better to give preference to soft and warm lighting. Among the most common options are: a combination of spotlights on the ceiling and wall sconces, installation of the same chandeliers made in the same style (it is possible to use the gradient or contrast method in choosing the colors of the shades).

Combining a kitchen and a balcony is a very time-consuming and complex process, starting which more than once there will be a desire to give up everything at one of the stages. End justifies the means! This is exactly what you can say after all the work is completed, and the updated kitchen will become a favorite place for all family members..

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