Bathroom design with lilac tiles

The design of a bathroom with lilac tiles can add elegance, romance and charm to the room. This is the original choice of self-confident people, an indicator of the exquisite taste of their owners. But at the same time, this is a rather bold decision, and it is necessary to take into account some important points..

Color features

The lilac color is quite difficult. Experts are confident that he is the personification of mystery and deep energy, has a beneficial effect on the moral and physical state of a person. On the part of the nervous system, it has a calming effect, normalizes sleep, at the same time helps to recharge with strength and energy, concentrate, and raise self-esteem. Purple tones do not irritate the eyes, make vision sharper, and contribute to the gentle normalization of blood pressure.

It is believed that shades of purple help the production of an amino acid, under the influence of which serotonin, the hormone of happiness, is produced. But it should be borne in mind that we are talking about light shades, since dark tones are quite depressing and should be used in moderation..

Having decided on the influence of this color, it is worth familiarizing yourself with how it affects the appearance of the room. In most cases, using purple shades visually compresses the space, so experts recommend combining dark shades with lighter shades. This will not only be an excellent design solution, but also help to correct the shape of the rooms..

Shades of purple tiles

Purple is a combination of two basic colors, red and blue. Depending on the predominance of any of them, various shades of purple are formed. Therefore, such a color is so diverse: it can be romantic and pacifying and, at the same time, energetic and exciting. Choosing purple ceramic tiles for bathroom cladding, some important points should be considered:

  • Floral tones add warmth and coziness to the room, bring notes of freshness and purity.
  • Warm lavender shades promote relaxation, calmness and relaxation. This color can harmoniously complement marine motifs. Delicate and romantic union of lilac with other pastel colors will look great in a bathroom decorated in Provence style.
  • Dark lavender tones in large rooms should be dominant; cladding in this color will add chic and luxury to the interior. For small rooms, the use of dark tones of tiles is contraindicated, otherwise the atmosphere will be suppressing and depressing, and the bathroom will visually become even smaller.

  • Saturated cold shades require dilution with lighter ones; it is also desirable to use them in spacious rooms. A wonderful composition in cold colors can be created by a combination of turquoise and lilac..
  • Delicate and warm shades of lilac will create an atmosphere of romanticism and sophistication in the room. An excellent solution would be lilac-colored cladding in the form of a mosaic, this will help to visually expand the room and reflect the artificial lighting favorably..
  • Purple tiles or fuchsia colors will be appropriate when decorating a women’s room, this is ideal for creating a romantic mood. The bathroom is no exception. The room, decorated with lilac tiles, from which the everyday life of every household begins, will cheer up, energize for the whole next day.
  • The exclusivity of the interior will be given by a combination of several similar tones of the same color. Lilac color can be perfectly diluted with elements of white.

The most popular are the following shades of purple:

  • bright blueberry – especially original in a composition with black accessories;
  • delicate lilac has a pleasant beige and lilac shade;
  • berry purple – the most common combinations with elements of white;
  • neutral lavender requires a special accent on the part of accessories;

  • lavender – goes well with white and silver elements;
  • muted plum – a delicate shade that requires special care in use, as an option – a mosaic;
  • the color of bright fuchsia is a variant of a bold solution, suitable for giving some accents in dark or, conversely, very light interiors.

Style options

The choice of shade of tiles for the bathroom primarily depends on the stylistic direction of the room.. Some possible options:

  • SPA style – purple tiles in combination with pale green, as an addition – accessories to match the color of the wall decoration. Any modern furniture will do.

  • East style the lilac walls with the image of cherry blossoms are best represented. Wooden furniture in warm colors will decorate the room: a bamboo chair, ofuro – a wooden bathtub, you can put a straw mat on the floor.

  • Classic style – this is a combination of purple tones with white, gray, gold flowers, the use of ornaments is encouraged. Floor and ceiling finishes should be light.

  • Country style – lilac color should not be dominant, it is possible to use a small amount.

  • Hi-tech and art deco styles – various original combinations of any shades are possible, most importantly, clear forms of furniture and metal accessories for plumbing.

  • Modern style – does not accept catchy shades. These are simple shapes, uncomplicated furniture, ceramic tiles of a nondescript purple color..

Plumbing and furniture

In order for the design of a bathroom with lilac tiles to contribute to relaxation and tranquility, it is necessary to create the right atmosphere in which each element of the interior will be matched to the overall performance. Beige, white and brown plumbing will harmoniously fit into lilac bathrooms..

The original solution will be the saturated color of the plumbing against the background of lighter walls of the same range. Decorative items and accessories in bathrooms of this color can be white, beige, silver..

But still the safest option is the traditional white color. Plumbing and furnishings in this design will add style to the purple bathroom. But it is worth considering some points – the ceiling and flooring must be made in lighter colors than the walls, and furniture and plumbing must be in a matte version..

You should avoid combining furniture in darker colors than walls, or use such colors carefully – such items will be harmonious only in large rooms with good lighting. For a light environment, a darker front part is possible – this will become a special accent.

Plumbing should be made in the same style, exactly match in color, and it is better if it is a set.


Accessories will help to emphasize the style and make the necessary accents in the room. These are various little things, without which it will not be possible to create a common style picture: towels, soap dishes, cups, rugs.. The following tips will help you choose and place these items correctly..

  • Textile elements such as robes, towels should be either complementary or completely contrasting.
  • Different containers should also match in color. The original solution will be neatly laid out decorative elements: shells, beautiful soap, candles.
  • Bouquets in purple tones or any other natural compositions look especially impressive.
  • Various materials that are not at all associated with the bathroom will help to give a special charm, as well as highlight the richness of the purple color: elements of modeling or, for example, Venetian plaster. But not every style accepts these add-ons..
  • Many small lamps will help to reveal the lilac color in all facets..
  • The color of the accessories should not overload the space, so it is best if it is related to the color of the finish, white or silver..

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