Esko mixers: advantages and product overview

Anyone who decides to install or update faucets in an apartment or office, it makes sense to carefully study the models produced under the Esko trademark. Their advantages over mixers of other companies can be listed for a long time. Some of the important features of Esko products are highlighted in this overview..


Esko brand faucets have a wide range of features that make buyers think to make their choice in favor of these particular products for bathrooms and kitchens. Even a cursory glance at the model range of the specified manufacturer is enough to understand what goals its engineers, constructors and designers pursued. Judging by how harmoniously the classic outlines, the latest artistic trends and catchy design are combined in the cranes they created, the developers tried with all their might to embrace the immensity. Surprisingly, they managed to do this, while laying the foundations for a new style of plumbing, which can be called modern-classic.

It fits easily into traditional residential interiors, avant-garde offices and minimalist spaces..

In addition to the original look, Esko sanitary ware is distinguished by high reliability, excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance, ease of use.. These qualities are especially important for a modern person who values ​​his time as precious as gold. He has no time to tinker with a broken tap or wait for a plumbing repairman after each visit. He is not at all happy with the need to change the mixer every six months due to the fact that it is overgrown with rust. Finally, he cannot afford to waste precious minutes on long adjustment of the water jet to the optimum pressure and temperature. These Czech mixers have positive customer reviews. They have clear instructions and a guarantee for many years..


A typical example of a combination of many important consumer qualities is a mixer Esko Riga RG 54, designed for installation in the bathroom. Its high-gloss finish creates a pleasing play of light and shadow, and its all-cast structures can withstand impacts from hard objects. The jet regulator fits easily in the palm of your hand and allows you to quickly select the desired water characteristics at the moment. It is quite suitable both for a typical setting and for an apartment decorated by an interior designer..

An important addition to these qualities is a ten-year warranty period..

It is worth asking about the price of this mixer. It does not exceed three and a half thousand rubles, which will surely attract the attention of prudent buyers to the RG 54 model. With all this, the cheapness does not manifest itself in any way in the appearance of the crane, or in its durability, or in the ease of use. For this reason, it will become a godsend for both an economical person and for those who are accustomed to surrounding themselves with luxury. For its part, the RG 54 mixer will bring sculptural elegance, necessary comfort and eye-pleasing coziness to the bathroom..

It should be noted that a discerning buyer who wants to find a good mixer at a low price will easily find a suitable option among Esko products.. For example, in the price range of up to five thousand rubles, in addition to RG 54, the following models are offered to him:

  • Riga RG 26;
  • Riga RG 05;
  • Riga RG 15;
  • Vienna VN 26-2;
  • Vienna VN 54-2;
  • Tokyo TK 26.

All of them are distinguished by aesthetic appeal, practicality, reliability and durability. It is possible, discarding all doubts, to purchase these mixers for a modest summer house, and for a pompous cottage, and for a city apartment, and for a dacha lost in the wilderness. They will favorably emphasize the dignity of the most unassuming interior, allow you to easily and quickly wash, swim, wash, do daily cleaning of the room..

Among the listed models, the mixer designed for the bathtub has a special charm. VN 54-2. Its shower head is very reminiscent of the receiver of an old telephone, so it will definitely appeal to fans of retro style. With all this, the valves, the spout, the water supply mode switch look quite modern and harmoniously complement the retro-style. The moderately massive building has a convex shape that will surely appeal to buyers who do not want to bring the features of newfangled minimalism and rationalism into their apartments. Even one glance at VN 54-2 is enough to understand how favorably it will emphasize the classic patterns on the tiles and how it will merge into a style ensemble with a traditional wide bath with high sides..

Customers looking to go beyond the economy class will quickly find mixers that match the price and quality of Esko’s range of products. This is, for example, a model designed for a washbasin Tokyo TK 27H with hygienic shower. In addition to a watering can and a hose, it comes with a wall holder and rubber liner. The cost of TK 27H exceeds six thousand rubles, so its acquisition can be a sure step towards equipping an apartment with the so-called little charms of the bourgeoisie..

They make the home environment not only more comfortable, but also more comfortable, since they contain constructive solutions that allow to significantly increase the standard of living..

Discerning buyers will love some of the other faucets comparable to the Esko Tokyo TK 27H in terms of price and quality.. All of them cost more than five thousand rubles and are distinguished by an ultra-modern design. These include, for example, models such as:

  • Leon LN 54;
  • Palermo PE 31;
  • Duo DU 31;
  • Katar KA 31;
  • New York NY 519;
  • London LD 31.

The model deserves special attention in this category. Berlin BR 519. This tall kitchen faucet is crafted in a simple rectangular style, as if it were taken from the scenery for films about the distant future. Its swivel spout is bent at right angles, so it looks like a part for some mighty and sturdy machine. The pressure regulator logically completes the pedestal coming out of the base with a slight slope. This innovative high-tech design will surely appeal to young ambitious people who want to surround themselves with objects “from the future.” Such a mixer would be appropriate in an interior decorated in a minimalist style and devoid of decorative elements. With all this, the crane is able to bring coziness and comfort into such an environment, revive it with radical outlines and bright shine..

Compared to the uncompromisingly angular BR 519, the rounded and openwork mixer Tokyo TK 519 is an example of grace and softness. Its spout is gently bent downward, so it resembles the unfinished number 9. Thanks to the high fit, this tap will be noticeably raised above the kitchen sink. Its slender pressure regulator is also gently bent downward, which creates a similarity to the structure of the system of arches and undulating landscape. Slim and flowing, yet modern forms of the TK 519 make it appropriate in a kitchen, the interior of which is decorated with no frills, but with taste..

Installation and reviews

Judging by the feedback from buyers of Esko sanitary equipment, it can work properly for a long time, as the manufacturer promises, however, provided that the installation of these faucets is carried out by an experienced specialist. He will make the assembly and installation without those mistakes that are often made by “jack of all trades”, confident that they can handle any task. However, in practice, it turns out that such craftsmen make mistakes that can quickly disable even structurally flawless mixers. For example, a few months after self-installation, a leak in the hose may appear. It can be caused by the destruction of a plastic part located in one of the joints..

It is not surprising that the reviews of people who chose to assemble and install Esko faucets on their own contain a number of complaints about the quality of these products. For example, there have been comments that the hot water pressure control valve may turn on longer than the cold water supply valve. True, after disassembling this unit and re-installing it, but already according to the factory regulations, this problem was eliminated. Three months after self-installation, a problem may appear, leading to the drainage of water from the hose when you turn off the tap.

To fix this problem, you have to involve a plumber and pay him for repairs, which causes understandable dissatisfaction with the high price of the mixer..

Comments are also expressed about how water is consumed in the kitchen after installing an Esko mixer. An attempt to make the pressure as low as possible does not lead to the desired result, since the control lever simply spontaneously lowers to the locking position and stops the water supply. As a result, you have to lift the lever much higher, which allows you to achieve its fixation, but at the same time the water flows out in a violent stream, which is not at all necessary in a particular working situation. It is possible that over time, this inaccuracy of adjustment will disappear by itself. Nevertheless, this feature of operation must be taken into account by those who want to spend water sparingly from the very first days after buying a new tap, since, most likely, Esko was created with the expectation of less economical users..

Accordingly, a person who wants to purchase a mixer must decide exactly which characteristics are most important for him, as well as soberly assess his material capabilities. Judging by the reviews, Esko tap is definitely not suitable for those who like to ensure that the water jet is no wider than, for example, a cord for charging a mobile phone. On the contrary, it is designed to produce a rush to wash dishes quickly and efficiently. This is most often the case for wealthy buyers, for whom, judging by the cost of Esko products, it was developed. For such people, time is money, and quite a lot, so they prefer to raise the adjustment lever to almost the entire possible height..

With all the differences of opinion about the functionality of the models of this brand, the reviews about them agree on one thing: Esko faucets look just amazing. They shine pleasantly and reflect the surrounding objects in their surface. Their design is made at the highest level, so such taps can become a real decoration for both the kitchen and the bathroom. They will successfully complement an expensive setting and become a visual dominant in a modest interior. Like all shiny things, these faucets will cheer up their owners, which will turn dish washing from a routine necessity into a real treat..

How to remove the aerator from the ESKO mixer, see the next video.

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