Faucet spout: types and installation technology

Faucet spout: types and installation technology

Currently, it is impossible to imagine an apartment without a variety of plumbing, which brings comfort to our lives. Each apartment or house has at least a kitchen sink, and a mixer is installed above the sink – a device for supplying water from a centralized water supply system. This device differs in design, external design and material of manufacture. You can easily choose the required model of the desired design and affordable price. However, on the other hand, it is impossible to determine by sight the quality and duration of the device. This requires special knowledge. There are a lot of mixers on sale with different types of spouts, which have different functional purposes..

What it is?

The range of plumbing fixtures for the kitchen, bathroom is varied and wide. Different types of mixers differ not only in design and design, but also in spout. This is one of the structural elements that make up the drain system. It is a curved metal tube through which, when the tap is opened, water flows at the required temperature and under the required pressure. In everyday life, spouts are often called “gander”. It is an integral part of mixers for all types of plumbing fixtures. The required spout is selected in accordance with the purpose and location.


A classic spout is a tube that has a lock nut and two or more spacers. The end of the tube has a different bend angle according to the type of mixer. At the end of the spout with a round end, it is possible to install a balloon – mesh filters used to spray water, which allows economical use of water. Tubes have the shape of a square, a circle, an oval, and a rectangle in cross-section. Also, the spouts presented in the assortment of manufacturers can be L-shaped, C-shaped, S-shaped and R-shaped. These devices differ in purpose, size, design. The swivel spout is an important part of the universal mixer, as it can be used simultaneously in the washbasin and for filling the bathtub. The bath spout, which allows switching the water to the shower, is equipped with an adapter and a switch, which directly transfers the water from the gander to the shower. The switch can be manual or automatic. Each type of spout corresponds to a specific mixer model.

So, devices with two taps (crane-axle boxes or lamb-valves) for hot and cold water are the most popular, the traditional spout is a swivel long one. But it is imperfect and has the main drawback – the occurrence of a leak in the sealing zone. The swivel joint is sealed with a rubber O-ring. It quickly becomes unusable due to constant turns, and therefore there is a leak.

Spouts for single-lever mixers are only short, most often non-rotating. This type of mixer is also often used in everyday life. They are very easy to use. The water is opened and closed by raising and lowering the mixer lever. It also saves water by simultaneously shutting off cold and warm water, and is also convenient for the ability to adjust the temperature of the water in the tap. Exhaust spouts are mainly mounted on kitchen faucets, but there are also possibilities of using them in the bath. The exhaust spout will allow you to draw water not only into the bath, but also into other containers. This type of spout is often complemented by a shower head and can be used in shower cabins..

In addition to traditional models of spouts on the market of sanitary products, you can also see the latest options with improved capabilities..

These models include:

  • The set is a new kind of shower spout. Made in the form of a watering can with a flexible hose connection to the mixer. The kit includes holders that are mounted with the mixer or separately from it.
  • The cascade spout is a modern and extraordinary device. Differs in a double installation method – for a bathtub and for a washbasin. In accordance with the model, it has a wide or flat shape. These components create the effect of a waterfall, which gives the interior some exoticism. Cascade spouts supply water from a horizontal opening in the form of a slot or through a sufficiently wide gutter. This is how the ability to pass water is achieved, and it is quickly recruited into the bath..

  • The spring spout is the latest innovation in sanitary ware manufacturers. Even in its appearance, it differs from the classic models. The spring spout is shaped like a curved spiral. Inside this spiral is a hose through which water is supplied. With this design, it bends easily in different directions. These spouts have a stylish design and a high price tag. They are great for modern apartments.
  • Designer spouts come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. From the standpoint of an engineering device, they are the simplest, which increases the quality of their work..

According to the production method, spouts can be divided into tubular, brazed and cast. The tubular spout is shaped like a slightly curved metal tube. The brazed spout differs from the tubular spout in its original shape. The manufacture of these spouts requires additional steps – soldering, chrome plating, stripping parts. Cast spouts are the most expensive ones. They are equipped with fully cast taps, made of high strength metal, so they have an excellent appearance.

Dimensions (edit)

Spouts come in different sizes and may vary in length, height.

By length, they are subdivided into:

  • Short – up to 20 cm. They can only be used for sinks and bathtubs. Basically, they are non-rotatable. Reliability in operation is their main advantage, which is guaranteed by a small number of structural elements. And their disadvantage is associated with the limited function of use (washing hands, washing) and the inability to collect water for other needs. Another disadvantage – a short spout directs water not into the drain, but into the side of the sink, spraying water.
  • Medium – from 15 to 23 cm.
  • Long ganders are considered to be more than 24 cm, which can be 35, 40, 45, 50 cm long.Long spouts are universal, since they can be used for both the sink and the bath with one mixer.

The length of the spout is selected depending on the dimensions of the sink, sink.

The height of the spout is also an important factor to be considered, as a low head is inconvenient to use and a very high head minimizes the footprint and splashes water. The height is determined from the base of the mixer body to the outlet.

The spout reaches 90 cm in height and it can be:

  • low – up to 15 cm;
  • medium – 15-25 cm;
  • high – from 25 cm and above (up to 90 cm)

Low and medium are recommended only for washing hands and washing, while high have a wider functionality of use, allowing you to collect water in various containers.

Popular manufacturers

On the market, a huge range of sanitary products is represented by various manufacturers, who, by releasing new models, can satisfy the various requirements of buyers..

Analyzing consumer demand, the most popular are the following companies:

  • Grohe (Germany). On the market since 1936. The products are distinguished by their reliability and impeccable quality. Brass products have a long warranty period – up to 10 years.
  • Jacob Delafon (France). Founded in 1889. They produce exclusive design products of European quality at an affordable price..
  • Oras (Finland). On the market since 1945. High quality products and corresponding prices.

  • Roca (Spain). It has been producing products since 1917, which are distinguished by the variety and convenience of models..
  • Vidima (Bulgaria). It is a company that has been on the market since 1934. Consumers can find out specific information about the duration of operation of any model in different conditions of its use. Vidima does not strive for leadership. Her activities are aimed at a family with an average income. it makes equipment that is reliable, uncomplicated and easy to use, with style. Its Sirius series sink mixers are in no way inferior to expensive German brands.

How to choose?

For every kitchen and bathroom, a faucet is important, because without this plumbing device, you cannot use a bathtub, sink, sink. Therefore, when buying mixers, you must seriously consider the issue of its choice..

In addition to technical indicators, when choosing a spout for a mixer, it is necessary to take into account the following facts:

  • Dimensions of the room where the mixer is installed, as well as the dimensions of the bath, sink, sink. The spout should not take up a lot of space, but at the same time, it should provide ease of use. Therefore, for bathrooms with a small area, it is recommended to purchase faucets with a long swivel spout, which is simultaneously used in both the washbasin and the bathtub..
  • Spout capacity. At low throughput, the bath takes a long time, and the water cools down. The diameter of the gander affects the throughput – the larger it is, the faster the water flows. Cascade spouts lead in this parameter among other types, followed by short ganders.
  • The installation location of the faucet also plays a role in the choice of the spout model and depends on the place of its use: in the bathroom or in the kitchen. They can be mounted on a sink, bathtub, sink or wall. When choosing a spout for these premises, it is necessary to take into account their equipment with plumbing fixtures and the peculiarities of their operation. In the kitchen, faucets with swivel ganders are usually installed, which is extremely necessary if there are two sinks in the sink. The height of the spout will depend on the depth of the sink, and the length will depend on the size of the sink. The long swivel spout is ideal for the bathtub.
  • Appearance. The range of mixers with various designs is now very large, so there will be no difficulties in purchasing.

    If in doubt, which device to choose – rotary or non-rotary, and the mixer will serve only the sink, washbasin or bathtub, then from the point of view of durability, non-rotary is preferable. The non-rotating gander has a fixed attachment to the mixer body, where a leak is most often formed. Also, when choosing a spout, it is necessary to take into account the position of the swivel neck. When installing it in a bath, it is better to use the spout located under the body of the mixer. The spout is located at the top if the mixer is placed on a washbasin or washbasin. Another important factor when choosing a spout is the material of its manufacture. To determine the material, you need to look at the inner surface of the gander..

    Spouts are usually made of anti-corrosion materials:

    1. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and has a yellow color. The material is inexpensive and durable.
    2. Stainless steel. Models made from it are usually inexpensive and available to many buyers..

      In addition, a protective coating is applied to the surface of the product. This could be:

      • Chrome plated for corrosion protection. It has great resistance to mechanical damage, oxidation, in addition, it has a beautiful glossy mirror finish. However, there is a small drawback – traces of water, hands, etc. remain on the gloss.There is also a matte chrome coating, on which dirt, handprints and stains are not so much visible than on a glossy.
      • Granite – this coating is used more often in the manufacture of kitchen sanitary ware, less often for bathrooms. He has a stylish look and many colors. It is durable, anti-corrosion and hygienic to prevent harmful bacteria from developing. But this coating has a rather high price..
      • Corrosion-proof. Its qualities, as well as its appearance, are very similar to chrome. However, a coating of stainless materials is used in premium plumbing and its price is quite high..
      • Brass. Sturdy, anti-corrosion and excellent gold-tinted design. Is quite expensive.

      Installation and repair

      The process of installing a new spout to replace the damaged one is quite simple..

      Stages of work:

      • Unscrew the retaining nut at the base of the spout. For this, an open-end or adjustable wrench is used..
      • Unscrew the spout from the mixer body.
      • The ring-shaped rubber gasket of the new spout is coated with silicone grease or soap or soap.
      • The spout is inserted into the mixer body, pressed down, then you need to tighten the nut with an open-end wrench or an adjustable wrench. In order not to spoil the appearance of the spout, you can tighten the nut through the fabric.

        The spout has basically two main problems. This is a leakage from under the nut and a clogged aerator filter. If there is a leak, then the gasket between the gander and the mixer body is worn out. To eliminate this defect, you need to replace it with a new one. The gasket is a rubber ring.

        Replacement is done as follows:

        • remove the gander as described above;
        • remove the worn out gasket;
        • instead of the old one, a new gasket is placed, which must be strictly in the location of the nut;
        • apply a small amount of grease to the installed gasket and spout;
        • the spout returns to the body and the nut is tightened.

          Weak water pressure, both cold and hot, is a sign of a clogged aerator..

          It is quite easy to repair a spout that does not allow water to pass through:

          • It is necessary to remove the aerator by hand or with a key.
          • Remove the mesh from the filter, leaving two. Usually the filter is clogged with fine particles..
          • Rinse the nets and the aerator itself with running water. If necessary, clean the holes in them with a needle.
          • Reassemble the aerator in reverse order and screw onto the spout. Remember to install a gasket between the spout and the aerator. The gasket is installed with the same side up as before. There are also non-separable filters. They only need to be rinsed and put in place..

            Another common breakdown is a leak in the water switch from the spout to the shower head in the bath mixer. In this place, the gaskets also often wear out, which is the cause of the leak. It is located between the mixer body and the switch. For replacement, it is better to purchase a paranite gasket. Paronite, swelling, fills the space inside and thus protects well from water.

            Sequence of replacing the gasket:

            • release the switch from the fixing screw;
            • remove the switch;
            • replace the worn out gasket with a new one;
            • wind a little fum tape in the place where the switch is attached with the parts of the spout.

              Nowadays, you can still find a wall-mounted mixer with a spool switch with a spout for a shower. To eliminate leakage in this type of spout, the bottom gasket must be replaced. For this, the spool is unscrewed, the lower gasket is replaced and the spool is put in place. Then the spout is installed. Sometimes the tap valve leaks. If the spout flows right here, then, apparently, the crane-axle box has become unusable.

              Repair sequence:

              • you need to remove the plug at the top of the valve;
              • unscrew the fixing screw;
              • remove the valve;
              • unscrew the crane-axle box to find out where the breakdown appeared;
              • depending on the type of malfunction, the ring gasket is replaced or the crane box itself is replaced;
              • put on the valve on top;
              • replace the bezel.

              Breakdown prevention

              For a longer service life of plumbing, breakdown prevention plays an important role. To avoid replacing the gaskets in swivel spouts with top and bottom connections, the most dramatic solution is to put two different mixers on the bathtub and washbasin. The fewer connections a mixer has, the less frequent the spout will occur. If, when open, the faucet releases a stream of low-pressure water, then there is a problem with the clogging of the aerator or with the faucet. To prevent the occurrence of such a problem, it is necessary to periodically flush the aerator from the deposits of salts contained in the water and dirt. In addition, it is necessary to clean the structural parts of the crane..

              One of the most important factors in preventing breakdowns is improving the quality of water in the water supply system. In this case, the installation of a mechanical filter will help, which will purify the water from small particles and salts. These impurities will not adversely affect the rubber or silicone gaskets and will thus prolong the life of the mixer. Another important point of prevention is the periodic replacement of gaskets and seals (after 2-3 years), without waiting for a leak. When replacing a faulty mixer element, do not use poor quality components. It is advisable to purchase the original version of the spare part from a trusted manufacturer.

              Helpful hints

              1. It is recommended to use a special adjustable wrench when repairing a mixer with a European threaded connection. To protect the mixer from damage, you need to put a cloth on the nut and jaws of an adjustable wrench.
              2. If there are no rubber rings when replacing the gasket, then the leak can be repaired without them. To do this, after removing the seal, you need to thoroughly dry the spout and the installation site of the gasket. Then fasten a few turns of electrical tape. The thickness of the winding depends on the wear of the rubber rings. As a result, the diameter of the rubber ring increases and provides a reliable seal..
              3. It is recommended to seal the plumbing with fum-tape for internal installation, sealing thread, anaerobic sealants. These are the most modern materials. They are used when sealing places where it is difficult to use wrenches when tightening connections..

              Sealing can reach 100% if these seals are used correctly.

              Also watch a video on how to fix a leak from the mixer spout..

              Modern life has its own requirements for plumbing products. Manufacturers are trying to satisfy the needs of consumers. In addition to ordinary sanitary ware, innovative models appear on the market: with removable and pull-out spouts, with special switches, with contactless control and with special LED lighting. All this brings comfort and practicality to the life of modern people..

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