Bedroom design 12 sq. m

Many dream of a spacious bedroom with high ceilings and panoramic windows, luxurious finishes and exquisite furniture, a separate dressing room and a bathroom. But what if the room is small and even modest? Experts will tell you how to create a competent design project for a bedroom of 12 sq. m. and enjoy its functionality.

Interior arrangement: ideas

It is necessary to think about what image the bedroom will have at the stage of repair or purchase of furniture (if the apartment already has a final finish). Then you need to determine the style of the future interior.: Modern, Hi-tech, Country, Scandinavian, Provence are ideal for a small room, unlike the Classics and its branches, where a large area of ​​the room is required. Next is the color. For a small room, it is appropriate to use light shades in the interior, but even this stereotype is ruined by the designers with skillful accents – white edging on black walls and a minimalistic solution in the setting.

There should be no extra furniture in a tiny bedroom. – this is the main rule that does not allow cluttering a room and hanging too many obligations on it. An indispensable element in any bedroom is the bed, which defines the space of the rest of the room. Do not save space with its help in any case: if you have dreamed all your life of a royal bed in half a room – feel free to take and adjust the image of the bedroom to match it, leave a folding sofa for the living room.

The bed can be distinguished by its unusual design and set the mood of the whole room, or be royal and sophisticated and define the room solely as a place for relaxation and sleep..

The arrangement of the bedroom begins with the location of the bed and the installation of its headboard against one of the walls becomes a classic solution. (provided that the legs are not “looking at the exit – a bad sign and not in Feng Shui). To save space and create storage space, you can hang multiple cabinets or open shelves above the headboard. The working area in a small bedroom can be located by the window – natural light and a picturesque view will add efficiency. See how well and discreetly the work desk is located in this bedroom..

A narrow bed is suitable for resting one person in the bedroom: it does not take up much space and will allow you to additionally place a work area or dressing room in the room. A female or male bedroom usually includes a smaller bed than a family bedroom. To save even more on space, the bed can be placed in the corner of the room or closer to the window..

Combined with the cabinet

The classic arrangement of the working area is by the window, where it is light, cozy and the desk does not interfere in the aisle or not far from the entrance to the room. Another solution is to place a desk opposite the bed. In this case, it is important to save space for a chair and space for passage to the window. The dimensions of the desktop are determined individually: for someone half a meter of the tabletop is enough for work, for others a massive multi-level transforming table will not be enough.

Choose the optimal size of the surface on which all the necessary documents and gadgets would fit, as a last resort, you can always install several hanging shelves or use a folding table – a great idea for a minimalist Modern.


The female bedroom is characterized by coziness and an atmosphere of tranquility, which are achieved through warm colors in decoration and textiles. In a bedroom for one girl, it is enough to install a one-and-a-half bed and attach it to the wall to create more space in the room..


Such a bedroom is practical and more “useful” in its performance than a woman’s. In the men’s room, it is important to allocate space for everything. – a corner for working at the computer, storing things and hobbies – playing the guitar, sports events.


It is important to create several zones in it – sleeping, playing and working. An obligatory element of a children’s bedroom is an area for storing things and toys.. Furniture for a child has a great advantage – it is compact and allows you to place several “playgrounds” in one room. If we talk about the color scheme of the room, then multi-colors are welcome here, but mainly in muted shades..

The bedroom for a teenager is distinguished by love of freedom and adherence to the style of the room. The fashionable direction will be the Loft style or the introduction of its elements into the interior – brickwork on the wall, for example. Such a room should have a comfortable bed and a work area, a dressing room, so that the grown-up child feels like an accomplished person..

Fashion trends


A contrasting wall in the bedroom has become a hallmark of any modern interior – it is not done only by the lazy. But the accent on the wall is not always made with taste, sense and arrangement, as they say. It can be made on one or two walls, but for a room of 12 sq. m. it is better to do it on one: the one in which it is planned to install the head of the bed or the longest one. Accessories can act as an accent – textiles, curtains and small-sized furniture in contrasting shades – a work or soft chair, a pouf, bedside tables.


Let’s consider the most successful color options:

  • Light shades in the interior bedrooms remain a priority not only because they have a beneficial effect on the human psyche – they help to relax, relieve nervous tension, but also visually increase the space.

  • Cold snow-white walls are one of the most successful solutions for a small room.. They blur the boundaries of the room and literally create a canvas for the embodiment of the idea of ​​interior design, where furniture and decor become an accent. White is always in trend and suits almost any style, but you still have to dilute it with others. In this white bedroom, contrast is provided by a black frame on the wall and a colorful armchair. Here the accent settled in bright textiles and wall decor, an important role in the design of the bedroom was made by a metal bed.

  • The blue color on the walls of the bedroom will be a good solution for the southern location of the room.. The shade will cool the sunny space and visually expand its boundaries. It is suitable for decorating any room – family, children’s, men’s or women’s bedroom, it goes well with all interior styles (especially with Provence). Turquoise or aquamarine looks especially stylish in the interior of the bedroom..

In a narrow long room, the designer focused on the patterned walls and bright textiles, harmony is created by white and simple furniture without pomp and unnecessary details.

  • Psychologists speak of the light green tint of the walls as a good choice: the color relaxes, relieves stress and promotes relaxation.
  • Violet and lilac, pink shades of the bedroom are chosen by vulnerable and feminine natures. The lighter the color, the more elegant it will look on the walls. Red is appropriate only as an accent in a small bedroom – in a contrasting wall, textiles or decor. Notice how several dark and controversial shades – lilac and red – are skillfully combined in the image of the room..

  • Modern trends suggest the execution of the bedroom in a muted shade interspersed with bright details.. Designers prefer natural shades and textures – wood, glass, metal. A bedroom in wenge format is returning to fashion, the dark color of furniture or becomes an accent that is diluted with contrasting white elements.


Designers offer to bring to life the following style directions:

  • Scandinavian style in the design of the bedroom is closely associated with Ikea – a Swedish furniture store. Everything is thought out in it to the smallest detail, and even in 12 squares a bed, a rack with books, a work area and a place for rest are skillfully placed. Simple laconic furniture is used in the Scandinavian style, accents are created by the decor: patterns and applications on the walls, textiles – curtains, bedspreads and pillows, paintings, lighting fixtures, plants.

  • Classic bedroom look it is impossible to imagine without a huge wooden bed or a bed with a high textile headboard, a large wardrobe, massive side tables and an abundance of luxurious textiles. For a small bedroom, the classic and its branches are likely not suitable – there is hardly enough space for all the furniture, and most likely it will not work to create the desired atmosphere. If the classic for you is the only possible option for decorating the interior of the bedroom, then you will have to embody it in the whole house and create a room exclusively for relaxation. A large bed with a high headboard and textile upholstery will become the center of attraction, two side tables along its edges – a small and necessary luxury.

Pay attention to how skillfully the mirrors are hung and as soon as they create the appearance of a larger square of the room..

  • Modern the bedroom is ideal for a small area. The style is characterized by modern trends in its design, flowing lines and a choice of natural colors: gray, white, black, brown, beige. Modernity cannot do without accents, but they are created by the play of the above shades. Furniture and decor items made from natural materials – wood, metal, glass are welcomed in the design of the bedroom in the Modern style, but plastic and its derivatives will have to be postponed.

  • Loft Is another popular trend that evokes the spirit of industrialization of independence. The Loft is characterized by a large square and panoramic windows, but even in modest conditions it looks relevant.

How to arrange: examples

When decorating a bedroom, do not forget about objects and recommendations for their arrangement, which will help to visually increase the space:

  1. Mirrors. Take one large mirror as a basis and hang it on one of the walls, for example, at the head of the bed or near a makeshift dressing room. It is not recommended to hang it in front of sleeping places. Seeing yourself in a dream is a bad omen;
  2. Paintings. One large canvas can become an accent and focus on yourself, and not on 12 squares. The lighter the painting, the better. If you want to add a dark color to the interior, then choose a black frame for framing;
  3. Light. Use multiple lighting fixtures, such as a chandelier and a pair of floor lamps by the bed, a lamp in the work area. You can even do without a chandelier and get the main light from several devices at once – lamps at the head of the bed and a wall lamp;
  4. Wall cabinets. They look perfect on the walls of a small room and are very functional. You can hang several cabinets at the head of the bed or on one of the walls, creating a small storage area;
  5. Furniture transformer. If the bedroom is not only a relaxation room, but also actively gathers guests or household members in itself, you cannot do without folding furniture. Today there are many models of beds that retract into the wall and free up space and tables that unfold from compact cabinets into large dining combinations.

The bedroom in “Khrushchev” is usually long and narrow, but small – about 12 squares. To refresh the room, choose light shades for its decoration – beige or white walls and light wood floors will be the best solution. “Khrushchevs” are often dark and cold by the type of their illumination (due to the location of the house and tall trees), so warm colors of the walls are a priority.

In modern panel houses there is a big advantage – high ceilings (2.70 m versus 2.50 m in Khrushchev). These 20 cm can be profitably used and a stretch ceiling with a glossy surface can be installed, which will make the room more spacious and lighter, or decorate in some other way, for example, make a backlight or arrange several lighting elements.

An example of finishing a small bedroom in beautiful dark shades suggests that competent arrangement of colors allows you not to drown the room in darkness, but to create a stylish design. The dark blue color of the walls acts as a good background for white furniture – beds, side tables, a number of frames with photographs. On the side opposite to the bed, it is possible to install some kind of functional furniture – a snow-white wardrobe or a work area.

The unusual format of the bedroom assumes a bright finish – it is based on purple and orange, which are perfectly complemented by discreet textiles and simple furniture..

In a long narrow bedroom, it is better to create the following layout: place the bed along the long walls, and place it along the curbstone along its edges. It is better to occupy the wall opposite to the bed with a working area or a closet for storing things. Hanging cabinets at the top and a desk (or chest of drawers) at the bottom would be an excellent solution..

Repair of a small room: what you need?

It is necessary to start repairs by drawing up a design project for a bedroom. You can entrust it to professional designers or create it yourself, after being inspired by the ideas of interiors and stock up on a program to “assemble” a room.

Google SketchUP, 3D Max, Apartama, VisiCon, ArchiCAD will help in creating a room project.

Before buying finishing materials and furniture, it is worth determining the interior style of the room and:

  1. Think over the lighting of the room: whether it will have one chandelier or a couple of lamps built into the canvas, where the sconces and other lighting fixtures will be located. Having thought about the lighting plan in advance, you can hide endless wires behind walls;
  2. Think about zoning, if, in addition to the bed, it is planned to install a desk and a wardrobe in the bedroom. It is not recommended to build partitions in a small bedroom, but color zoning is encouraged;
  3. Take measurements from the room and first estimate what can fit in it and what can be discarded. It is important not to overload the room, buy only the necessary furniture and leave room to move around it;
  4. Pre-arrange furniture in the interior design program. Drive your measurements into it and play home improvement on your computer. This will allow you to weed out “unnecessary applicants” for a place in your home and think carefully about the placement.

After creating the future interior of the room, you need to start bringing it to life or make repairs with your own hands.. Not a single bedroom is complete without wall decoration, which acts as a kind of canvas for arranging furniture and decor:

  • Wallpaper. The most common bedroom solution. Wallpaper can be paper, non-woven, plain or have a pattern, drawing, texture. Paper wallpaper is the cheapest and easiest way to transform a room. Wall murals are often used to create a contrasting wall at the head of the bed or on one of the long walls in the bedroom..
  • Dye. Painting the walls in the bedroom allows you to get a uniform and uniform color coating. Colors can be combined with each other to visually change the space and divide it into zones.
  • Panels, overlays. Decorative panels are installed on walls to create contrast – stone or brickwork, wood texture, cork.
  • Decorative plaster. Easily applied to the wall and lasts a long time, does not crumble and helps in creating an original room design.
  • For bedroom flooring is often used laminate, parquet or parquet board, cork, linoleum and carpet.

We take into account the layout and shape

When thinking about the future design, it is necessary to take into account the layout of the apartment:

  • Square bedroom 12 m2 – a sample of the ideal. The location of the bed in this case can be anything: in the center of the room or in the corner by the window (if available),
  • Rectangular shape 3 x 4 and area 12 meters most often found in apartments. For a narrow bedroom, the best solution would be to position the bed further away from the entrance – on the opposite side of the room. The advantage of such a room is any arrangement of the bed, which you can not lean against the wall, but set in the middle of the room, stretch a wardrobe at the head of the bed and create a small storage area.
  • A bedroom with a loggia or balcony is common. To increase the space of a room, you can combine two rooms, but before that it is necessary to collect “papers” and legalize the redevelopment in advance. Combining rooms allows you to create an additional area in the bedroom, for example, a work.

Making a project

The most important thing in the design of a room is to create a competent project and determine the location of furniture in advance, and only then arrange decor and accents. In a traditional bedroom project, you cannot do without:

  • Beds;
  • Pairs of bedside tables (or their analogs);
  • Cabinet (or storage furniture).

Chest of drawers, dressing table, sofa, TV and other interior items are “included” at the request and capabilities of the owners.

Project 1

A simple project for a room in a panel house assumes a symmetrical arrangement of furniture: a double bed in the middle of the room, 2 bedside tables on the sides and a small wardrobe at the front door with a mirrored or glossy surface. Opposite the bed, you can install a TV or diversify the interior with a colorful landscape.

Project 2

In the square Brezhnevka room, the furniture was arranged in a different way: a bed with side tables was located along one wall, opposite – a chest of drawers or a work area and a wardrobe with a mirror. Symmetrically arranged furniture in the room makes it harmonious, and the complex cabinet design makes it intricate..

Project 3

In a small rectangular room, it is logical to install a wardrobe along one wall perpendicular to the bed. If the width of the room allows, then on the side opposite to the bed you can put a chest of drawers or make a work area. An excellent design solution in the design of the bedroom will be the choice of a podium instead of the usual bed. It must be placed in the niche of the room or in the corner farthest from the entrance to create coziness.

A bold decision is to install a sleeping bed under the ceiling. This option is likely to appeal to a teenager..

For information on how to create a bedroom design of 12 square meters, see the next video..

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