Bedroom design 14 sq. m

The bedroom should be conducive to rest and relaxation. Its design largely depends on the overall dimensions and shape of the room. Everyone with a bedroom of 14 sq. m. thinks about how to choose a design for such a room.

Competent layout: ideas

The first step with a competent layout of a room of 14 m2 is to divide the room into zones. It is customary to distinguish the following zones:

  • Sleep zone. In the bedroom, the main object is a sleeping place – a bed, a mattress, a pull-out sofa. Beds come in different sizes: single (from 900x2000mm), one-and-a-half (from 1200×2100 mm) and double (from 1800×2100 mm to 2100×2200 mm, the so-called king size). The choice of the type and size of the bed depends on the owner of the room. Naturally, it is better to take a bed of the largest size that the dimensions of the room allow. For rooms with an area of ​​12-14 sq. m the optimal size of a double bed – 1900×2000 mm.

  • Storage systems. The bedroom should have storage space. For this purpose, it is better to use built-in wardrobes, sliding wardrobes with a height to the ceiling. Modern fittings allow you to create a convenient storage system while saving usable space. In addition, in new buildings, a pantry-dressing room or the possibility of creating this space in the bedroom is often provided in advance. This visually relieves the space, allows you to free the room from unnecessary things..

  • Work area or dressing table. This zone should be provided if the apartment does not have a separate office or for the owners of a small bathroom. Here you can find your personal library, your favorite collection of coins or a collection of perfumes; it all depends on the owner. It is desirable that this area has natural lighting and directional artificial light. This is especially important when it comes to dressing tables. It is optimal that daylight is on the left side.

If there is very little space, then the table can be of a cantilever type with a bench or a pouf, which will slide under it and not clutter up the space.

Having decided on the main functional areas, it is necessary to measure the room and draw a plan, on the basis of which to develop a sketch of the layout.

As mentioned, the bed is the main item in the bedroom, so how to furnish the rest of the furniture must be decided by determining its place in this room. The location of the bed, like other furnishings, should not impede free movement around the room, a person should not bump into randomly placed objects. The most convenient and common option for the location of the bed is the location of its headboard against the wall or in a niche..

In a small and narrow room, it is better to place the bed at an angle, and use the remaining space, for example, for storage systems. This will set a new direction for the appearance of the room and its small size will be less conspicuous..

In a long and narrow rectangular room, it is better to place the bed perpendicular to the long wall, thus creating a rhythm and eliminating the feeling of monotony of the space. But a square room is the most advantageous in terms of furniture arrangement, since the proportions of the room are initially correct. It is better to put the bed with the headboard against the wall, remove the wardrobe in the darkest corner, and adapt the lightest space for a relaxation area with an armchair and a small table. It is important that the bed is not visible or is not fully visible when the door to the room is open, this increases comfort and coziness.

Real design project: examples of furnishings

When planning a design project, you should take into account the minimum permissible dimensions of aisles between objects, this will ensure a comfortable life in the bedroom. If the bed is double, then it is better to leave passages on both sides of it 700 mm wide. This will make it easier for two people to make the bed and use it. If this is not possible, then the bed is placed with one side against the wall, but at the same time there should be enough space at the foot to get out of bed without disturbing the peace of your partner.

For convenient use of a chest of drawers, wardrobe, bedside tables, it is necessary to leave a space equal to the sum of the door width plus 300 mm. If possible, it is better to leave the space by the window free, so it will be convenient to ventilate the room, hang curtains.

How to equip?

For a bedroom of 14 sq. m. fashionable round and hanging beds are not suitable, beds of a standard rectangular shape are suitable for such an area, but there is a rich selection of frames and headboards. It is worth giving preference to frames with rounded corners or made of foam, this will reduce the risk of injury. The headboard is selected based on the dimensions of the room.

For a room with low ceilings, you can use a radical option: a headboard to the ceiling, which will help to visually “raise” the ceiling. For a small room, it is better to choose laconic furniture of simple shapes. It is better to abandon baroque and classic chests of drawers with monograms, preferring minimalistic smooth facades.

The right choice of furniture

It is also better to minimize the amount of upholstered furniture, giving preference to light poufs and couches, translucent chairs. To save space will allow abandoning the usual pieces of furniture and replacing them with alternative ones. For example, hanging shelves can replace bedside tables. The linen dresser can be replaced with a bed with storage boxes. The dressing table perfectly transforms into a large mirror in the floor and a hinged storage system.

How to decorate a dark room?

A dark bedroom negatively affects the mental and emotional state of the person living in it.. Often the insolation of the room is small, so the following techniques will help to revive the dark room a little:

  • Dominance of light shades, building the interior gamut on nuances, not on contrast. Light colors increase the light reflectance and, as a result, the overall illumination of the room.
  • Usage light floor with a not pronounced texture and pattern will make the room brighter.
  • Better empty the windows. It is not necessary to clutter up the windowsill, if possible, it is better to use light light curtains or tulle.
  • In decoration and materials it is better to use glossy and reflective surfaces, this will also increase the amount of light in the room.

  • Creation of different lighting scenarios using different types of lamps will turn even the darkest room into a cozy nest. You can add sconces, floor lamps, clothespins and bedside lamps to the main ceiling light source. This will not only add zest to the interior, but, together with the previous points, will brighten the room..
  • The task of revitalizing a room made entirely in light gray-beige tones can be easily handled bright warm accent of orange, yellow, peach, terracotta colors. It is important that it does not take all the attention on itself, so it is better that it manifests itself in decor and textiles..

Often the owners have questions about how to zone, arrange and what to do if there is no opportunity to allocate a full-fledged room for sleeping. Below are the most common solutions to this problem..

Combining with the living room

If the apartment is one-room or it is not possible to allocate a separate room for a bedroom, you can combine a living room and a bedroom. It is necessary to clearly distinguish between the guest and personal areas. Of course, if the room is large, it will be easier to do this. In the case of small rooms, you can resort to using multifunctional furniture. For example, a single system that includes a wardrobe, a sofa, a fold-out bed and a desk will occupy only one wall in the room, but at the same time will present a lot of functions. But such a solution is more suitable for lovers of minimalism and you should be prepared that you will have to carry out a number of actions every day to turn the bedroom into a living room and vice versa..

You can do without expensive transforming furniture. For example, organize a bed in a niche, providing sliding partitions, curtains.

The second option is simpler – at the entrance to the room, a living area is organized, separated from the bedroom by a light partition, a rack, and plants. It should be borne in mind that the living room and the bedroom should be combined with each other: a single color scheme, ornaments, flooring. It is allowed to deliberately highlight the area to focus attention, thus it becomes possible to take the sleeping area into the shadow.

Often, with a shortage of precious meters and a desire to accommodate the incompatible, people are ready to create sleeping places anywhere in their apartment, for example, in a closet. But it is important to understand that there cannot be a full-fledged living room without a window for the following reasons:

  • living room without window does not meet sanitary and hygienic requirements, which can be found by reading SNiP.
  • a completely deaf room without windows must have a good ventilation system, which has a fairly high cost.
  • constant presence in a room without a window is uncomfortable from a psychological point of view: a person develops nervous disorders, panic.

If you can’t, but really want to, then there are a few simple tricks that will help a little to divert attention from the lack of windows.

  • Use light colors and fluorescent lamps. It will give a feeling of air.
  • Imitation of a window by means of photowall-paper, mirrors with a binding, glass blocks.
  • Do not make the partitions deaf, it is better to make inserts from glass or glass blocks. For example, replace the upper part of the wall with a translucent material. A good option would be transformable partitions, which will allow you to combine two spaces if necessary..

Following these simple and uncomplicated tips, you can functionally and comfortably organize the space of even the smallest room, and for this it is not at all necessary to make new repairs. It should be remembered that each person is individual, with his own needs and views, therefore there is no universal solution to how to equip a bedroom, but there are principles that will facilitate this task and indicate the right direction of thought.

In the next video, see an overview of the design of a bedroom of 14 sq.m..

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