Bedroom floor

In the convenience and comfort of the bedroom, the flooring plays a special role. The coating is chosen not only by the pattern, but also depending on its durability and care features. Someone is more important than the performance of the floor, so that it is durable and easy to clean, while for someone the naturalness of the material and how pleasant it is if you walk with bare feet.

Basic requirements for floor coverings

For a home to be convenient and comfortable, floor coverings must meet certain requirements:

  • strength;
  • wear resistance;
  • soundproofing;
  • flatness of the surface.

The bedroom, unlike the living room, is not so passable, so the coating can be soft, it is less likely to get dirty, however, for those who have special requirements for the air in the bedroom and do daily wet cleaning, tiles are more suitable. Keep your bedroom floor warm so you don’t catch cold. If there are increased requirements for style unity, then the coating is selected in the context of the design solution. Sometimes the determining factor in the choice is the price.

The choice of materials for finishing

Consider known coatings and original alternatives, their composition, materials and method of installation on concrete slabs.


It is a carpet that gives a soft and warm surface. It can be made from both natural and synthetic materials, the pile length is different (from 2 to 10 mm), the pile can be either even or in the form of loops.

Indicators of high-quality carpet:

  • the pile has one level in height;
  • when bending, the carpet does not crumble;
  • the villi do not fall out when you try to pull them out;
  • the letter “L” in red on the packaging means that the carpet has passed the quality test.

The advantages of carpet may be more significant than its disadvantages, especially for those who love underfloor heating:

  • an air gap in the pile of the material retains heat;
  • the coating absorbs noise;
  • the length of the segment is determined by the size of the room, which allows you to lay the roll without joining seams;
  • the abundance of ornaments allows you to show imagination and choose a pattern to taste;
  • material wears out slowly.

Carpet can not be used in damp and humid rooms, it is not suitable for allergy sufferers.

Care Feature: Effective cleaning requires vacuuming once a week and cleaning with special cleaning agents once every six months. It is not scary if you spill tea or coffee on the floor, for cleaning it is enough to wet the stain with a solution of vinegar and rinse.


The laminated board according to the officially patented Hornitex technology is created by compression using high pressure and temperature of the following elements: 2 sanded wood fiber boards, resin, film and decorative paper. The task of the laminate is to create an artificial analogue of a parquet board, it looks just as beautiful, but not so expensive. However, imitation of parquet is justified not only by the price, but also by the fact that the operational properties of the laminate are better. For example, it is more moisture resistant and fire resistant, immune to sunlight, and more difficult to scratch. Different types of laminate designs imitate plank flooring, floor tiles and artistic parquet.

If several board options suit you in color, then it is better to choose the one that leaves less waste when laying..

For laying boards of large format, ideally flat surfaces are required, if the floor is not entirely flat, it must either be leveled or choose boards of a smaller format. Choosing a board with a chamfer improves the quality of installation and leaves no room for cracks between the boards, which is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous.

Parquet flooring

Parquet is boards glued from several types of wood. The upper layer is made of valuable wood, and the lower layer is made of conifers. The wood surface is warm and pleasant to the touch. The floor in the bedroom is a choice for several decades, therefore parquet, despite the fact that it costs 2-3 times more expensive than laminate per 1 sq. meter may be a better solution. Parquet is a durable material and can last longer than laminate with proper care and periodic scrubbing, which gives the flooring a fresh look.

Parquet maintenance often requires the use of special detergents. It will take workers to lay the parquet floor


Tile – the coating is durable and moisture resistant, withstands a lot of weight. Disadvantages: the coating that is cold to the touch does not give a feeling of comfort, if your feet are wet, you can slip on it, any objects that fall on the floor immediately beat. Such a coating is ideal only when installing a heating system “warm floor”.

The type of tile suitable for the bedroom is PVC tile. This coating is devoid of the disadvantages of laminate and tiles. PVC tiles are polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane coating.

Modern synthetic material has a number of advantages:

  • the tiles are laid on an adhesive base, which prevents the possibility of divergence of the joints;
  • material can last 10-20 years;
  • moisture resistant coating withstands wet cleaning in any quantity;
  • has excellent thermal insulation, warmer than ceramic tiles in winter.

Its main disadvantage is unnaturalness..

Cork floor

Cork is the bark of cork oak, which grows in the Mediterranean countries, the main suppliers are Spain and Portugal. The advantages of cork are:

  • naturalness;
  • elasticity;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • the cork does not let the cold coming from the concrete underneath;
  • cork floor is not afraid of wet cleaning.

Disadvantages of the material:

  • sharp objects should not be placed on it, dents may remain from the legs of the chair and heels;
  • high price;
  • small objects can be accidentally pressed into the surface by stepping on them.

There are different types of cork based coatings that can be applied in different ways:

  • Cork laminate pressed from wood fiber board and top layer of cork chips (agglomerate). The boards are equipped with locks, with the help of which they can be easily connected during installation; after the installation is completed, the floor must be covered with a special varnish. However, such a coating is not completely natural..
  • A more natural option is installation of natural cork veneer with glue. The installation process requires knowledge and experience, this floor is durable.

What color is better to choose?

Professionals emphasize that the floor should be selected for doors and skirting boards. It is not so easy to buy quality doors that are suitable for the price, and therefore it is more logical to select the rest of the elements for the doors. The next step is the selection of the skirting board.

One of the main design mistakes is matching the skirting board in color to the floor, thus, the room becomes shapeless and the walls are lower. The skirting board should match the color of the door and outline the geometry of the space, creating a visual frame for the floor covering.

It is better to choose the shade of the floor not in color to the door, but in contrast. Why out of tune? Furniture should be matched to the skirting boards and doors, the shades will certainly be different, because the manufacturers’ palettes do not match. If you try to make furniture, plinth, door and floor of the same color, firstly, all objects will merge, and secondly, the slightest differences in shades will be striking.

The best color combinations of room design elements:

  • dark door color, the skirting boards and furniture are in contrast to the light-colored flooring;
  • light color of doors, skirting boards and furniture in contrast to the dark color of the floor;
  • with white furniture can be combined with ivory floor, black doors and skirting boards.

The secret of a beautiful visual impression of the renovation: all interior colors must be natural (those that are found in nature) or artificially synthesized.

Warm floors: pros and cons

The need for underfloor heating in the bedroom is determined by the air temperature of the room, as well as by whether you live in a city apartment or in a private house. If the apartment is well heated, when the floor is heated, the air becomes drier and this can have a bad effect on the mucous membranes of the body. If you live in a private house that is difficult to heat and the air has high humidity, then if there is an opportunity to make a warm floor, this is a good solution..

There is a special badge on the packaging for marking coatings suitable for underfloor heating. The best way to conduct heat will be ceramic tiles, and laminate and parquet – 1.5 – 2 times worse.

Therefore, in order to feel the warmth and thoroughly warm up the house, it is better to choose ceramic tiles in the bedroom for the underfloor heating system..

Modern design ideas for flooring

Self-leveling polymer floors are applied to the concrete surface by pouring the diluted composition, preliminary surface preparation work is required, the floor dries up for several days. The result is a shiny, even surface without seams. In addition, the self-leveling floor is able to even out surface imperfections..

Any pattern that the customer chooses can be glued to this type of floor, the pattern is glued after the first layer has dried.

You can familiarize yourself with the process of pouring the self-leveling floor by watching the following video.

Two-level floor Is the creation of a podium on the surface. The decision is justified, from a design point of view, in the bedroom, the podium can be useful for installing a bed. The second level is chosen not only for design reasons, but also for the sake of warmth; inside the podium can be laid with heat-insulating materials. Any flooring is suitable, but without having construction skills, it is impossible to make it, such construction fantasies are carried out with the help of qualified workers and a designer.

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