Bedroom in oriental style

The oriental-style interior is associated with the luxurious palaces of the Arab sheikhs, where there is a lot of gold, ivory tusks and expensive fabrics. The interior of these rooms is truly amazing..

A small particle of the mysterious East can also be brought into an ordinary city apartment if you create a bedroom interior in a similar vein.


It should be noted that the oriental style is an extensible concept, since the East is represented by more than one country, and each of them has its own rich culture. Among them are not only Arab states, but also countries located in the northeast of Asia: China, Japan, Taiwan. The interior of each of these countries has its own characteristics..

Asia is represented by China and Japan.

The Chinese interior is full of light. It is not customary to use a lot of furniture in it. The bed and other furnishings are not high. This is due to the fact that in all countries of the East it is customary to sit on the floor. Furniture is made only of natural wood.

Bamboo mats can be used for decoration, although they are certainly more functional in Asian homes..

The decor contains easily recognizable traditional Chinese motifs: bamboo stems, birds, goldfish, dragons, flowers. Painting with hieroglyphs often decorates rooms in this style..

You can hang traditional red lanterns in the room. They are used for more than just lighting. Superstitious Chinese believe they scare away evil spirits.

To create a completely authentic interior, you should act strictly according to the philosophy of Feng Shui. This is a teaching on how to use knowledge about the mysterious forces of nature to attract love, wealth and longevity to your home..

Another characteristic element of the interior is the fan. He, according to Chinese beliefs, converts negative energy in the house into positive. In addition, its meaning changes depending on what is painted on it and where it will be hung. For example, a fan with a picture of a spruce or a cedar, placed on the eastern wall of the house, is responsible for health. And the same object with a flock of fish in the wealth zone lures money into the house..

Believe it or not, everyone decides for himself. But the fact that the fan looks stylish and adds Asian exoticism to the interior is a fact..

Japanese style is slightly different from Chinese. Minimalism, strict lines and restrained colors are inherent in it. The color range is usually limited to cream and chocolate or other similar shades. The presence of a red accent is mandatory.

The light should be diffused, dim. Lamps with paper lampshades will help to achieve this..

The painting uses images of Japanese palaces and pagodas, sakura, lotuses, samurai, the sun. You can diversify the restrained interior with screens with traditional motives. Japanese weapons will also look organic in such a room..

Maneki-Neko will become an authentic trinket for decoration. This is a figurine of a cat, beckoning with its paw, which the Japanese have long put in their homes. They believe he attracts love, wealth, and other benefits..

However, most often, speaking about the “oriental” style in design, they mean countries such as the UAE, Tunisia, Morocco and other Arab states..

A bedroom in the Arabian style is able to transfer anyone to the oriental fairy tale “A Thousand and One Nights”. Only a brave and original person will dare to decorate his bedroom, imitating Moroccan palaces drowning in luxury.

Furniture and textiles

Furniture for a room in the Arabian style should be massive, made of noble woods of dark colors. The bed should be as low as possible. It is worth remembering that the Arabs were a nomadic people who used to sleep on the floor. And this fate did not pass by the sultans.

Since the bed is the centerpiece of the design, it should be decorated chic.. Attention must be drawn to the headboard. It can be massive, carved wood with inlay. The canopy above the bed should resemble a tent and be made of expensive heavy fabrics such as velvet or silk. In truly rich interiors, the bed posts are decorated with carvings, inserts from precious stones or even elephant tusks..

There should be many pillows of different shapes and sizes in the room., which can be present not only on the bed, but also play the role of seating on the floor. Bedspreads and pillows are always decorated with elaborate embroidery, precious stones (in the modern version, of course, they are replaced by rhinestones) and tassels.

The bedside tables can be replaced with the characteristic polygonal inlaid Arabic tables or chests, which will add even more originality to the interior. They are fitted with lamps that match the style. It is permissible to hang Moroccan wrought-iron lamps above them, which are as functional as they are beautiful..

Since the tent was the prototype of Arab interiors, the entire surface of the floor, and often the ceiling, is covered with carpets. They do not always look like carpets familiar to Russian residents. Many of them are very expensive, because they are made from silk threads in a knotted method and covered with an intricate pattern. They do not wear out for decades. The second most popular material is wool..

In addition, the bedroom often served as a place for quiet relaxation and reception of guests. Therefore, in Arab interiors, they often arrange a corner to the side with a sofa with beautiful upholstery, a low table for tea drinking and pillows or Moroccan leather ottomans. It can be placed in a niche and draped.

Arabic interior makes extensive use of niches. Usually they are in the form of pointed arches, which, in addition to the decorative purpose, also plays a practical function. Previously, they hid clothes in them, but now they are most often a pedestal for displaying accessories. Beds are also still installed in niches, it looks very colorful.

Massive storage closets replace lower dressers and chests.

There is always a lot of textiles in an Arabic-style room. Walls and niches are draped with it, and this element should not be neglected in an effort to recreate a truly oriental interior..


To give authenticity to ethnic design, it is always recommended to use things made in the technique inherent in a particular country..

This element is the traditional wooden mosaic.. This is a delicate and painstaking work – to cut tiny pieces from different types of wood, and then combine them into a single whole. Thus, countertops and other interior items are decorated..

Arabic ceramics with their intricate patterns and rich colors will perfectly complement the interior in this style. Dishes, bowls and jugs located around the room will add a unique oriental charm to it. These little things make up the overall spirit of the house..

Embossed dishes and wrought bronze lamps are often used in interior design in the East. Forging looks expensive and high-status, which is probably why it is so loved in Arab countries..

In addition, a beautiful set of chess, a large hourglass, a hookah can act as accessories in such an interior..

Color solutions

A distinctive feature of the Arabian interior is the dark ceiling, reminiscent of the starry sky.. It can be plastered or covered with cloth, as in a nomadic dwelling. Of course, it is not necessary to embody all the features of this style in a typical apartment and, if desired, the ceiling can be left simply white or covered with painting..

In general, the Arabic design involves the use of rich bright colors: orange, purple, raspberry, azure, dark blue, red. Their violent combination can be diluted with calmer tones: sand, white, beige..

Furniture is usually made of polished dark wood or metal. To ensure that the room does not seem too gloomy or tiring, it must have a lot of natural light..

DIY interior

Many of the ideas for these luxurious interiors are not easy to translate into the realities of Russian apartments. But some shifts in this direction can be made by adding purely oriental features..

The easiest place to start is with bedspreads and pillows. Patchwork quilts in bright colors or embroidered bedspreads with tassels will remind you of distant lands, just like pillows made of velvet or iridescent chiffon..

Wrought iron lamps, which emit light in a special way, will help plunge the room into a mysterious twilight. They do not have to be brought from Arab countries; they are also found in Russian stores. Lambricens can be placed above the windows, especially if it is not possible to build a characteristic lancet niche.

The walls can be repainted in a bright sunny shade that matches the color scheme of the Arabian style, and the ceiling can be darkened. Adding even a few Arabian-style little things like plates or floor vases can dramatically transform the look of a room..


Below are some great examples of oriental-style rooms..

Crouching dragon

Chinese-style bedroom is made in a restrained color scheme. The characteristic features are a low, spacious bed and a wardrobe with partitions. The emphasis is on the image of a dragon on the wall in a typical Chinese painting technique.

Sahara sand

The spectacular white bedroom is reminiscent of the blinding sands of the desert. A magnificent lancet niche with original lighting and Arabic-style windows immerse the beholder in a fairytale atmosphere. Perfectly selected accessories such as a chandelier and a carved side table add color to the interior.

Arabic script

A small bedroom looks impressive due to the use of rich colors. Oriental accessories complement the look. Look catches gold written Arabic script on the wall. This is a truly authentic oriental interior.

Oriental casket

The most expressive detail of the interior is the luxurious wooden headboard covered with carvings. It is worth paying attention to how great the octagonal tables look as bedside tables. The repeating pattern in the textiles of the room makes it look like a treasure box.


This design is easy to implement in any apartment. The custom-made lancet headboard adds a touch of sophistication to the interior. And accessories matching in style in silver color make you feel like in the East.

For design techniques and ideas for embodying a bedroom in an oriental style, see the following video.

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