Bedroom wardrobes

A wardrobe in a bedroom must be chosen, taking into account many factors, since this piece of furniture performs not only a decorative function, but, first of all, is a place where things are stored. It should fit correctly into the overall stylistic concept of the bedroom, be practical and convenient to use..



To begin with, it is worth deciding what exactly will be stored in the wardrobe and how. It directly depends on its internal content which model of this furniture attribute must be chosen. So, a wardrobe provides an opportunity to place things by putting them on hangers, folding them on shelves or putting them in pull-out drawers. There are designs with other options for how to remove clothes. Pantograph (a device that allows you to move the bar with hangers up and down) or additional shoe racks in wardrobes free up more space for other things.

In addition to clothes, books, accessories (figurines, candles) and other household items can be stored in the closet.

After choosing the internal filling of the cabinet, it is necessary to understand where it should be located and whether the size of the room allows it to be accommodated so that it does not look bulky and does not take up a lot of free space. Today, many models, while remaining practical and roomy due to their curious design, take up very little space in the room..


By location, the cabinets can be classified into:

  1. freestanding (cabinet);
  2. partially built-in;
  3. fully recessed.

In built-in cabinets, some of the wall elements are missing, therefore, at a cost they can be less than the usual cabinet one, in which the side outer and rear walls, the roof and the bottom are necessarily present.

Partially recessed wardrobes, in addition to storing things inside, are also part of the interior. They are missing some of the elements – it is replaced by a floor or ceiling. Fully built-in ones are part of the interior. They are often confused with a wardrobe, but a wardrobe is a separate room..

Built-in wardrobes can be designed to fit around awkward corners, sloped ceilings and uneven walls, making the most of any space.

In terms of shape, wardrobes are divided into:

  1. linear;
  2. corner and radius.

In turn, radius cabinets are concave, convex, combined and semicircular.. The concave ones are distinguished by their soft and streamlined lines, which fit especially well into the interior of children’s bedrooms..

Small niches (deep or superficial recess in the wall) are more suitable for placing a convex cabinet, where it is problematic to put other pieces of furniture. A compartment with a concave shape is able to visually transform the space in any room, making it unusual. Semicircular models are most suitable for bedrooms with a large area.

In the event that space is limited in the bedroom, then the corner cabinet model is a life-saving solution..

This furniture aligns one of the bedroom corners and does not add its own. In this way, you can hide the unevenness of the walls or ceiling. The design of the corner cabinet can be very diverse. Doors can be hinged, sliding or folding accordion.

According to their functionality, models are distinguished:

  • wardrobe;
  • linen;
  • complex.

A wardrobe is called a wardrobe that is designed to store various clothes. Inside, the space is divided into a laundry compartment and a wardrobe compartment. There is also room for shoes. The wardrobe, depending on its direct purpose, includes many small pull-out drawers and boxes for clothes, shelves, hangers and bars.

Separate types:

  • Swing. This design is suitable for a spacious bedroom. It has several doors and a large number of compartments. Internal filling of such a cabinet: sections, drawers and shelves.
  • Hinged. It is better to resort to such a convenient model when there is little space in the room, since it will help save space by using the surface of the wall and making the bedroom more furniture-free. A wall cabinet can be an addition to the bed, located above the headboard. Externally, these are ordinary rectangular or square cabinets, equipped with internal shelves and shelves. Fillers can be books or even bedding with clothes..
  • Wall cabinet. This model combines wardrobe and linen compartments, mezzanines for a variety of decorative accessories, books and other interior attributes. Practical furniture design will help you harmoniously arrange the necessary items in a small room or equip a spacious bedroom in a peculiar way..
  • Closet. Recently, a very common model due to its convenience and spaciousness. Suitable for any room size. It includes both bottom drawers for bulky blankets and blankets, as well as drawers for miniature wardrobe items (belts, ties, jewelry). It is possible to complement the wardrobe with other details: pull-out shelves, mezzanines or open side elements.

Chiffoniers come in two door styles – swings (hinges) and sliding ones. The type of door you choose depends on the space available and the design of the room. A sliding door is suitable when the bedroom is small, as it provides ample walking space, ensuring that two people do not bump into each other. Swing doors are ideal for bedrooms with large spaces. For some people, swing doors are also preferable because they allow you to quickly look at the contents of the entire wardrobe..

The ideal piece of classic and modern interior design is mirrored furniture. A wardrobe with mirrors on the doors is not just a glamorous solution, but also an assistant in creating light and space.

The reflective design of mirrored furniture suits many rooms in the home from bedroom to living room, making them the perfect addition to a luxuriously decorated home. It will turn out especially beautifully if a mirror wardrobe is built into a niche.

More and more people today prefer modular bedroom furniture due to its practicality.. A modular cabinet is a split storage unit that is not attached to other cabinets. These pre-built cabinets are made from quality materials such as steel, solid wood or medium density fibreboard and are cheaper than custom cabinets..

Modular cabinets provide versatility, as they can be placed anywhere in the room: ceiling-mounted, floor-mounted, or stacked on racks. Modular wardrobes are available in multiple sizes, allowing homeowners to choose storage units that are perfect for their decorative and functional needs..

Dimensions (edit)

In a small room (for example, with an area of ​​12 sq. M), a double-leaf wardrobe with a door width of 50 to 70 cm is ideal. You can order a smaller size, but then it is fraught with door deformation due to poor stability. Therefore, it is better not to order a cabinet less than half a meter wide..

For a small bedroom, a design directly under the ceiling with a reflective surface would be a good option. Designers advise to abandon the cover, replacing it with a false roof. For narrow or square rooms, it is better to choose a corner cabinet with a retractable end bar, and for rectangular rooms, a straight one. The depth of the shelves should start to vary from 30 cm for straight models, for corner models – from 50 cm.It should be remembered that 10 cm must be subtracted for the door opening mechanism, as a result of which shelves with a depth of less than 25 cm are completely impractical.

Usually furniture in Russia is made to fit the size of standard apartments with a ceiling height of 2.5-2.7 m. In this case, the height of the cabinet itself will vary from 2.2 to 2.5 m.The width is interconnected with the size of the profile – they are often produced in lengths from 2.3 to 2.5 m.The depth of a standard cabinet is 60 cm, and the width is from 90 up to 240 cm.

The hangers are usually about 40 cm long. The ideal shelf depth is about 45 cm. Ideal for storing shirts and other clothes. The minimum height between two shelves must be maintained at 25-30 cm.

In a spacious room, it is just right to place a large wardrobe. He can perfectly serve as a dressing room.. However, you should limit yourself to the following limits:

  • The greatest depth of the wardrobe – 90 cm. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to reach for things in the distance..
  • The highest height is subject to the size of typical chipboard panels (they are 278 cm). However, if it is necessary to put a wardrobe under the ceiling, the height of which is 3 or 3.5 m, then mezzanines are used.
  • Maximum door height – 4 m. Moreover, they must necessarily be separate parts. Or another option: make one more additional doors for the high cabinet on top.
  • The maximum cabinet width, as well as the height, depends on the chipboard plate.. If they want to increase it, then they install a partition made of chipboard, collecting in this case a structure of two or more modules.
  • Maximum size of aluminum door rails – 5 m. Thus, you can put from 4 to 7 doors. But the width of the doors themselves should not be more than a meter, otherwise they will be too heavy.

There is only one dimension left – how much space in the closet each person gets when two people live together. Research has shown that men tend to get 1/3 of the wardrobe space and women the remaining 2/3. And it is possible that this will not be enough for a woman.!

Style options

Before choosing a wardrobe in the bedroom, you need to decide on the style of the interior, because the furniture must match it, create this style.


In such a bedroom, a simple and functional model will create harmony. For example, a sliding wardrobe with a mirrored facade.


A classic design bedroom can be decorated in one of the following directions: Rococo with elegant decorative decorations, Baroque with rich inlays, Empire style with glossy surfaces.

For an antique bedroom, an antique wardrobe with rich patterns and gilding is perfect. Its elegant forms will add even more grace and shine to the classics, which will always remain in fashion..

The wardrobe, made in an antique design, fits perfectly into a luxuriously furnished, pompous bedroom.


A wardrobe in this style is a traditional model with opening doors. Its finish is a patina of golden or silver color. The lower part of the cabinet is equipped with drawers, and the mezzanine is equipped with hinged doors..

High tech

A chiffonier in a high-tech room combines reflective elements: metallic and mirrored surfaces.

Color solutions

It is necessary to use colors and shades that will fit into the overall stylistic concept of the bedroom, as well as, depending on the idea, merge with wallpaper and the rest of the furniture or contrast against their background. The main thing is not to be afraid of bold decisions. So, can be applied eggshell color coating against matte shades or red details embedded in black and white.

Darker colors in relation to the walls have been a trend for some time, but are already beginning to give way to numerous other options. but black color, as before, can create the illusion of reducing things in size. Hence, it works well for large pieces of furniture in small spaces..

Cabinets with colored doors look very modern. Purple looks especially stunning in any setting it is in and instantly brings visual richness to a room (however, precautions should be taken when combining it with other shades). Warm, deep shades of gray effortlessly complement sophistication and style. Like purple, orange requires balance and looks best when used in moderation. Combine it with grays, whites or light blues to achieve this subtle balance..

However, if the general stylistic direction of the room allows, then in addition, you can dwell on options with photo printing, which today look especially original and interesting..

Materials (edit)

The most popular materials for the manufacture of cabinets today are:

  • natural wood;
  • particle board (chipboard) or medium density fiberboard (MDF);
  • drywall.

A wardrobe made of natural wood is considered the most expensive, and from chipboard or MDF – the most budgetary option.. Drywall is a lightweight and practical material, but assembly can be labor intensive..

One of the main reasons people use open closet shelves is because they want their items to be visible and easily accessible. However, it is far from a good idea to keep the cabinets open, as even the smallest clutter destroys the perfection of the atmosphere..

It would be better to divide the space with double folding doors or a beautifully patterned curtain. Or resort to using frosted glass, which is an effective privacy solution and feels magical under the right lighting.

However, in order to hide some defects (scratches, irregularities) or to deceive the eye so that he does not see a sloppy layer of dust on the furniture, it is better to resort to a glossy surface. To create gloss, use PVC film, acrylic plastic, high-gloss enamel (varnish).

Original design developments

The ideas most relevant to modernity are the combination of several others in one subject at once. So, designers try to combine furniture with television or audio equipment in their creations, creating compact home theaters. An example of such a model is a wardrobe with a TV mounted in the door, which in this way will not take up extra space and look incredibly stylish.

If we move away from the standard classic forms and already boring lines, then it is definitely worth ordering a chest of drawers with an atypical geometric design..

Another squeak of fashion – latticed wardrobe doors, which without the slightest doubt will make the bedroom modern..

Planks strike a balance between clean aesthetics and decorative appeal, and are a great way to integrate wood into a natural interior without weighing down a solid panel..

Top manufacturers

When choosing furniture, be sure to pay attention to its manufacturer. Especially good are the Italian models, which are famous for their quality and reliability. Among them are wardrobes. Besana, Arte Brotto or Bizotto. These cabinets do not have a body, and the rigidity is ensured by connecting load-bearing fasteners to the floor, walls or ceiling. A more classic version from Italy – Emmebi and Aldo Moletta.

Not everyone can afford an expensive Italian wardrobe, but almost everyone definitely needs a place where things will be stored.. Therefore, Ikea stores come to the rescue, which make not only high-quality, beautiful furniture, but also, most importantly, practical. Ikea models are known all over the world for the variety of their solutions, allowing you to save enough free space in the bedroom and store in their closets from small to large. In addition, another undoubted advantage will be the cost of such furniture..


The cost of the cabinets will vary depending on the size of the cabinet and the materials from which it is made. So elite pieces of furniture made in the original design from the best materials cost from 60 to 500 thousand rubles, and the cheapest model – an ordinary two-door wardrobe with several shelves – from 6 to 12 thousand rubles. The same model, but with three mirrored doors, will cost from 20 to 35 thousand rubles. A built-in structure with colored glass inside and a sandblasted mirror will cost from 25 to 45 thousand rubles.

Beautiful examples of location in the interior

It will look good if you place the cabinet on one side or on both sides of a doorway or window. Usually this space is not used in the layout of furniture in order to avoid unnecessary darkening of the room. However, a mezzanine can be attached above the door, which will serve as a bridge between the cabinets on the sides, forming a single structure. It is possible to go further and place the sofa underneath.

This will create not only coziness in the style of classic American films, but also become a functional solution if you make a section for storing bed linen in the sofa body..

Since the central place in the room is often occupied by the bed, then a win-win option is to create a combination with it. The wardrobe can be placed opposite, on the other side of the bed, but the most unusual and also incredibly attractive solution will be the location at the head of the bed..

So, by placing two separate deep cabinets on opposite sides of the bed, the effect of a niche and an additional secluded area is created, because the cabinets in this case look like recesses in the wall. Another option: create a U-shaped structure by hanging the mezzanine above the bed, and again connect the sides with cabinets. You can combine bookcases in different ways to create different geometric shapes.. For example, combine pendant and floor models, leaving little space between them..

Even more modern and stylish ideas for the location of the wardrobe in the bedroom can be seen in the following video..

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