Bedrooms of the “InterDesign” factory

The place where you fall asleep and wake up every day should be cozy, comfortable and beautiful. The bedrooms of the “InterDesign” factory combine all of the above.

About the brand

InterDesign is a Russian brand that produces stylish high-quality furniture. The factory is located in the Kaliningrad region. Since 1997, it has been successfully developing and pleases customers with current news..

Leading designers of Italy and Germany take part in the creation of the collections, which puts the level of production on a par with foreign counterparts. The company regularly participates in major Russian and European exhibitions, follows trends in the field of interior decoration and innovative production technologies.

As a result of the accumulated experience and knowledge, presentable, comfortable and durable furniture is obtained. And the combination of a great appearance with an affordable price for this level explains the popularity of the brand in the market..

The assortment of the Kaliningrad factory is diverse. Here you can find furniture for any part of the apartment in any color and style..

Today the company is represented not only in Russia, but also in many European countries. You can buy furniture of the brand in the branches of the Moscow region, from official representatives in other cities or through the online store..

Features and Benefits

The brand’s bedrooms are very popular. These are complete sets of furniture that allow you to completely furnish the most intimate part of the house. Luxurious beds, wardrobes, dressers, bedside tables and other interior items, made in the same style, create a unique atmosphere of comfort and luxury.

The advantages of bedroom furniture from the InterDesign company are obvious:

  • Style. The elegant and refined furniture of the company is a real decoration for any bedroom. Noble shades, stylish finishes and modern style leave no one indifferent. Swiss machinery allows the brand to embellish products using several types of silk-screen printing.

Glossy ideal facades are another distinctive feature of the company’s furniture. Now such details are in trend..

  • Quality. The most modern technologies and equipment are used in the production of furniture. The process of creating products is carefully monitored at all stages up to implementation. Environmentally friendly materials guarantee the safety of furniture, and reliable components ensure its strength and durability.
  • Variety of assortment. In the collections of the company there is an option for every taste. These are both laconic modern style bedrooms and elegant classic options. And even connoisseurs of vintage furniture can purchase luxurious furnishings for their bedroom here. The color palette includes the most sophisticated shades. Spectacular snow-white furniture will fill the room with an atmosphere of freshness. A pleasant beige shade will add warmth and comfort to the interior. Dark brown looks especially solid and noble, and stylish black creates an aura of mystery..

  • Ease of choice. Despite the large assortment, it is not difficult to decide on the choice of furniture. The company helps customers see how each of the sets looks in the interior before buying. On the official website you can see a photo of each collection with a detailed description of all its details, as well as an image of the entire complex in combination with accompanying decor elements.
  • Affordable prices. Despite all the advantages of InterDesign products, the cost of the company’s furniture is in the middle price range.

Collections overview


This furniture complex combines modern clarity of lines and airy design. The pearl white color and exquisite ornamentation that adorns all the items in the collection make it particularly striking..

Spot LED-backlighting can function as additional lighting. The bed can be complemented by a soft element with Swarovski crystals.


Another option that embodies tenderness, lightness and sophisticated style. Exquisite patterns, openwork carving on the head of the bed, smooth lines – all the nuances are harmoniously combined, forming an ideal option for a romantic bedroom.

The luxurious gloss of the furniture shimmers in the rays of light, giving the furniture a special gloss. The collection is presented in airy snow-white and luxurious black options.


This sophisticated set will especially appeal to the fair sex.. The original double bed with soft upholstery and a two-tone patterned frame invites you to enjoy your vacation. Snow white matte surfaces decorated with silver-plated handles create an atmosphere of winter freshness.

The wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table captivate with the gracefulness of the outlines and silvery pattern. Special fixing of shelves allows you to plan the interior of the cabinet according to your personal preferences.


Regal luxury in beige tones will help create an elegant and cozy bedroom for lovers of light colors in the interior.

The classic style is combined with a modern modularity system. Glossy facades reflect light beautifully, visually expanding the room. Inlaid metal handles with Swarovski crystals makes the composition even more luxurious.

The walnut shade of the bedroom looks especially solid. Even visually, you can feel the reliability of structures and the comfort that this magnificent furniture gives.

“The Rose”

This complex is also designed in the spirit of “palace” furniture. Ornate volumetric patterns and silk-screen printing give the baroque bedroom a special charm and personality.

White furniture with a delicate beige pattern looks light and sophisticated. White with gold trim is created for lovers of extravagant, slightly shocking furnishings. The shade of “walnut” makes the collection discreet and elegant. And the dark tones of the mahogany color give the furniture a Gothic mystery and charm..


This classic headset is similar in appearance to the previous version. It differs from the Rose collection by the more compact size of the mirror, the absence of volumetric details in the design of the wardrobe, minor differences in the design of the chest of drawers, bedside tables and some elements of the bed.

Gloss lacquered surfaces look modern and sophisticated. The gold-colored handles are embellished with Swarovski crystals. Silk-screened golden patterns harmoniously complement the ensemble’s concept. Both white and walnut look equally elegant.


And here is another option in the classic style, but more strict and laconic. Natural wood is harmoniously combined with fittings made in the form of antique gold. Modest furniture design allows you to show your imagination in the choice of wallpaper and additional details that bring comfort and charm to the room.

Cabinets, as usual, are represented by a modular system, which allows you to choose the perfect configuration for you. The set is presented in light beige and walnut shades.


Modern eclecticism is embodied in this collection. The severity of the lines is effectively complemented by the luxury of a golden finish. Glossy white fronts and 3D silk-screen printing make furniture especially stylish and original.

The luxurious bed is equipped with a high headboard, wardrobes are presented in 4 and 6-door options. Decorative crown – an unusual element that is included in the kit at the request of the customer.


This option also combines modern features, ergonomics and classic elegance. The shape of the bed is smooth and graceful. A soft insert adds airiness to the design. All elements of the headset are decorated with silk-screen printing, uniting them into a single elegant ensemble.


This headset was created for connoisseurs of modern minimalism. All items in the collection are compact, laconic, but functional. The spacious wardrobe is equipped with LED lighting. A pleasant combination of sand and walnut shades of furniture will make the bedroom discreet and cozy.


Reviews about the bedrooms of the InterDesign factory are ambiguous. Most buyers are delighted with the brand’s furniture. They celebrate the excellent workmanship and luxurious appearance of the products..

Bedrooms look expensive and stylish at a relatively low cost. The beds are comfortable, the wardrobes are roomy and practical. Drawers slide out easily and quietly. The fittings are distinguished by their reliability and solidity of fastening. The furniture is durable, for more than one year it pleases its owners with an impeccable condition.

Some note the inconvenience due to the lack of the ability to make an order for individual sizes. Although the modularity of the systems and the optimal dimensions of the constituent headsets of the company practically neutralize this moment. However, there are also negative reviews. Sometimes, when delivering to other cities, there is a lack of parts, scratches, cracks and chips. If the last defects can be obtained during the delivery process, then the lack of the necessary accessories indicates inattentive packaging..

You can often hear about manufacturing defects. Some buyers report a quick loss of the presentable appearance of white furniture. According to them, the facades turn yellow and are covered with stains. Some reviews speak of the appearance of cracks in the places where screws are attached and other unpleasant phenomena that spoil the overall impression.

At the same time, all the dissatisfied agree on one thing – when contacting the company about replacement or delivery of missing parts, the manufacturer reacts very slowly. You have to wait weeks for a solution to the problem.

It is difficult to say what explains such a discrepancy in opinions about the quality of products. Perhaps the reason lies in non-compliance with the terms of delivery or use of furniture. Or maybe there really is a possibility of marriage..

In any case, it is best not to order furniture online. By purchasing a headset from brand representatives in your city, you can personally verify the quality of the purchased product before buying. And in case of difficulties with installation or sudden detection of defects, it will be much easier to solve the problem..

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