Brick wall in the bedroom

A brick wall in the bedroom is not only a hallmark of the loft interior style, but also a way of self-expression. It looks great in a girl’s bedroom or quite classic, modern or vintage, bringing a touch of freedom and comfort to the room..

Features of brickwork

The decorative wall in the interior is called accent. Designers recommend focusing on one or two walls, no more. It is worth understanding why brick has become so firmly established in modern interiors and has become a real new classic:

  • Fits into any interior solution – from a free loft to exquisite classics or English style.
  • Allows hide imperfections room geometry.
  • Brings to it zest, “Chip”.
  • May be different – from white and artificially aged to gray, black and red.
  • Allows create the desired contrast – expensive exquisite furniture looks especially stylish against the background of a brick wall.
  • Is speaking canvas for fantasy and decor – on brickwork, paintings or photographs, wall sculptures look different.
  • Refreshes the room and deprives it of pretentiousness, especially if the furniture in the bedroom is classic.

Colors and shapes of the decorative wall

The white wall has become classic – the personification of refined (but free) taste, romance and organicness. White brick is an organic, natural, noble material, so it looks especially appropriate in classic interiors with wooden furniture, large windows and unusual accessories (like a straw chandelier or a colorful lamp). Brown masonry is suitable for creating a rustic look, “hunting lodge” or eco-bedroom.

Designers skillfully combine classic red brick with white and gray room finishes. A red or pink painted wall is a bold move. It is suitable for modern or even pop art interiors. Purple brick is ideal for modern, but then you need to pick up several accessories in the same shade – for example, a soft sofa or carpet.

One or two?

Brickwork on one wall is always appropriate, but the modern trend has managed to get bored, and the most desperate and daring choose its location on two perpendicular surfaces. This is how the idea looks fresh.

A great idea is to place the masonry on a wall with two windows. So the opening additionally illuminates the room..

Where is the furniture?

If you are making a brick wall, then place the head of the bed with it. In this case, the bed does not necessarily have to have a headboard. You can also place the bed by the window, and by the accent wall you can create a seating or storage area. You can even leave this “beauty” unfurnished.

The working area will also perfectly fit into the interior of a room with a brick wall – especially if the masonry is located on two partitions at once.

Interior styles

The accent brickwork on the wall comes from the distinctive loft style. This interior design is more like a warehouse or a garment factory. The room has high ceilings and unfinished finishes. A real loft is a large space with high ceilings and windows, minimalism in furniture and stylish (usually designer) accessories.

In the conditions of an ordinary apartment with ceilings of 2.70 or 2.5 m, it is not always possible to bring such ideas to life, but you can dilute the already familiar bedroom options – for example, modern

Brick wall and Art Nouveau – two complementary design elements. White brick looks good with quite functional and simple furniture, but you will have to add bright details – a bed frame, an armchair, textiles or flooring. To prevent the room from drowning in the abyss of whiteness and brick, choose a contrasting floor covering – black or brown wood, gray with a natural pattern. In this case, it is important to make two or three walls in a different color – gray, beige, green, blue or any muted.

High-tech brick also looks profitable. This style implies the use of modern finishing methods and the most modern and thoughtful solutions in the setting, but the brick accent wall fits harmoniously into the concept. However, there should not be much of it – it is enough to trim the narrowest wall or half of the wide.

The classic interior with bricks on the wall looks noble and “expensive”. The stone goes well with wood and natural materials in general, with glass and metal. If we talk about the English classics, then it is impossible to imagine it without bricks on the walls. Forged metal bed – greetings from the Middle Ages.

Country or vintage style is impossible to imagine without decor and accents. A white brick wall is perfect for completing a bedroom interior – especially if the room is made in light shades. She should be like drowning in textiles. For country, brown masonry is suitable, complemented by wooden furniture and brown decor – solid wood panels, shutters and a picture depicting a natural landscape.

If you have chosen a minimalist interior for yourself, then a brick wall will not let you get bored and will bring uniqueness to it.. Simple rectangular furniture and “bare” walls are good for a bedroom, but such a room does not look complete, so an accent wall will be the best solution and breathe life into the room..

It is impossible not to mention the Scandinavian style – it is distinguished by simple and practical furniture, an abundance of accessories and the presence of an accent wall (brick).

A color scheme

White masonry is combined with the entire color palette, especially with blue, turquoise, brown (and all its shades – up to beige), gray, white, black, green colors on the walls. Gray brickwork looks good with white, black and brown – a calm color scheme of wallpaper or paint on the walls. If we talk about furniture, it is better to combine such masonry with a dark bed – dark purple, green (emerald), black or Cold»White.

“Warm” the brown wall is combined with beige and its shades. It gives the bedroom a cozy, homely feel. Red brick is combined with white walls and light furniture, but a black metal bed is also possible, an option with a thin wooden frame. Any artificially aged masonry looks great in a duet with Naked concrete wall. It is very good if it is genuine (and not imitated by a pattern on the wallpaper).

Interior ideas

Unusual interiors are inspiring. It is worth enjoying the interesting solutions of the designers and see how they create brick walls in the bedrooms. Rough brickwork is in harmony with light light fabrics – curtains on the windows and a kind of canopy over the bed. The bed and wall here are the opposite of the sophisticated furniture at the other end of the room..

Another example of contrast is found below – here an artificially aged wall “gets along” with a large bed made of natural leather and wooden furniture. This is the true embodiment of modern classics.

For information on how to use brick correctly in bedroom design, see the next video..

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