Bright bedroom

If the living room or kitchen is the heart of any home, then the bedroom is its most intimate, even intimate corner. In the bedroom, we really relax, relax and enjoy a leisurely pastime. A bright bedroom will be the best choice when creating an interior, since such shades relieve stress and favor rest and relaxation..


The current trend in interior design is minimalism. Blindly following fashion, we still want to bring home comfort and warmth to our home, which cannot be imagined without light shades in the design.. So, what are the features that a light bedroom has:

  1. Light shades visually expand the space and hide the imperfections of its lines and the geometry of the room as a whole;
  2. They can be combined with almost any other color. and allow you to easily place accents in the bedroom interior: a green or blue carpet in a white room will look great and by the way;
  3. The light interior is conducive to relaxation and relaxation after a hard day;
  4. Looks more neat, rather than a dark finish;
  5. Practical – dust is not visible on a light floor or furniture, unlike laminate and wenge-colored beds;
  6. A bright bedroom can be created in any style – minimalism, hi-tech, classic, modern, provence and others. White or light finish – like a blank canvas for the artist – the creator of a unique interior;
  7. Light interior – not only white and beige. It can be muted pastel shades of blue, lilac, lemon, pink, gray and other colors, and even black, creating contrast or accents in the bedroom;
  8. A bright bedroom looks great in any square, be it 10 or 20 sq. m., or even more.

The interior of the bedroom in light colors allows you to visually change the proportions of the room – to expand, lengthen and increase its space. “Cold” snow-white walls and dark flooring will make the room more spacious and visually raise the ceiling, make the walls wider. To complete the look of a bright room, add a few dark accents – choose the upholstery of chairs or a sofa, a bed frame or a whole set of furniture to match the floor (while the rest of the furniture and finishes should be light from snow-white to beige and brown).

The design of a bright bedroom is not necessarily white and beige in its decoration. The walls can be painted in a mint color (why not light?), And the room is filled with white furniture.

The accent can be given to a black wall or dark patterns in decoration.

For a narrow bedroom, a light (especially white) color is the right solution to expand the space. The bed can be installed both along the wall and in the middle of the room, it is more important to create a cozy home environment with the help of textiles and lighting


There is a huge number of styles in the interior that we did not even know about or heard remotely: neoplasticism, biomorphism, gothic, finally. Let’s talk about a more familiar bedroom design and start a conversation with the classics..


Old or modern classics have firmly established themselves in the interior of the bedroom – a massive bed with a high headboard, a heavy wardrobe, an elegant chest of drawers and warming family photos on the walls. The classic bedroom is characterized by the use of natural woods in furniture and discreet prints on wallpaper and textiles. In the classics, there is no minimalism, on the contrary, in the interior of such a bedroom there should be a lot of furniture, textiles and other accessories that create home comfort. An obligatory element is a soft carpet on the floor, long heavy curtains or porters, paintings on the walls, vases, pillows, mirrors.

In a classic bedroom, the bed becomes the main accent. Usually it is part of a set of furniture of the same style and color – always wooden. In second place is the chandelier. Regardless of the size of the room, it must have this lighting device – crystal or metal, and a pair of floor lamps on the bedside tables.

The bedroom in the English style is also a kind of classic. It is distinguished by the severity and restraint of forms, muted tones in decoration and high cost. In the “English” bedroom there is no place for cheap chipboard and MDF, there is only natural solid wood (furniture, flooring, doors), natural leather and stone, more often marble. The main thing in the interior of the bedroom is the bed – huge, heavy, with an elegant headboard and luxurious expensive textiles. Real aristocrats do not forget about the fireplace – of course, it is not always suitable for a bedroom, but it looks impressive. If we talk about the lighting of the “English” bedroom, then here “no” should be said to LEDs and fluorescent lamps, say “yes” to one elegant chandelier and several wall sconces in the form of medieval candles with a soft yellow glow.

When decorating, you cannot do without accessories such as pillows, mirrors, photo frames, carpet and figurines, commemorative plates or vases..


This style is following fashion and using the most current trends in the interior of a room or apartment. A modern bedroom is usually done in muted shades and is not devoid of naturalness – wood, glass and stone. If we talk about colors, then the priority is gray, beige, brown, white and black shades, a little less – blue, green and yellow (not flashy), which, rather, become an accent and are present in one or two pieces of furniture or decor.

Smooth lines become a “feature” of the Art Nouveau style – the curved shape of the bed, the absence of sharp corners on the wardrobe and chest of drawers, bedside tables (or their complete absence). The softness of the interior is achieved in dim lighting and the use of local lighting devices – several sconces instead of one chandelier.


The style in the interior is characterized by coziness and minimalism, simplicity and comfort. Such a bedroom is truly light, not only due to the decoration, but because there is a lot of light in it thanks to large windows or correctly placed lamps with daylight. Scandinavian-style furniture is practical and natural, mostly wooden or metal. Instead of a high cabinet – hanging shelves, instead of a carpet with gold threads and fringe – a modest cotton runner or a rug made of sheep skin, instead of bedside tables – small tables in the form of a stool.

In the “Scandinavian” bedroom, storage space is created, so it is advisable to choose a bed with a lifting mechanism or drawers, hinged storage systems and endless shelves (mostly open). For a sense of this style and inspiration, check out Ikea’s bedroom models, where practicality and minimalism are reflected..


Loft style means simplicity and chic in one bottle. A red brick wall (or any other “unfinished” one) becomes its hallmark. The loft can be recognized by the ceiling beams and panoramic windows, high ceilings, which become an integral part of the interior. The loft resembles a warehouse or a factory, a workshop, a workshop because of the “bare” walls. For a modern bedroom, choose simple but stylish furniture, better designer, and leave as much space as possible – do not clutter up the space with more armchairs or pedestals.

The loft style looks good in a large square and a room with high ceilings, where there is a place to roam. In a small one-room apartment, a loft, at least, will be out of place, as a maximum – it will create a feeling of incomplete renovation.


This style in the interior can be described as refined luxury. Bedrooms are contemporary, expensive and sleek, with modern furnishings and trends. If we talk about the shape of the furniture, then it is straight, without beveled corners, if about the material, then they are exclusively natural. Designers use all shades of beige from ivory to golden, while not neglecting powdery restrained colors – lavender, blue, gray and pink.

Contrasting details complement the contemporary style well – black framing of paintings, floor lamps and lamps, furniture like a coffee table or a series of shelves.



Rustic style in the interior of the bedroom involves the use of natural wood and fabrics. It can be Provence with aged furniture and an abundance of light textiles – curtains, rugs, many pillows. Its feature is muted powdery shades: light blue, light pink, light yellow, lavender. Also, Provence is characterized by a floral print on curtains, walls (wallpaper), pillows and even furniture..

Classic country accepts wood and other “rough” natural materials – all furniture in the bedroom can be wooden or diluted with environmental attributes (metal beds are welcome in Provence). There is a lot of beige and brown in it, which are harmoniously intertwined with each other and create a contrast..


What color to decorate the walls?

White wall color is the most versatile and practical. It visually increases the space and you cannot do without it in a very tiny bedroom, for which you will have to choose an exclusively white color for walls and furniture, and dilute this abyss with bright accents – textiles and accessories. White wallpaper and dark flooring also make the space wider. To support the dark floor, designers advise to select some furniture to match it: a bed frame or textile upholstery on armchairs.

Snow-white walls also have disadvantages. For example, they may just get bored or get dirty over time. Then pictures and photo frames will come to the rescue, which will dilute the space and hide its flaws. If the bedroom is located on the north side, then the snow-white walls will be inappropriate, because they will bring coldness to the bedroom and take away coziness.

Stucco molding and carved elements on furniture will help to diversify white and light walls – the head of the bed, cabinet doors, chairs, couches, armchairs, a table and others..

Beige walls are a good choice for a bedroom on the north or south side of the house. To create a cozy interior, designers recommend making wall cladding wooden or stone panels, and choosing snow-white or contrasting furniture. In creating a beige bedroom, it is important to use several shades of this color – from milky to brown and use wood – dark, light.

The bedroom in blue and green tones disposes to rest and quiet pastime. Choose light mint shades and pair them with white and beige colors in furniture and textiles.

So, the blue walls are perfectly combined with the white floor and wooden pieces of furniture. Just do not paint the room in one tone, create an accent on one wall with patterns, and use the main color on the other. Room zoning is not only an original, but also a practical approach to its design.

Grays work well with whites, blues and pinks, woods and in decor and glossy surfaces. Choose them for the southern location of the room, so that it is not too dark and cold..

Brown wall tints are ideal for creating a country-style bedroom, especially if you choose wood overlays instead of wallpaper or stone imitation panels instead of photos..

A room in green tones is good in its own way, and, rather, fits the description of Provence or a lax English classics, just like a pink or lilac bedroom in muted shades, of course.

A “warm” bedroom can be snow-white. She will be given comfort by a wooden floor and a cozy soft headboard..

The yellow bedroom looks original, stylish and modern, incredibly warm and sunny. It will be an ideal solution for the north side of an apartment or house..

What kind of coverage to choose on the floor?

The most common coating is laminate. It is the most durable and most affordable and is not inferior in performance even to parquet. Walk around the bedroom in heels – take a closer look at the laminate, there will be no traces of hairpins on it. Choose from the point of view of attractiveness – laminate is also suitable.

Parquet is a good choice for an expensive interior. They can lay out an intricate pattern on the floor and give the bedroom even more originality. An excellent “substitute” – parquet board, affordable and not inferior to the first in status.

If we talk about the color of the floor in the bedroom, then it is usually the same as in the entire apartment or at least in a few nearby rooms. There is no wrong floor color, there is a wrong choice and the wrong combination of style and materials.

White parquet flooring is suitable for any modern style – minimalism, classic, modern, visually expanding the space, making it lighter. Here it is important to choose a cold or warm shade of white – the first goes well with their own kind – cold colors (black, gray, red, yellow), the second – with warm (beige, brown).

The gray floor will add originality and elegance to the bedroom interior. It is ideal for creating a classic room look. Gray floor looks laconic with white or light beige walls and black furniture.

Beige laminate or parquet board (carpet and other coverings) are classics of the interior genre. It is not chosen only by the lazy (or the one who has a tile in the bedroom), but making it really interesting is not an easy task. A beige floor looks good with white walls and beige, but it’s important to create contrast with white baseboards or crisp white doors..

Red or brown shades of the floor will suit beige and white walls, furniture of a darker or, on the contrary, a light shade. White furniture and blue accents are suitable for creating a modern interior – it looks chic. Woody tones on the floor will bring a touch of comfort and warmth to any bedroom, and especially to a bright one..

Black laminate or parquet flooring is good for large spaces. It embodies luxury and excellent taste, requires carefully selected furniture to match and create the necessary contrast..

Furniture selection

An irreplaceable piece of furniture in any bedroom is a bed. She dictates the style and image of the room, takes up more space and is most loved by the owners of the house or apartment..

Choosing a bed with a high soft headboard, you pay tribute to the comfort and practicality. The rest of the room furniture can be absolutely anything. It’s good if it matches the frame of the furniture – then you get a classic interior. The head of the bed can become the accent of the whole room, as in the photographs..

A metal bed is chosen by extraordinary, courageous personalities. Such furniture looks light and elegant, it goes well with wood and creates an interior in the style of Provence, country. A four-poster bed is suitable for a spacious room and will create a romantic look..

A regular wooden bed with a low headboard is the most practical and simple choice. To make the bed not only a sleeping place, but also a storage space, choose a model with a lifting mechanism. A light bedroom looks stylish with a dark bed and it doesn’t matter if the latter is massive or elegant.

A chest of drawers is usually combined with the style of the bedroom and acts, rather, its practical moment. Choose a chest of drawers, bedside tables and even a wardrobe in the style of the bed and the room as a whole, if you want to get a harmonious classic.

Doors are an important detail. When choosing doors to a bedroom, it is important to consider the interior of the whole house or apartment. Different in style and color, they will look ridiculous to say the least. For a light bedroom, both dark and light canvas are equally suitable. White doors look good in the interior of country, Provence, English and ordinary classics. Dark, almost black canvases are appropriate in the interiors of modern, loft and any other modern style. Leave the classic wooden colors for the classics – they will additionally create coziness.


Beige canvases go well with modern modern style.

Dark contrasting doors will have to be supported by dark or contrasting furniture..

Doors with frosted glass look harmoniously in a modern style, and gloss is appropriate in the classics. The choice of canvas for the bedroom also depends on its shape – flat rectangular doors (no matter what color) are suitable for decorating a modern bedroom – loft, modern, but not classics, and even more so English. Modern fashion dictates new rules – let the color of the canvas and the baseboard be the same, and the floor slightly differ from them. Do not tie the floor color to the door color – this is already an outdated practice..


Designers are increasingly giving preference to bedrooms with an accent wall, which differs from others in pattern, ornament, texture. An accent wall, as a rule, is in harmony with the main shade of the room and visually divides the space without making it boring. The head of the bed is usually placed near it, or in general it is not cluttered with anything. Various textures look especially good and unusual – wood, stone, glass, different from the main walls.

The accent wall does not replace the rest of the decor in the room: designers advise using a lot of textiles (especially pillows) in the bedroom and not neglecting paintings, photographs, figurines, vases, candlesticks. At first glance, it would be good to dilute a boring white or beige bedroom with bright accents: a lilac pouf or an armchair, a couple of suitable pillows.

Or contrasting black: a dark armchair and textiles are very useful in a snow-white room.

Not a single room can do without lamps, and there should be several of them in the bedroom. Spot lighting allows you to feel comfortable and create a certain atmosphere – romantic, discreet, relaxing or awakening.

Real examples

The bedroom in an ordinary apartment is usually small – about 15-20 squares, or even less, and this is a great reason to make it stylish and modern. The main rule is that the smaller the room, the lighter it should be. Light colors in the interior visually expand the space, especially if it is really difficult to turn around in it..

An excellent example is the modest double bedroom located at its very heart. Look, there is nothing superfluous here – a bed, a couple of lamps on the walls and a cabinet, probably there is a small wardrobe at the other end of the room..

In a very small bedroom, designers recommend making almost snow-white “light” walls and placing light-colored furniture. They suggest distracting attention from the size of the room with the help of accents – an unusual picture, colored pillows, contrasting textiles or furniture details – the head of the bed, chest of drawers, cabinet design.

A cozy bedroom of a standard size of about 20 sq. m. contains a set of sleeping furniture and has a bright accent – textiles on the bed.

A bedroom in pastel colors is especially popular with women, because these rooms are literally airy..

A real female bedroom – an abundance of textiles and mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. A mirrored headboard will visually increase the area of ​​the room, and fur textiles will add coziness to the room..

Floral patterns, a black wrought-iron bed, exquisite white furniture and an abundance of contrasting textiles – the rooms of a modern lady who prefers sophistication in comfort.

Interior ideas with a bright bedroom – in the next video.

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