Classic style bedroom furniture

Classic style bedroom – this is a time-tested option that is perfect for living as a young couple, as well as an adult or an only child. Decorate it properly, and the room will not only look perfect, but also become the perfect place to relax. Bedroom furniture in a classic style should be matched to all other details of this room. You will learn how to choose and combine it with other objects in the room from this article..

Advantages and disadvantages

Classic style bedroom Is an example of good taste. Such a room is perfect for connoisseurs of beauty. The classic style includes several directions – Empire, Baroque, Rococo. The most visible details of all these styles are harmoniously combined with each other, allowing you to create a thoughtful interior..

The first and foremost rule is that all pieces of furniture in a classic style should be combined with each other.. This also applies to materials and colors. In addition, all interior items should be combined with each other and with the room itself. Another important point is that everything should be symmetrical in a classic-style room. Therefore, it is advisable to think over everything in advance, or buy full-fledged headsets.

A classic-style room should resemble a beautiful painting with a well-thought-out composition. If space permits, divide the room into zones. If not, just try to make it as cozy as possible. You can select furniture in modern stores, order from catalogs or use real antiques. Quality antique furniture is definitely worth investing in, as its price will only rise over time. Another important rule is that furniture should be done in discreet colors..

Choose classic shades, avoiding bright spots and inappropriate accents. At the same time, you shouldn’t make the room completely empty. It certainly won’t add to her attractiveness..

To make a classic-style room really stylish, use only quality items. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real antique or an artificially aged version..

How to choose?

For a classic-style bedroom, natural wood furniture is ideal. Headsets, bed, sofa and armchairs must be made of quality materials. Look for furniture with smooth lines and soft curves. Exquisite gold-plated finish looks good, as well as soft upholstery made of natural fabrics.

The perfect bed

In any bedroom, the bed takes center stage. The classic allows you to choose the most luxurious, but at the same time comfortable bed option. Choose a wide bed where you sleep like royalty. The bed can be supplemented with all kinds of decorative elements. These can be exquisite pillows, capes, or even a canopy. True, the latter is only suitable for spacious rooms with fairly high ceilings. Only in this case it will look appropriate..

The frame of such a bed can be metal or wooden, this is at your discretion. The main thing is that the execution matches your idea. The final stage of bed styling is the selection of textiles. Everything should be thoughtful – from bed linen to cape and decorative pillows..

Little things are very important in this regard.. Try to choose textiles so that everything is made of the same or similar fabric in texture. Most often, soft velvet, thin linen or silk are used to decorate a room in the Empire, Baroque or Rococo style..


Also, you are unlikely to do without a closet. This can be a small dresser for linen and bedding, or a massive wardrobe that will store the essentials of your wardrobe. There are a huge number of beautiful antique-styled cabinets. As a rule, a classic-style wardrobe is a massive wooden structure. The wood that is used here can be either light or dark, depending on the general style of the room..

Modern wardrobes with sliding doors and a matte glass surface will be superfluous here, so you should give preference to the old classics. For example, a massive wardrobe with low curved legs. Cabinets with doors painted with all kinds of patterns also look beautiful. If this is not found in furniture stores you know, then use paints, stencils and brushes to decorate the furniture yourself..


Another interesting option is to install bedside tables next to the bed. They not only look good, but are also a functional addition to the sleeping area. It is best if you pick up two identical bedside tables and place them around the edges of the bed. Remember that symmetry is very important in this style. But at the same time, if the room is designed for one, then there should be only one bedside table. In addition, this way you will always have everything you need at hand, and the room will acquire a harmonious and complete look. Bedside tables can accommodate a night light, books, candles or cosmetics that you use every night.

Dressing table

A stylish dressing table can also be installed in the bedroom. Made in a classic style, it will perfectly fit into the classic interior of the room. If it is supplemented with a mirror, then it will be convenient for you to paint right on the spot. The dressing table should be the only solid piece of furniture besides the wardrobe and bed. Do not install any desks or other structures that will steal free space.

Sofas and armchairs

For convenience, you can install either a comfortable half-chair or a small ottoman next to the dressing table. The sofa in the bedroom is optional, but if you have extra space, then it won’t be in the way. When choosing upholstered furniture, it is important that its upholstery is in harmony with the bedspreads. It will look attractive and organic. Also optional, but you can install a small coffee table next to the sofa. You can put a breakfast tray or lay out books and photographs on it. Such a table will simultaneously perform both practical and decorative functions..

Decorative elements

As already mentioned, a classic-style bedroom should not be empty. Because of this, both you and the guests will have an unpleasant feeling of being in such a space. And the room will not look complete, because in previous eras, expensive decorative elements were highly valued, and the task of the classical style is precisely to convey the mood of past centuries. But at the same time, do not try to fill the room with anything. This kind of clutter will definitely not do you any good. Choose decorative elements carefully, trying to match both with each other and with the main interior of the room. In addition, you should like them, because here you will spend a lot of time..

Most often, a room in a classical style is decorated with all kinds of sculptures, paintings or figurines. You can also place an antique vase of flowers on a table or shelf. It is best if they are natural, because artificial ones do not look so beautiful. Well suited for room decor and various antiques or their good imitation. Find a stylish clock or brass candlestick that looks like it belonged to someone from a bygone era.

As for the paintings, not only what is shown in the painting plays an important role, but also what frame it is in. In the classic style, gilded frames or made of luxurious dark wood look most appropriate. The listed furniture and decorative elements will be enough for you. It is recommended to avoid the rest of the furniture in the room. In the classical sense, the bedroom is exactly the place to relax. It should not contain anything other than a bed, a bedroom set and a wardrobe. It is recommended to move the workplace to a separate room so that the room is associated with rest.

Color combinations

It is worth talking about the combination of colors in the selection of all pieces of furniture separately. You can rely on your taste and pick everything up individually. So you will be able to create a truly unique interior that will completely satisfy you. You can also entrust this task to professional designers. A cheap alternative to this option is to buy a ready-made headset, in which everything is selected in advance. But if you want to buy all the furniture yourself, then let’s look at the basic rules for combining colors that will help you create a harmonious set for your bedroom in a classic style..

First of all, remember that a neutral light palette will be appropriate in such an interior. And this applies not only to the color of the walls and curtains. Choose soothing shades – cream, sand, pale pink or blue. Acid and neon tones in such a room will definitely be superfluous. As for dark shades, it is better to leave them for accents. You can also choose dark wood furniture – this option is also very good..

Patterns and various prints should not be avoided, but they should also be as restrained and calm as possible. For example, in the Victorian era, light floral patterns or decorative prints consisting of small curls were especially popular. You can try to use them to decorate modern furniture in the bedroom..

A classic bedroom made in restrained colors is ideal for art lovers and those who do not know where to choose. You will be able to create such a room and make it as comfortable as possible. Decorate the room with beautiful furniture that fits into the given style, select the necessary decorative details and you will always enjoy your stay in your recreation area.

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