Classic style bedroom

Classic style bedroom

The bedroom is a special place that should embody comfort and coziness. When decorating a room, it is important to choose the right style. It should harmoniously fit into the overall design of the apartment and please the owners..

Decorating a bedroom in a classic style, you can achieve a unique atmosphere and emphasize the impeccable taste of the residents. The right mix of vintage elements and luxurious pieces will create a sense of flawlessness and serenity. For this, there are special techniques for staging furniture, decorations and installing lighting fixtures..

Classics in interior design: varieties

The interior is the inner content of the building of architecture. Even in ancient times, he played an important role in the design of the building. The interior decoration at that time was done by architects who knew all the nuances of various styles. The interior design also depended on the appearance of the architecture..

Working with the classic style, you need to study all its features and subtleties in order to decorate the room taking into account the chosen style. All furnishings and decorations must match the classics for a winning perspective.

Classics are a huge number of luxurious elements, so a large enough space is required for such a design. The main thing is that all the decorative elements are so original that they would catch the eye and surprise.


There are several varieties of the classic style. All of them are unique and extraordinary in their own way, so it is worth describing each of them:

  • Egyptian architecture is high columns inside the building, arches and niches. The walls are often painted or decorated with frescoes. To emphasize belonging to the Egyptian culture, certain symbols must be present in the design: a pyramid, lotus, sun, and so on. Egypt is distinguished by an abundance of textiles and the presence of rich carpets on the floor. Their difference lies in the presence of geometric ornaments that emphasize belonging to Egypt. The color scheme consists of yellow, beige, orange, sandy and ivory. The Egyptian style is characterized by an abundance of gold, which is usually combined with chocolate, black, blue and green hues..

Finishing materials depend on the direction, which can be aimed at transforming the bedroom in a historical context or in a modern version. Therefore, if the historical design implies an abundance of expensive materials, then modern Egyptian architecture allows you to use any materials.

Furniture in the Egyptian direction should be large. A spacious and massive bed should be decorated with a canopy with columns. All upholstered furniture must be covered with leather, but tribal furniture is not prohibited. An antique chest with a volumetric lock will help to complement the bedroom.

  • Greek architecture is designed to embody simple sophistication and a sense of harmony in a room. A Greek-style bedroom should be divided into functional areas: for rest, work and free time. Ancient Greece is stucco, columns and sculpture. There must be a fresco on the walls and large mirrors framed with metal frames. High ceilings can be decorated with simple whitewash or lined with stones. Furniture should have a solid color upholstery without fancy patterns and fringes..

Modern Greece often envisions an abundance of white combined with blues, blues, sand and flesh colors. The walls of the bedroom should look uneven, so they are finished with plaster or whitewash. There should be a fresco or ornament on the surface, and it is advisable to make special niches in a spacious room..

Greek style is, first of all, restraint. Therefore, all bedroom textiles should have a simple cut with no frills. An abundance of light is also important for decorating a space. This is necessary so that it is light at any time of the day..

  • Classicism is the personification of severity and harmony. It combines luxury and grandeur with tranquility and comfort. The main thing for classicism is high ceilings and a large space. Therefore, the bedroom should not have a lot of furniture and other decorative elements, and the room should be divided into functional zones. Classicism is distinguished by columns, arches, stucco, fireplaces, wall paintings, impressive chandeliers, old paintings and rich mirrors. All this is needed to create a sense of grandeur and immersion in another era. Furniture in classicism should be made of wood, and its armrests and back are decorated with precious stones or gold painting. However, pieces of furniture should have a strict style and clear lines..


Expensive materials are used for wall decoration, such as plaster. The flooring is yar or teak parquet. Window frames and doors must be made of natural wood species.

Speaking of the color scheme, the following colors can be distinguished: white, gold, pink and blue. These colors will help to relax and immerse owners in a cozy atmosphere..

  • English classics are luxury and elegance, which have a discreet and discreet style.. It can only be used in a large room, in a small bedroom there is simply nowhere to bring the ideas of English classics to life. The room should be decorated with decorative ornaments made of natural wood. Walls, skirting boards, cornices and even furnishings should be made of mahogany, which in itself epitomizes British classics. The color scheme consists of calm and austere tones. The wall covering should be monochromatic, and you can decorate it with a painting in a wooden frame. Textile decoration consists of heavy and dense fabrics, which must be decorated with lace, laces and curtains.

  • American classics are a democratic and practical style that combines zoning and elegance. It looks harmoniously in any bedroom, be it a large or small room. It is relevant for people of any age and gender due to its eclecticism. American classics strive for a visual sense of luxury and opulence. Materials can be cheap, as long as they look expensive. The bedroom should have clear symmetry and proportions. Some elements must necessarily be a reflection of each other. For example, two identical chairs or mirrored openings.

The palette of the room consists of neutral colors: white, black, beige and even gray. Above the head of the bed, you can hang a picture or a wall chandelier with dim light.

American classics are committed to preserving usable space, which is why they use built-in constructions. If possible, then all furniture should be built-in so as not to take up much space..

  • Modern classics are understated minimalism that combines classics and innovation. It is called neoclassic, and the noble design of this style is intended to dilute the conservative design with some innovations. When creating a neoclassical interior, you need to use light shades that will visually increase the space. The main thing is that all materials and decor elements look as natural and noble as possible. This can be achieved using white, beige, milky and brown tones. There is no need to be afraid to mix natural and artificial materials. Neoclassicism means combining opposites.

You can decorate a bedroom with a crystal chandelier, glass or wrought iron candlesticks, a large mirror.


  • Renaissance is a trend aimed at making logical and symmetrical design. The ceiling and walls are decorated with antique ornaments and geometric shapes. In a two-story private house, the emphasis is on the staircase, which should be made of natural or artificial marble. The color scheme excludes bright colors using soft harmonious tones. Textiles embody wealth and luxury, therefore it has lambrequins and laces, and the densest fabric has silk embroidery.

Wall and floor cladding should be made of natural materials: wood, stone, marble or leather. You can use artificial materials that imitate naturalness.


  • Roman architecture implies highlighting the center of the room with some kind of accent. It can be an expensive carpet or tiles with antique designs. The main thing here is to maintain symmetry and restraint. The color scheme is preferable in light colors. An abundance of gold and marble is encouraged. The multi-level ceiling in the bedroom should look like a domed ceiling, which will accentuate the architecture of Rome. There should be a lot of light in the room, therefore, in addition to the central chandelier, you need to install hidden lamps. They will create the illusion of sunlight that enters the room..

In addition to the above varieties of the classical style, there are also Romanesque and Gothic styles, baroque and rococo. All of them embody the peculiarities of ancient culture, combining luxury and restraint..


A classic is, first of all, a large number of impressive elements that must be placed in a large space. The interior of the bedroom should be original enough, but not overwhelmed with a lot of accessories..

A classic bedroom should be made with natural materials, and the color scheme should consist of calm pastel tones. As a rule, this is a golden, white, powdery, gray, brown, sand bedroom with original patterns and ornaments. It should not be too dark, so it can be performed in pink, beige and blue tones..

Bright colors are considered unacceptable. An exception may be decorative elements that harmoniously fit into the room. But there shouldn’t be too many of them.


Finishing is the main thing in a classic style. The correct impression and feeling depends on how the bedroom surfaces are decorated..

Only natural materials such as wood, stone and marble are used for wall decoration. Decorative plaster should visually give the impression of an uneven surface. Part of the wall can be decorated with a fresco, which you can do yourself, or you can use store options. Old paintings and wall candlesticks can decorate the walls, creating the feeling of an old palace..

Laminate or parquet in brown tones is used to cover the floors. It is desirable that the parquet is made of mahogany, which was so often used in ancient times. The floor can be covered with carpets that must match the color scheme of the room.

The ceiling in a classic style should be high enough to make the bedroom look like a room in a palace, which has always had high ceilings. You can decorate it with stucco or rosette, decorated with a majestic chandelier. The ceiling, painted with a fresco or decorated with caissons, looks especially beautiful.

Furniture selection

The main piece of furniture in the bedroom is, of course, the bed. Therefore, you need to approach her choice as seriously as possible. It should be functional, so that it is convenient not only to sleep on it, but also to spend free time. The head of the bed must embody luxury, so it must be massive enough and made of expensive wood..

Modular beds can be decorated with precious stones, precious metal inserts, a canopy and curved headboards. The rest of the furniture is selected by adjusting to the bed. They must match her and the color and design..


In addition to the bed and wardrobe, the bedroom can have a bookcase, a comfortable wicker chair, an antique chest of drawers, a chest or a console. Wooden furniture is not only a decoration of the room, but also an additional place for placing accessories.

To add light to the space, use a central chandelier and additional lamps. These can be wall-mounted lighting devices or LED strips built into the ceiling. It is important that the room is well lit both day and night..


In the modern world, there are many different companies engaged in the production of quality furniture in a classic style. Such furniture is in constant stable demand, which is not afraid of any changes in the life of fashion..

Italian manufacturers who produce furniture products of exquisite taste are considered very popular. For example, a company Andrea Fanfani produces luxury pieces that embody Renaissance Italy.

No less popular are French brands that produce classic stylish furniture. Factory Nancelle is engaged in the production of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and hallways from solid cherry wood. This noble material makes the products unique and in demand among people with taste..

China is also renowned for its ability to create flawless items using all modern technology. Company Zuoyou sofa is the most popular Chinese brand that is known all over the world. Its products are of high quality and a huge range. Anyone can choose a classic bedroom set from this manufacturer.

Spain is also well established in the modern market. For example, a furniture factory Muebles Cercos is engaged in the production of classic sets for bedrooms, living rooms and private offices.

Domestic manufacturers should also be noted. Russia is a major supplier of quality and reliable furniture. All famous brands “Life Furniture“,”Engagement“, Ikea, Moon etc. produce durable and beautiful headsets that are made in various styles.

Popular headsets

  • “Ophelia” – a headset from the Russian manufacturer “Eurasia”. It combines harmony and symmetry, classicism and baroque. He has thought out every little thing: a patterned headboard, a bench, a spacious wardrobe for furniture with a large mirror, unusual bedside tables – everything radiates luxury. All products are available in white or beige colors, which visually enlarge the space and create an atmosphere of tranquility..
  • Stella is the epitome of neoclassicism. The Russian factory “Interdesign” has created a white bedroom with voluminous silver patterns. The set consists of a snow-white soft bed, a spacious wardrobe and a chest of drawers.

  • “Madrid” – a luxurious cozy bedroom from the brand “Eurasia”, consisting of a bed, a high chest of drawers, two bedside tables, a dressing table, a mirror and a pouf. All items are made in one color scheme and combine ivory with gold patina.
  • “Danielle” – a bedroom set from the Chinese manufacturer “Avanti”. The gentle beige color of the bedroom will look harmoniously with the restrained classic finish. The set itself consists of a double patterned bed, two bedside tables and a dressing table with a large mirror, which stands in a patterned frame. Such furniture is able to emphasize the individuality of the room and fill it with coziness..

The materials used in the bedrooms should be as natural as possible. It can be solid mahogany, walnut, oak, cherry, marble or stone. It is undesirable to use cheap analogs, but if they look expensive, then they have a right to exist..

Furnishing options for a middle-class apartment

When decorating a bedroom in the classics, the main thing to remember is that the space should radiate luxury and prosperity. To do this, it is not at all necessary to use expensive materials, such as marble, you can use the available options. Walls can be pasted over with wallpaper, but it is desirable that they be white or beige with gold painting. It is best to lay a laminate imitating wood on the floor, and the ceiling can be painted white.

Furniture and decor elements should catch the eye, so the bed should look massive and reliable, and its back should have a patterned shape. Beautiful bedside tables with legs will look spectacular, and a small bench will help to complement the interior. Windows should have plain curtains that can be blue, pink or brown. There must be antique paintings and wall lamps on the walls..

If the bedroom is small, then you should not force it with an abundance of furniture and accessories. The classic assumes space and freedom, so it is quite possible to limit yourself to a bed, wardrobe and bedside tables. And if there is no extra space in a small room, then you can do without bedside tables, replacing them with a small chest of drawers.


To equip a room of 14 sq. m., you need to try to visually increase the space. Therefore, the ceilings must be whitewashed, and the walls must be plastered. Modular or built-in furniture will help save space. A massive headboard in soft upholstery will help to increase the height of the ceiling. The abundance of light will also make the space larger, so you shouldn’t skimp on lighting..

It is much easier to equip a room of 18 sq. m., which allows you to accommodate all the necessary decorative elements. The bed takes pride of place, and then other important furnishings are selected. On both sides of the bed, you need to arrange small bedside tables, and put a strict banquet at the foot. A dressing table with a large mirror will perfectly fit right there, and a closet will sit well in front of the window. The chandelier should be in the center of the room. Lamps can be installed to add light to the bedside tables.

New ideas and time-tested solutions

The classic style does not age and is still very popular. Having started a renovation, people bring something new to the design, which was not there before. The only thing that does not change is that the classic means clear lines, severity, restraint and luxury..

Modern solutions allow you to combine conservative and innovative technologies. Now, when decorating a sleeping area, you can use not only natural materials, but also cheap counterparts, such as plastic and chipboard. The main thing is that it looks rich.

To save space, you need to use built-in furniture, and for bright lighting you can use not only a chandelier, but also hidden LED strips..


Stucco moldings, frescoes, columns and niches must be present in the room, because they are classics. The main thing is that the columns are not load-bearing, and the niches do not spoil the functionality of the room..

It is important to choose the right textiles. Therefore, bedspreads, pillows, curtains and upholstery should be made from natural ingredients and have a solid color. They can be decorated with gold patterns and geometric shapes. Photo wallpaper and other photo printing in this style is unacceptable and will ruin the whole interior.

Despite the fact that the classic style is the personification of wealth, ordinary people can also afford it. The main thing is to know all the intricacies of repairing and furnishing a bedroom, use symmetry and clear lines and not dilute calm and gentle tones..

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