Design of a small bedroom 6 sq. m

The bedroom is considered a special place in the house. This is not only a cozy sleeping area, but also a place where you can have a good rest after working days. In order to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible, it needs to be well equipped. This is especially true for small spaces, where every square meter should be stylish, multifunctional and practical. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to modern bedroom design..

Different design styles make it much easier to equip a small bedroom.

Natural colors, simple shapes will make even a small room taller and more spacious. To create a design for a small bedroom 6 sq. m., it is not necessary to be an engineer or a professional artist by education. For the correct layout of the room, it will be sufficient to draw simple outline diagrams, observing the exact proportions of all sizes. In addition, the bedroom can be visually enlarged by applying the “game” of shades.


How to create an interior?

Recently, the bedroom has been used not only as the main place to sleep, but also serves as a study. Therefore, if it is a small area, then it is necessary to pay special attention to the issue of zoning and visual increase in space. The bedroom furnishings will also be an important issue. For a room measuring 2×3 meters, you should choose comfortable and at the same time compact furniture. Before furnishing the bedroom, you need to first think over all the details of the layout, draw up a rough picture of the general view, and then start selecting the necessary decor materials and furniture.

The bedroom, unlike other rooms in the house, requires a delicate use of colors. Since here is the main place for rest and relaxation, its interior should consist of calm and more peaceful colors, which are perfectly combined with each other in Feng Shui..

As you know, light shades are not only easily perceived by humans, but also help to visually enlarge the room, which, for example, can be advantageously used for the design of a 6 m2 bedroom. The only limitation in the use of the color palette will be white and beige..

When decorating a room, it is important to take into account its location as well. For a design with a north-facing window, it is recommended to choose warm colors, and cold colors to the south. So that the overall look of the bedroom does not seem boring, designers advise diluting it with items of bright color. They will stand out beautifully against a light background. This can be either a contrasting picture, an arrangement at the head of the bed, or a carpet or wallpaper saturated with bright patterns..

As for the furniture, for a small bedroom it is best to carry out the furnishings in a minimalist style..

That is, the furniture should be beautiful, compact and not bulky. The best option for such a room would be a bed model without legs, it looks smaller and will visually raise the ceiling in the interior. For a children’s bedroom of 7 sq. m, a bunk bed is perfect, so space will be saved in the room and the baby will be able to comfortably rest and play. So that the bedroom does not turn out to be overloaded, it is necessary to provide for the availability of free space in it, therefore it is recommended to arrange all furniture in the room around the perimeter, and bedside structures should be chosen in height not exceeding the bed itself.

Considering the color scheme of the bedroom, you need to take into account the rules for combining shades of walls and furniture. As a rule, designers are advised to avoid contrasting and bright colors, and to give preference to several shades that are in good harmony with each other. Also, in the decor of a small bedroom, you should provide for the presence of decorations, while you do not need to overwhelm the room with small objects, it is enough to focus on one bright element. Textiles and furniture upholstery in a small room should be monochromatic.


How to visually enlarge the space?

A spacious and large bedroom is everyone’s dream, but unfortunately, the modern layout of housing does not allow to allocate a lot of space for this room. But this is not a problem, since even in a miniature bedroom, you can decorate the interior in an original way, using various methods of visual illusion. To visually expand the room, you can use the following recommendations:

  • Mirror and glass. A large mirrored surface will make the room wider, while using small mirrors will help hide the boundaries of the bedroom. Mirrors should be placed opposite the window, in this arrangement they will reflect the light and fill the room with comfort. Panels, tiles or stained-glass windows with a mirrored surface will also serve as an excellent alternative to these decorative elements. In addition, a small bedroom can be furnished with mirrored furniture – tables, shelves or beautiful shelves..
  • Glossy shades. The room will visually increase if its walls are covered with glossy paint. Moreover, their shade should not be bright, it is advisable to choose calm bed tones. In order to emphasize the walls with a glossy sheen, their surface should be well leveled before painting and all flaws should be eliminated. To visually increase the area, designers also recommend using glossy stretch ceilings; for example, a ceiling in the form of a starry sky can be an excellent option..
  • Wallpaper. The right choice of wallpaper allows you to achieve an excellent visual effect. It can be both images of various cities and natural landscapes. In this case, it is not necessary to paste over the whole room with photo wallpaper, it is enough just to choose one wall and focus on its decor. Narrow walls will expand with horizontal stripes, and vertical lines will visually raise the ceiling. You cannot choose wallpaper with large drawings, on the contrary, they will make the space small and spoil the overall design of the bedroom..
  • Balcony. Today, many bedrooms have a balcony. Thanks to modern design ideas, you can make an extension of the room from it, which will become a cozy place for working or reading books. In addition, the balcony serves as a good source of additional lighting..
  • Light. Lighting plays a huge role in the interior of a small bedroom. To achieve the maximum effect in design, experts advise to abandon the installation of traditional lamps in the room. A small space is best broken up into multiple lighting zones. For example, it is good to put sconces and various lamps around the perimeter of the bedroom, you can also create original multi-level lighting.


Windowless design

It often happens that there is no bedroom in a small apartment, in this case it is created by dividing one large room into several zones. Thus, the resulting bedroom may not have windows. For many, a bedroom without windows may seem gloomy and dark, but in fact it is quite possible to fill it with comfort using the following techniques:

  • Simulated window. This is a new direction in design, thanks to which a windowless room turns into an original room. You can imitate by placing a window-shaped frame on the wall or by hanging real curtains. This technique is considered creative and is used by many modern designers. At the same time, one should not forget about the harmony of colors. The more pastel colors there are, the brighter the bedroom will turn out..
  • Glass partition. The use of an integral or partially glass wall allows you to preserve all facets of the room, filling it with comfort and warmth. It should be noted that for such purposes it is not necessary to use transparent glass; colored panels with a pattern can be an excellent choice. Today they are presented in a huge assortment, while glass panels decorated with abstraction are in special demand. They are well suited specifically for small bedrooms, where the use of voluminous drawings is not allowed..

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