Design of curtains for the bedroom: new items

Perhaps the bedroom is the most cozy and comfortable place in the house, and this comfort is due to many things. Well-chosen curtains are one of those things. It remains to figure out what new designs of curtains for the bedroom are relevant this season.


Creating a cozy atmosphere in a room is one of the main functions of perfect curtains. Indeed, well-chosen curtains will only decorate the overall look of the bedroom and make it pleasing to the eye, while the “wrong” curtains can simplify the room or make it simply tasteless.

To avoid gross mistakes in the design of the bedroom, you must follow a few simple rules, and first of all, we will focus on the choice of the texture of the fabric and the material itself.. Of course, the material must be of high quality, because in most cases its appearance depends on this. It’s no secret that high-quality material often looks more expensive and presentable than lower-quality options..

It should be noted that the most preferred curtain materials include a variety of fabrics. For example, such simple and familiar fabrics as linen, cotton, satin and satin do not go out of fashion (and most likely will never go away). However, along with the listed materials, you can find delicate silk, and flannel, and a mysterious veil, tweed, light and airy organza, brocade, gabardine and even almost forgotten velvet..

With regard to fabrics, there are simply no boundaries and prohibitions, the main thing is to be able to correctly stylize the chosen option.

When choosing curtains for the bedroom, you should pay special attention to the density of the fabric.. Heavy, compacted material will provide good light and sometimes sound insulation. This factor is most relevant for the bedroom, because this is exactly the place in which a person meets a new morning, and it would be extremely unpleasant to wake up from a sharp noise from the street or from too bright sunlight..


Today, when choosing trendy curtains, designers recommend paying attention immediately to multiple styles:

  • An example is the returning to fashion country style with its naturalness and ease. Within this style, preference should be given to natural materials. You can also add various decorations-inserts such as ribbons, frills, embroideries and small accessories (for example, buttons) to the interior. Curtains with such elements look very home-like..
  • The bedroom will be perfectly decorated and beautiful curtains in the style high tech. The main attention should be paid to the choice of print: it should include strict geometry and a fairly contrasting color scheme. Fabrics with an emphasis on metal inserts are also welcome..
  • The most attractive and active in terms of color will be curtains in an exotic arabic style. It is advisable to use vivid dark colors and shades in combination with gold. However, it is not so much the brightness of the color that is important (too active colors, on the contrary, are not welcome), but its depth..
  • This season, do not forget about the one who has returned to its positions. baroque style, for which it is permissible to use various kinds of applications, graceful tassels and fringes. When decorating a room in this style, it would be preferable to put the main style emphasis on the curtains, and make the rest of the interior a little more neutral. This combination will avoid unnecessary pomp, which can make the room inharmonious..
  • Of course, you can’t do without the good old classics, which allows you to combine the compulsory lambrequin for this style, heavy curtains and light, weightless tulle. By the way, the lambrequin can be almost anything: openwork, draped, with a lot of folds and gathers, or in the form of a shuttlecock. Each of these options will perfectly complement the interior of the bedroom..
  • For several seasons they have enjoyed undoubted popularity roller blinds or roman blinds, which are loved by many due to their unusual shape and undeniable practicality. These curtains can be adapted to any modern interior, including ethnic style.
  • Also at its peak remains such a non-trivial and sophisticated style direction as vintage. Within the framework of this style, it is permissible to use and combine any fabrics, which, of course, leaves a lot of room for a flight of imagination..



The choice of colors for the bedroom is replete with variety, and first of all this season it is advisable to focus on soft, pastel colors.. The most popular bedroom curtain colors are all shades of purple, blue, green and gray.. A special position is occupied by the deep graphite color and the color of wet asphalt – it is simply impossible to take your eyes off them. It may seem that this palette is rather boring, however, the versatility of these colors allows you to combine them with any interior. Curtains of such shades will harmoniously complete the overall look of the bedroom and make it cozy.


You should not give up white color, which will surely fit into any interior. However, instead of a bright boiling white, it is better to experiment with milky, pearl, sandy or beige shades. The game of contrasts will become topical this year. However, the colors used as the basis for such combinations should also belong to deep pastel tones. In general, you should focus on natural shades such as ocher, mustard, grass green, marsh and brick colors, as well as deep aquamarine..

For bedrooms in light colors, curtains in mint, emerald and azure shades are suitable. They are the best way to refresh the room..



In addition to solid colors, various prints and patterns are still relevant. Lovers of bold design decisions will definitely like this. The pattern of trendy curtains has many variations: it can be some kind of unusual ornament or pattern, abstraction or geometry, a strip or a cage. Finally, it can be a plant print with clearly drawn large details..

The use of such active and bright patterns on curtains has only one limitation: walls and most of the furniture should be more neutral and monochromatic. Otherwise, there is a risk of making the room too colorful.. At the same time, curtains should not be the only bright spot in the room..

The best option would be to introduce small details into the interior that would have the same print as the curtains. This will make the room more solid and thematically complete..

A special category is the strip and the check, and they can be glossy, matte, multi-colored and include metallic shades (mainly silver). This type of drawing works perfectly with the visual space of the room and can become both an assistant and an enemy of an inexperienced designer. The fact is that horizontal and vertical stripes, as well as their intersection, can significantly expand or narrow the space. This play of stripes is especially dangerous when decorating small rooms, which, from poorly chosen decor, can visually become much smaller than they really are..

A separate place is occupied by another trend that is gaining popularity in the design of fabrics. We are talking about various kinds of appliqués and embroideries (including handmade), the use of which will add originality to the interior..

Interior ideas

The choice of fabric and pattern of curtains for the bedroom entirely depends on the size and shape of the window, the size of the room and the degree of illumination. For example, for small rooms with a small window, it is desirable to use lighter, flying materials, which, unlike heavy fabrics, will not make the room visually narrower, but, on the contrary, will emphasize the available space. Also, for small rooms, medium-length curtains, which are made in light shades, are more suitable, but it is better to refuse from a large pattern and curtains to the entire wall..

If space allows, it is advisable to give preference to straight floor-length curtains.. The combination of heavy natural fabrics with airy tulle of milky-beige tones is especially welcome. But if the soul requires a holiday, then you can resort to unusual design solutions, which, by the way, are quite a lot.

Now you can often find multi-layered combinations of seemingly incompatible forms. A traditional long straight-shaped canvas can be safely combined with a shortened roller (Roman) blind. This combination looks harmonious and, moreover, is functionally convenient..

In the modern design of curtains, there are the most unexpected options for their use: you can tuck or pick up the curtains on the sides, use a shortened version of curtains in combination with a long curtain, decorate the head of the bed with curtains, use them as a continuation of the window, decorating with them part of the wall adjacent to the window.

The so-called overlap curtains look unusual when the assembled curtain of one part of the window is superimposed on the curtain of the other part of the window, assembled in the same way.

Special attention should be paid to fittings.. Strict plain straight cut canvases can always be diluted with various kinds of clips, ribbons, tassels and girths. Such touches always make the room cozy, warm and truly your own..

Curtains have always been and remain a significant element of decor both for the bedroom and for the entire apartment as a whole. They complete the interior, make it more holistic, harmonious and expressive. Correctly selected curtains for the interior satisfy important human needs: the desire for aesthetics, the thirst for beauty and, of course, the desire for peace, comfort and security. Thanks to this important detail, you can create the perfect interior for a bedroom that you will want to return to again and again..

For information on how to choose beautiful curtains for the bedroom, see the next video..

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