Dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom

Furnishing a bedroom with furniture is an important activity that should be given special attention. It is known that it is these items that create the desired comfort and coziness in the room. When choosing furniture for a bedroom, it is worth taking a closer look at the dressing table – a very interesting and functional option. Most often, such models are used to equip rooms in which women and girls live. Dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom brings a special atmosphere and charm to the overall environment.


The main feature of the dressing table is the combination of beauty and functionality.. These products are always distinguished by an interesting and stylish design, which makes it possible to advantageously complement the interior of the bedroom. In addition, there is a mirror in the upper part of the pier glass. The base on which this element is held is equipped with additional drawers for storing small accessories.

Unfortunately, many people, when equipping a bedroom, do not use this furniture in the interior. This is due to the fact that many do not associate mirror dressing glasses with modernity. However, today the designers “gave a new life” to this product. It should be noted that the pier glass is used not only in classical, but also in modern interiors..

Women who are accustomed to spending a lot of time on hair and make-up attach particular importance to this furniture..

At a table and in front of a large mirror, everything turns out much easier and faster..

Today the dressing table can be safely used for both small and spacious rooms. Modern furniture manufacturers produce rather convenient options that are designed to store many important accessories..


Dressing table with mirrors from modern manufacturers have a lot of advantages that should not be overlooked.. The advantages of such furniture in the bedroom include:

  • convenience;
  • high functional qualities;
  • wide range of.

It is also worth noting that the pier glass is a real helper in the presence of a small room..

Many products are based not only on a mirror, but also on a large number of additional compartments. It is worth noting that storage boxes can be not only in the dressing table itself, but also in a pouf, which is often included in the kit..

Another advantage of furniture is that it comes in different sizes.. Large options resemble classic chests of drawers or a sideboard in design. The furniture is based on many boxes for storing perfumes, cosmetics and jewelry. The peculiarity of large dressing tables with a mirror is that even bedding or clothes can be folded in them..

As for the small options, they are ideal for small spaces. Such furniture is presented in different styles, which allows you to choose a dressing table in accordance with the specifics of the interior and, of course, your own preferences..

It should be understood that these models with mirrors are significantly different from dressing tables, which are also often used to equip bedrooms. The difference lies in the availability of storage boxes. Dressing tables have 2-3 small bedside tables at their base.

In different styles

When choosing a dressing table with a mirror for a bedroom, special attention should be paid to the interior of the room. Today there are a large number of styles, and each of them has its own unique characteristics. The most common are the directions that are included in the historical group. Classicism is especially popular among modern people..

Choosing a pier glass in this design, do not forget about clear straight lines, matching shades and shapes. Typically, classic-style furniture is used for spacious rooms..

The baroque style is distinguished by special luxury. It is known that the characteristic features of this style are pretentiousness and the most expensive design. For a bedroom with such an interior, a dressing table with carved legs in a light shade is suitable. Often, furniture is complemented with inserts in gold color, which looks truly luxurious. Don’t forget about floral ornaments.

No less luxurious are the Empire and Rococo styles, which are also included in the historical group..

When choosing a dressing table for the bedroom in these designs, pay attention to the curved shapes. It should be noted that in terms of characteristic qualities, these directions are quite similar to the Baroque..

Modern styles in interiors should not be overlooked either. The style called hi-tech is especially popular. It is worth noting that this design is often chosen for bedrooms, since it involves the use of concise details and chrome elements. The main features of the high-tech style are thoughtfulness and maximum functionality..

The dressing table for the room should be as simple and stylish as possible. Often white furniture is used for the arrangement, which has the correct geometric lines. A dressing table with a mirror in this design is the most functional.

How to choose?

When choosing a dressing table with a mirror for a bedroom, you need to pay attention to several important parameters. The first thing to consider is the shape of the product. There are rectangular and angular options. The second type belongs to the most demanded models. This is due to the compactness and functionality..

Corner options are small in size, but they have good capacity. These dressing tables take up less space (as opposed to rectangular products).

When choosing furniture, pay attention to the fact that the products can be both narrow and wide. It all depends on the area of ​​the bedroom. The wide version is not suitable for arranging a small room.

When choosing furniture, do not forget about functionality. The presence of a large number of compartments makes the use of the dressing table as convenient as possible. Decide in advance on the location of the furniture.

Designers say that a dresser with a mirror should be placed in a well-lit area. If there is no such place in the bedroom, additional light sources will help fix this problem. It is worth noting that some models are equipped with small bulbs, which is very convenient.

An important point – equipment. As noted above, chairs and poufs made in the same style as the base are sold along with the dressing table. It is recommended to give preference to just such options, as they will look harmonious in the interior..

In the process of purchasing, do not forget about the design of the bedroom. Furniture should match the overall furnishings. It is not at all necessary to choose options that completely copy the main headset in the room..

Do not miss such a moment as the material from which the pier glass is made. Wood models are especially popular. The budget types include products from chipboard and MDF.

Interesting combinations in the interior

If you are planning to create a harmonious and stylish bedroom design, the dressing table is ideal for this purpose. For rooms decorated in soothing pastel colors, furniture in white is often used. These products bring a kind of “femininity” and tenderness to the interior. The pier glass is placed near the wall or not far from the window.

A classic-style bedroom is often complemented by carved furniture. The mirror in such dressing table has a round or oval shape. Products are complemented with various decorative elements and carvings that look truly aristocratic. For a bedroom in beige, a rectangular white dressing table is ideal..

In modern interiors, the situation is somewhat different. Here, designers try to experiment with classic color combinations, which looks very stylish. A great option is to use furniture in black and white..

A dressing table with simple shapes is used to complement modern furnishings..

Monochrome furniture is used for the arrangement..

The most interesting option is the dressing table with hidden compartments. The peculiarity of these structures is that to open the drawers you need to press the facade with your hand. Typically these models are used for minimalist bedrooms. As a complement, a stool or ottoman of a simple shape is used. Most often, manufacturers create designs in such a way that it is possible to install light sources.

You will learn more about how to use a table with a mirror in the interior of your home in the following video..

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