Fresco in the bedroom

Ancient Greeks were among the first to use frescoes to decorate their homes. Currently, such decor is a stylish and unusual addition to the design of any room, for example, a bedroom..

At first, the term “fresco” meant painting with paints on wet plaster. Now this is the name for any wall or ceiling painting..

On the ceiling

Often, in order to visually enlarge the room, a blue sky with clouds, stars or full-fledged paintings of historical and religious themes are depicted on the ceiling, if this fits the style of the room.

A fresco in the bedroom can only decorate a part of the ceiling, the area around the chandelier or corners.

It should be chosen based on the size of the room. There are no restrictions for spacious rooms: dark rich colors and complex subjects are suitable. In the interior of a small room, it is better to limit yourself to painting the area around the ceiling and not use too dark colors..

On the wall

The wall painting is varied and the choice of image stems from the design of the bedroom and the tastes of the owner. The bedrooms depict both classic plots from ancient history or the Bible, as well as beautiful nature or cartoon characters. They can occupy the entire wall from floor to ceiling or be just blotches..


A fresco on a wall can be of different types:

  • Self-adhesive. This is the most accessible type of mural. Fine-grained sand is applied to the synthetic base. The drawing can be anything. This mural is easy to stick to both the wall and the ceiling, it adheres well.

  • Non-woven. The production technology is similar to the previous one. The non-woven base is covered with a thin layer of plaster. The drawing is transferred to it. So the image is richer, and the price? expensive.

  • On canvas. This is a real painting created on canvas covered with plaster. Only it is not mounted in the frame, but on the wall. This type of painting requires a maximum of time, and the result is extremely vulnerable to the effects of moisture and sunlight. The price of such frescoes is much higher..

  • On plaster. This technology is most similar to antique frescoes. The painting is painted on plaster on a metal frame, which is then fixed to the wall using mounting glue. They are very durable and can be damp cleaned.

  • Mosaic. This type of decor can only be performed by a true master. The pieces of the mosaic are attached to the raw plaster to form a pattern. This is a time consuming and expensive process..

Interior style

Self-adhesive fresco will fit even the most modern interior. More traditional options that usually come to mind with the word “fresco” will be appropriate in complex and luxurious interiors in the Baroque or oriental style. They add a subtle twist that will enhance the look of any bedroom..

It is best to choose motives of ancient history or nature, stylized as the work of old masters..

Delicate pastel murals look good in the style Provence. For this style, the most familiar images of calm nature, floral motifs.

Although the accommodation is antique and style Renaissance they are not done so often, one cannot fail to mention them when talking about frescoes. In those days, wall and ceiling painting was an organic decoration of any room..

How to apply with your own hands?

First you need to determine the place for gluing the fresco. If it is small, make inconspicuous marks on the wall..

If the surface of the wall is completely pasted over, you should navigate by the baseboards.


  • You need to take the canvas and carefully coat it with glue on the back. We leave it for a few minutes so that the base is saturated with glue..
  • The working surface of the wall should be greased with glue using a roller, without missing a centimeter immediately before gluing.
  • After that, carefully glue the fresco, making sure that no kinks and folds are formed.
  • The edges need to be processed with a spatula, iron the entire fresco. Stroking is done slowly from top to bottom.
  • If necessary, cover the edges with plaster using a brush. Excess glue should be wiped off with a rag..


We present to you several stylish bedroom interiors with frescoes. In the design of the next room, the only bright accent is a fresco depicting a medieval city and nature. It is made in light translucent colors, due to which the volume of the room is not hidden. Wall painting adds warmth and coziness to the interior of the bedroom.

This luxurious beige bedroom features a fresco above the bed, imitating an ancient painting. This wall decoration looks expensive due to the use of monochrome patterns and gold plating on some of the details. The fresco is indispensable in a baroque bedroom and perfectly completes the image.

The fresco on the entire ceiling with the image of the night sky looks amazing. It will be pleasant for them to admire in the evenings. The feeling of plausibility is facilitated by lighting in a plasterboard box around the entire perimeter of the bedroom. The fresco will look especially impressive in the dark..

By choosing a pattern and a multi-level plinth, the feeling of a roof over your head completely disappears. This technique is suitable to divert attention from the wrong layout of the room..

The fresco around the entire perimeter of the room, repeating the landscape outside the window, looks unusually stylish. This will appeal to those who dream of being closer to nature. A mirror and lots of artificial light help create the illusion of being outside.

The fresco fits perfectly into the interior of a modern bedroom. A bright accent wall makes a necessary contrast to the white walls and light floor.

A nursery for a girl can be decorated with a wall painting, it is enough to choose a suitable drawing. In this case, painting based on the famous animated series is presented..

You can see how the frescoes are mounted on the wall in the next video..

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