Lilac bedroom

Lilac bedroom

When making repairs in the bedroom, you can choose a wide variety of colors for its decoration. Although pastel shades are the most popular for its design, still many prefer something brighter. For example, all kinds of purple variations. In this article, you will find out which ones should be used to make your bedroom look stylish and you like it..

Color value

First, let’s see why this color is good for bedroom decoration. It is worth saying that the influence of lilac on a person is quite large. Different shades of this color evoke emotions that are unlike each other. Psychologists say that darker colors immerse us in a mystical atmosphere, while a light lilac tone adjusts a person to a peaceful mood and calms him.

It has also been proven that purple, the shade of which is lilac, motivates a person for self-development and contributes to his self-realization. Therefore, in such colors, you can decorate a bedroom for a teenager who needs a lot of creative energy and inspiration. It is also considered, that lilac, as a fairly light shade, is more loved by women than men. This color is associated primarily with mystery, romance and tenderness. Even in the East, this color is considered feminine, because, according to local teachings, feminine yin energy prevails in it..

Psychologists can also analyze the personality of a person who chooses a color to decorate his bedroom. It is believed that rather superficial people are fans of such shades. In his youth, a lover of gentle lilacs is unstable in his interests and even slightly vain. And a mature person who retains in his soul love for this magical shade greatly appreciates everything that surrounds him.

It doesn’t matter if you believe that colors affect our consciousness or not – the main thing is that the bedroom, decorated in lilac tones, does not cause negative feelings in you, because this is the place where we should first of all rest, and not be distracted by unpleasant eye color.


Although lilac itself is a shade of purple, it also has several different tones, which are perceived differently by our consciousness and evoke different associations..

Pink lilac

This shade is most often chosen by young romantic young ladies. It allows you to create a cozy atmosphere and tune in a romantic mood. If you want to decorate a bedroom for a couple in this color, remember that men are not particularly versed in shades and a delicate lilac will most likely be perceived as pink. So it is worth discussing such a creative solution in advance..


A light lilac color is more neutral. In this case, the wallpaper of a soft lilac color is in good harmony with natural materials – light fabrics, wood, fresh flowers. A room decorated in such pastel colors turns out to be really cozy and peaceful..


The dark lilac color is used a little less often in the design of the bedroom, but still it should not be ignored. If the room is too small, then dark shades will make the room even tiny.. Therefore, it is worth using rich lilac tones only in spacious rooms, where such a design move would be appropriate..

In addition, designers recommend adding contrasting details to a dark interior. So the room will not seem too gloomy, and the color will look in a new way, shaded with light tones.

A color scheme

It is important to skillfully combine all shades of lilac with other colors. Otherwise, your room will not turn out beautiful and harmonious. Let’s take a look at colors that work well with this beautiful shade..


The most obvious solution is to combine lilac with neutral white. The lighter shade will absorb the brightness of the lilac and the bedroom will appear calmer. If you do not want to use white curtains or blankets as a decor, you can limit yourself to inconspicuous accents – place dishes, silver or small white details on the shelves or in cabinets.

This combination is perfect for a classic interior design, especially if you use the appropriate details that will make it more interesting and stylish..


In nature, lilac is often found in tandem with green. Look at the lilac bushes – they look beautiful precisely because of their naturalness and simple color combination. Try to repeat the trick invented by nature and in your interior. There are different design options in lilac-green tones. The easiest one is to make the base of the room lilac, and the details greenish. All sorts of plant motives will be appropriate here..

A room decorated in this way will have a pleasant romantic atmosphere. And it will be very comfortable to rest here. The room can also be supplemented with natural greenery, namely fresh flowers..


Along with white, gray is also capable of balancing the brightness of violet. This tone seems too boring to many in itself, but combining it with other shades you can get a very interesting combination. Such a bedroom will appeal not only to naive and romantic girls, but also to married couples..

The combination of gray and lilac is perfect for decorating a modern bedroom.

Remember that gray can be equally successfully combined with dark and light shades of lilac..


This color combination is not entirely obvious at first glance. But, at the same time, it looks good, because this range resembles beautiful delicate violets that bloom in spring. Combine pastel yellow with light lilac for an interesting spring-style interior.


A black and lilac bedroom is another win-win option. Choose any shade of purple and combine it with a dark one. It will look equally good in both classic and modern interiors. If the room seems too dark for you, add some light to it. The easiest way is to make soft lighting over stretch ceilings. It is possible to make the space lighter not only with the help of artificial lighting. A good option is to hang several mirrors in the room or arrange glass decorative parts..



If you are not afraid to use bright colors in the design of the room, pay attention to magenta or burgundy. The meaning of this color is passion. All shades of red allow you to tune a person to a romantic mood. So it is quite logical to use it in the bedroom. In addition, magenta adds warmth to the interior.. In a bedroom that combines lilac and red, gilded or silver details will be appropriate.. Such a tandem is good first of all because it is one of the few that allows you to install both silver and gold jewelry in the same room..

This color combination is ideal for a classic-style room. Such a room with roses will look good, both with living ones and with those depicted as patterns on the upholstery or walls..

Ideas for decoration

A bedroom in different shades of lilac can be decorated in different ways.

We use accents

So that a plain lilac bedroom does not seem too boring, it should be supplemented with bright accents. Almost any details can act as them. Most often these are bright decorative pillows or blankets. You can also use a small fluffy carpet in a rich color for this purpose..

Light room

It is good to use light shades for the bedroom – pastel colors pacify and make the room suitable for a long and sound sleep. This bedroom is suitable for both teenagers and young families. Complement the room with some special details that will give the room individuality, and the room will acquire a special charm..


Pink dreams

If you have always dreamed of a real princess bedroom, then it can be decorated in lilac-pink tones. This is much more interesting than using pink alone. Combine light lilac with pale pink, hang graceful translucent curtains on the windows. If possible, a four-poster bed can be installed in the center of the room. This will make the room truly royal..

Floral motives

Another rather simple move is to combine plain lilac wallpaper with floral inserts. Curtains and bedspreads can be such cute accents. Details like these will definitely bring your room to life..


The style of the French province is now loved by many. In order to convey its charm, it is enough to combine simple light lilac wallpaper with natural wood furniture. It is best if the wood is also light. Light curtains decorated with unobtrusive patterns will also be appropriate..

As you can see, the lilac color is very versatile and interesting. Use the suggested ideas or come up with something of your own to create a bedroom in which you will be comfortable and calm..

For even more interesting ideas for a bedroom in lilac color, see the next video..

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