Location of outlets in the bedroom

Location of outlets in the bedroom

Electricity today is the main source of energy for almost all household appliances. To optimize the operation of such devices, it is important to choose the right location of the outlets in the bedroom. They are tailored to the specific needs of a person, including its dimensions and technical characteristics of equipment. The modern market assumes many modifications of these items. Therefore, it is important when buying to pay attention not only to the design, but also to the technical characteristics of the sockets..

Experts recommend using products from only well-known and trusted companies..

Required amount

Bedroom – a room where a person spends a third of his time. Therefore, it is important to ensure the optimal level of comfort in it. This characteristic largely depends on the location of the outlets.. The number of these attributes can vary and depend on several main factors:

  1. Bedroom size. Small rooms can be equipped with two or three universal sockets. Often they are located in one of the functional areas (near the bed, at the door, etc.).
  2. Number of electrical appliances. This includes not only lamps or sconces, but also an iron, laptop and mobile phone chargers. At the same time, there is a possibility that all these devices can be operated at the same time..

Therefore, before installing the sockets, it is advisable to draw up a diagram of their placement. This will allow you to place them in an optimal way, adapting to your needs..


For TV

This type of technique is less and less used in the bedroom.. If, nevertheless, the design involves the installation of a TV, experts recommend installing a whole block of 5-input sockets. Such designs are used for devices that are complemented by audio equipment, a tuner or other auxiliary devices..

When you only use one TV, you can install one or at most two sockets. This approach is very often found in conjunction with modern displays capable of broadcasting a signal over wireless networks. For them, only the presence of a power source is important.


This household appliance is present in almost every home today. It is often used in the bedroom, which requires the installation of a separate outlet for this. If the room is small, you can use the points that are located near the bed as a source. Please note that the iron is a powerful household appliance, so it is better to allocate a separate outlet for it. It must be designed for maximum loads.

The mounting height of this structure will only vary according to your needs. The standard value is 100-120 cm from the floor. In this case, it is advisable to focus on the dimensions of the ironing board or other intended surface for this..

For other devices

This category includes a vacuum cleaner or heater that is operated with low frequency or for a certain period. Often, sockets for these devices are placed near the door in an accessible place. Some experts recommend using multiple general-purpose outlets. It is advisable to put them on opposite ends of the bedroom in order to optimize their use. Please note that this approach is completely optional for small rooms, where one outlet can be used to solve various problems..

Another small nuance should be noted. If you are planning to install an air conditioner in the bedroom, then you should first prepare an outlet for it. It should be located not far from the place of fastening of the structure. In this case, the product must withstand a large electrical load, since almost all air conditioners are very powerful.

Experts recommend using a separate line for such purposes, which is connected directly to the meter or power panel. If this is not done, it can lead to the failure of the entire network..

Near the pedestals

Bedside tables are often found in the classic design of modern bedrooms. They are used to place various household appliances, newspapers, magazines and other similar attributes on them. To optimize this space, it is advisable to install two sockets next to the bedside table. The distance from the surface of the furniture to this attribute should be at least 15 cm. It should be noted that if the bed is double, then there should be two such entry points. Correct placement – on each side of the bed in order to optimize access to them for lying people.

At the dressing table

This attribute of the interior is present only in large bedrooms. It is often made in the form of a small pedestal with a mirror. Here, the owners can have several electrical appliances (hairdryer, epilator, etc.). Therefore, it is imperative to have an outlet near the dressing table. If the number of instruments is quite large, then it is advisable to increase this value to 2-4 pieces. The socket is attached directly above the surface of the table at a height of several centimeters from it.

Please note that sometimes this point can be universal and used to start a vacuum cleaner, etc. It is only important that this outlet can withstand the load created by this technique.

Determination of height

Today there is no single standard indicating at what height to mount the sockets.. For this, experts recommend guided by several main factors:

  1. Security. When installing sockets, only high-quality products should be used that can withstand high loads. This must be done, observing all the rules for laying cables and connecting them to the main electrical network.
  2. Practicality. All outlets should be located in such a way that a person can quickly and easily access them. In this case, the height does not play a role, as well as their number. Many points can be used to connect different sources. This must be taken into account in order to calculate how many outlets are needed for this room..

As for the height, experts recommend placing the points slightly higher above the surfaces where the devices will be used (25 cm above the bed, etc.). If these are general-purpose sockets, then it is advisable to fix them at a distance of 50-100 cm from the floor. Do not mount the devices very low to the floor, as with wet cleaning there is a risk of moisture getting inside. It is also impractical, as it forces a person to bend over to turn on a frequently used device..

Design solutions

Classic socket models are available in white, which is in harmony with almost any type of interior. In order to beautifully fit the products into the design, only built-in modifications should be used. It is also important to pay attention to the style of switches, which are very often mounted near outlets..

If the interior of the bedroom was created by a designer, retro designs, which are characterized by an appropriate appearance, can complement it. They can also be supplemented with appropriate wiring and switches..

Selecting and installing outlets is an important task that should only be done with experienced professionals. This will not only speed up installation, but also provide the bedroom with the optimal number of power sources..

For information on how to properly position the outlet in the bedroom, see the next video..

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