Loft style bedroom

Loft is synonymous with style and modernity. “Attic” moods have captured the interiors and the minds of designers, who create more and more new ideas within the framework of this concept. Today this fashionable trend is appropriate everywhere: in the office, in creative workshops, in cafes and restaurants, in a private home. Kitchen, study, bedroom in the Loft style – popular requests from customers who appreciated all the advantages of the original interior and free space.


The style originates in 20th century Manhattan. The skyrocketing land prices in the central part of the city forced the owners of factories and factories to move outside the perimeter, leaving industrial buildings empty. Square kilometers of empty industrial space quickly acquired new owners in the person of artists, poets and creative people who turned factories into their workshops.

Over time, these art spaces gained popularity and became the epicenter of creative life. Having found themselves at the height of fashion, lofts inevitably went up in price and became elite housing. Art galleries were closed, and workshops were occupied by wealthy businessmen and lawyers. The creative approach and spaciousness of the room is the basis on which the entire concept of the loft interior is built, so modern designers are trying to revive these features in their projects. They are especially relevant for arranging a bedroom when planning or redeveloping housing..

Loft-style bedroom decoration has characteristic features:

  • Combination of incongruous. The loft was born at the junction of industrial and cultural production, which is why there is such a close relationship between rough materials that were used in the construction of workshops (brick, metal, wood, concrete) and elegant interior items brought in by the creators of art. In addition, America in the middle of the last century is the embodiment of contradiction, experimentation and innovation. At any time, you can deviate from the rules dictated by the style and add something of your own to it..

  • Open spaces. This feature of the style is due to the immense dimensions of the industrial premises that were inhabited by artists. Because of them, the Loft is associated with high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and the absence of walls between functional areas..

This does not oblige fans of the style to buy out the penthouse of an elite house for the sake of the canonical embodiment of the interiors of the last century, but it gives some hints on how to visually expand the available square meters:

  • Strictly monochromatic walls;
  • Lightweight mobile partitions instead of brick walls indoors;
  • Arbitrary lines dividing the room into zones;
  • Large window openings or panoramic windows;
  • The presence of reflective surfaces;
  • The predominance of light shades;
  • Secret doors (“invisible doors”) between rooms;
  • As narrow and elongated furniture as possible;
  • Minimalistic furnishings.

Minimalism in a loft interior deserves special attention. There are hardly many adherents of the style who are ready to lead an ascetic lifestyle so as not to clutter up the room. But this is not necessary. Especially when it comes to the bedroom.

To visually make it more spacious, you should choose a transforming bed, organize a dressing room with secret doors, equip niches in the walls for storing the necessary little things, eliminate wide window sills or replace them with narrow ones, and replace heavy curtains with dense blinds made of wooden plates.

The prevalence of rough materials

Even the walls of the sewing workshops that produced colorful sheets and dresses did not have a beautiful interior decoration, so the presence of building materials in the design of the premises occupies an almost dominant position. There is no need to overload the room with all types at once, it is enough to focus on the walls or on the floor. Brick, plaster, concrete, wood, steel, glass block are suitable for decorating a bedroom in the Loft style. In this case, the work must be done reliably and soundly, but the appearance is desirable as careless as possible.


Traditional renovation involves choosing wallpaper or wall paint. The loft offers more varied finishes that form the basic hallmarks of indoor style.. It is made from natural or building materials:

  • Brick. Bare brickwork in red, red and brown shades is at the peak of its popularity. All walls can be finished with it or one functional area can be allocated. Brick can be painted, but the original color must show through and remain in sight.
  • Concrete. Smooth unpainted walls a la “start of renovation” – what you need.
  • Light shades of plaster and emulsion. The surfaces do not need to be evenly covered, it is better if the surface maintains its natural relief. A little more carelessness, and perfect Loft-style walls are provided;
  • Double-glazed windows instead of dense blank partitions between the bedroom and the rest of the room. They will provide the necessary sound insulation, visually delimit the room, but at the same time it will be visible through and through and seem more spacious;
  • Glass blocks. A well forgotten alternative to clear glass panes. These “bricks” of double glass, painted in delicate colors – “Drop”, “Wave”, “Double Wave” were used several decades ago to build walls in workshops at dairy and bakery factories, and today they are gaining popularity as one of the types of decoration in loft projects. With their help, you can separate the cozy “chamber” areas in the room, without turning them into a dead space. Due to the fact that glass blocks let in a lot of light, they seem airy and light, but at the same time they hide what should be hidden. Through two layers of glass, only indistinct outlines will be visible, no more.

Modern glass blocks have gone beyond the blue-green range. From them you can fold a stained-glass wall in the bedroom, decorate the ceiling with them and even lay out the floor;

  • Wood. If the room has high ceilings, you can install lacquered timber ceiling beams. Rope decor and lamps with open bulbs and metal shades will look great on them. Having chosen the right material, you can organize a canopy on the ceiling beams. For low ceilings, it is better to place the tree at the bottom. For example, use varnished boards as a coating;
  • Steel. It is better to add it locally: focus on fittings, organize a staircase to the mezzanine, decorate a bedside lamp.

Furniture and accessories

The interior filling of the premises in the Loft style also has a number of features. Its main secret is the “as if” principle. Things look “like” randomly selected, but in reality, the composition must be thought out to the smallest detail. In the forties, representatives of the cultural stratum of the population did not have the opportunity to go to the shopping center and purchase a ready-made dining group, a set of furniture for the bedroom and all the furnishings of the living room. Items were purchased at flea markets, masterfully transformed by hand and took their place in the attic or in the studio. The overall furnishings looked harmonious and took on an imprint of creativity, which is what modern designers are striving for..

Indispensable tools for creating an authentic atmosphere are:

  • Interesting furniture. It can be made of solid wood, plastic or leather. Homemade steel furniture is common. The main thing is a non-trivial form and appearance. Glass bookshelves, huge comfy armchairs, a vintage bed will be a great find. Neighborhood of various materials is acceptable: a plush sofa and leather chairs, wooden stools and chairs with plastic seats, a bed with a wrought-iron back and a chest of drawers made of wood.
  • Movable objects on wheels. A loft loves freedom and mobility, so indoor objects should move easily from place to place. It is most convenient for this purpose to use screens, hangers, armchairs, chairs, poufs with wheels;
  • Design attributes. Absolutely any piece of author’s work can become the very highlight that a Loft-style bedroom lacks. It can be a bed of a non-standard shape, a beautiful floor lamp, a blanket, a craft or a painting;
  • Works of art. For the interior, you should choose what catches your eye: paintings, collages, photographs, sculptures. The style of these works is of key importance. The loft bedroom has no place for academic painting and landscapes. Works of iconic figures of the twentieth century will be relevant. For example, reproductions of works by Andy Warhol, who turned a factory building into luxury housing, black and white photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe, or the avant-garde of an unknown artist.
  • Hande made. Handcrafted items are not a necessary element of the Loft, but they are often found. Equally valuable will be homemade floor lamps with glass beads or chair covers.
  • Antiques and vintage. A little retro in the surroundings of a loft studio never hurts, be it an old music center with cassettes or a turntable with records. Record envelopes can also be an interesting decor for a white or brick wall. Portraits of iconic bands like The Doors, portraits of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan are priceless;
  • Heater or fireplace. The first “spontaneous” lofts were not heated in the cold season, so heaters, fireplaces, and cast-iron stoves were often found in them. There is no need to install them just for beauty, but if it is cold in the house, they will not be superfluous. So, an electric fireplace on winter evenings will not only warm you up, but also add coziness to the bedroom..

Color solutions

Loft is a style about openness, minimalism and the seamy side of cosmetic repairs, therefore the main range of colors is made up of light, cold and “rough” colors.


An irreplaceable assistant in creating optical illusions in order to “stretch” the space, fill it with light and freshness. White gives the room volume and graphics, while shades of different temperatures behave differently. A warm, slightly yellowish color is suitable for classic projects, and a cold, brighter white for minimalism and industrial character. Another important function of white is its ability to level the identity of furnishings, combining them into an integral composition..

White is irreplaceable and versatile. It looks stylish, expensive and is a kind of antidepressant for the interior. And white is also impractical, and this is its chic characteristic of high society..

But whitewash is not a panacea. Sometimes you can make a mistake by painting the bedroom with a cold emulsion and, instead of comfort and gloss, get the sterility of the hospital ward. How the color will look on the walls and ceiling depends on the season, floor height, climatic conditions. The blue sky and the sun will make it bright, cheerful and versatile. Permanent cloudiness will give a gray or yellow tint, “eat up” all the brightness.

In order not to be disappointed in the choice, it is worthwhile to correctly distribute the white color among the zones in the room. You can limit yourself to a ceiling and a few walls, or a ceiling and large window frames. Such techniques will help to achieve the desired effect and will not ruin the idea as a whole..


Loft interiors prove that gray is not boring at all, but multifaceted and interesting. He, like white, is versatile, but less cunning. For all its minimalism and elegance, it bears the same refined industrial character inherent in modern loft design. Gray is optimal for bedroom decoration. It is calm, relaxing, but not gloomy..

If you wish, you can diversify it with bright fragments that will not argue with the general mood of relaxation in the room and distract from sleep.

At the same time, the variety of shades of gray allows it to be used for a variety of purposes. A warm shade of bare concrete or foam blocks will beat the walls of a bedroom, anthracite in combination with more iridescent colors is suitable for decorating a bed, a steel shade for accents. The plafonds of metal lamps, ceiling beams, shelves for things will look original. They give the appearance of the room stability, brutality and originality..


There are many stereotypes about black, which are mostly wrong.. Everyone knows the rule: if you want to visually reduce something, make it black. But it doesn’t always work one way. Black, like white, absorbing the clear boundaries of lines, is able to visually enlarge the space of a room. The black ceiling and walls will not press, on the contrary, they recede and go to infinity.

It is a mistake to think that dirt cannot be seen against a dark background. Smooth black boards will show off shoe marks as well as whites, so it’s important to consider the material when choosing a dark color. Somewhere it is better to use stone, somewhere paint, and somewhere impregnated wood.

Also, contrary to popular belief, black is not a basic color. It is combined with many colors, but this must be done carefully. Even two different shades of the same color can argue with each other if they do not match each other in scale. The heterogeneous texture of surfaces will help to reveal all the beauty of black. This way it will always look clean and versatile..

Black requires good lighting. Panoramic windows and a large number of lamps will come in handy. An important rule: a light one should be visible from a dark space, and vice versa. Then neither dark nor light interiors will create a painful feeling and will look spectacular..


With this color, everything is quite simple. You can choose masonry or its imitation from red, reddish-red, brown bricks and let it repeat itself in some details of the furnishings, then the interior as a whole will turn out to be harmonious. Fired brick color is versatile for a Loft bedroom. It is calm, goes well with white, black and brighter colors, serves as a backdrop for wall decorations.

Pictures of avant-garde artists with their riot of colors and laconic black-and-white photographs look equally successful on a brick wall..


There are no clear rules regarding the color of wood. These can be very fresh boards of beige shades, covered with transparent varnish. Often there are artificially aged floorboards, boards with colored impregnation, bluish-brown, as if stained specimens. In older interiors, there are mainly cheap types of wood. A modern Loft can afford to use beech, mahogany, wenge. Window frames, floorboards, cabinets and shelves, ceiling beams, furniture can be woody. Often, instead of any color scheme in a loft interior, there are transparent objects..

Plexiglass can be used as a versatile material. Blotches of bright colors are not excluded: mustard, blue, turquoise, red pomegranate, yellow. These shades are posted locally in the form of art, furniture, carpets, textiles.

Design ideas

Do not be upset that there are not enough apartments in the building of a former porcelain factory or a weaving factory for everyone. It is possible to equip a bedroom in the Loft style in the “stalinka” or in an ordinary new building. A small room of 10 or 12 square meters can become a cozy nest if the space is properly organized.. She needs:

  • An abundance of light colors. A white plaster ceiling will make the edges of the walls less visible as they go up. You can also choose the antipode of white – black, but few people will be satisfied with a total black bedroom;
  • Large elongated windows;
  • Light curtains, preferably translucent and without a pattern. Even better – roller blinds;
  • Convertible bed. The less space it takes up when folded, the more free space will remain;
  • Secret cabinets;
  • Reflective surfaces – metal or mirrors;
  • Light sources at different levels. Lamps with or without light paper shades will look good.

A small bedroom of up to 15 square meters will be transformed beyond recognition with the help of standard methods of visual enlarging the space and characteristic features of the Loft. Vertical lines, elongated furniture and decor items will help to emphasize the height of the walls. You can make the space wider through the play of light and shadow and walls painted in different colors. You can use illusion drawings and mirrors.

Rooms with overall dimensions from 16 sq. m – these are full areas for decorating a bedroom in the Loft style. All the possibilities of industrial design are available to them. Studio apartment – a reflection of factory housing in miniature. Its very layout implies an open space, which is visible through and through from all sides..

It is convenient to separate functional areas with movable screens and translucent walls, and decorate the room itself with works of art. The attic is the most iconic type of housing for remodeling, because the word “Loft” is translated as “attic, attic”. It requires a minimum amount of changes, because everything can be used for decoration here – from sloped windows to ceiling beams. The main thing is that the room is warm enough..

For a teenager

Loft is a hot topic for young people. A room for a teenager, which can be awarded the epithet “cool”, is no longer a room with colored wallpaper, a car bed and a corner computer desk. It should be more modern and stylish. For those kids who just started high school, it is very important that the room is equipped with a good desk and chair. Original design should not interfere with convenience.

It is better to place the table in the area where the sources of natural light are located. It is also worth paying attention to the sleeping place. A sofa or bed not only in appearance should be suitable for a teenage room, but also provide the child with a healthy, full sleep..

It is worth giving preference to orthopedic foundations, and use interesting blankets and pillows for decoration..

The child’s hobby can be reflected in the appearance of the room. For example, if he is drawing, let the easel not hide behind the closet, but stand in a conspicuous place with a sketch. Older adolescents pay more attention to their surroundings. It is important to let them participate in the selection of ideas and objects so that they like the room. You should not be hindered if a young poet puts shelves with volumes of Rimbaud’s poems in the center of the room and broadcasts a two-meter portrait of Patti Smith on the wall, and an aspiring musician clogs the space with posters with idols and sleeps with an electric guitar..

Loft-style teenage bedrooms take a departure from the traditional color scheme. Girls are more likely to want to surround themselves with pastel shades and soft textures. For boys, it is better to choose non-marking colors, wood and metal surfaces, simple decor.


The female bedroom is more romantic and functional. It should have enough space for storing things, bottles of cosmetics and toiletries. As for the decoration, girls often choose soft upholstery, blankets, light walls, textiles, “lamp-like” and comfort.


The male territory completely coincides with the canonical description of the Loft: a minimum of items, restrained colors, brutal forms, laconic decor.

How to do it yourself?

The advantage of the Loft is that it can be implemented in your apartment without the involvement of repair specialists. However, before making major changes to the appearance of the home, it is worth thinking over everything well. Especially carefully you need to work out the issue of zoning, because this is the basis of the style. The layout with the bedroom area will not cause any special problems in a small apartment, you just need to take into account some of the recommendations of the designers:

  • Down with all unnecessary. It is worth starting to dismantle the apartment before renovation, as a huge number of unnecessary, but dear to the heart, things that the hand did not rise to throw away will be discovered. They need to get rid of them decisively and immediately in order to achieve the necessary space in the house;
  • More transparency. Having a large and stylish studio is good, but beauty isn’t everything. Ideally, the functional areas in the room should be separated from each other so that the sounds of cooking and the noise of water do not interfere with the enjoyment of sleep. To prevent walls from eating up space, bricks, concrete, boards, you can simply replace with transparent glass and translucent plastic. As a result, neither the appearance of the room, nor healthy sleep will suffer;
  • New life to old things. A loft is, first of all, an industrial style. It will withstand any, even the most daring ideas, be it a clothes hanger from a ladder or a bedside table from a grandmother’s TV.

More ideas to style your bedroom "loft" see the next video.

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