Wallpaper for the bedroom in the style of “Provence”

Connoisseurs of France and its atmosphere, for sure, at least once wanted to plunge into the originality of this country, without leaving their own bedroom. Beauty in the smallest details, colors and curves, tenderness of textures and framing – all this together combines such trends in interior design as Provence. Anyone can embody this style in their sleeping room and feel like a real French..

Basic rules of style

  • The room should be bright. Ideal with a pair of side-by-side small windows that are not cluttered by heavy curtains and allow maximum sunlight into the bedroom.
  • A big plus for such a room will be high ceilings, giving the atmosphere “airiness”. The walls, as a rule, are kept in the same style, only sometimes it is permissible to decorate one wall in a different color scheme and texture.
  • It is better to choose a simple and concise furniture design.. The wooden set will fit perfectly into the bedroom, especially if you create scuffs on the surface of the wood that imitate the vintage style.
  • Avoid harshness and vulgarity in colors. Provence is personified with tenderness and grace, so the best solution is to give preference to pastel colors.
  • Flowers are an important detail that can be used as an accessory. Vases with modest bouquets, the presence of blooming roses and lavender in paintings, openwork textiles are excellent means of decorating a “French” bedroom. Accessories, like furniture in a room, should be made from natural materials. Decorative earthenware dishes will become an unusual accent in the interior, wooden boxes and wicker baskets will take you one step closer to France.

Walls in this style are rarely decorated with wallpaper, mainly whitewashing, stone from natural materials, paint or colored plaster are preferred. But despite this, with the help of wallpaper, you can create a stunning interior that conveys all the subtlety and grace of Provence..


There are several types of wallpaper for a French-style bedroom..

  • Wallpaper on a paper basis Is the simplest option. Their undoubted advantage is a democratic price, a wide selection of designs, ease of gluing on the wall, natural materials. But these wallpapers have a weak resistance to dirt. They are quite difficult to clean, because when soaked, they become very fragile and can deform or even disappear from the surface of the wall..
  • Those who decide to combine different textures or wall colors are perfect vinyl wallpapers. They combine design options for every taste, imitate various textures. Such wallpapers are dense in structure, they give the walls an additional level of soundproofing. This type of wallpaper corrects unevenness on the walls and is weak to wear. The downside is low air permeability.
  • Non-woven wallpaper are considered an excellent base for painting walls. Such wallpapers have a characteristic relief. It is this feature that goes well with the Provencal style. The main advantages of this type of wall covering are its strength and durability. But due to the relief, the walls can quickly become dirty..

  • The most difficult in the way of gluing, but at the same time the most durable wallpaper is textile. The number of wall decoration options using such a coating is almost limitless, you can create a unique bedroom by choosing the pattern that suits you. Such wallpapers are highly resistant to wear and tear. A significant disadvantage is the high price of this material..
  • If you prefer something different from traditional gluing methods, you can decorate your bedroom using wallpaper. It is better to stick to the delicate ornaments of the Provencal design, but the option of an accent on one of the walls is allowed. An unobtrusive Parisian cityscape without signs of urbanization would be an excellent choice..


When you have decided on your preference for wallpaper, it’s time to think about the texture of the walls..

The bedroom is the ideal place for finishing with natural materials. The brick texture is great for decorating the wall near which the bed is located. In combination with accessories, such a wall will look cozy and laconic, especially if traces of antiquity are created on the brick texture.

Stone and wood will also be analogous to natural materials.O. Wooden boards or their imitation can occupy the lower part of the walls, while the upper one will be decorated with Provencal ornament.

An important design condition is to create the effect of the habitability of the room. You can embody a similar concept by choosing wallpaper with the effect of scuff, burnt areas, roughness.

Such decoration of a bedroom does not tolerate luxury and pretentiousness, excessive embossed wallpaper can visually “overload” the space and violate the main idea of ​​the style.

Color selection

For color schemes, gentle, non-flashy, but not too dull tones are preferred. Basically, the Provencal palette includes warm colors: peach, pink, yellow, light green, beige. But colder shades of blue, purple, sea are also acceptable..

Combinations of shades are based on a combination with white. The walls tend to be the main accent, but the ceiling and furniture are invariably light. You can complement the Parisian motif with the help of drawings:

  • The main print for the walls is flowers. Such a drawing will add romance and spring mood. Flowers can be combined into patterns or can simply randomly cover the surface of the wallpaper..
  • Are no less popular geometric patterns. They look laconic in combination with plain textiles and indoor plants. Wallpaper with such figures can be presented as a combination of two colors..

  • Wall coverings look very picturesque with pictures of scenes from life. Such design solutions help to completely “saturate” the room with the spirit of France and make the look of the bedroom truly original.
  • Some patterns on Provencal wallpaper are created with lines. Curved, curved or straight, they form a chic composition on the base color. These lines often look like lace weaves. They are able to visually expand the space of the room, fill it with delicacy and splendor..
  • It is often customary to decorate walls containing a small ornament in the design paintings. They must be the same style and size, it can be a series of drawings or photographs. Photos will give the room more comfort and a homely atmosphere..

Combination with the rest of the design

To make the wallpaper really become part of the interior, you can make a color or textured ensemble between the walls and decor items.

If the room is made in a green palette, there is a floral ornament on the wallpaper, then the addition of small indoor plants of a similar shape will be an excellent echo of the wall decor.

There is an option where the continuation of the wallpaper pattern goes to the curtains. Using a similar print on textiles will help you show the integrity and originality of the bedroom..

If you have decorated the wall near the bed with textures, then feel free to combine the print on the rest of the walls with the bedspread on the bed. If there are chairs in the room, then you can combine the pattern and color of the upholstery with curtains. This small accent will make your room even cozier..

The pattern on the furniture can repeat the pattern on the wallpaper. Even with wood carving, you can create harmony between walls and furniture. If the wallpaper is plain, it is important to complement the rest of the interior with ornamented textiles and make several color accents in the form of pillows or other details that match the color of the wallpaper..

It is important to choose the right chandelier for the Provencal bedroom. It should be made from natural materials and include many lamps presented in an elegant design..

Such a chandelier is usually designed in light colors, its design is airy and delicate. Hanging chains are often decorated with flowers similar to wallpaper patterns..

How to choose the right one?

First of all, when choosing wallpaper, you should consider the size of the room. The choice of pattern depends on the height of the walls. For those who want to visually enlarge the bedroom upwards, you can safely choose a vertical ornament. In breadth, the space will increase with the horizontal direction of the pattern on the walls.

If the shape of the room is incorrect, there are niches, recesses and other layout features, then it is better to avoid large prints in the design of the walls. Wallpaper with a small pattern will look much better..

Wear resistance is an important factor. Where small children live, dirt on the wallpaper cannot be avoided. Therefore, you should choose a material that is easy to clean, such as vinyl. If a lot of sunlight gets into the room, make sure that the wall covering is resistant to fading..

Consider the location of the windows when choosing the color of the wallpaper.. Give preference to warm colors if the windows face north. If the room is illuminated from the south side, a wider range of shades is available to you..


Those who have already become fans of Provence speak of this style as a source of comfort, which makes it possible to relax after a hard day. It is the bedroom that is the best place to embody French design..

Most buyers believe that floral wallpaper is a timeless classic for a Provencal bedroom.. They point out that you can pick up wallpaper with a small pattern for rooms with small children. On them, pollution can be completely invisible. Floral print is characterized as unobtrusive, not annoying over time and has a huge variety of incarnations..

Among color preferences, the green shade is especially popular.. He is able to emphasize the main concept of Provence – closeness to nature. Pink, beige and blue colors are in high demand. Not everyone decides on a bedroom with a dominance of white, but many combine it with peach and sea colors. According to surveys, warm colors contribute to the greatest relaxation and rest of the body after a hard day..

Wall murals are not very popular due to their excessive dynamism. Therefore, when choosing such coatings, one should take into account the fact that the bedroom is, first of all, a recreation room. Therefore, do not overload its design with coverings depicting action..

You don’t have to go to Paris every time you want to feel like a Frenchwoman. Just walk into your bright bedroom, enveloped in the atmosphere of Provence, created not only with the help of furniture, but also thanks to the stunning design of the walls.

Further, see the video designer’s tips on how to harmoniously combine wallpaper in style "Provence" with curtains in the interior of the bedroom.

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