Wallpaper for the bedroom

Wallpaper for the bedroom

A person spends a third of his life in a dream, so the interior of a bedroom is a very important component of a comfortable stay. Seascape, frosty morning, poppy field – how can you see all this in a city apartment without leaving it? In fact, everything is simple. In this situation, they will help wallpaper. They are able to create almost any indoor environment and maintain it for a long time..

Features and Benefits

It is certainly worth noting that the peak of the popularity of this wall covering came in the 90s. Then, in the apartment of any family, one could find on the walls an image of a forest landscape, reproductions of famous paintings or various bodies of water.

However, the quality of the models produced at that time left much to be desired: gluing was not always possible to do end-to-end, and if the design was located opposite the window, the drawing, as a rule, quickly faded, and the color rendition did not always correspond to the actual state of affairs. This led to a fairly quick departure of this trend from interior design, however, production technologies have stepped forward, and now there is an actual uprising from the ashes of this interior solution..

Modern wallpaper in the bedroom from Picwalls can be an element of any design. Japanese style and hi-tech, minimalism and country – you can choose the right option for any solution. Today manufacturers offer a wide selection of not only images, but also interesting textures and textures of the image. Different paper weights, gloss, gloss, or vice versa, matte finish can add a zest to the interior.

Models of photowall-paper produced today are of good quality, with a minimum number of joints, have the most varied color gamut, in addition, in production, more and more often photo printing of images ordered by customers is used, whether it is a scene from a favorite TV series, or a photo of a pet.

Together with the acquisition of new quality characteristics, the wallpaper several undeniable advantages:

  • Correctly selected drawing will help to significantly expand the room..
  • With their help, you can very successfully zoning any room, for example, you can easily separate the bedroom from the living room in a studio apartment.
  • Wall murals add variety to the interior and decorate it.
  • With this type of wallpaper, you can create the most stylized room design. So, for example, the image of sakura is a direct association with Japan, which will create the perfect Japanese interior..
  • Most modern wallpaper options can withstand light damp cleaning..
  • Due to the huge assortment of textures and colors, this type of wallpaper can be used in rooms for various purposes, as well as in any style solution of interior design.


As you know, the modern market of goods for repair offers a huge number of varieties of photo wallpaper..

However, all of them can be divided into two main groups according to different criteria:

  • By material;
  • By texture type.

So, based on the material from which this or that version of photo wallpaper is made, the following possible options stand out:

  • Tissue. The most sustainable option. It passes air well, is quite practical and durable. It is a one-piece canvas without seams and joints, which provides a perfectly even pattern. Usually, this type of photo wallpaper is not mounted on the wall itself, but on a special stretcher, which is very convenient for rooms with imperfectly even walls. The disadvantages of this material include the fact that special impregnation is required to extend the service life, and the cost of this type of photo canvas is as high as possible in comparison with other types of materials..
  • In contrast to fabric wallpaper, paper. This is the cheapest option, but it must be remembered that such options cannot always be glued exactly end-to-end, in addition, they are afraid of water.
  • Non-woven. This is an option made of natural material that has a high level of wear resistance, is not afraid of light wet cleaning, and has a pleasant natural texture. The disadvantages include only a fairly high cost. This option may be suitable for gluing to the ceiling, since this type is the lightest option in weight..

  • Vinyl. Like non-woven, they have a high level of wear resistance, the most durable and are not afraid of water. Among the minuses is almost complete airtightness..
  • Wallpaper on glass perfect for placement in rooms with high humidity. Such options are made on the basis of tempered glass with a special processing of the edges, so we can say with confidence that this type of photo wallpaper is completely safe. Looks interesting in combination with colored backlight installed behind the photo canvas.
  • There are also combined options. For example, vinyl wallpaper with a non-woven base is a fairly common option. This type is particularly durable, in addition, they are not subject to abrasion..

Today manufacturers offer many texture solutions in a variety of types of photo wallpaper, among the most popular and most interesting textures stand out:

  • Sand. One of the most common and versatile options. Almost any drawing looks good on this texture. The relief consists of imitation of large or small grains of sand, depending on which the wallpaper will be subdivided into textures. The fine sand is based on a vinyl and non-woven surface. Coarse sand is obtained using foamed vinyl, this provides a deeper texture. Due to their texture, they are able to hide the imperfections and roughness of the walls, smooth out sharp drops and curvature. Several disadvantages of this texture can also be noted: they do not wash well and accumulate dust..
  • Painting. The structure is designed in the form of artist’s strokes; here the texture of paint applied with a brush or palette knife can be made. The depth of the relief here is less, therefore it is more convenient to wash such wallpaper and cleaning the accumulated dust will not be difficult. However, this type is picky about the initial state of the place of the sticker, it should be as even as possible, otherwise the picture will simply float.

  • Canvas. A type of wallpaper in which the texture imitates the texture of the fabric canvas on which the pattern is applied. This type of photo wallpaper is able to create a real picture on the surface to be pasted. This type of wallpaper is the easiest to wash, they do not accumulate dust in the relief, however, they require a perfectly flat surface for gluing, otherwise they will not only not hide defects, but also aggravate them..
  • Plaster. One of the most effective options. With this texture, you can easily create an imitation of a fresco. This will help create interesting accents in the room and give it a touch of some antiquity, grace and royalty. The advantage of this type is that dust practically does not accumulate in this structure, and cleaning is very easy..

How to choose?

Since a bedroom is a room where a person should rest, it is worth approaching the choice of photo wallpaper with special scrupulousness..

First of all, it is worth deciding what functions the canvas should perform. Will it be just a decorative element of the bedroom and will expand the space or provide zoning.

The choice will also depend on the style of the bedroom. So, for example, for a high-tech room, images of labyrinths, technical pictures, drawings, cosmic bodies and various abstract images will be an ideal solution. This style is quite popular today, so finding a suitable image is not difficult..

Provence gravitates towards images of flowers, seascapes, fields – everything that creates a calm pacifying atmosphere.

Ethno stylistic direction is not the easiest decision, however, compliance with all design rules will allow you to become the owner of a chic interior. Wall murals with hieroglyphs, ethnic patterns, images of animals, tribes, trees will help to complement the design.

For an interior in the style of classicism, it is better to choose reproductions of paintings by famous artists, frescoes, images of stylized interiors. In addition, images of ancient architecture will perfectly fit into the interior in a classic style..

For a children’s room, choose bright and cheerful colors. For a boy, the image of cars, airplanes and other hobbies of a child will certainly be an ideal option; for a girl, wallpapers with the image of your favorite cartoon characters are well suited.

For a girl or a young man, the Art Nouveau style would be a good option; brighter colors, images of cities and famous personalities are also welcome here..

The color scheme of the selected image should also be selected correctly, ideally it should stand out against the background of other objects in the room, but not enter into dissonance with them and not overlap the rest of the decoration.

If the room is bright enough and the sunbeams easily penetrate into it, you can choose cheerful shades, images of flowers and animals. For less lit rooms, experts advise choosing softer warm shades so that the interior does not seem gloomy..

The size of the canvas also matters when choosing. So, for example, an image that is too small in a bedroom that is too large will look inappropriate, as, in fact, a huge banner on the entire wall in a small room, which, instead of expanding the room, on the contrary, will reduce its size. Wall murals glued to the head of the bed will help to enlarge the room correctly..

Design ideas

So, the use of photo wallpaper in the bedroom is a fairly popular solution these days..

In this room, there are two main options for the location of the image:

  • At the head of the bed;
  • On the opposite bed to the wall.

In the second case, the drawing is applied so that upon waking it is the first thing that meets a person, therefore in this case it is necessary to use the most positive and cheerful images.

Natural motives are best suited for the bedroom, because they create an atmosphere of maximum relaxation and comfort. Delicate pastel shades of wallpaper with natural prints are ideal for the bedroom. In addition, today many manufacturers use luminous spraying in their production, so you can create an atmosphere of a starry sky, moon glow in your bedroom..

In a small bedroom, you can create the effect of increasing the space due to a properly selected image. A field receding into the distance or a mountain landscape will add space and air to the room..

Using photo wallpaper with monograms will help create a real theater hall in the bedroom, and if you choose burgundy, blue or emerald with gold decorations and at the same time give preference to fabric wallpaper, you can get a real palace.

In a modern style, you can decorate a bedroom for a teenager. Imitation of brickwork, reproductions of Andy Warhol’s works, various abstract images – all this will fit into the interior of a teenage bedroom, and since it is most often also a workplace, the photo wallpaper will help to divide the room into zones.

Wall murals placed in the nursery can create a very special atmosphere. You can create a fairyland for your child or the chambers of a princess castle, interesting fairy landscapes, illustrations from your favorite books, images of your favorite cartoon characters, space or a sea beach. There are a lot of options. Following the wishes of the child, you can provide him with a dream room without incurring huge money and labor costs..

For a boy, you can create a real pirate’s room, with images of sea battles, sea surface, anchors and various pirate tricks.

Any girl, of course, wants to become a princess sooner or later, so why not give your child a dream come true and, with the help of a simple piece of photo wallpaper, help create the interior of a fairytale castle, where she will feel like a special royal blood.

Combination with other elements

A friendly relationship should exist in a photo wallpaper with the main wallpaper that is pasted over the rest of the room. So, basic poker with various prints is rarely able to harmoniously combine with a photo canvas, except in the case when the wallpaper exists separately, has a limiting baguette and is combined at least in color with the main gamut.

It is better to use monochromatic wallpaper that matches the color as a companion. The solution looks interesting when the texture of the photo wallpaper and the main one matches. This gives a special flavor to the interior..

Quite interesting are the solutions in which photomurals act as companions for the textile elements of the room, for example, the upholstery of a sofa, blanket, curtains, pillows. For this method of combinations, there are two options – either the wallpaper and textiles will completely match the pattern, which is simple enough to recreate by ordering wallpaper or textiles with an individual print, or you can ensure that the textiles and photo canvas have elements of the same color range. For example, if the room is made in purple tones, you can choose a solid purple or lilac textiles and wallpaper, which will have elements of the same color..

You can complement the wallpaper with textiles of companion flowers, for this you will need to study the color wheel. The most successfully combined colors are turquoise with brown and beige, orange with purple, red with white and steel, pink with gray. Here the choice will depend only on the imagination and the general direction of the interior design..

For a bedroom in light colors, photo wallpaper can act as bright accents. So, for example, you can choose a photo wallpaper created according to the principle of a collage of several elements and place them opposite the bed in the bedroom, they will become a good accent and diversify the interior, bring a touch of novelty.

The connection of the photo wallpaper can exist practically with the favorite element of the bedroom. Even with a flowerpot on the window, which can be no less spectacular than a combination, for example, with a carpet or a rug. By the way, the choice of the same pattern of the bedspread on the bed and photomurals located at the headboard allows you to achieve an interesting effect. It so happens that the bedspread and wallpaper merge into a single texture that passes through the room, starting from the bed and moving to the wall, sometimes the same photo wallpaper is also added to the ceiling, then the decorative line stretches even more and creates the effect of enveloping the space.

Expert advice

The first and foremost advice is that the image of the wallpaper must necessarily correspond to the chosen style of the room. Photos of your favorite characters from the series will not look good in Provence style, and the panorama of San Francisco will not match a Victorian-style room.

If the designer’s idea does not imply the opposite, the wallpaper must be in harmony with the overall color scheme of the room. In this case, the interior turns out to be softer, softer, conducive to relaxation, which is what is required from the bedroom..

Experts do not recommend using more than one image in a room. Of course, options with collages are allowed, but such images are made in the same style, so there is a place to be, but multidirectional photo canvases that you just liked will create unnecessary congestion.

Be sure to pay attention to the size of the picture on the wallpaper. Too large unrealistic objects will create an internal dissonance in the beholder, and too small objects will simply ripple in the eyes. Therefore, experts advise to choose a photo wallpaper with a pattern in which the sizes of objects will be as close to real ones as possible..

Another tip concerns the arrangement of furniture in rooms with photo wallpaper. It is not recommended to put furniture against the wall on which the drawing is located, this will overload the room. If the room is small and does not allow leaving one wall free of furniture, it is better to place the canvas above the bed, in addition, in this case, you can choose wallpaper that expands the space.

For the bedroom, it is not advised to choose a design with dynamics. It is better to move a busy city, roads, skyscrapers to the living room, and in the bedroom to concentrate on something smoother, which will create peace and tranquility.

If you wish, you can create photo wallpaper based on feng shui. In this case, you should give preference to romantic and calm stories. Panels depicting couples in love, birds, animals and landscapes will be appropriate..

In general, if you take into account the recommendations of Feng Shui, then you should focus on special techniques. The views of a birch grove, a quiet lake, a pacifying water surface will not only create an atmosphere ideal for a bedroom, but also attract additional monetary energy to life..

Fashion trends

In order for the result of the repair to be stylish and modern, it is necessary to refer to the existing trends in wallpapering.

As for the material from which trendy photo wallpaper collections are made, it is worth noting that for several seasons in a row non-woven and vinyl wallpapers have occupied the leading positions, because, as you know, they have the most pleasant structure, are strong enough and durable.

3d wall murals are beginning to gain more and more popularity. This type allows you to provide additional depth in the room, expand the space and create a sense of presence in the environment that is depicted on the canvas.

As for the color solutions, this season most of the purchases are made for wall murals depicting cities, large metropolitan areas, and various landscapes. Separately, it is worth noting the increasing popularity of images of cities at night, when it is illuminated with lights, in addition, an interesting solution to this option would be the implementation of additional illumination.

The most popular interior design color this season is gray. Therefore, choosing options with a gray base and a slightly different gray design in tone, you can get an interior that is at the height of fashion..

The combination of photo wallpaper and bedroom textiles is becoming a popular phenomenon today. Here you can give the following examples: the bedspread and wallpaper have an identical print, such a solution always looks interesting and fresh. In addition, textiles and wallpapers can overlap in the color spectrum, when, for example, plain curtains will match the color of the pattern on the wallpaper canvas..

In terms of style, trends tend to lean towards Provence design. Here you can see the image of lavender fields, small flower patterns, light airy landscapes. Such an interior will be as correct as possible in Feng Shui, since it is Provence that is able to create the most relaxing atmosphere.

Wallpaper in a nautical style is also often used. Sandy beaches, ships and various gear can be suitable for both a child’s room and an adult traveler’s room, so the sea will always be near and create a soothing atmosphere.

The pop art style that is gaining popularity in interior design will allow the use of non-standard solutions. For example, in addition to reproductions of famous pop art works, you can use beautiful images of people, stylized as an interior. Lips look quite interesting and unusual in the interior. The image of women’s lips of the correct shape with red lipstick and snow-white teeth is in rather high demand today, so you can call it a trend. But the swans, which were so popular in the 90s, are leaving and clearing a niche for other interesting options..

Black and white versions of photowall-paper with various interesting geometric patterns do not lose popularity, such prints will perfectly fit into interiors such as loft, minimalism and high-tech.

Today on the market there are such a huge number of options for photo wallpaper for every taste and wallet that it will not be difficult to find a suitable one, in addition, you can create completely exclusive models under the order, the owner of which will be only a specific person.

However, among the entire assortment, there are still several subgroups of images that are in special demand..


Floral motifs are one of the favorite image options for consumers. The most romantic and delicate interiors are accompanied by the image of flowers. As for the style of the bedroom, the image of flowers can be selected for almost any interior solution, be it a classic interior or minimalism, a children’s room or a young girl’s bedroom. In large rooms, wallpapers with images of flowers shot using macro photography look great. There is a special charm in looking at dewdrops on petals or veins on leaves, creating a very special atmosphere in the bedroom..

By far the most popular flower is the rose.. The largest number of drawings in catalogs with them. White roses or pale pink will add softness, fill the room with a special atmosphere, will be an excellent addition to the classic style and will delight the owners of the room with constant flowering, unlike real ones..

Images with roses and locks are popular for children’s rooms. The castle and a branch of roses create a parallel with the palace from “Beauty and the Beast”, reminds of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and other princesses, which is why little girls like it so much.

The second most popular after roses today are peonies. These voluminous garden flowers resemble small pink clouds. The use of their image in the interior provides a sense of cheerfulness and tranquility, so their use in the bedroom is quite reasonable..

In addition, images of a noble orchid, a simple and light chamomile, a majestic lily are often bought; violets, lavender and green meadows of ancient French villages are chosen for the Provence style..

Floral motifs can be either a real photo or painted in a certain style, the choice will depend only on personal preferences, the purpose of these wallpapers and the style of the room..

However, it is worth noting that for a rest room it is better to opt for pastel colors that will not greatly distract attention from the rest of the interior..


When you really want to admire the snow-capped slopes of Elbrus, distant sandy beaches or the view of an impenetrable forest thicket, but there is no money or opportunity to go there, photo wallpapers depicting nature will come to the rescue. In this case, you can admire the gorgeous views of various natural corners of the world without getting out from under the blanket in your comfortable bed..

Such images promote maximum relaxation., stimulate a surge of creativity, induce a dreamy mood and promote high-quality rest. Deep mountain lakes, majestic waterfalls, seething rivers, mountain ranges, landscapes with the sea and ocean surface, wild beaches and forests, alpine meadows and flower fields – all this seems to really fill the room with fresh air, and a person seems to feel the breeze or hear the sound of the sea. surf.

Variants of landscapes are popular when they are partially or completely blurred. This softens the picture, reduces the intensity of the colors, as if there is a slight fog in the image. This effect contributes to the creation of a cozy atmosphere, disposes to sleep, gives a feeling of calmness, security and peace..

The use of images in which water is present is possible in rooms located on the sunny side, where there is constant access to sunlight, otherwise you can get the undesirable effect of a cold room, because on a subconscious level, a person experiences cold, looking at an image of a waterfall or a raging sea.

The image of the forest is favorable for the bedroom. Such wallpapers are usually quite expressive, but always calm, they breathe with constancy, a sense of stability.

In addition, among the popular images in the subject of nature can be attributed photowall-paper, where the foreground depicts wild animals in their natural habitat, pets in funny poses, cute baskets, suits. The most popular are images of horses, dogs, and various breeds of cats. Peacocks, swans and owls are especially popular among birds. It is also worth noting that the quality of modern photo wallpaper can create the effect of the presence of an animal very close, therefore, this type of wallpaper is not recommended for impressionable natures..

Urban motives

Comfortable and cozy atmosphere, so necessary in the bedroom, is also able to create an image of the cityscape.

The most popular are images of European streets paved with paving stones, with visible multi-colored houses with a tiled roof, where linen is being dried between neighboring windows, and a cat sits on one of the steps. The image of such a classic European city is able to unleash a fantasy that is able to take a tour of the old streets of the city and find many more interesting things..

It’s great to visit the streets of Paris, wander the streets of Rome, but if this is not possible, you can arrange a virtual trip using a properly selected photo wallpaper. And if this image is supplemented with imitation of brickwork, then the interior will become even more refined and authentic..

However, bright dynamic images of noisy modern cities also take place and are often used for interior decoration. Separately, it is worth noting the ever-increasing popularity of wallpaper with the image of the night city. The sea of ​​lights burning in the windows of city skyscrapers creates a warm feeling of unity with the metropolis.

In general, among the many different options for images, everyone can find something to their liking..

In the video below you can see interesting ideas for bedrooms with photo wallpapers in various interiors..

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