Bamboo blinds

Bamboo blinds

Nowadays, many people install blinds on their windows to protect them from the sun. Their assortment on the modern market is extremely diverse; a variety of materials are used in the creation of curtains. For those who, in conditions of general environmental pollution, are trying to surround themselves and their families with natural materials that are safe for health, manufacturers offer bamboo blinds as a replacement for plastic and synthetic fabrics..

Features and advantages

Bamboo is popular in interior design primarily because of its naturalness, high strength and attractive appearance. Due to its rapid growth, bamboo is considered a highly renewable natural resource. Considering this, bamboo does not absorb harmful substances from the external environment, unlike other trees. This makes it an absolutely safe eco-friendly material..

Bamboo blinds have many unique qualities:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • do not fade in the sun;
  • completely environmentally friendly;
  • durable;

  • have antimicrobial properties, which is very important when decorating a children’s room and for people with allergies;
  • moisture resistant, which distinguishes them favorably from wooden ones and allows them to be installed even in a bathroom and rooms with high humidity;
  • thanks to special coatings, they are resistant to decay;
  • lightweight, can even be mounted on drywall;
  • easy to care for;

  • create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness in the room;
  • allow air to pass through;
  • delay the radiation of ultraviolet rays;
  • their special treatment prevents dust from settling.

With all these advantages, this product is quite expensive and can be classified as elite, but this does not make it less in demand..

Varieties of models and designs

There are several types of bamboo blinds, they differ in appearance and mechanism specifics..

The main structure consists of narrow slats (lamellas), which are connected to a special frame in parallel and fastened with a strong thread, jute or fishing line, passed through the holes in the slats. A plumb line is added to the canvas, which maintains its even shape. Then a special protective coating is applied to the surface of the strips, which significantly extends the service life of the product and provides it with an attractive appearance..

Most of the work in the manufacture of blinds is done by hand.. There are different ways to make bamboo slats:

  • adult large trunks are cut across, setting the required length;
  • young shoots are cut lengthwise and cut to the desired width;
  • also use carpet weaves of very thin stems, obtaining a semblance of a woven fabric.

Thus, the structures are made with horizontal and vertical plates, as well as a wicker cloth – roller blinds (roller blinds, at which the opening are rolled into a roll) and Roman (gathered in folds).

The most common lamella arrangement is horizontal. This type of curtain allows for maximum darkening. To fill the room with light, the canvas is raised up in assemblies, so it takes up a minimum amount of space.

Curtains with horizontal arrangement of plates can be installed separately on each sash or one on the entire window, in the gap between the panes or inside the window opening.

Vertically positioned sipes are easier to operate, their rope mechanism is resistant to wind gusts and other possible deformations. If necessary, the plates can move in different directions or from one edge to the other, turn around an axis.

Vertical blinds are the ideal choice for office spaces.

Wicker bamboo roller blinds well suited for the design of any interiors.

Light bamboo curtains are very popular – they simultaneously shade the sunlight and at the same time allow you to enjoy the view of the street. Using this technology, fashionable pleated blinds are produced, where when the blinds are opened, the canvas is wound up onto a horizontal shaft..

The curtain can be installed both on the window sashes and on the wall or ceiling. Roller blinds quite harmoniously replace tulle, go well with classic curtains made of natural cotton, linen or silk.

The density of the light transmittance of the curtains is regulated by the weaving method, color options and the width of the slats, which can be different or the same. The darker the color of the blinds, the less they let sunlight into the room. Light panels do not shade the room space as much.

The assortment of colors and shades is huge, although most often preference is given to natural sandy brown restrained tones.. In addition, bright models are painted with chemical compounds that can negatively affect the safety of the product surface during further use..

When making lamellas, it is coated with special varnishes and stains that protect them from damage and dust. Moreover, these compositions almost always have a completely natural composition..

What to look for when choosing?

When choosing bamboo blinds, it is very important to pay attention to the quality of the opening / closing mechanism, which primarily affects the durability of the product..

Including when buying, you should take into account such a criterion as the frequency of weaving, since the main purpose of the curtains is to protect from sunlight. The tighter the bamboo sticks are intertwined, the more darkening will be..

You should also decide in advance on the choice of fasteners: the curtain will be attached above the window itself or to the ceiling. You also need to check with the seller for the availability of fasteners in the complete set, since they are not available in all sets..

Correct measurement of the window for installation

Before purchasing, it is imperative to make a careful measurement from all sides, since not all windows have a standard shape. When the curtains are placed inside the window, the width of the structure is chosen a little narrower than the opening. If the canvas is attached to a wall or ceiling, then the width, on the contrary, is chosen large. The size of the bracket on which the blinds are hung is also measured. The design of assembled Roman blinds is much smaller than roller blinds.

How to hang correctly?

When installing, the curtain must be hung at such a height so that the sashes can freely open / close.

With the help of the level, markings are made for the installation, the level is necessarily set so that the product does not warp during use. The bracket is attached according to the markings, then the guide is installed. A bar with a hanging cloth is put on the brackets. With the help of the ropes of the control structure, the curtain unfolds. After that, the lifting and lowering mechanism is checked..

Most models have universal brackets that can be attached to both the window opening and the ceiling using self-tapping screws.

Installation on plastic windows is also possible with the use of double-sided tape, but this reduces the reliability of the fastening, which in the future can lead to breakage..

To mount them on a PVC frame, you can purchase special overlapping fasteners that do not need to be drilled. Many manufacturers, in addition to the varieties of such mounts, suggest using hinged lambrequins to hide the curtain roll with their help..

In any case, you should adhere to the rules specified in the installation instructions supplied with the product by the manufacturer..

Care of the product

Caring for bamboo blinds is very simple – if necessary, clean them with a slightly damp sponge or a washing vacuum cleaner with a soft attachment. Excessive moisture can cause bamboo to warp or crack. Household chemicals, all kinds of solvents with aggressive chemical components are categorically not recommended to use, so as not to damage the surface.

For horizontal structures, sometimes there is a need to replace the cord, which is subject to wear during operation. For this, the curtain is removed from the window, its parameters are measured. The old string must be pulled out and a new one must be threaded in its place. First, onto the lifting mechanism between the shaft and the cylinder, then from below the end is pulled through the basket near the ladder and at the same time between the plates into the cornice area. The rope is pulled, goes into the hole of the cornice, is fixed with a knot.

On vertical canvases, the rough edges of the lamellas can cling to clothing. This can lead to thread breakage, which is easy to repair. Most of the models are assembled on thin wire and rope placed in the middle of the plate. You need to insert the string again into the hole, if desired, fix it with adhesive.

These products need to be handled with care, as the repair of a serious breakdown is comparable to the cost of a new product. Subject to all the rules, they will delight their owner for a long time..

Place in the interior

Most often, a similar variation of window decoration can be seen among fans of eco-style..

But it should be noted that natural bamboo blinds are easily and harmoniously used in the design of a wide variety of styles, creating a unique cozy atmosphere..

Modern production uses more than 200 types of bamboo, various processing technologies allow you to choose the desired color range from ultra-fashionable bright colors to restrained natural shades.

Such curtains go well with wooden and wicker furniture, while the color of the curtains should be chosen in the same shade or a little lighter. In this case, it is permissible for the curtains to be 2-3 shades lighter..

They will look very natural in the following combinations:

  • if there is furniture with a natural structure and chintz bedspreads in the room, it will emphasize the rustic Country style;
  • with window frame in ebony kitchen;
  • with other eco-style elements – large or located near the window;
  • on balconies and verandas filled with green living plants or rooms with a similar design;

  • in the presence of oriental ornaments and souvenirs, for example, a large Chinese vase, porcelain, a Japanese fan on the wall;
  • together with long fabric curtains;
  • with a nautical style in blue;
  • with a formal, austere atmosphere of office space.

Separately, I would like to note that bamboo curtains are an ideal option for a nursery due to their naturalness and useful properties. In this case, in addition to the window curtain, the bamboo canvas can be used as a background for children’s drawings and paintings..

All this will favorably emphasize the impeccable taste of the owner..

Despite the rather high cost due to the complex process of processing and manufacturing, the purchase of bamboo curtains is an excellent way to update and decorate your home, to embody the wildest fantasies in your home, taking advantage of the notes of oriental tranquility and harmony..

Options for bamboo roller blinds in the interior, see below.

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