Blinds with electric drive

Blinds with electric drive

Blinds are unique systems that allow you to comfortably and easily control the lighting in your home. Such designs are used very often, as they fit perfectly into almost any interior.

These systems are constantly being improved, which allows them to be maximally adapted to human needs. Today, electric blinds are becoming very popular..

Advantages and disadvantages

Automatic blinds are a structure that is equipped with a small electric motor. Several positive aspects of such mechanisms should be highlighted:

  1. Functionality. The systems are equipped with a special drive, which eliminates the use of physical force to adjust the position of the web. This allows you to better and quickly adjust the blinds to your needs. Therefore, such products are perfect for large windows, where it becomes difficult to control the overall canvas with the help of only hands..
  2. Aesthetics. Modern models are available in various designs that will perfectly complement any interior.
  3. Versatility. Blinds can be used for a variety of tasks. They are installed not only to adjust the light, but also to protect the room from dust. Moreover, they can be installed both inside and outside the building..

Still, electric blinds have many disadvantages:

  1. High price. This is due to the presence of complex automation, which consists of several control microcircuits.
  2. Complex maintenance and installation. Installing electronic blinds requires electrical skills. Therefore, only an experienced electrician can solve this problem qualitatively. In the event of a breakdown of the automatic mechanism, you will have to call a specialist.
  3. Addiction from electricity.

Installation locations

Automatic products of this type can be classified into several categories, but the main one is the place of their installation. Depending on this characteristic, such types of blinds with electric drive:

  1. Internal. Cloths of this type are classic and are used for installation on windows. They not only protect interiors, but also decorate them. In residential premises, both horizontal blinds and systems in the form of a single sheet are used..
  2. Outdoor. They are made from aluminum or other substances that can withstand external influences. To protect against corrosion, many models are coated with special paints. A variety of such devices are roller shutters, which are installed in order to protect against external intrusions into the building. Often they are mounted on plastic windows and doors of shops or other similar organizations. It should be noted that the electric drive of such systems is hermetically sealed. This allows you to reliably protect it from accidental ingress of moisture.
  3. Technical. Louvers of this type are designed to protect ventilation openings. They are mounted in hard-to-reach places, which eliminates the likelihood of dust getting into the system. This simplifies regulation operations as you just need to press one button to open..

Types of automation

Controlling motorized blinds is a fairly simple operation. Depending on how it is done, blinds automation is divided into the following types:

  1. Stationary. The system is controlled using buttons that are mounted on the wall near the location of the blinds.
  2. Remote. These machines are controlled by a remote control. It is very practical and comfortable. Some modifications can be supplemented with special timers. This allows you to adjust the frequency of opening the curtains without human intervention. But it should be noted that the cost of this type of blinds is slightly higher than the previous counterpart..
  3. Automatic. This is the most modern type of mechanism. They are complemented by several photocells that automatically adjust the sash position depending on the ambient light level. At the same time, the system is fully automatic and allows you to set the position of the blinds using the remote control.

Types of canvases

Automatic blinds are not a new type of product, as the base of these elements has been known for a long time. The design was simply supplemented with a small engine, which significantly improved the functionality.. Today there are several types of blinds with an electric drive. types:

  1. Horizontal. The lamellas in them are located horizontally, and the canvas itself rises up when opened. The angle of rotation of the strips can be up to 90 degrees. There are modifications that fold into a special box..
  2. Vertical. The lamellas move to the sides, and they themselves represent vertical stripes of various thicknesses. Almost all strip models are able to unfold 90 degrees.
  3. Roll. This includes the Roman type of blinds. Their peculiarity is that they consist of a continuous canvas. When folding, it can hide or form a kind of accordion.
  4. “Day Night”. Blinds of this type consist of several layers of fabric, which is transparent. This allows you to adjust the lighting inside the room by raising or lowering specific elements..

When is the best time to use?

Electric blinds, although they are multifunctional systems, are not always appropriate in the house.. Experts recommend installing them in several cases:

  1. The optimal solution for blinds are for rooms with high ceilings. This allows for the automation of heavy web control..
  2. The presence of a large number of windows. If you install standard models, then you will spend a lot of time adjusting each opening. The same designs can be connected to one console and control all at the same time..
  3. Large window openings. Often, automatic blinds are the perfect solution for organizing a winter garden or home theater..
  4. Design solutions. Systems with an electric drive are very often used in high-tech style interiors. Also, experts recommend equipping offices and similar public spaces with them..

When choosing such systems, it is important to consider not only their functionality, but also their design. It is important that the style of the product is combined with the interior of the room, and does not spoil it..

Installation Algorithm

The installation of motorized blinds should only be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Therefore, before starting any such events, you should study the official documentation..

The installation process can be broken down into several sequential steps:

  1. Markup. At this stage, a place of attachment is selected, and points for fastening systems are also marked. To simplify this operation, it is performed by several people..
  2. Installing the brackets. For this, holes are formed in the wall for an anchor or other similar element..
  3. Cabling. Often it is placed inside the wall, which requires the preliminary formation of strobes. It is also important to choose the appropriate type of wire that will withstand the load..
  4. Installation of cornice and lamellas. The installation technology of these elements depends on the type of canvas that is used in the blinds..
  5. Installation and connection of the control system. This process involves connecting the motor to the electrical network. At this stage, all the basic controls are also configured. In some cases, they even resort to a little programming..

The installation procedure ends with a functional check. If something is wrong, the health of each element is checked and the problem is corrected. It is better to entrust such operations to the specialists of the company from which you purchased the automatic blinds. This will not only speed up the time, but also guarantee a long and reliable operation of the entire system..

For more information on the installation process of motorized blinds, see the following video.

How to choose?

The market presents many modifications of such devices. Therefore, when buying, you should be guided by a few simple recommendations:

  1. First of all decide which type of blinds suits you. This step only depends on personal preference..
  2. Choose a control scheme. Manufacturers offer remotes that can work with one or several canvases at the same time. This is very convenient if the windows are located at different points in the room. There is also a mixed control that can be tailored to your personal preferences..
  3. Choose quality control systems. At the same time, it is important to give preference only to models of well-known and proven companies. Be sure to take into account customer reviews about certain modifications..
  4. Pay attention to the dimensions of the window and the dimensions of the canvas. Some models are installed directly inside the opening, which excludes the possibility of using structures that are larger than its dimensions.

Electric blinds – versatile systems that allow you to adjust the lighting in a room at the touch of a button.

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