Choosing blinds in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place for rest, relaxation and sleep, so a cozy and secluded atmosphere should reign in this room.. Blinds are designed to hide the bedroom from prying eyes, from the bright morning sunlight, as well as the light of lanterns or street lighting..

Their design and variety are so great that you can easily choose an element that will harmoniously fit into the overall ensemble and style of the room..

Main advantages

Modern models of blinds for the bedroom have not only a stylish design that can decorate any room, but also their functionality, thanks to which they push the usual curtains and curtains into the background..

The main advantages of purchasing blinds for a bedroom include:

  • They perform a protective function – they protect from the penetration of bright sunlight and protect from prying eyes.
  • Sunlight adjustment – thanks to a special mechanism, you can change the level of lighting that will penetrate into your home.
  • Noise isolation – allow you to muffle noise and extraneous sounds that come from the street.
  • Do not interfere with the penetration of fresh air into the bedroom, thanks to which you can open plastic windows for ventilation, enjoying the light breeze.
  • All models do not require special care, all models are perfectly washed and cleaned of dirt, in addition, there are options with a special treatment that repels dust. Therefore, such a decor element will have to be washed less often compared to conventional curtains..
  • They can become a real decoration in the room due to the abundance of various textures, as well as the use of a wide color palette – an accent decor element can be made from a regular plastic window.
  • Ease of use – the mechanism for opening and closing the blinds is so simple that any person can handle it.
  • Long service life – all models are characterized by increased wear resistance, so they will serve you for more than one year.
  • Variety of pricing policy – blinds are produced in both economy class and premium segment, so any person can afford such an interior detail, regardless of their income and well-being.

Types of structures

There are several types of blinds on sale, which differ in appearance and the control mechanism used:

  • Roller blinds have become a very popular and trendy element in decorating room windows.. This design differs from other models in its long service life, practicality and ease of use. The principle of operation of roller blinds is as follows – you just need to wind the canvas on a special shaft. Various materials are used for the manufacture of this accessory, for example, plastic fabric, bamboo or straw.

When purchasing roller blinds made of bamboo or straw, note that they curl up from the bottom and rise to the fixed bar. The decoration of such blinds can include a variety of elements, for example, a stylish pattern or print..

  • A special version of such curtains include “Pleated”, they twist into an intricate accordion and take up little space. Basically, this version of the decor is made of polyester, so that it does not fade in the sun and does not change its size after washing.

The thicker the material from which the curtains are made, the longer they will last you..

  • Vertical blinds – their distinctive feature is that the lamellas are located in a vertical position. They are made from a variety of materials – there are plastic, wood, aluminum and fabric options. The main advantage of this accessory for the bedroom window is the ability to carefully move the slats from the center to the edges of the product. You can also move the vertical blinds either to the right or to the left. This option allows you to beautifully decorate windows not only of standard, but also of arched shape. With their help, in addition to everything else, you can zone the space, using it as a partition. The price range will also please, because both expensive and budget models are presented..

  • Horizontal blinds are the most popular and demanded model due to their compact dimensions, the ability to change the degree of lighting in the bedroom. This type of decor is presented in a wide variety of materials used for production. There are aluminum, plastic, wood, bamboo and fabric blinds. Due to such a wide range of textures, this accessory will easily fit into a variety of bedroom designs. The width of the slats of horizontal blinds varies from 1.6 to 2.5 cm.

  • Interframe options located between two frames of a plastic window. All the necessary control parts are brought up through a special hole.

Manufacturing materials

A variety of materials are used for the manufacture of blinds.. Fabric – it can be either natural material, for example, cotton, or artificial, for example, polyester. These materials are treated with a special solution that repels dust and dirt. Such models are made from a thin or thick canvas, depending on this, a different degree of room illumination is obtained. A novelty among this type of blinds is the “day-night” model, which consists of a combined material. This is a translucent and dense fabric, it can be moved depending on the time of day and light.

Plastic belongs to the budget and the most convenient option.. It combines perfectly with other materials, for example, plastic blinds will look great in combination with bamboo elements. Only horizontal blinds are made of this material..

The main advantages of plastic include the following:

  • democratic cost;
  • simple and easy cleaning that does not require special care and attention;
  • a versatile material that allows you to give the bedroom a beautiful look, since it can be painted in different colors or given a certain texture, for example, similar to natural wood;
  • practicality and endurance, thanks to which they will last longer than other similar models.

The only drawback of plastic is the possibility of deformation when exposed to high temperatures, so it is best to place them away from devices that act as heat sources, for example, from a battery or an air conditioner..

The tree will appeal to adherents of natural natural material. Most often, wooden blinds are made from Canadian linden or balsa wood..

The main advantages of wood for the production of blinds include the following advantages:

  • excellent protection from solar radiation;
  • do not heat up and do not deform under the influence of high temperature;
  • are hygienic and environmentally friendly;
  • have a long service life and a high degree of strength;
  • give the room a rich look, perfectly fitting into the interior of the bedroom.

To make the wooden decor element look harmonious in the bedroom, it is better to place furniture made from solid wood nearby.

Aluminum is an excellent material for the production of blinds. It has a number of distinctive features:

  • differs in ease and flexibility for the manufacture of lamellas;
  • will perfectly fit into the bedroom, made in various designs;
  • individual aluminum elements completely block out light, so that even during the day you can create a romantic atmosphere and light candles;
  • perfectly tolerates moisture and any pollution, and also perfectly washes;
  • has a long service life.

To protect the aluminum lamellas from heating, a special heat-resistant enamel of various colors is applied on top. Their only drawback is that they make noise if they are in a draft. To neutralize such a disadvantage, they need to be positioned at an angle..

Bamboo also distinguished by its naturalness and environmental friendliness. Besides:

  • it helps create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom;
  • looks great in rooms with a variety of interiors;
  • does not cause allergic manifestations and reactions. Therefore, it is better to place bamboo blinds in the room where the allergic person lives, as they have a beneficial effect on the health and well-being of the owners of the room..

Selection Tips

When choosing blinds for bedroom windows, follow some tips:

  1. Color spectrum. For the bedroom, blinds in calm colors, such as green, brown, blue and pastel shades, are perfect. It is important that the color of this element for the design of plastic windows goes well with the general interior and does not stand out too much..
  2. Texture. If you want to add airiness, weightlessness and lightness to the bedroom, then use the roll or fabric options.
  3. Material. It is best for a bedroom to choose blinds made of natural materials, since they are hypoallergenic and do not emit harmful substances, so you can gain strength and energy and fully relax overnight..

For information on how to choose the right blinds, see the next video..

If you prefer plastic options, then additionally decorate the window with curtains or curtains to avoid comparing a bedroom with an office space..

Instead, you can use a novelty – photo blinds – an accessory on which some image is located. This element of the interior received a large number of positive reviews, as it allows you to add sophistication to the bedroom, as well as create a stylish room design..

You can get acquainted with the various options and models of blinds by examining the photo gallery below. All the variety of this decor element is simply amazing, and of course, it will not leave you indifferent either..

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