Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds have become popular relatively recently. Only in the 20th century did people fully appreciate all the advantages of this curtain model. It should be noted that they differ in a number of parameters from both ordinary curtains and their vertical counterpart..


If doors are the first thing that a person notices in the interior, then windows are the second. Window systems are different. Today, along with the popular PVC, you can also find Soviet wooden frames, for which it is even easier to choose horizontal blinds than for plastic.

The description of horizontal blinds is very simple.. They are a structure of thin strips called lamellas. They are interconnected by a thin strong cord on both sides for narrow windows and on the sides and in the middle for wide.

Horizontal blinds are made of various materials, the color and texture of which can be selected for any interior.

Control over the position of the rails is carried out using a special mechanism. This mechanism can be operated either manually or it can be automatic, controlled using a special control panel..

Advantages over vertical

The horizontal model is favorably distinguished from the vertical analog by a number of advantages:

  • Firstly, the scope of application of horizontal curtains is quite large.. Along with traditional window models, there are attic (installed on ceiling windows), as well as interframe. The latter are mounted mainly on wooden windows between the frames, allowing you to open one casement or the other..
  • Secondly, the materials from which horizontal blinds can be made are very diverse.. If the vertical ones are made mainly of fabric, then the horizontal ones are made of aluminum, plastic, wood, bamboo, fabric.

For example, pleated blinds are also of the horizontal type due to their lifting mechanism, but they are most often made of woven material and differ from traditional horizontal blinds. Pleated fabric is a one-piece sheet of rigid fabric that perfectly protects the room from the sun’s rays. Thanks to this material, this type of horizontal curtains can be inscribed in any room design..


There are not so many disadvantages of horizontal structures:

  • The most significant of them is the difficulty of detaching the slats from the cornice.. In addition to the fact that each model has its own fastening design and, therefore, requires a different method of dismantling, it is also almost impossible to detach the plates on your own. It takes two: one works with the mechanism, the other holds and unhooks the lamellas.
  • The second drawback is the impossibility of installing such blinds on certain models of window frames.. However, this inconvenience can be easily eliminated, you just have to order an individual model.
  • The third disadvantage is based on reviews. Some people complain about horizontal blinds knocking in the wind. But, again, it depends on the place and type of attachment, as well as on the material from which the structure is made..


You can list quite a few types of horizontal blinds:

  • Outdoor blinds mounted outside the window. Such street models are installed mainly in private houses and serve as an alternative to shutters..
  • Meet and blinds with adjustment, carried out automatically, for example, roof blinds.
  • Interframe blinds installed between frames. Such indoor models are well protected from the sun and are easy to control with a specially designed system. In addition, it does not knock when the wind blows..
  • Lattice roller shutters have additional holes in the lamellas. They perform rather a decorative function, since they are practically unable to protect from the sun or prying eyes..
  • Decorative include perforated blinds, lamellas of which have many holes. They create an extraordinary effect in the room due to the light penetrating through the holes..
  • Roller blinds – another type of roller shutters that are often used as an alternative to conventional curtains. Like sliding curtains, roller blinds are made of fabric and can be matched both for the kitchen and for the bedroom or living room. Outside, as a rule, blinds with slats are installed, roller blinds are used only for interior decoration.

Materials (edit)

As mentioned earlier, the choice of material for the manufacture of horizontal blinds is very diverse:

  • Metal roller shutters the most durable. They do not deform, are easy to clean, but on a sunny day, such models heat up easily. Because of this, they are not recommended to be installed on windows facing the sunny side..
  • Plastic cheaper, but extremely fragile. They are easily deformed even under their own weight, however, they are also easy to clean, and the choice of all kinds of colors is amazing..
  • Wooden models are very capricious and require a special approach when leaving. Their bamboo counterpart is less pretentious and looks no worse..
  • Reinforced plastic blinds are supplied immediately complete with PVC windows, which makes them look very harmonious together. They are usually white, but you can discuss this issue further. There are companies that can coat such roller shutters with a coating of any color..
  • Tissue horizontal pleated blinds and roller shutters look great in the interior of living rooms, protecting the room from sunlight and prying eyes.


The choice of shade depends on fashion trends, the type of blinds, the overall interior solution of the room and the color of the window:

  • Bathrooms often blinds trimmed with pearls, making them slightly pearlescent. So, glossy tiled surfaces perfectly resonate with roller shutters of this color, allowing you to create a thoughtful and interesting design..
  • Peach is a lovely shade when choosing curtains for the bedroom. Rolled fabric peach curtains will act as a worthy frame for a window. On a sunny day, the light passing through these curtains will create a romantic harmonious atmosphere in the room..

  • White blinds are classics of the genre. Usually white is chosen for window decoration on the balcony or in the bathroom. Since this tone is quite formal, they like to set white roller shutters when styling a room in the Loft style..
  • Brown fits perfectly into the Scandinavian interior, especially if wooden roller shutters are selected. They look harmonious, allowing you to emphasize the general theme of ecology..

Blinds in metallic colors will perfectly fit into the high-tech style, allowing you to maintain the overall atmosphere of modernity.

Dimensions (edit)

Horizontal blinds are presented in different size variations, however, general recommendations can be distinguished regarding the choice of size and material..

If you are planning to choose blinds with thin slats, we advise you to opt for aluminum models. They look very light and airy, without visually burdening the look of the interior..

The 25+ mm lamellas are usually made of wood, bamboo or plastic. Such models look more bulky, but no less stylish. On the contrary, these blinds give a feeling of comfort and security..

Also, when choosing blinds, you should think about the size of the canvas itself. The standard size is 150 x 160 cm, however, on request, the workshop can make blinds suitable for your window.

Which is better?

Of course, only those who buy blinds can answer this question. Based on the properties of the material, it can be answered that it is metallic. Based on the number of color solutions – plastic. If you think about which are the most interesting, then the answer is perforated. Wooden are the most environmentally friendly.

Thus, first you need to decide in which room the blinds are selected:

  • For kitchen it is better to choose models made of plastic, since they are easy to care for, they do not heat up, and due to their low cost, you can part with them relatively painlessly from time to time.
  • For bedroom the best choice would be roller blinds or classic blinds. The choice depends on the overall style of the interior.
  • For a small living room interframe wooden blinds work well. They will add coziness to the room and at the same time will not take up much space..

How to use?

There is nothing difficult in using horizontal blinds. Depending on which model you purchased, they have either an electric drive or a manual mechanism.

If the horizontal roller shutters are equipped with an electronic control mechanism, all manipulations with them are carried out using the remote control. This is very convenient if the curtains cover a hard-to-reach window, such as a skylight..

Manual horizontal blinds are usually opened and closed using a rope. The rope must be centered before use. Usually, to close them, you need to pull it down; to fix the position of the lamellas, the rope must be moved from the center to the side, thereby activating the lock. To open, you need to move the rope back to the center and gently release.

How to align?

If any of the slats is bent, it is necessary to disassemble the entire canvas, align the slats, and then reassemble the blinds. Please note that sometimes it is not possible to align the rail. In this case, we advise you to stock up on some additional slats, so that in case of anything you can always replace the damaged bar..

For information on how to repair horizontal blinds, see the next video..

How to clean?

There are several ways to clean your blinds. The most popular today is the use of a special microfiber brush. It allows you to clean the slats from both sides at the same time.

You can also wipe each strip separately with a soft cloth, but this option is quite long.

It is much easier to close the roller shutters and wipe them from top to bottom with wet wipes for office equipment. And there will be no divorces, and it will not take much time and effort.

Washing plastic or aluminum blinds is easy:

  • First, separate the canvas from the curtain rod, remove all plastic parts.
  • Rinse the extended roller shutter with cool water from the shower under a slight pressure. Particularly dirty areas can be rubbed a little with a soft sponge and a non-abrasive detergent, then rinsed with water.
  • Leave the clean blinds to dry naturally on a clean cloth until they dry completely..

Do not allow the lamellas to stick together, as it will be impossible to separate them from each other after drying..

When cleaning the blinds from the kitchen, use dishwashing detergent, it will help you easily get rid of greasy deposits..

Wooden blinds should only be cleaned with a special wood cleaner or polish. The use of water in this case is not allowed, since the material can deform and lose its shape and appearance..

See below for more details.

How to crop to width?

In this case, it is better to contact a milling machine who will do everything efficiently and quickly.. However, you can cut horizontal blinds in width at home:

  • Measure the window carefully and decide how wide the slats should be.
  • Unfasten the cord and separate the slats from each other.
  • Carefully measuring the required distance, mark out the new width. Subtract the desired width from the current width of the lamella, divide the resulting value by 2. Set aside the final result on each side. These will be the places where you need to cut.
  • Now with a good hacksaw, cut off the excess very carefully..
  • Assemble the blinds back and hang.

What can break?

Usually, the lamellas break first of all, since mechanical influences, as well as negative environmental influences, can adversely affect the material..

A breakdown of the hoist is also a common problem. To prevent it, it is necessary to lubricate the structure with silicone grease from time to time. Ideally, you need to purchase it immediately during the purchase of the blinds themselves..

How to fix damage?

It is difficult to repair damage at home, but it is possible.

If the lamella is deformed, you can try to straighten it with your hands. You should act very carefully so as not to aggravate the situation. If it doesn’t give in, just replace the damaged lamella with a new one. For example, it is difficult to straighten aluminum lamellas, but it is possible, however, they will not return to their original form. Plastic cracks right away, so the only way is to replace.

It is a little more difficult to fix breakages in the lifting mechanism.. Here it is impossible to give a definite scheme of actions, since there are a huge variety of constructions.

First of all, use the instructions that came with the blinds kit. Most often, the operation of the entire mechanism is described in detail there, as well as breakdowns characteristic of this model are described..

You can also call a foreman who will fix the blinds mechanism. If the warranty is not over yet, it will be free for you.

For information on how to fix damage to horizontal blinds, see the video below..

Examples in the interior

Below are photos showing examples of the use of horizontal blinds in the interior:

  • Living room interior, made in classic style. Horizontal blinds fit perfectly into the design, complementing it and at the same time being a semantic accent. The contrasting black color against the background of white walls looks very strict and at the same time modern.

  • Living room furnished in Loft style. Horizontal roller shutters are an excellent solution (and perhaps the only one) for decorating panoramic windows. The vibrant color refreshes the room while letting in some sunlight. Refracting, it becomes bluish and the room plays in new shades..

  • This image shows not only an example of the implementation of horizontal blinds in the kitchen space, but also their functionality. As you can see, they serve not only for framing windows, but also for the front door. Red stimulates appetite while decorating the room. Against the background of white walls, creating such a bright accent is simply necessary..

  • Blinds-pleated look very unusual in the interior. Such a multi-colored bedroom will not leave anyone indifferent. In this case, the curtains not only protect from sunlight, but also serve to zoning the space, separating the sleeping area from the other part of the room..

  • In the interior of this bedroom, the designer used white classic plastic roller shutters, emphasizing the general atmosphere of lightness. The room is made in a modern style, in which horizontal blinds fit perfectly.

  • A living room in a traditional colonial style and complemented by graceful wooden roller shutters looks cozy and elegant thanks to soft lighting. This window design idea looks very natural in this design, harmoniously complementing it and not drawing attention to itself..

  • Alcove – another room that can be decorated with horizontal blinds. Such a place, complemented by a wooden model of roller shutters, perfectly disposes to rest and meditation, reading and sincere conversations..

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