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Mom always tries to create maximum comfort and good conditions for her child. Developers of children’s furniture know this and offer original options. Traditional cribs are increasingly giving way to an alternative type – baby cribs. What is it and why is it worth stopping your choice on them?

Features and Benefits

This idea came to us from the USA. Previously, sleeping with a child separately was popular there. Now pediatricians have proven the opposite – sleeping together is very important. Psychologists advise contacting the baby as much as possible.. The baby hears the mother’s breathing when she is nearby, feels the beating of her heart, which helps to avoid apnea syndrome, which is a sudden stop of breathing. This is important for both the baby and the mother..

But over time, parents begin to feel weary about sleeping together. In addition, it is sometimes difficult for a child to accustom to his crib. Such models of cribs help to teach the child to be independent, but at the same time they do not deprive him of the opportunity to be near his mother. At the same time, the mother can calmly be near the baby and not be afraid to crush him in a dream..

This ingenious invention emerged in the debate about “sleeping together” or “laying separately.” You might think that only lazy mothers could want this. But this is not the case. After all, this invention is so convenient that it will help any mother..

The main advantages of these beds:

  • The child sleeps side by side, at the same time on his own territory. You can sleep with your child, but this does not make the bed smaller, but even more due to the attachment. So the sleep of the child and parents will be more restful..

  • The child has his own area, which is limited on all sides. You don’t have to worry that the baby will fall in a dream..

  • The father may not worry that he will touch the baby in a dream, and at the same time not “move” to sleep on the sofa, on the floor or in another room. Indeed, during this period, maintaining the relationship between dad and mom is more important than ever. Calm parents are calm children.

  • Many kids wake up often at night and need to be rocked. This is not a problem with a side cot, because just a hand is enough.

  • This is very important for mothers who have had a cesarean section. Indeed, in this case, it is very difficult not only to get up, but sometimes even just to sit. And with a side bed, the problem is solved by itself. It is very convenient when there is no need to go somewhere once again..

  • Mother can feed the child lying down, staying on her bed. The design of the attachment is created in such a way that you can feed your baby whenever you want, without taking him out of the crib, while remaining lying.?

  • The sizes of a regular baby bed and a side cot are different. The attachment is much smaller and thus will become more convenient for small-sized apartments, it will not clutter up the space.

  • You can find many models of cribs. There are those that turn into a table or playpen, or move apart. The assortment is so high that you can pick up comfortable and beautiful beds that will delight parents and their children..

From all of the above, we can conclude that baby cots are incredibly comfortable not only for children, but also for their parents.!

How to choose?

When the decision has already been made to purchase a side bed for a child, I want to choose a quality product. The many options dazzle, but it is important to focus on a few points:


The bed should be easy to clean. There are some models that are sheathed with fabric. It creates coziness and beauty, but this fabric is difficult to wash, while it absorbs dirt, dust and liquids. Growing up, the baby will begin to bite, lick, and gnaw at the sides. Saliva absorbed into the tissue – creates a favorable environment for the multiplication of various bacteria, microbes and microorganisms.

For a child, unnecessary contact with dirt is unfavorable. Therefore, we can say that cribs covered with fabric are not the best choice..


There are different types of materials, but the most common is wood. There are many types of wood with varying degrees of environmental friendliness, so when choosing it is important to think about buying a crib made of wood species such as pine, oak or birch. These tree species are the most environmentally friendly. The impregnations with which they are treated have a minimal risk of developing allergies..


Everyone knows that wood is the most environmentally friendly material, but at the same time, wood must undergo special processing: sanding, impregnation, painting or varnishing. In this case, the wooden product will retain its original appearance for a longer time, but how to treat these types of processing when it comes to a baby cot, will chemical processing harm the child’s body?? With constant contact with inorganic substances, a newborn may develop allergies, because the immune system these days is already experiencing very heavy loads.. Therefore, you should think about this when choosing a product..


It must be borne in mind that the bed is an extension and you will have to move it often. But it must withstand other loads and mechanical influences: blows from toys, motion sickness, etc. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable design and manufacturer. When the baby grows up, he will begin to be active, so the sides must withstand the load and not be flimsy.


Now you can find a huge number of different types and models, because there are more and more manufacturers and the choice is expanding.. The most common:

  • “Elephants”. The product is being created in Siberia. The main material is birch. Cots are designed for babies up to nine months old. You can also purchase protection from soft sides. 70-80 dollars – approximate price.

  • Sleep well – USA / Russia. The dimensions of these products are larger and are suitable for children under three years old. The beds are made of beech, pine, ash. Approximate price – $ 200.

  • Bednest – European production. Sleek, stylish, mobile. Easy to fold, packed in a bag, not heavy, so they can even be taken on trips. Estimated cost – $ 400.

  • Chicco – made in Italy. Next2me models are suitable for babies up to 9 kilograms. These cots are easy to fold and easy to assemble. The bottom can be placed both in a horizontal position and in an inclined position. The beds themselves are lightweight, weighing up to 10 kg.

There are many types and models of these beds. There are models that turn into a table or playpen, as well as a place to play.

There are about six ways to adjust the height of the bed..

Many models are equipped with a special crossbar that closes the gap between two beds – an adult and a child.

There are also models that can be transformed into a regular bed – an additional side is included.

When parents buy such cribs, it immediately becomes clear why they are in such great demand. If you wish, you can order a crib from a designer, or a home craftsman can remake the bed, make a prefix yourself.

How to do it yourself?

Some parents do this:

  • remove the front side;
  • expose the bottom at the desired height;
  • and move such a crib to the parent.

If a father or grandfather knows how to tinker with his hands, then it will not be difficult for him to make a side bed on his own. You can choose the model you like or come up with a design yourself.

Attention! It is important to choose natural wood and non-toxic coatings: growing up, children gnaw and lick the sides and grates. Oak, pine and birch are great choices!

To create a crib yourself you need:

  • the bottom on which the mattress will creep;
  • rods and beams (they must be polished);
  • tools for woodworking (electric jigsaw, sandpaper, etc.);
  • quality mattress;
  • fabric walls at will.

Be sure to make a preliminary drawing. First you need to process the tree. Paints and varnishes are not the best option.

First you need to calculate how many rods you need per product. Remember that the gaps should not be more than seven centimeters so that the child does not poke his head and get stuck.

You should also pay attention to the fasteners. Some of them are needed for a firm hold, while others are needed for attaching the crib to the parent’s bed..

Also make soft upholstery so that the baby does not hurt himself..


  • the holes should be such that the child’s head does not get stuck;
  • the surface must be well sanded;
  • bulging corners – constitute a danger, smooth them out;
  • high sides are necessary so that the child does not fall out;
  • determine what height to make the legs: let them match the height of the parent’s bed;
  • will a fourth wall be needed in the future? If yes, then the mountings need to be thought out in advance..


Reviews of side cots are mostly always positive. Indeed, it is difficult to overestimate the benefits of this device, which makes life easier for mom, creates a comfortable space for the baby and does not annoy the young dad..

Baby cots are gaining popularity. Doctors and psychologists prove that children who sleep next to their mother develop faster. Anxiety in these babies is much lower than in children who sleep separately from their parents..

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