Baby high chair

The question of purchasing a highchair is a very crucial moment, because the comfort and safety of your child, as well as your convenience when feeding your baby, will depend on your choice..

Features and Benefits

When a baby is placed in a highchair, a new stage of development begins for him in life. Now he can, along with all members of the family, be at a common table during a meal and gradually get used to independence, and this is the main feature of the highchair..

Mom, of course, was also not bad on the arms, but there is more freedom on the chair, and after dinner you can stay in the chair next to mom and watch her go about her business..

As a rule, such a chair can be folded and unfolded, turning into a dining place, then into a place where you can play or do some art – draw, even if it’s just kalyaky-malyaki. And there are models that turn into a comfortable cradle, where the child can rest for an hour or two.

The advantage of highchairs is the ease of caring for them. It is clear that the baby will often stain all the places on the chair, where he can reach with his palm, smeared, for example, with semolina porridge. But it doesn’t matter – the lacquered wooden parts will quickly wash off, as will the water-repellent fabric of the seat – just a damp cloth is enough.

In addition, the highchair is very easy and safe to use. The baby is held in the seat by a special separator belt, so it will never slip to the floor. Special bumpers-armrests on both sides of the baby will not let fall.

Assembling or disassembling a highchair is a matter of minutes, it either simply turns over, or a special latch is disconnected between the two parts of the highchair.


Today in stores with children’s goods, which only highchairs are not available, they are different in shape, color, material of manufacture, size, and of course – in price. Here are just a few of the models:

  • The 3-in-1 baby highchair can be used as a sleeping place, as a dining table and as a play area.

  • The suspended model of a highchair for children, which does not have legs, is attached to a stable dining table with a massive tabletop, for which the weight of a child with a highchair will be insignificant. Such a chair will be indispensable in a small kitchenette..

  • The original booster chair is attached to a regular wooden chair and thus, the baby is on the same level with the adults sitting at the table. Can be used as a travel folding chair that you can take with you in your car or even put in your bag.

  • The high folding chair is also very compact and is suitable for both a six-month-old toddler and a three-year-old child. It will take up very little space in the kitchen, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, and it weighs a little more than five kilograms.

  • A chaise longue is a swinging highchair, a fairly popular model today. True, this is quite expensive and will be useful for a baby up to a maximum of four months. A newborn child can sleep in a chaise lounge – it sways regularly, like a swing, and thus lulls the baby to sleep. But when the baby learns to roll over, such a device will already become dangerous for him..

Materials (edit)

A chair made of natural wood, an environmentally friendly material, is the best option to use. Even chipboard plates are fraught with danger to the health of the baby due to the presence of carcinogens in them. An excellent choice of wood would be beech, which belongs to hard species, which means that the chair will be distinguished by its reliability and high wear resistance..

A highchair made of plywood, a material made from several layers of wood veneer, is also a good choice. The plywood chair is lightweight.

Chipboard products are the most budgetary, but they are also the most short-lived products. Chipboard is usually used to make only a tabletop..

In addition, a plastic chair for feeding a child will become an inexpensive purchase, but this choice is unlikely to be a good choice, because plastic is considered a “dirty” material, and its resource of use is small..

Plastic chairs, as a rule, do not transform, and therefore are not popular with young parents.


As a rule, any highchair for feeding has accessories in the form of:

  • soft liner;
  • safety straps;
  • soft toys;
  • devices in which you can place a bottle or toy;
  • additional sets of footrests, attachments, legs, feet.

For a high chair, in which the baby constantly sweats and is uncomfortable from this, you can sew a cover. It is recommended to do the same if you don’t like the color of the highchair or some kind of defect appears on the oilcloth liner. A new cover can be put on over the old one or simply replace the old one with it, but then the new cover must be made with thick filler.

There are usually two covers in the kit. One is used as a double seat for three month old babies, and the other is for a toddler who is already sitting on his own, and without an additional soft pad on the seat.

A cloth cape for a regular chair is the easiest option to make a child’s seat at a common table. It looks like a kangaroo bag and attaches to the back of a chair.

An accessory such as a spare attachment for a table can be useful if the first one becomes unusable for any reason, then, thanks to a spare attachment, you will not need to buy a new chair.

How to choose

Choose highchairs for different categories. Someone is looking for a bright plastic model, for someone a chair with a metal frame seems more reliable, others make an ecological choice – a wooden chair. Many people prefer transforming chairs because they are the most functional and so on.. But whatever your choice, you need to know this:

  1. The chair must be stable, and all fasteners must be reliable. You should check this right in the store. It should be borne in mind that babies are mobile and curious people, which means that the freaks on the highchair will be very diverse, and the highchair in this regard should be completely safe for babies..
  2. For parents who are going to move the highchair from room to room, it is best to opt for a model with four wheels that are fixed with a brake..
  3. Make sure that the kit includes seat belts that will keep your child from slipping on the floor. These should be five-point belts, but an even better model is one that has a special anatomical protrusion that does not allow the baby to slide off..
  4. Check if the frames are firmly fixed, if not, then there is a danger of pinching tiny fingers.
  5. There should be no chipping on the smooth surface of the countertop and it is better if it is with sides so that the plate does not slide off. The table top must be removable.
  6. The seat must be easy to clean and have a liner.
  7. Best Model – Streamlined.
  8. You should not choose a model that has sharp corners, because there is a high probability that the baby will get hurt..
  9. In the case of a fixed height chair, choose it according to the height of your dining table so that the baby sits on the same level with everyone.

When choosing a highchair, remember whether your baby is already sitting confidently, if yes, then choose a rigid unregulated back, and if not, then your baby needs a chair from 0 months old, the back of which can change its position.

How to do it yourself

For those who decided to make a highchair for feeding a baby on their own, there are some recommendations:

  • First, you need to think over the design of the future chair and prepare dimensional drawings. Choose a simpler model so that it has fewer curves and additional components. The dining table is usually 72-76 cm high, but you can make it the way that suits your child best..
  • Material. For homemade construction, environmentally friendly wood is most often used..
  • Prepare all the spare parts and tools necessary for work. You cannot do without:
  1. corners;
  2. screws or screws;
  3. roulette;
  4. pencil;
  5. jigsaw or hacksaw;
  6. screwdrivers or screwdrivers;
  7. wooden blocks and a piece of countertop or plywood;
  8. varnish on wood or stain.

  • After the drawing of the highchair is ready, the assembly instructions are there, everything you need to work is at hand, you can start to create. First of all, start cutting out the parts, then process them with sandpaper and assemble the entire structure.

A few more subtleties

When deciding on the size, count on the child to feel comfortable, and this largely depends on the distance between the table and the seat. The chair should be neither cramped nor too spacious..

Finish all edges well until smooth. When the product is ready, open it with varnish several times, then the surface will become absolutely smooth and will have a matte shade..

The seat is recommended to be made of foam rubber with leatherette upholstery. Or you can use leatherette as a pad under the upholstery fabric.

A cover can be sewn onto the chair, which can be removed and washed if necessary. The chair will become even more beautiful with a cover.

Don’t forget the safety straps.

Top brands rating

Of the whole variety of baby high chairs, an overview of the brands that are currently the most popular manufacturers will help you make your choice..

Peg Perego Tatamia, Italian production

This brand in Russia has the best reviews from parents. This model is distinguished not only by its brightness and has a very stylish and attractive look, but it is also a very comfortable highchair for babies and a solid, stable construction. It uses the latest control system with built-in wheels for easy movement from room to room and a comfortable braking system..

In addition, the height and angle of the backrest are adjustable, so that during feeding the most comfortable position can be chosen, and the five-point belt will reliably fix the fidget..

Happy baby william

This model has three options for the position in which the back and footrest can be located, including a horizontal position. The seat height is also adjustable and comes in five different options. The table top can have three different depths, the tray and cup holder are removable. In this form, the chair can be moved to a common table in the company of all relatives. Thanks to the wheels, the chair can be moved without leaving any marks on the floor. Toys can be put in the net, the chair can be easily folded into a compact state.

Chicco polly

Parents love this model for its creative design and modern technology. The chair is made with a telescopic folding mechanism, the model is certified and meets all standards. Includes spare tray and spare seat. When folded, the chair is very compact.

Cam campione

High quality Italian highchairs are very compact and practical. When folded, it takes up little space, has an interesting design and shades. Many parents choose white, black and white combination of colors, orange, pale blue and pink upholstery..

The upholstery is with pictures, and there is a monochromatic, convenient handle for folding and unfolding the highchair. You can make a comfortable chaise longue from a highchair, or you can make a table. Both the footrest and the back are adjustable, the wheels are securely fixed, there is a net for toys.


A wonderful chair with an unusual design and original appearance. High thin legs with a smooth plastic seat – this is what this model looks like. You can choose a chair with a table top, or you can – without it..

Seat belts are included with the tabletop, but this option is more expensive. If you buy a chair without a table top, you can always buy a table top separately. It is possible to add a special supporting pillow and a cover to the Ikea highchair set..


The Jetem highchair is lightweight, practical and compact, it will be a good helper in the process of feeding your baby. Its versatility lies in three positions of the back, in six different heights, in the possibility of extending the table and these are not all the advantages of this model. The castors provided in this model will help you move the chair from room to room.


Fast folding model that takes up very little space in this position. Three positions of the backrest, and the angle of inclination of only the backrest changes, and not the entire seat, which gives the baby the opportunity to take a reclining position. 6 positions of height, an additional tray, without a table, a restraining stand remains in front of the baby, which cannot be removed.

The table can be moved back and forth with a slight movement of the hand, which is convenient when feeding (food does not fall on your knees). The chair weighs no more than ten kilograms, can be easily rearranged, can fit in a car.


The highchair of the French manufacturer is designed for babies from 6 months to three years of age. Three backrest positions, five heights. It is compact when folded, on wheels – locks, the chair can be easily carried to the desired place and fixed. The highchair comes with a basket under the seat. You can put toys and other items necessary for the child in it..


This model is suitable for children from the age of six months. The chair can be called “growing” with your baby. Once the baby is seated on this chair, he will be able to sit at the same table with all the adults. The highchair comes with a special key that can be used to easily adjust all the devices. To adjust the seat and footrest, first adjust the seat to the required depth and height, then sit the baby on it and adjust the position of the footrest..


This chair will become a real helper for any mother. Suitable for babies from 6 months to 3 years of age. The castors make it much easier to move the chair around the apartment. Sweet has several harnesses and a removable table top.

What is the price

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of how much a highchair costs. The price will depend on many factors, including – from the manufacturer, from the material from which the chair is made, and from a number of reasons..


If the funds allow, you can choose a more expensive model, but for those parents who are in a difficult financial situation, there are quite budget models.

If you are going to buy an expensive model, then it is clear that an expensive thing can serve for many years and “feed” more than one child. Then you shouldn’t try to choose a pink chair for the girl now – what if the little brother has to sit on it? In this case, it is better to choose a shade not by gender..

Expensive models, like all highchairs, can be designed for different age categories of children, so you should make sure before buying that you are not buying your newborn child a model recommended from one year old..

When it comes to buying an inexpensive version of the highchair, make sure that this model has no safety problems for the baby..

The most important factor affecting the cost of a highchair is the presence or absence of a footrest, as well as whether the backrest angle and height of the same support are adjustable..


The topic forums are filled with reviews from many moms who have purchased a highchair. Most of all praise highchairs-transformers, the advantage of which is obvious: this is a cradle when needed, and a table at which the child can sit to eat or play.

Many parents use such products right up to the kindergarten. For those who are going to purchase a highchair, mothers are advised to check them for the reliability of assembly, prefer models with wooden legs, with a plastic seat and a removable tabletop.

Reviews about plastic are the most positive, parents like this material because it never gets wet, because it is very easy to wash it. And to make it more comfortable for the child to sit on it, they propose to sew a cover for the highchair.

There are reviews that are not very pleasant, but usually it’s not about the chair, but the fact that the baby likes mother’s hands much more, and he flatly refuses to become independent. But most often, such children sit on a highchair at a slightly older age..

Interesting solutions in interior design

If your baby has a classic-style room and is quite spacious, choose a highchair made of wood, with a beautiful fabric cover, with high legs and with a back that can be adjusted..

The highchair will be even more convenient if it is equipped with such a table, which, if necessary, can always be removed, and if there are straps with a five-fold fastening for fixing the baby. The color of the model should be chosen so that it harmoniously fits into the interior of the whole room..

If the nursery has a Mediterranean, Scandinavian or Provence style, the classic white color of a highchair with high carved or chiseled legs, an elegant table finish and a bright plain fabric cover will do..

In a modern-style nursery, it is better to purchase transformer models of bright colors, which have ergonomic rounded seats, thin metal or plastic legs that are easily adjustable in height, as well as light oval-shaped tabletops.

Whichever chair you choose, always focus on the design of the nursery or choose neutral tones that will fit into any interior.

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