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We know that human health begins with the spine. That is why the prevention of his diseases must be started from childhood. From birth, as soon as the child has learned to walk, he needs to buy high-quality, in size, shoes with an orthopedic insole. For the prevention of flat feet and for the treatment of various deformities of the feet, it is necessary to walk barefoot on the ground. This procedure can also be replaced at home. To do this, it is worth buying or making a massage mat for children with your own hands..

Features and Benefits

Foot massage increases blood flow, trains the muscles of the foot, helps the formation of the ankle joint, relieves fatigue, and is the prevention of scoliosis and osteochondrosis. This is why it is so important to have a massage mat for your child at home..

It is especially necessary if your child has been diagnosed with varus or hallux valgus, asymmetric walking, or flat feet. It also works great for preventing these diseases..

But there are also contraindications for a massage mat. This is, firstly, any damage to the foot. Secondly, fungal diseases.

An orthopedist should recommend the use of a foot massage mat for a child. Even upon examination up to a year, it is already possible to reveal some deviations in the work of the ankle and the foot itself, as well as the tone in the legs of the child. After which a massage should be prescribed.

It is almost impossible to harm a rug if you do not use it with contraindications, and do not massage the child’s legs with it for up to a year.

In addition to strengthening the legs, the massage mat sends signals to the brain, thereby training its work, developing the departments that are responsible for memory, thinking, speech.


Children’s foot massage mats have several types.

They differ in the material from which they are made. It can be silicone, plastic. You can make yourself from chestnuts, bottle caps, various plaits. The stiffness of the foot massage mats is also different. They can be soft and elastic, for children of the first years of life, or they can be quite tough for older children. Orthopedic mats are also on sale in the form of separate puzzles. You can choose a different texture and lay out a rug of 8 modules, or you can cover the entire children’s room. Such a typesetting rug will better imitate walking barefoot in nature, and provided that the whole room is covered with it, children will have to walk on it anyway..


How to choose?

You need to choose an orthopedic mat based on the age of the child.

  • For a child from 1 to 3 years old, it is necessary to choose a soft coating with slight irregularities.

  • For children 7 years old and older, a rug with a harder surface and large protrusions is suitable.

The most popular are colored puzzle mats. Children perceive them as a toy, they like to collect puzzles, and activities on such a rug do not cause aggression in them. Moreover, it is easy to make the required size. And easy to wash in soapy water.


When choosing a rug for children, you must check the certificate for the selected product. The orthopedic mat should not emit unpleasant odors, should dry quickly.

When using the rug, the feet must be clean, and it must be periodically treated with soapy water..

Review of the best manufacturers

Now in the domestic market, massage foot mats are represented by a wide range of companies. Here are the main ones.

Fosta – produces massage mats for babies. The rugs of this company are made of polyethylene foam and consist of eight modules that can be assembled like a puzzle, either in the shape of a rectangle or in a circular path. Comfort – the children’s rug of this company is identical to the previous model, albeit a little more expensive.

Ortho Mix – massage mats for children that imitate different natural surfaces. This allows you to choose the coverage for any age. Sets of this company can be taken and softer – “First steps”, and for older children with different types of jigsaw puzzle – “Forest”, and for teenagers more rigid – sets of rugs coated with thorns, stones. The choice of Ortho massage mats is huge, and the price is much lower than its competitors.


Seabed – the rugs of this model range of the Perseus Orthopedic Center have five types of coverings. All of them are made in a nautical style. Here you can find shells, skates, and corals. These mats are recommended for children from the age of three. The price is quite reasonable, and your child will definitely like various fish and other inhabitants of the seabed..

Massage mats from different manufacturers and different price categories will help you choose specialists in the online store “Pantry of Health”.

How to do it yourself?

But you can not buy, but make a massage mat for your child yourself.

To do this, you will need:

  • base material, preferably dense so that the rug does not gather under your feet;
  • materials for stripes (chestnuts, plastic bottle caps, buttons, cords of various thicknesses, and much more);
  • thread and needle.

First, we make the base. For it, you can use a sheet of hard felt or other dense material. You can put a plastic insert inside, and sheathe it with any material. Next, we sew all kinds of irregularities to the massage mat. Pebbles, beans can be glued.


If buttons and other small materials are difficult for you to sew, you can sew pockets with locks and simply put various fillers in them. It can be rags – you get soft tubercles, and various groceries such as buckwheat, peas, beans – harder tubercles. You can decorate the rug in different ways, for which your imagination is enough, but the funnier the rug, the easier it is to attract a child to practice on it..


But how can you add a child to classes on it? In no case should you force. Otherwise, the whole effect will be lost..

The first option is to come up with some kind of game. For example, staging a fairy tale in which you need to cross the bridge, which is a massage mat. When the child gets used to walking on it, you can move on to classes..

If you buy a massage mat, then each box describes the exercises you need to do. Here is a floor massage technique for the prevention and treatment of flat feet. Execution time – from five minutes a day.

  1. We warm up the feet. Hands on the belt calmly walk on the rug.
  2. We walk on the inside of the foot, then on the outside.
  3. We roll from toe to heel.
  4. Walking on tiptoes.
  5. Walk on your heels.

Subsequently, you can add jumps on one and both legs, running, squatting, walking “single file”.



The medical care of these mats has not been proven, but even skeptical doctors are not against the use of this product..

The reviews about them are mostly positive. Many people write that these rugs are an excellent option for the prevention of flat feet, but there are also reviews that they helped to cure vargus in children. Kids are happy to practice on them, especially if the classes are designed in the form of a game..

Interesting solutions in interior design

  1. Put the massage mat near the bed, then the child will have to walk on it every time, coming up to it or getting out of it.
  2. A rug made of bright balls will decorate the floors in the nursery and will become not only an accent of the interior, but also with its help you can develop the work of the child’s brain and massage the legs.
  3. In the children’s room, you can fix massage mats in the form of bumps, jumping from one to another, the child will receive a point massage of the feet.


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