Baby walls with a bed

A children’s room is a room that usually performs several functions: in it the child spends the day playing or doing lessons, and also rests from the hustle and bustle. Therefore, the interior of a room for children must be carefully thought out. It is best to define different zones in the room, separating the space for games, activities, as well as for rest and sleep..

Considering the fact that modern apartments cannot boast of a huge space, the lack of extra meters is especially felt in the children’s room. So that this room is not overloaded with furniture, the headset must be functional and usefully use the occupied space..

Children’s walls with a bed meet the requirements of functionality and space optimization most of all. They will perfectly fit into the varied style of the children’s room and will definitely appeal to both boys and girls of different ages..

Features and Benefits

Baby walls with a bed are very popular among parents and children. Such furniture has become widespread due to the solution of a number of problems:

  1. The ability to change the interior over time by redeveloping. If after a certain period of time you decide to rearrange the children’s room, you can easily do this by moving the modules, or by purchasing the missing piece of furniture.
  2. All the components of the bedroom set are made in the same size, so you can easily rearrange or combine its elements in the sequence that is optimal for your room.
  3. Furniture walls with a bed for children are quite compact, they allow you to effectively use the limited space.
  4. Perfect for a child’s room with 2 or 3 children, these bedroom sets create a separate area for each and separate their personal space..
  5. Most often, located along one wall, children’s walls with a bed leave enough free space for games.


Manufacturers have developed a wide variety of options for modular walls with a bed for a children’s room.

Depending on the design, furniture sets are divided into 3 types:

  1. Straight View – Installed anywhere along the wall, taking up most of it. Very often these headsets are equipped with pull-out beds. When assembled, the berth is hidden in a wardrobe or bedside table, without violating the integrity of the modular wall. During sleep, the bed can be folded back or extended, forming a convenient and comfortable place to rest and sleep.
  2. Corner models that look like a letter "G". In such a model of a child’s wall, at the intersection of adjacent walls, modules are located, consisting of a spacious wardrobe, a table, a crib and a ladder (if a model with two beds is used). A distinctive feature of the corner wall with a bed is its large capacity and compactness. In addition to the bed, the modular walls also have a table, sideboards and open shelves..
  3. Baby walls similar to the letter "NS". They can also include corner modules on both sides. A place to sleep can be:
  • in a parallel or perpendicular plane from the wall;
  • side or middle;
  • in the lower or upper tier.

If two children live in the room, the best option is to purchase a bunk bed. Such models not only save space, furniture with two beds, which are located one above the other, also ensure the functionality of the room. Such bed models can be equipped with drawers for clothes and things..

Models will become an extraordinary option for small children’s rooms:

  • With a folding bed – the sleeping place is most often hidden in the closet: during the day the bed becomes part of the cabinet furniture, and at night it is an ideal place for a child to rest.
  • With a pull-out bed – a berth is very often located under the podium. When the bed is folded down, the podium is used either as a place for active play, or as a work area where the child does homework..

The loft bed will be the best option for an active child. The sleeping place in this model is equipped at the top, underneath there are cabinets and a table. Manufacturers complement such beds with a Swedish wall for children, which includes: a horizontal bar, a rope ladder, a rope, rings.

When purchasing baby walls with a crib for newborns, pay attention to the mechanism for lowering the front wall. There are models in which you must first press the button or remove the lock from one, and then from the other side, and only then lower the front wall. In any case, the mechanism for lowering the front wall must be reliable so that the grown child, by accidentally pressing this mechanism, does not fall out of the crib.

How to choose

When choosing a wall with a bed in a nursery, adhere to some rules:

  1. The child will like a bright model that can cheer up. Furniture can be decorated with colorful drawings or favorite cartoon characters. The only thing is, be prepared for the fact that the grown-up child may soon change tastes, and he will want to change the sleeping place for something not so catchy in appearance.
  2. Please note that the wall for the student should be equipped with a desk, at which he can do homework or additionally study. The chair and table should not be very high or low, and your child should be comfortable doing it. Therefore, it is better to opt for adjustable models that can be changed depending on the child’s height..
  3. The wall should be with a wardrobe or several small modules so that the child understands where to put clothes and things, and where toys and books.
  4. All drawers should be functional and roomy at the same time, making the most efficient use of the space allocated for them.
  5. It is better if the mattress for the bed is orthopedic, this will allow the child’s spine to take the correct position during sleep.
  6. Furniture in the children’s room should be made of high quality material, without an unpleasant odor.
  7. When choosing a wall with a bed for a nursery, consider the interior of the room. It should not stand out, but become the logical completion of the room design..
  8. The child’s wall must be safe: the boxes must not slide out completely, falling to the floor, but have a built-in protective mechanism. It is better to give preference to furniture without sharp corners, about which the child can inadvertently get hurt.
  9. The length of the bed should be suitable for the child’s age or, if necessary, lengthened.

You can choose a headset for a children’s room, which, if necessary, can be repainted in a different color. Thus, you will save money on the purchase of new furniture, and you can also update the wall if the design or interior of the room changes..

Pay attention to the quality of the purchased child’s wall with a bed, because the safety of your child depends on it. It will be useful to check the product quality certificate.

Interesting solutions in interior design

If you are decorating a nursery for a young lady, then you should opt for delicate shades of pink, white, cream, beige. A variety of patterns of butterflies and flowers or decor made in the style of fairies and princesses will add tenderness and romance to the interior..

Girls will like a wide variety of shelves, drawers, wardrobes, where they can arrange trinkets and souvenirs. You cannot do without a built-in mirror, so that the young princess can evaluate her image when going to school or kindergarten..

Boys are more restrained than girls. Therefore, their children’s room should be made in the appropriate style. Walls with cribs are made in a simple style, for example, on a nautical or football theme. The young gentleman will like a room decorated with elements of cars, animals, technology or space.

Review of the best models

Stopping your choice on children’s walls with a bed, focus on the gender of your child. The tastes of boys and girls are very different, so the children’s room must be equipped with this difference in mind..

The most popular model of a child’s wall with a bed for boys is the Navigator, and for girls – Alice. Let’s take a closer look at these models..


Modular furniture for a children’s room "Navigator" received a large number of positive reviews. Positive reviews of the Navigator testify not only to the functionality of the child’s wall, but also to the compliance with fashionable and stylish trends..

Distinctive features:

  1. The children’s wall with a bed is made in a marine style, ideal for boys of different ages, creating an adventurous spirit in the room that encourages the development of fantasy and imagination, increases curiosity and creativity.
  2. Furniture made of natural materials, extraordinary fittings are covered with a special ecological bronze paint.
  3. The universal dark color of furniture will look harmonious in various interiors, perfectly combined with a variety of colors of curtains and wall coverings.
  4. Children’s wall with bed "Navigator" has no sharp protruding corners, they are all rounded. Therefore, your baby will be completely safe, and you can not worry that he inadvertently can hurt himself on the sharp corner of the furniture..
  5. The bed is also distinguished by its functionality, it has two drawers, spacious drawers, where bed linen and other things will fit perfectly.


Girls of different ages will like a wall with a bed "Alice", made in the style of Provence.

Distinctive characteristics of children’s furniture "Alice":

  1. Light shades are used: white, cream, pink.
  2. Furniture decorated with patterns in the form of flowers and butterflies creates an atmosphere of tenderness and youth.
  3. Crowns and cornices are used as decorative parts. Without overloading the interior of the children’s room, they create the perfect room for a little princess..
  4. Gold-tone handles perfectly complement the furniture for the nursery, adding coziness and warmth to it.

Children’s room equipped with a wall with a bed "Alice", your little princess or young lady will like it. In a room equipped with such a headset, your child will be happy to spend time not only while sleeping, but also actively playing or doing homework..

When choosing a headset for a children’s room, consult with your child. It is better if you come to a compromise by purchasing a baby wall with a bed. In this case, you will be able to purchase functional, safe and high-quality furniture, which at the same time will please your baby and will not hit the family budget too much..

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