Bunk bed for children with bumpers

With the birth of their second child, parents begin to think about the comfortable arrangement of a children’s room, because often this is not the most spacious room in an apartment. That is why space-saving bunk beds are so popular..

What is it?

The children’s bed of this model has two tiers, that is, one bed is located above the other bed. A modernized option was a bunk bed with a sleeping place on top and a play or work area below.

Advantages and disadvantages

The design of two-tier models has significant advantages:

  • saving useful space for games and activities;
  • more affordable price compared to two full-fledged children’s beds;
  • high functionality, thanks to the supply of beds with storage systems, work and play areas;
  • original designs suitable for different styles.

However, one cannot but mention some of the shortcomings. So, with low-quality or too low sides, falls from the upper tier are possible. In addition, preschool children may be afraid to sleep at a considerable height. Manufacturers of bunk beds claim that the correct design of the models reduces the risk of falls to zero..


The high demand for bunk beds has led to the emergence of more advanced models, thought out to the smallest detail and serving not only as a place to sleep, but also for active wakefulness..


The two-section model is perfect for the practical parent who thinks about the layout of the child’s room in advance. The bed is available with a removable top tier, which allows it to be used as an ordinary model until the second child is born. The savings in the family budget are evident here. Various designs and ladders are easy to use. Before purchasing such a model, it is important to check all fasteners, because there are frequent cases of loosening of removable parts.

Non-removable tiers

The bed with non-removable tiers is a single structure without the ability to remove the upper berth. Such a model is relevant for a large family and older children, because for babies, as a rule, they create an adaptation period for bunk beds, temporarily removing the upper part.

The advantages of the model include the absence of parts that can be loosened during operation. The cost of beds with non-removable tiers is not inferior to two-section models.

One and a half tier

One-and-a-half-tier beds represent the type of models in which the lower berth is pushed under the upper one. The height of the upper seat is from 60 to 120 cm. The space between the tiers is intended only for the location of the blanket and pillow. This is the disadvantage of the bed, because a child located on the lower tier can only use it as a place to sleep..

Manufacturers do not recommend a one-and-a-half-tier bed for very active children. The bindings here cannot withstand jumping and other sudden movements..

With play area for toddlers

A favorite place to stay in the apartment can be a bunk bed with a play area. So, models can be equipped with a slide or swing, have a small table on the side for tea with your favorite toys or correct reading at the desk. Also, the lower tier can be complemented by cute curtains that turn an ordinary crib into a shelter, a tent and just a place of solitude..

Loft bed

The loft bunk bed does not have a lower bunk. In its place there are numerous roll-out lockers, a work table, and a storage system. Thus, a work area and a relaxation area are combined in one space. At the same time, the height of the models is significantly lower than full-fledged bunk beds for two children, which allows children and parents not to be afraid of the height of the structure.


A modular bed is another type of multifunctional bunk model. Convenient closed shelves can be located at the bottom of the upper tier, the lower tier can represent a structure on wheels, which, if necessary, rolls out perpendicular to the upper berth. Also, the model often complements a roll-out table on wheels, and the corner staircase has a comfortable storage system.

Modular beds really create a lot of free space in the room. Their cost is very high, however, and their functions are much superior to the basic samples of two-tier models..


An improved bunk model is represented by a transforming bed. There are many types of them, so, by folding two tiers to the wall, they can form small shelves or their imitation. In addition, one bed can be converted into a writing desk..

Transformers, like modular models, cannot be cheap, because they perform a wide range of functions. When buying such a product, it is important to check all fasteners and mechanisms, since the safety of the child will depend on their quality.

Types of sides

The sides for a bunk bed are today undergoing a qualitative improvement, however, one rule remains unchanged and says about a height of at least 30 cm.Of course, the sides are much higher, having removable top slats and parts.

Experts advise to allocate the upper berth for the child only upon reaching 5-6 years.

Nevertheless, this is still a very tender age and a small impact on the side can frighten the child and for a long time discourage the desire to sleep alone at a height. For preschool age, soft sides on a solid base are created. They can be made in the form of large curly slats or have a classic oblong appearance..

For older children, beds with solid sides will be a good solution.. They can represent a single design or be removed if necessary..

Even if the bed you purchased seems to be unreliable in relation to the sides, do not rush to get upset. Manufacturers today are pleased to offer separate board designs that have reliable attachments and are easily mounted to any type of bed..

In shape, the sides can be slatted and in their appearance resemble a classic crib for babies, or they can be curly, which looks especially aesthetically pleasing and stylish. Solid sides are a simple and convenient option..

Materials (edit)

It is important to approach the materials for the manufacture of a crib as carefully as possible, because the child’s body is more susceptible to negative compounds that are part of inexpensive and, at first glance, attractive materials. As a result, the baby may experience allergic reactions, the cause of which will be very difficult to find..

Unsafe materials include laminated chipboard, which is popular today..

The laminated chipboard is covered with various decorative layers, thus repeating the unique wood pattern. The cost of laminated chipboard is low and is largely due to this significant drawback, namely the use of formaldehyde resins. The loss of energy and sleep disturbance in a small room of the children’s room when inhaled formaldehyde is observed by specialists more and more often.

Metal is an interesting and original option.. Forged products with patterns are wonderful when combined with wood. The metal is favored by its durability and the possibility of multiple assemblies..

The most popular solution is still natural wood.. According to experts of energy practitioners, the tree is saturated with the energy of the earth and the sun as it grows, which later transfers to humans. The most valuable and expensive species are oak, beech, cherry, walnut. Yes, natural wood in high-quality wood for many remains not a very democratic option, however, its durability and useful properties justify such a pricing policy..

How to choose

When choosing a crib, it is important to consider various factors, one of which is the age of the children. For babies under 5-6 years old, the upper tier is not suitable, which means that choosing a two-section model with a removable tier will be the best solution..

As mentioned earlier, high sides are a guarantee of the child’s safety. Their low design (below 30 cm) is a real danger.

However, not only she. Vertical ladders without a slope are suitable only for adults, for everyone else, sloped ladders with wide steps are suitable, for example, in the form of a storage system.

You should also take into account the susceptibility to serious stress, because active games on beds can only withstand the most monolithic products, which are alien to loosening of parts..

The height of the ceiling is of no small importance when choosing. So, a child on the upper tier should comfortably sit on the bed, not only lying down, but also in a sitting position. This also applies to the lower tier, the distance to the upper berth should be comfortable. Calculate the length of berths, they should be chosen with some margin.

Play areas, additions in the form of a desktop will be a big advantage of a bunk bed with sides, because this will significantly save space for children to play.

Popular models

A simple and stylish version of a bunk bed is presented by Ikea. The slatted sides and vertical ladder are perfect for school children. Minimalism in the decor makes the model organic in any interiors.

Bed with two tiers, the lower one is installed perpendicularly, which allows you to add a comfortable bedside table to the bed.

Cute model with curly bumpers and the exterior of the bus will make the bedroom a favorite place to spend time.

Bed-house, the lower tier of which is retractable, will suit even the smallest children.

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