Bunk bed for children

Excellent sleep is one of the main ingredients for a child’s health and well-being. The right bed will be the foundation for good habits. One of the types of beds that has been very popular lately is the bunk model. It will not only allow you to economically manage the space in the children’s room, but also serve as a stylish piece of furniture..

Advantages and disadvantages

According to the type of construction, all beds are divided into single-level and two-level beds. Of course, a bunk bed will be an excellent option if there are two or more children in the family. This model allows you to comfortably accommodate two babies and significantly saves space. The vacated space can be used for games or organize a comfortable working area for children.

Of course, all children love these bed models. After all, they are a place for play, allow fantasy to develop and increase creativity. In addition, 2-tiered beds will serve as a good simulator for the development of physical fitness in children. If the family has one child, then such a bed will also be quite appropriate. The upper tier can be used for sleeping, while the lower tier can easily organize a workspace.

In addition to the indisputable advantages of bunk beds, there are also a large number of disadvantages. It is worth paying attention to the environmental and functional safety of the structure. The crib mountings must be firmly fixed to help protect against loosening. The sleeping compartment on the second tier should be protected with special bumpers, which will not allow the child to fall asleep. The standard height of such sides is considered to be thirty or thirty-five centimeters. It is worth paying attention to the distance between the planks; you should not allow the arms or legs of the child to get stuck. However, too long distances can provoke a child to try to climb through them..

Any two-level bed has an important aspect – the presence of a staircase. It must be reliable and secure. The steps of the ladder should be wide enough to fit the main part of the child’s foot. It is important to take into account both the distance of sleeping places from each other, and the distance of the upper tier to the ceiling. The kid should not feel discomfort. It is important to remember that the upper bunk is not intended for children under the age of six. It is forbidden to jump and play on the upper tier, this can cause various injuries. It is necessary to climb to the second floor of the bed strictly by stairs.

Another disadvantage of such a bed is that the air above is always drier. The child can feel stuffy, and if you constantly ventilate the room, it can get cold downstairs. It is quite difficult for a child to make a bed on the second floor. Certain difficulties may arise for parents, for example, when changing linen and wet cleaning the frame. Also, this model makes reading and viewing pictures a little difficult. The bed has a rather large weight and dimensions. Some experts in the field of psychology believe that psychological pressure is exerted on the child sleeping below. He may be anxious and dominated by a child sleeping upstairs..


Selection recommendations

Currently, the furniture market is represented by a wide selection of different options for baby cots. Often the children’s room is not the largest in the house. Parents try to play up the space with functional furniture. A bunk bed will serve as an excellent option to save space in a children’s room. Of course, such a model can be designed for one child, when there is a desk or dressing room below. Children’s room with such a bed has its own unique and interesting appearance.

When choosing a bunk bed, it is important to consider several criteria:

  1. Such designs are not recommended for children under three years of age..
  2. Handrails are required on the second tier of the bed.
  3. The crib mattress should fit perfectly. It is worth taking a closer look at orthopedic mattresses, which are perfect for a growing baby..
  4. If the room has an air conditioner, then it is important for parents to make sure that the child does not blow.
  5. You cannot save on beds, mattresses and sleeping accessories. Subsequently, this can negatively affect the health of the child..
  6. It is worth ordering furniture from a trusted company that has been on the furniture market for a long time and has proven itself well..


Let’s take a closer look at the two main criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a bunk bed.

  • The design of the bed is another criterion when choosing a particular model. Of course, the main criterion is its safety. One of the structures of this type is the loft bed, which is designed for one child. This is a great option for a small room. This design has several model options. If there is a work space at the bottom, the berth is respectively on top. Some of these models are supplemented with stable steps, in which manufacturers mount drawers..

Another option would be beds, when there are various cabinets and shelves below that help organize the storage system for children’s things and toys. Then all the remaining space in the room can be used for games. The advantage of this design is the saving of space and family budget. Such a bed already has shelves for things and a desk and a writing place..

The second large group of models of bunk beds are options for two children. The classic option is the arrangement of berths one above the other. This is a great option if two children live in a room. Another option will be the beds we know – attics with a working area below. Basically, the beds are decorated without excessive pomp and pomp. An alternative version of the classic arrangement of sleeping places will be a model with sleeping places shifted from each other to the right or left, but still parallel to each other. The free opening is designed for a stable ladder and a cabinet for storing children’s things.

A large selection of bed models is presented on the market of goods and with the presence of a wardrobe. Variants are very popular when berths are located perpendicular to each other. There are bed models that are located at the top, and under them there are two separate tables for lessons. A wall bed is an excellent solution for small apartments. Designers notice that this furniture option is great for quadrant children’s rooms. In long and narrow rooms, such a furniture set will look cumbersome and inappropriate..

For the smallest users, specialists have developed low bed models. In this case, under one of the beds there may be only a couple of boxes for storing clothes or toys. An interesting solution will be the bed-wall.

Recently, models of bunk beds for three children have appeared on the furniture market. As a rule, this is a folding sofa that goes in addition to the bed of the lower tier. Beds for four children can also be designed by special order. All beds of this type come with a ladder and bumpers. Solid wood bunk bed options or wrought iron beds look good.

  • Manufacturing material. Most parents in the process of selecting furniture for their child’s room pay attention to the furniture and what it is made of. The best option is solid wood furniture for children. It can be made from oak or birch. Furniture is not often made from pine, because wood is resinous. Such materials are significantly superior in quality to chipboard and MDF. Of course, a bed made of natural materials will cost more. Metallic i.e. an iron bed is in no way inferior in characteristics to a wooden one, but it costs an order of magnitude more. Children’s room and bedroom are the best places to use natural and environmentally friendly materials..


Furniture dimensions

When making such a bed yourself or buying it in a store, it is important to follow a number of rules. The height from the floor to the lower tier should be comfortable for an adult. The same is the case with the height between the two tiers, an adult must fit there freely. The height of the ceilings in the children’s room is another important aspect when choosing such a bed model..

The size of a bunk bed is influenced by the shape and the presence of additional elements. It can be shelves, various drawers, storage space. Also, some bed models have a built-in desk. As a rule, a bunk bed has a standard height of one meter fifty centimeters to one meter eighty centimeters. When choosing the height of the bed, you should focus on the height of the ceilings in the children’s room.


For the convenience of the baby, the bed should correspond to his age and height. Therefore, such a bed may be low, depending on the model and age of the child. The width of the berth varies from 80 to 150 centimeters. For the safety of the child, sides and fences must be present.

The lower tier of the bed can also be equipped with a side, for example, removable. The bed, which is made of chipboard, is twice as heavy as a similar model made of solid wood. However, the cost of such a bed is five or even ten times less than a wooden one..

For small children in height, it can be low or even very low..

Types of cots

The baby may be afraid to sleep on the upper tier of the bed. But children of primary school age will happily accommodate in such an attic bed, reminiscent of a “bus” or “ship”. The baby bus bed will be not only a place for sleeping, but also for active games. These models have many options. Some of them resemble the classic versions of school buses, while others are like fantasy cartoon cars..

Before buying, parents should carefully examine the selected model of the car for the presence of decorative elements that can harm the child. Some of these models have a non-standard size and it will be a little difficult to choose a mattress for them. The main thing in such a bed is reliable sides and a comfortable ladder..

A great option to save space would be a two-level bed with storage boxes. As a rule, they are located under the lower berth. A good option if there is a lack of free space would be a bed with a working area, which is located below. Thanks to this design, parents can not clutter up the space of the room and leave enough space for the child to play. An interesting solution is a sliding bunk or three-level bed. All tiers in such a model are approximately at the same level, and the topmost one reaches a height of one meter. This is a great bed option for three.

For children of different sexes, it is worth choosing laconic options in neutral colors. Do not forget about the general concept of the room, where all textures and colors should intersect with each other. Such models are often found with a work area..

Children’s toys and household items are becoming more and more creative every year, thanks to the efforts of designers and manufacturers of children’s goods. A bed that resembles a house can radically change the entire interior of a child’s room. Such a bed looks very original and fabulous, it can be located both in the room of a boy and a girl..


For a young princess, parents can choose a model that resembles a magic castle, inside which there are a huge number of shelves. And for active ladies, models with a rope ladder and a rope will be quite appropriate. The bed – a house for little boys can be painted with the characters of your favorite cartoons. For boys from seven years old, a bed option will be appropriate – a house with a sea theme or in the form of a castle. Such a bed will serve as the center of attention and fun games for the company of kids who come to visit..

With a compact dwelling, some families opt for a bunk bed for the child and parents. Basically, furniture companies make such beds to order. The sleeping place for the parents downstairs can make up a full double bed. On the upper tier there is a one-and-a-half bed for their child. Naturally, the double bed upstairs will not fit. There are also bunk beds with a built-in sofa downstairs.

Happy parents of twins or twins can find a two-story newborn bed. Such a bed takes up little space and in it the children will not interfere with each other. However, the disadvantage of this model is that it will not last long. As soon as the children start sitting down or getting up in bed, it will need to be replaced with a different model. A modular bunk bed with a wardrobe and work space will optimize the room space for the needs of children. There is a huge selection of bunk beds for babies. The design of these beds can be tailor-made based on the wishes of the parents..

What to look for when choosing

Such a bed design is considered not the safest among all existing ones. One of the key points in choosing a bed for children is practicality and reliability, as well as ease of use, functionality and aesthetics. You should carefully look at the height of the sides on the upper tier. In a dream, the child should under no circumstances roll over or climb over them. Their height should be at least thirty centimeters. The distance between the tiers must not be overlooked..

The ladder should be strong, comfortable and ideally have wide handrails. Safer and less traumatic is the ladder, which is installed at a slight angle. An important component is the material from which the bed is made. An excellent material would be beech or oak. If parents are looking for an economical option, then you can choose a pine model. Better not to buy a metal bed. In addition to the severity and injury risk, it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble for parents and their children. For kids from 2-3 years old, it is worth looking at low models of such beds..

Owner reviews

Many buyers have purchased similar bed models in order to save space. Such beds, in their opinion, are an excellent solution for compact spaces. Saving space, you can organize your sleeping area, work area and storage space, leaving a free part of the room for games. Design and color options can be selected individually for each interior.


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