Ceiling in the nursery for a boy

The child’s room is not an ordinary part of an apartment, but a whole world where the boy spends most of his childhood, which he will remember all his life. After all, in the room he sleeps, and plays, and develops, and grows. Every detail will affect the level of comfort in the room, therefore, great attention in the children’s room must be paid to all design elements, and in particular to the ceiling..

What to consider when choosing

There are three basic requirements for a nursery ceiling: safety, durability and hygiene. The best option, of course, will be if the appearance of the ceiling will be combined with the rest of the interior of the room..

Types of ceilings

Plasterboard ceiling

A versatile and fairly economical method of improving the ceiling. Especially suitable for a teenage boy’s room.


  • Absolutely hypoallergenic. Due to the fact that drywall sheets have two main elements: paper and drywall, this material is considered one of the most environmentally friendly.
  • It protects well against extraneous noise. Plasterboard ceiling can not only protect you from noisy neighbors, but also neighbors from the noisy fun of your child.
  • Universal for all lighting systems.
  • Material mobility. Due to the fact that drywall is very flexible, various shapes can be constructed from it..
  • Hides the imperfections of the main ceiling, creates a new even layer.
  • In the event of a fire, only the paper layer of the ceiling will burn, the rest will only be charred..
  • Low cost.


  • Reduces the ceiling height by 5-10 cm due to volumetric panels
  • Installation takes a long time.
  • Final finishing required. Drywall sheets need additional finishing to hide all butt joints.


All fantasies about a figured volumetric ceiling can be satisfied with the help of a multi-level design. It can rightfully be considered combined, because the most complex structures can be embodied both from tension elements and from plaster..

Multilevel ceilings fit well enough in a children’s bedroom and help to embody the most daring ideas. Thanks to the overlays from the room, you can create a starry sky or a race track. Indeed, on the ceiling, you can make a structure similar to celestial bodies, stars, stadium stands.

In addition, with the help of multi-level ceilings, you can zone a room. Thus, you can easily distinguish between the study area and the play area from the bedroom. For example, in the play area, the ceiling can be raised to increase free space, and in the bedroom, the ceiling can be strewn with small lamps that resemble a starry sky..

It is important to remember that a multi-level ceiling visually reduces the size of a room, so if its area is already small, then it is better to turn to some other type of ceiling.

Stretch ceiling

Very often, a stretch ceiling is made for a boy’s nursery. Basically, it is either a thin PVC film or fabric impregnated with a special solution..


  • Simple enough to install. Installation of such a ceiling takes only about 3 hours.
  • Hypoallergenic. Dust has no property to settle on the surface of stretch ceilings.
  • Unlimited design solutions. Thanks to photo printing, absolutely any pattern can be applied to this ceiling. And a variety of textures will allow you to experiment with planes..
  • It can be easily combined with any lighting fixture. You can both embed small bulbs in it and hang volumetric chandeliers.


  • Synthetic base. Like any non-natural material, the stretch ceiling does not allow steam to pass through, which is the reason for the non-ecological atmosphere in the nursery..
  • Low strength. Stretch ceilings are contraindicated in mechanical action. The child may not even notice how a toy, carelessly thrown by him, can become a reason for a new repair..

Wall murals on the ceiling

They meet the basic requirements: safety, aesthetics and practicality. Photomurals are glued to the ceiling in the same way as to the walls. An important condition is an absolutely flat ceiling surface! There are two advantages of this stylistic solution:

  1. you can choose any image to equip the room in the same style, no matter how unusual your ideas are;
  2. maximum preservation of the ceiling height is considered an important aspect for those who own modest apartments.

Also, ordinary wallpaper can be glued to the ceiling. To add variety, only painting is required. You can paint it in the usual white or any other solid color..


The suspended ceiling differs from the previous versions by its ease of installation and affordability. Its design is very simple: a metal frame is attached to the main ceiling, on which special ceiling modules are already suspended. The advantage is that the material for their manufacture is diverse – wood, plastic, plaster and even mirror elements. For a children’s room, it is preferable to use wooden and plaster modules, for the sake of environmental friendliness and safety. The surface of the suspended ceiling can be either matte or glossy, which will definitely be considered a highlight of the room..


As soon as the renovation begins in the children’s room, the question immediately arises – what kind of ceiling to make? And the problem is not in deciding on a color or illustration, but in the choice of finishing material and the characteristics that it possesses.

First, the entire ceiling structure must be secure. Not only from the point of view of ecology and hypoallergenicity, but it is also very important that not a single detail suddenly flew down.

Secondly, they must be easy to clean and not accumulate dust in order to comply with all hygiene standards..

Thirdly, for the child himself, of course, the design of the ceiling itself is important. Thematic illustration, heroes of your favorite cartoons, color scheme, all this must be discussed with the little inhabitant of the room.

Main remarks

A stereotype that everyone is probably familiar with: pink for girls, blue for boys. There is no need to make such fundamental distinctions now. Experts have long established that the predominance of any of these colors in a children’s room is, in principle, inappropriate and even contraindicated, because bright pink refers to colors that irritate the central nervous system, and blue is considered a cold, rejecting color. Therefore, the optimal color scheme for a boy’s nursery is a combination of several, preferably warm, colors. It is recommended to use calm shades with bright elements that would catch the eye..

The preference for any color depends entirely on the child himself, his age and, in principle, character traits. If the boy really wants bright colors, then you can meet him halfway and arrange a colored ceiling in the play area, and in the recreation and study area it is calmer.

Ideas for design

The most popular way to decorate the ceiling in a nursery is to paint the sky on it. Naturally, a lighting device will serve as the so-called sun. Air clouds can be hand-painted or made from drywall.

In addition to the “daytime” sky, it is possible to construct a “night” one. With the help of luminescent transparent paint or special phosphor stickers, you can make an imitation of the starry sky.

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