Chests of drawers with changing table

The appearance of a baby in the family is the happiest event for his parents, but at the same time it is the beginning of a new stage in their life associated with unexplored worries and worries. From this day on, the children’s room turns into the most important and significant room in the apartment, and the comfort and safety of the newborn and the mood of his mother depend on how convenient it is..


One of the important features of the correct formation of the baby’s fragile spine, his future posture is the use of a solid changing base. In this regard, among the furniture for a nursery, an important place is occupied by such an attribute as a changing chest of drawers. The changing chest of drawers combines in its device two pieces of furniture designed to facilitate the care of a newborn: a chest of drawers and a changing table. The main purpose of the chest of drawers is storing things and retrieving them with maximum convenience. This piece of furniture has several drawers located at different levels..

You can arrange clothes in them according to the degree of suitability and demand, that is, the mother will always have at hand exactly those children’s things that are relevant at the moment.

In the changing chest of drawers, this function is supplemented by the presence of a table top equipped with high sides, which allows you to change your baby’s clothes with maximum convenience. The clear advantages of the changing chest of drawers include the fact that it allows you to lay the baby on a flat horizontal surface, which also has a fall safety device.

This means that even an active child, who is already starting to roll over, will not be able to fall if the mother is accidentally distracted for a minute. Another big advantage is that chest of drawers usually has a height of about a meter, and when the child is at this level, the woman does not have to bend over to him when she trims the baby’s nails or changes the diaper.

A changing chest of drawers is especially useful for massage for a child under the age of one year, since this procedure takes a lot of time, and it is difficult for a mother to carry it out in a bent state, especially in the first postpartum months. Doctors recommend giving massage to children on a regular basis, this is a good way to create a special confidential atmosphere between mom and baby and set the child up for sleep.

At the same time, it is much more convenient to place the baby on the changing chest of drawers than to put it on the sofa or on the bed of the parents..

Such a chest of drawers will also be indispensable in cases where the child takes air baths. Of course, it would be cheaper to purchase a separate changing board and install it on the table surface or on the sofa, but this will not be absolutely safe for the child, because the structure that forms in this case turns out to be mobile, and this moment is aggravated when the baby tries to crawl and turn over.

The time of air baths can be up to 20 minutes, during which the child can have a short massage or just play with him, and the thought that the baby may fall should not darken his mother’s mood. What is typical, judging by the numerous satisfied reviews on the Internet, the advantages of using the mother’s changing chest of drawers are already discussed in the first days of its use..


Several varieties of changing dressers are produced, among which the parents of the newborn can choose the best option. The simplest type is primitive chest of drawers, having a built-in changing table as a top cover. Everyone saw such pieces of furniture in children’s clinics, and the parents of the kids were able to appreciate the convenience of using them. However, there are practically no such structures on sale. The manufacturer, understanding the desire of potential buyers to purchase a multifunctional item, offers changing dressers with various transformation functions..

By purchasing such a chest of drawers, the buyer spends not only on the “changing” period, but can use the furniture in the future..

The buyer can purchase the following varieties:

  • Chest of drawers equipped with a removable changing table for baby care, which can be dismantled after the baby grows up. At the same time, the chest of drawers itself can be used to store children’s things for a long time..
  • Chest of drawers with hinged lid, under which there is a removable tray, as well as a shelf for hygiene items. When it becomes necessary to use the built-in bath, the changing cover folds back and locks securely in the raised position to prevent accidental closing. In models of serious manufacturers, the bath is equipped with a water drain system, and it does not need to be removed from the base every time or manually bled out. In the future, the built-in bath can be freely dismantled, and the chest of drawers itself can be used for its intended purpose.

  • Chest of drawers representing part of the crib design. It also has a removable changing top and several drawers for storing baby items. The dimensions of such a corner chest of drawers are usually much smaller, because the transforming structure itself already looks cumbersome and requires a lot of space. Usually in such a chest of drawers there are two or three small drawers for the most necessary things..
  • A chest of drawers with a changing table, which can be further transformed into chest of drawers. This becomes possible due to the design features that allow the lid of the chest of drawers to be lowered to a level comfortable for a sitting child..

These are the main types of changing chests of drawers. In addition, various designs may contain additional “Bonuses” that can make life easier for the parents of a newborn:

  • A wheelbase equipped with a stopper system that will allow you to move the chest of drawers with all things without much effort, and securely fix it in a new place. This will undoubtedly simplify the cleaning process and the ability to move the chest of drawers around the apartment..
  • The wheels are silicone coated so that they do not leave marks or scratches when moved.
  • Self-centering wheelbase system that ensures the stability of the chest and smooth movement.

  • The anatomical shape of the built-in bathtub and the presence of two compartments in it: for those babies who are not yet able to hold their heads, a water slide can be provided, and for older babies who can already sit on their own there is a deeper compartment.
  • Closing system for drawers, which works thanks to built-in closers.
  • Additionally, the drawers of the chest of drawers can be equipped with a device that allows you to adjust both the height and the depth of the drawer. This allows the top drawer to be opened when the tray is in place..
  • The changing table can be covered with a durable waterproof oilcloth or eco-leather, resistant to various kinds of dirt.

  • The sides can be located sideways to the mother, this way of laying the baby is considered the safest.
  • The kit may include a small mattress.
  • The number of boxes can vary from three to five.
  • In some models, a very wide changing table is provided, divided by a partition into two functional zones. This is convenient when not only the baby is placed on the table, but also all kinds of hygiene products.

Dimensions (edit)

In order for the child and his mother to be comfortable using the changing surface, it must have a comfortable size so that the baby fits on it at full height. For children under six months, the length of the changing board is recommended within 70 cm.In the event that parents plan to use this device in the future, it is better to choose a model with a length of up to 90 cm.

The recommended side height is 15.5 cm.

Almost all models of freestanding changing chests of drawers are equipped with folding standard changing boards. This allows you to equip a comfortable and spacious place for the baby with a relatively shallow depth of the chest of drawers itself. The dimensions of the surface of such a board vary from 66 * 69 cm at the narrowest chest of drawers to 96 * 77 cm at the wide chest of drawers, the tabletop of which is divided into two functional zones: the changing surface itself and a place for storing baby cosmetics.

An interesting find was the location of the kids sideways to mom, at the same time, in the design of the chest of drawers, it became possible to abandon the folding changing board. This innovation is present in the models of the Italian brand Feretti, which makes it possible to increase the length of the changing surface up to 86 cm.The height of the sides for some models reaches 17 cm, and on average varies between 15-16 cm.

For built-in chests of drawers, the size of the changing surface is limited by the width of a baby cot, that is, such chests of drawers can have a tabletop length in the range of 68-72 cm.With regard to the width, manufacturers, forced to limit the size of the built-in chest of drawers due to aesthetic considerations, have found a way to increase the width of the changing surface due to the fact that its lateral edge protrudes 10-15 cm above the wall of the chest of drawers. If the overall dimensions of such a chest of drawers are 46 * 66 cm, then the size of the diaper can be from 56 * 66 cm to 61 * 66 cm, and this is already quite acceptable for an infant under six months of age..

An overview of the height of the changing chests deserves special attention, since this indicator directly affects the comfort of use. There is no standard in this category, the minimum height of commodes on the market is 88-92 cm. These models produce “Almaz-Furniture”, “Antel”, “Fairy”, “Lel”, Ikea, as well as dressers of a luxury brand Geuther Cottage.

This height will be convenient for mothers of short stature. For those who are taller, it is worth considering options for heights within the range of 94-98 cm, for example, chests of drawers produced by Gandilyan, Aton Mebel, Ikea. Chests of drawers with a height of 102 cm (Feretti), 104-106 cm (Krasnaya Zarya, Mozhga, Leander), 108 cm (SKV-Company, Sweet Baby Domenica, Ikea) are also produced..

Thanks to this variety, every mother will be able to find the best option for herself..

As for such a parameter as the depth of the changing chest, manufacturers almost unanimously offer narrow models that do not take up too much space in the nursery. The minimum depth of the models is 44 cm, the maximum is 52 cm.

The exception is a few premium models, for example, the Leander oval chest of drawers convertible into a bureau for a teenage student, has a depth of 72 cm and is designed for corner installation. In addition, this model has a comfortable and spacious changing surface and a price tag of 83,000 rubles..

Materials (edit)

The materials used for the production of changing chests of drawers differ significantly in their composition and qualities, which ultimately causes a wide range of prices for this piece of furniture..


The least expensive for the manufacturer is the manufacture of a chest of drawers from chipboard, respectively, and the price tag for it is in the range of 3000-4200 rubles. We can talk about the environmental friendliness of such a material if the manufacturer has an EU safety certificate confirming the absence of formaldehyde and other harmful impurities in the pressed particleboard.

To the credit of domestic manufacturers, they have recently begun to pay more and more attention to this fact. When purchasing imported chipboard furniture, manufactured in accordance with European safety requirements, the presence of harmful components in chipboard furniture is minimal, however, for such models, the cost increases significantly.

Chipboard, solid beech or birch

In some cases, the manufacturer combines parts made from different materials in one design. Most often, chipboard and various solid wood are assembled. The side walls of the base and chest of drawers are made of chipboard. The bottom, the spacer bar, the lid with the changing board and the front panels of the drawers are made of solid beech or birch. Such “hybrid” chests of drawers have a higher cost. Solid beech and chipboard can be purchased for an amount from 9,700 rubles to 17,200 rubles, depending on the size, brand, configuration and style presentation.

MDF and solid beech

One of the main characteristics of a material such as MDF is environmental friendliness, since there are no chemical elements in its composition. MDF is produced from fine wood fraction, in other words, from wood dust and sawdust. When gluing and pressing, a substance such as lignin, extracted from wood, is used, therefore MDF is deservedly considered an environmentally friendly material. To cover the boards, polymer films or natural wood veneer are used..

Also, MDF is considered to be quite durable, the duration of its operation reaches ten years..

Manufacturers who combine MDF and solid beech in their products put cheaper material on the side posts and use it for the frame of the drawers. The front of the chest of drawers, that is, the front panels of the drawers, must be made of natural wood. The changing surface with sides is also made of wood..

The cost of changing chests of drawers in this design starts from 14,000 rubles and can reach 19,500 rubles, depending on the size and presence of additional devices, for example, a built-in anatomical bath or drawer closers. At this price point, the brand name does not particularly affect the height of the price, for example, luxury changing dressers from the brand Feretti are quite comparable in cost with domestic products.

Solid wood

A material that is rightfully considered the most durable and environmentally friendly. Moreover, some types of wood, such as birch, have antibacterial properties. It can be argued how powerfully they can manifest themselves after varnishing and painting, but the very fact of such an influence is recognized by modern science. Chests of drawers made of solid birch are manufactured by the factory “Mozhga” (“Red Star”).

Solid pine, offered as a material for changing chests of drawers by the Ikea brand, is also classified as an antibacterial wood. To maximize the preservation of these properties, Ikea does not process wood with dyes, limiting itself to coating products with colorless varnish and stain. Thanks to this, such chests of drawers exude a light coniferous aroma and emit phytoncides into the air of the room. The disadvantages of pine include the softness of wood, which is very sensitive to shock and therefore “suffering” from the pranks of grown-up children.

For the manufacture of chests of drawers for children, such a variety of wood is successfully used as beech, durable and beautiful. When the manufacturer indicates that the changing chest of drawers is made of solid wood, this means that additional materials should not be present in the structure. Even the lower part of the boxes in this case is made of natural birch plywood..

The price tag for such products varies depending on the country of manufacture and brand. The entry level is 14,000 rubles, but you can choose a chest of drawers for 19,400 rubles or 30,180 rubles. The most expensive in the domestic market can be called a changing chest of drawers made of solid birch of the brand Leander, which will cost the buyer 38,000 rubles.


Choosing a changing chest of drawers, it is worthwhile to imagine in advance in what style you would like to equip the children’s room. In most cases, manufacturers offer an interesting variety of colors for almost every dresser model, so the choice depends solely on the preferences of the baby’s parents. Recently, the trend is the design of nurseries for the smallest in white, so a white chest of drawers can be found in almost every manufacturer.

The names of the shades differ, ranging from simple white to a complex color called antique white and Bianko, which also translates from Italian as white..

In addition, you can buy a baby changing chest of drawers in the following shades:

  • White night that is light gray;
  • Cherry that looks like a light brown;
  • The walnut is of a beautiful brown color;
  • Mahogany, dark reddish brown;
  • Ivory;
  • Chocolate;
  • Honey;
  • Wenge;
  • Pink;
  • Avorio – beige
  • Noce – dark brown.

A lot of chests of drawers are offered in double colors:

  • White and pink;
  • Light pink + beige;
  • White + lime;
  • White + sunny yellow;
  • Cocoa + eggnog
  • Dark brown + light pink + beige and other pleasant color combinations.

In addition to color combinations, a toddler’s chest of drawers can be decorated with decor such as photo prints or even real hand-painted. Funny drawings in the form of airplanes, trains and cars are designed to make kids smile and cheer them up. Many brands of dressers have their own distinctive decor options. In one of the Spanish elite models, the changing chest of drawers is decorated with Swarovski crystals, the radiance of which will undoubtedly attract additional attention of the baby and spur him on to research such an interesting find..

The famous Italian brand Feretti adorns its products with organza butterflies and silk-screen teamed flowers..

Which is better?

You can determine which of the changing dressers is better by reading the reviews about the various models:

  • Women who have purchased a changing chest of drawers are unanimous in the opinion that this piece of furniture is irreplaceable, they share their experience of use and note the pros and cons that appeared during the operation. Quite a lot of reviews have been written about the brand’s dressers “Gandilyan”.
  • Buyers recommend a model like “Silvia Lux”, noting that it has a comfortable height (almost a meter), a comfortable diaper, roomy drawers, without being bulky. Also, of the advantages, they call the material (solid beech) and the fact that there are legs in front of the chest of drawers, and wheels at the back, and it is convenient to move it during cleaning. It is noted that after the changing board has already been dismantled, the holes from it can be closed with the supplied plugs..
  • Brand Models Feretti, made of beech and MDF and equipped with an anatomical bath, are highly rated. They note the presence of closers, the opening of drawers by a simple push on the facade, the presence of wheels and European exquisite design at a fairly moderate price tag.

  • There are good reviews of dressers “Mozhga” (“Red Star”), made of solid birch. Buyers are satisfied with the size (the dressers of this manufacturer have a height of 106 cm) and the depth of the drawers. They also note the quality of the material and the very moderate cost of these chests of drawers for the array..
  • Changing dressers Papaloni, made of a complex of materials (laminated chipboard, MDF and beech wood) have very controversial reviews. There are complaints about the complexity of self-assembly due to the inconsistency of the holes prepared in the production, which leads to the fact that the boxes get up inaccurately, gaps appear, opening is difficult. Buyers are satisfied with the appearance of the dressers, but they recommend inviting a specialist for assembly.

  • Changing chest of drawers “Lel”, made of MDF and beech, has complaints about poorly executed racks, from which the fasteners of the boxes begin to fall out (photos are attached in the review, so there is no need to talk about anti-advertising). Also, buyers are unhappy with the protruding bottom of the drawers, which prevents them from being pulled out. There are complaints about the lack of replacement of low-quality goods, which was required in connection with the violations of the paintwork found during unpacking. The percentage of such reviews is small, otherwise buyers are satisfied with the chests of drawers of this brand, of the advantages they note a large changing surface and a shelf lock, which allows the drawers not to fall out when fully opened.
  • Chests of drawers “Fairy”, made of chipboard have very average reviews. They are marked by a good balance of price and quality. They say that the folding surface is convenient for changing, the drawers are roomy, the design is interesting. Among the shortcomings, mention are made of twisting handles, bending drawers, sharp corners of the sides of the changing board, unprotected with an edge, which should be covered with a blanket to avoid injury to the child.

There are also complaints about the instability of the structure with an open changing table. This is said about models with a width of 60 cm..

How to choose?

To decide which of the changing dressers for a newborn to choose, you must first familiarize yourself with the assortment. This can be done without leaving your home, since all major manufacturers of children’s furniture offer their products on the sites of online stores. Studying the proposed materials, dimensions, colors, the number of drawers-shelves and their capacity, you can compare prices and choose exactly those options that are right for you..

Someone will find the most important environmental characteristics of materials, someone will need a chest of drawers with shelves at the top and a large size of the diaper, and someone will be bribed by the original design and colors. Many people choose a chest of drawers in the same color as the children’s bed..

Undoubtedly, if you choose according to the quality of materials, then solid wood furniture will be in the first place. In order to save money, you can purchase a hybrid model, it is better if it is MDF and solid wood. In the event that it is decided to buy a dresser made of chipboard, it is advisable to inquire whether the chipboard plate is certified according to European safety standards. Also, on chipboard models, it is necessary to check if the edges are installed; it is bad if the sections are left uncovered, since it is through the sections that the adhesives evaporate.

Before buying, be sure to visit the store and inspect the selected model live: make sure that it fits in height, suits in color and style, and for models with wheels, check whether a woman can move the product on her own. Since exhibition samples can be touched and opened, it will immediately become clear how they will behave during operation. An important factor during the examination will be the absence of an unpleasant chemical odor. Good furniture can only smell like wood..

You will learn how to assemble a chest of drawers with a changing table from the following video.

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