Children’s sun lounger

Features and Benefits

A chaise longue for a child combines a lot of functions: a sleeping place, a rocking chair and a portable device. A very handy piece for any mom and baby. In a chaise lounge of any design, the child will feel comfortable, and the mother can easily leave the baby in such a device and do household chores.


If you still do not know what a baby chaise longue is for, read its main properties:

  • Rocking function. With the help of a rocking chair, you can not only calm down a capricious child, but also prepare him for bed. There is no need to worry about the child when he is sleeping peacefully in a sun lounger, as the baby device is made according to all standards and has strong fixing straps..
  • Carrying function. Sun loungers are very light and compact, so they are convenient to carry with you both within your home and outside. Some models are equipped with casters, in case the mother is still tired of carrying the baby..
  • Entertainment function. Some options are equipped with built-in musical devices, which allows you to calm down or amuse your baby with your favorite melody at any time. Almost all children’s models have bright and interesting colors and are equipped with some kind of toys, which is very convenient for the baby and mother, so the baby will not be bored.
  • Highchair function. Some models can be easily converted from a rocking chair into a reliable highchair in which the baby is securely fixed.

Thanks to a rather large list of advantages, many mothers increasingly began to think about purchasing a baby sun lounger..


Currently, the choice of children’s sun loungers is quite wide. All models are divided into several types, each of which has its own pros and cons..


The cheapest and simplest model. In view of this, it does not differ in particular convenience, since the baby in such a lounger will have to be rocked independently. However, there are pluses: the model is compact and light, the back is adjustable and there are strong straps that fix the baby. This chaise longue can be carried as a carrycot. Recommended baby weight – no more than 9 kg.


One of the most popular models due to its functionality and low price. In such a design, the baby can be in a good mood as much as necessary, and the vibration and melodic music will help the baby to calm down or fall asleep. All that is left for mom to do is to fix the baby and press the button. This model allows you to rock a child weighing up to 9 kg.

With swing function

A very practical model with the ability to fully swing the baby. Such a model is not cheap, but you still need to spend money on it, since it easily turns into a highchair. The model has three options for motion sickness, vibration and 11 different melodies. In addition, if you wish, you can turn on the timer or connect an MP3 player if you suddenly get tired of the built-in melodies..

Such a chaise longue will come in handy not only in the house, but also in nature. The model is suitable for both toddlers and slightly older children, as it can withstand 11 kg of weight.

Chaise lounge swing 2 in 1

The most interesting and popular model. Swing chairs can be easily assembled and disassembled, so it is so convenient to carry them to a picnic or to a summer cottage. The model combines the function of a mechanical chaise longue and a full swing. Recommended child weight – up to 9 kg.

Materials (edit)

Absolutely any things intended for children should be made of the highest quality materials that have a long service life and do not cause allergies..

The chaise longue frame is usually made of aluminum or steel tubes, which has several plastic parts. Covers should be removable so that they can be easily washed, and at the same time they should be securely fixed to the frame so that the child does not fall out of the chaise longue. The best material for the upholstery of a child’s design is a natural fabric that allows air to pass freely and does not get too dirty.

Color solutions

Every mother wants to buy not only a comfortable, but also a beautiful sun lounger for her baby. In this matter, the best designers come to the rescue, who have developed a lot of color solutions for children’s rocking chairs. By color, models are distinguished into boy and girl models..


You can choose a chaise longue in a standard color: a pink model is suitable for a girl, green or blue for a boy. Do you want neutral colors or are you planning to pass on your chaise longue “inherited” to someone else? Then feel free to buy a beige, gray or white model. Do you like everything original and bright? Sun loungers in red, purple, brown, orange, yellow shades will suit you perfectly.


In addition to the monochromatic color, children’s sun loungers have covers with various patterns and cartoon characters (Fig. 5) or are completely made in the form of an animal (Fig. 6). Such models are very popular with both children and their parents..

How to choose

At the stage of planning a purchase, many parents think about how to choose the right thing for their children. Regardless of the type of product, the requirements are the same. Here are the main ones:

  1. Operational safety. When buying a chaise longue for babies up to a year, be sure to check the product for stability, and also look at all the seams and fasteners. Leaving your baby alone in the rocking chair, you must be sure that he will not fall out and will not be able to get out on his own..
  2. Quality and environmental safety of materials. Before buying, ask the seller what materials the chaise lounge and its parts are made of. You can also ask for certificates for the goods, in which everything is spelled out. It is very important that only high-quality materials are included in the structure of the child’s construction, from which the child does not develop a rash or cough..
  3. Comfort. It is recommended to buy a chaise longue with your baby, so that you can immediately and surely check the convenience of the model. A toddler 6 months and older can clearly show you the joy or anxiety of being in a rocking chair.
  4. A manufacturer with a name and reputation. Products for children should always be bought in trusted places, otherwise you risk buying a low-quality model..


Most of the models of sun loungers are small and designed for small babies. However, there are models from birth to 3 years old, since they can withstand up to 18 kg. If you are planning to buy a chaise longue for an older baby, then pay special attention to fasteners and seat belts..

If you want to buy not only a practical, but also an interesting model, then choose sun loungers in bright colors with additional toys and musical accompaniment. Consider all the requirements and features of your baby when buying, and then you will have a multifunctional and bright design for sleeping and relaxing.


Many moms and dads are interested in a vital and important question: when to put a child on a deck chair? Pediatricians insist that babies with fragile bones should not be put in sun loungers. Therefore, the optimal age at which a baby can start spending time in a rocking chair is -1.5 -2 months.

For the smallest children, ordinary models with a motion sickness function are suitable. The question immediately arises: is it possible for a child to sleep in a sun lounger? It is possible and necessary. The design of the children’s device is such that the baby is very comfortable in it, but he will not be able to fall out or get out without assistance. For greater safety, a chaise longue with a child can be placed on a bed or in a cot with bumpers.

For children who can already sit or even stand, models with a swing or highchair function are suitable. These sun loungers are very comfortable and practical..

If you want the chaise lounge to be a favorite place not only for a toddler, but also for an older child, then buy a multifunctional model on wheels..

Top brands rating

Naturally, like any popular children’s product, sun loungers have their own rating. It is based on a variety of indicators. See, read, choose.


A manufacturer named Zhetem sells two different models of a chaise lounge in Russia:

  • Jetem premium. Designed for babies from birth to one year old, since the maximum weight that this model can withstand is 9 kg. Very comfortable and compact model with many functions: head support, tilt adjustment depending on the weight of the child. Easy to fold and wash, as all fabric elements are easy to remove. In addition, many parents will appreciate the very affordable price..

  • Jetem relax. No less interesting model, which has the function of rotation around its axis, which allows the kid to look at everything he wants. Also in this version, manufacturers have installed the ability to connect MP3. Such a model is an order of magnitude safer, since it has a 5-point harness system and a deeper bowl for planting a child..

Both options are very functional and interesting, when choosing, start from your preferences and financial capabilities.


Chaise lounge “Chikko” fits perfectly into any interior and has its own characteristics:

  • The Chicco model is very stable and reliable, as it has a strong frame and a solid base..
  • For the convenience of mothers and babies, each chaise lounge is equipped with special side handles for carrying the structure.
  • Each model has an adjustable footrest.
  • The fastening of the baby in the chaise lounge is made in the form of durable three-point belts.
  • All fabric parts are easy to clean, as they can be easily removed from the frame.
  • Each chair in the cover has a soft liner made of safe and natural materials that can withstand a large number of washes.
  • The Chicco chaise longue can be easily adjusted at the desired angle, which allows the baby to both play and sleep.
  • Some models have motors in their design that are responsible for the automatic motion sickness of the child..

Happy baby

This model is made for use by children under one year old. The adjustment of positions is very thought out in this model, since it occurs smoothly and silently, which is very useful if the baby has fallen asleep while sitting. For carrying the baby, as in other models, there are special handles holders. The model is very light and compact folds.

A three-point belt is responsible for the safety of the baby. And for protection from sunlight while sleeping, there is a special folding hood. For fun, the chaise lounge is equipped with a music unit and vibration, and there are also soft toys that will interest the baby.


La-di-da sun loungers are distinguished by their bright and interesting design, which is why babies up to one year old like them so much. The model is equipped with a bright arc on which soft toys are fixed. There is also a music block with seven different melodies and vibro effect for the child’s entertainment in the chaise lounge. In terms of convenience, this model has a solid metal frame, a three-point seat belt and three levels of position.

Fisher price

Fisher Price baby sun loungers are particularly comfortable and safe. Suitable for babies from birth to one year old and older, as they can withstand a load of up to 18 kg. Many parents will appreciate the great functionality and varied design of the models. The sun lounger is easy to care for as the seat is removable and washable in cold water.

Vibration and motion sickness modes act as interesting and necessary functions. If desired, you can turn on melodic music for the baby, and bright toys on a special mount will attract the baby’s attention. All chaise lounges of this type are made from safe and reliable materials..


This model is intended for children from the first months of life, as it can withstand no more than 9 kg. The chaise longue has an anatomically correct seat, with a soft cover made of natural fabric. The design includes an adjustable footrest, a three-point seat belt and carrying straps. The backrest and footrest are easily adjustable to comfortably accommodate your baby.

The design of the chaise longue meets all the requirements, is very light and compact. Relatively inexpensive and reasonably bright model.

Bright starts

Children’s chaise lounge Bright Starts elephant 60113 is designed for children of different ages (from birth to 3 years old), as it can withstand 18 kg of weight. The design is equipped with a variety of options: vibration, melodies, headrest adjustment, motion sickness function. For safety, a five-point belt is attached to the sun lounger. Any position of the structure is easily locked.

Bright Starts is a very compact and lightweight design that fits comfortably in a small nursery and can be taken with you on a trip.

What is the price

When planning the purchase of a baby sun lounger, many mothers want to know its price in advance. The cost of a rocking chair depends on many components. These include the material of manufacture. Plastic models are much cheaper than metal and wooden structures.


Also, a chaise longue will not be cheap if it has similar functions:

  • Musical accompaniment with several melodies;
  • Possibility of connecting an MP 3 player;
  • Adjustable vibration with two or three modes;
  • Setting multiple positions for the child.

If you buy a chaise longue for a baby up to a year, then expect to spend at least 5 thousand. There are also cheaper models, but it is not worth saving in this case. If you want the chaise longue to please your baby as long as possible, then focus on about 20-30 thousand rubles.


If you want to buy a practical and inexpensive model, then reading reviews about children’s sun loungers will be useful before going to the store..

The most common nuances that moms and dads note regarding a variety of models:

  1. The presence of several latching positions;
  2. Lightness and compactness;
  3. Possibility to remove covers and wash.
  4. The presence of good retainers;
  5. Musical and vibration accompaniment.

If we consider the reviews of the tangent of each type, then we get the following list:

  • Mechanical models are chosen for their simplicity and low price, but the short lifespan upsets many parents, since such models are designed for a child weighing no more than 9 kg.
  • Musical loungers are popular with moms as they do a great job of entertainment;
  • Electronic chaise lounges leave a pleasant impression of the automatic child’s motion sickness system;
  • Deck chairs in the form of a swing are liked by babies and mothers due to their versatility, however, the price for such a structure does not suit everyone..

Interesting solutions in interior design

A children’s chaise longue is an important component in the development and care of a baby, therefore it is very important that its design fits into the interior of the room in which it is most often placed.

A few photo ideas from the best designers and not only will help you understand this interesting question:

  • Simple and laconic model of a baby chaise lounge from Cybex and Dutch designer Marcel Wanders.

  • A very delicate model of a chaise lounge in the children’s room in shades of gray. Every detail and absolutely all furniture harmoniously combines and complements each other. A small mechanical chaise longue, like the entire design of the room, is made in gray and white, so it fits perfectly into the interior.

  • Simple mechanical model. The chaise longue body is made in black, while the cushion is made of white fabric. The original design fits perfectly into the unusual black and orange interior of the living room.

  • Milky pink chaise longue with beige backing, perfectly matches the color of the walls and the work table. Despite the too pale colors, the nursery decorated in a similar design is very cozy and comfortable for both toddlers and schoolchildren..

Each model of a chaise lounge has its own design features, so it is quite easy and simple to choose a design for your interior..

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