Folding changing tables

Being a nurturing parent is the most important and challenging job. While the baby is still very tiny, parents have to devote a lot of time to provide the child with full-fledged care – changing diapers, bathing, caring for the navel, ears, eyes – all these actions have to be done daily and more than once. An indispensable attribute for these manipulations is the changing table..


Today, there are many varieties of changing tables from various manufacturers. It can be mobile or stationary. The first category includes folding and hanging options, as well as changing boards. The second type includes shelving tables and children’s dressers..

The most popular with mothers among all these options are folding changing tables. And this is not surprising, because they have a lot of advantages. Let’s dwell in more detail on each option..

The design of a foldable changing table often consists of a metal support (which folds like an ironing board) and a table top with plastic sides for changing.

The main advantage of these models of tables is obvious – they fold and unfold in a matter of seconds, and when folded they take up a minimum of space..

This will be a particularly important advantage for owners of small apartments. Another plus – ease of transportation, which makes it easy for you to take it with you when you go to visit or to the country for several days.

These types of tables are very convenient, they make it possible to comfortably carry out all procedures with the baby, and all the accessories necessary for this can be stored on the shelves that are below the table top. Some foldable changing tables even have a baby bath. It also sits below the removable tabletop.

An important requirement for using a fold-out changing table is perfectly flat floor covering. Otherwise, the table may be unstable..

Of the shortcomings of this model, only one can be distinguished – a small number of shelves for storing children’s hygiene items. For example, in models of dressers with tables there are many drawers and shelves, where it is very convenient to store children’s accessories..

Another very convenient option for a swaddler for small apartments is hanging changing table. Wall-mounted models of tables have a folding table top, similar to a folding table. It is attached to the wall at such a level that it is convenient for parents to carry out all manipulations with the baby..

After completing all the necessary procedures, the tabletop can be returned to its original position by pressing firmly against the wall. Thanks to this, such a table uses a minimum of apartment space..

Many models of folding hanging options also have small shelves on which you can place the most necessary items for maintenance. And if there is not enough space on these shelves, you can always place hinged shelves on the wall next to it, on which it will be possible to store diapers, diapers and other baby things..

Many modern models of wall-mounted folding tables come with a special diaper holder.

Features of use

It should be noted that a changing table for caring for a baby will be required from the first days of his life. Therefore, you can buy it even before the baby is born. But how long you will use it, you cannot say for sure, since it depends, first of all, on the development of the child, as well as on the table model that you will use..

For example, a changing board, which is attached to a crib, can be used up to a maximum of 5-6 months, after this age it becomes too small for a baby. but folding options, as well as changing chests of drawers with large countertops will last up to 10-12 months.

Such a piece of children’s furniture as a changing table, although not used for a very long time (up to a year), is, however, a very important element. It is the hard surface that allows the child’s spine to form correctly. And of course, after giving birth, it will be much more convenient for the mother herself to handle the baby on the changing table, rather than leaning towards him at the level of the sofa..

When choosing the size of the changing table, keep in mind that the baby should completely fit on its surface – from head to legs.

They can be quite easily purchased with a margin for growth, so that this furniture will serve you as long as possible. For babies up to 6 months old, a table 70-80 cm long is suitable.Children from 7 months to a year need a table up to 100 cm long.

Production materials

All furniture for newborn babies must be safe and durable. That is why natural wood is considered the optimal material for changing tables, since it is non-toxic and completely safe for the baby’s health..

Many foldable models use metal and plastic materials, which are also safe for children’s health. The most important thing is to choose reliable manufacturers who make high quality products..

When choosing a folding changing table, pay attention to the safety of the substances used for the outer coating of products – varnishes and paints must be non-toxic and completely safe.

How to choose?

Each family selects the suitable model of the changing table individually according to their needs. It is very important to take into account the dimensions of the apartment. However, which model of the table would you choose?, it is very important that the product meets a number of important requirements:

  • Furniture must be solid, reliable and stable;
  • The length of the changing surface should correspond to the child’s height;

  • The materials from which the product is made must be environmentally friendly and completely safe for the baby’s health;
  • The presence of additional shelves and boxes for storing crumbs;
  • Ease of assembly and reliability of all mounts.

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