Highchair-transformable with a table for feeding

As soon as the baby crosses the 6-month line, the toddler is introduced to regular food – the process of introducing complementary foods into the diet begins. The question immediately arises – how to properly organize the feeding process so that it is convenient for both mother and child?

Naturally, mom can put the baby on her lap and feed him. In fact, it is not as convenient as it seems at first glance. The kid can turn his head, refusing to eat, spit it out, try to steal something from the adult table. Pediatricians insist that the child should not sit in his mother’s arms while eating, he should have a separate place to eat..

To solve the problem with the feeding process, manufacturers of children’s furniture have developed a unique model – a children’s highchair-transformer for feeding. The huge advantage of this chair is that it can be used not only for eating, but also as a place to play, as a swing or walker.

While the child is in the transforming chair, the mother will be able to eat, cook or tidy up the kitchen..


The transforming highchair for feeding has a number of advantages that will simplify the life of the mother of a small child:

  1. It is convenient to feed the baby in such a highchair, as it is securely fixed.
  2. The little table for the child has high sides. If your baby inadvertently turns over the cup or plate, then his food and drinks will remain on the table, and not spill onto the crumb..
  3. The child will see how the parents eat, and will soon learn to eat without assistance..
  4. Protects tablecloths and kitchen furniture from crumbs, stains from vegetable or fruit puree.
  5. A transformable highchair for feeding will save money on the purchase of additional items, for example, a table, swing or walker.
  6. Some models of highchairs are transformed into a table with a desk, which can be used not only in the feeding process, but also for the preschooler’s games or the activities of the elementary school student.


When purchasing a highchair-transformer for feeding, it is necessary to focus on certain characteristics:

  1. It should have a soft cover that can be easily removed, and if necessary, you can wash it.
  2. It is better if the seat is made of rubberized fabric or oilcloth. If the baby gets dirty on the transforming chair, you can clean it up by wiping it off with a damp cloth..
  3. The presence of five-point seat belts is required, they will be able to keep the crumb in the chair. Even the most nimble kid will not be able to get out of such a device. The belts should also be adjustable in length so that the grown child can sit comfortably in the highchair..
  4. The transforming chair should be equipped with a removable table top or table for the baby, installed in several positions.
  5. The back of the transforming chair should change its inclination. If the baby falls asleep, then by moving the back to a more comfortable position, you will allow your baby to rest comfortably.
  6. For production, safe materials must be used that will not cause allergies in the baby..
  7. The chair must be very stable. Children usually do not sit quietly, they swing their legs, spin. Therefore, the chair should stand firmly on the surface and not strive to turn over at the slightest movement of the baby..
  8. The presence of a footrest will provide a more comfortable finding of the baby in the transforming chair. This part should be easily removable, since an adult child no longer needs it and may even interfere.
  9. All corners of the transforming baby chair must be rounded so that the baby does not inadvertently get injured..

When purchasing a highchair-transformer for feeding, ask the manufacturer for a quality certificate, which will indicate that it is made from materials that are environmentally friendly and harmless to the health of the baby..


Children’s furniture manufacturers offer various models of convertible baby highchairs so that parents can choose the right option at an affordable price..

The following models are most popular:

  1. Folding feeding chairs.
  2. A transforming chair that takes 2 positions.
  3. Convertible chair that turns into a walker.
  4. Swing chair.
  5. Highchair convertible into a desk.
  6. Highchair for adult chair.

Let’s take a closer look at each model so that you can decide what kind of transforming highchair you need for feeding.


This is a very popular and demanded type of high chairs among young mothers. This is a high chair with legs, which has special wheels at the bottom, making it easy to move from place to place. By installing it in a certain place, you fix it using the brake system.

A table for a child with a special recess for a cup is installed in front. The chair can be adjusted in height, the backrest rises and falls. It is suitable for a baby from 5 months to 3.5 years old.

The only drawback is the large dimensions of this chair, but if necessary, you can easily fold it.

2 positions

Such a chair has a simple design:

  1. the first position is a high feeding chair that can be pulled up to the parent’s table;
  2. the second position is a free-standing low chair and a small table for the child.

From 6 months old, parents can move the highchair to their table, introducing the child to a joint meal. It can be used not only for eating, but also for playing games, drawing, folding puzzles. Can be made of wood or plastic.

Disadvantages of this transforming chair:

  1. cannot be adjusted in height;
  2. not equipped with casters, so it will have to be lifted and moved to another location.

Transformer into a walker

In the usual fixed position, such a chair is a device where the baby sits, and his legs hang down. There is a special table on the highchair, at which it is convenient to feed the child. In a disassembled position, these are walkers, using which the baby will be able to move around the apartment.

Cons of this design:

  1. he has no seat belts;
  2. its height cannot be adjusted.

Swing chair

This is a rocking chair model. In its normal position, it is an ordinary highchair in which the baby can be fed, fastening it with seat belts so that it does not fall out. By removing the fixation, you transform this highchair into a swing.

This swing chair can be used to feed a baby from 6 months to 3-4 years old (depending on the height and weight of your baby). In a high chair with a rocking chair, the child can also draw, sculpt, do exercises for the development of fine motor skills of fingers.

Using the swing chair as entertainment, the baby can swing independently in it. Do not worry, the baby will not fall out of it, because:

  1. it is securely fixed with seat belts;
  2. wide legs will protect the baby from falling, even under heavy loads;
  3. thanks to the presence of wheels with braking system, the rocking chair will not roll off an uneven surface.

Highchair convertible into a desk

This chair can be used by a child from 6 months to 5 – 6 years old. It has a special design that allows you to transform it from a highchair into a table-desk in a few minutes. Such a desk-desk is even equipped with shelves, drawers or compartments where things for games or classes can be. It can also have recesses for pens, pencils, felt-tip pens and brushes.

Adult chair

This is the least popular model as it is not very secure. The highchair is attached to the adult chair. The stability of such a model depends on how firmly the adult chair stands on the surface..


When choosing furniture for a baby, give preference to a high-quality model, especially when it comes to very young children. A fragile body can react negatively to low-grade material.

It is better to opt for trusted manufacturers who value their reputation and produce good baby transforming highchairs for feeding:

  1. Jetem Gracia from the German manufacturer differs in bright colors, it can be easily converted from a high chair for feeding into a high chair and desk, takes up little space.
  2. HappyBaby Oliver – it is very easy to transform into a table for games, as well as a rocking chair. Made of high quality plastic that does not cause allergic reactions. Can be used by toddler up to 4 years of age.
  3. Brevi Slex – lightweight and comfortable, can be used for a child from 6 months to adolescence.
  4. Chicco Polly Magic can be used from the moment a baby is born until the age of 3 years. The backrest in the transforming chair has 3 positions: sitting, lying and reclining. Thanks to the presence of a special insert made of foam rubber, your baby can be in it from birth. It is equipped with a special removable tabletop, when the baby grows up, you can sit him at the common table.

Purchase a highchair-transformer for feeding, you will appreciate all the advantages that it will provide you. You will not spend money on this furniture in vain: the baby will have not only a personal table with a high chair for eating, but also a place for games and entertainment..


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