House-bed for a girl

A high-quality and comfortable bed is the key to a good sleep for your child. That is why parents need to approach her choice responsibly. For a little girl, a house bed is perfect, which serves both as a sleeping place and a play area. It is difficult to choose beds of this type without knowing what requirements should be presented to this unusual furniture. From this article you will learn all the features and benefits of the crib and the rules for choosing it..

Features and Benefits

The house bed for girls is suitable for both toddlers and teenage girls. Such a bed will serve the child for several years. At the same time, all the years it will pleasantly delight you and your baby with its functionality. It combines three zones – play, work and sleeping.

At the same time, due to its practical design, it does not take up so much space. Therefore, by installing it, you will save some of the space..

The most practical type of crib is one in which the sleeping place is located in the attic, and there are drawers, a table or a play area below. However, regardless of the type of bed, its structure must certainly be strong. It is this parameter that ensures the safety of the child, so you should not ignore the existing shortcomings.


Among all the varieties of bed houses for girls, several of the most popular are worth noting. First of all, it is a modular bed for children. It consists of several distinct parts. The design of such a bed usually involves the presence of drawers, shelves or wardrobes..

For an active child, a crib of this type with a large play area located at the bottom is suitable. In this area, a training rug, a slide of pillows or a set of all your favorite toys will be conveniently located..

Little princesses can be given an amazing gift in the form of a castle bed. This design looks even more unusual. A spectacular bed with turrets, two floors and a slide along which you can go down is a great addition to the room for your daughter.


How to choose

But in children’s furniture, it is not the appearance that plays the main role, but the quality. When choosing a bed-house for your daughter, be sure to pay maximum attention to this item..

The base of the bed must be strong and reliable in order to withstand any stress, because the baby will not only sleep in it, but also play actively. If there is upholstery, it must also be of high quality and durable. In addition, the child should not be allergic to any materials..

The best material for the frame is natural wood. The tree serves for a long time and all this time it remains safe and completely environmentally friendly. Most often today, materials such as oak, pine or alder are used in the construction of cribs. Please note that if you are buying a bed made of natural wood, it must be treated with only non-toxic types of cover..

Another important parameter is the size of the house-bed and design features. Depending on where you plan to place the crib, you can choose either the simplest option, or an artsy house, decorated with many turrets and a variety of functional elements..

Also remember that the crib should be as safe as possible in any case. The lodge bed is no exception. It should not have any protruding parts or corners that you can accidentally injure yourself during the game..

The last parameter, which should also not be forgotten, is the correspondence of the selected bed to the age and height of the baby. So, for a three-year-old child, a small bed, more like a couch, is ideal. To extend the life of the crib, you can choose a sliding model. In this case, the bed can be modified, adjusting to the growth of the growing child..

Even cribs for the little ones are often equipped with built-in drawers. Firstly, it allows you to store children’s things in one place, and not search for them throughout the apartment when they are so needed. And secondly, in this way, the baby will be accustomed to order from early childhood..

Older girls from the age of five are already beginning to demonstrate their own wishes and preferences. Therefore, girls from 7 years old can already choose furniture from their parents. This will ensure that your child is enjoying their time in their room. A beautiful bed-house, decorated with bright colors and decorative elements, is perfect for lovers of fairytale worlds and magical stories.

How to do it yourself

If you cannot afford buying a fabulous bed-house, or you do not like the beds presented in the assortment, then you can always make it yourself. To do this, it is enough to be able to work with boards. You can create a beautiful forging house from natural wood or chipboard. The base of the frame is made in the form of a simple box, and then supplemented with windows and a door in the right places. The bed itself, if necessary, can also be fenced off with low bumpers..

Interesting solutions in interior design

The design of the crib is already selected for the personal preferences of the parents and the child, as well as for the interior features of the room. Most often, light pastel colors are chosen for the rooms of little girls – pink, yellow, light coffee or purple. Psychologists say that it is light muted tones that set the child in a calm mood and help him fall asleep faster..

You should not choose cribs painted with prints with cartoon characters – over time, your favorite characters can get boring. Therefore, it is better to decorate the bed surface with stylish stickers rather than patterns. They are very easy to remove and at the same time do not spoil the surface..

The lodge bed will perfectly fit into almost any interior. In the bedroom in a minimalist style, a neat baby crib with drawers will be appropriate, in which everything unnecessary can be hidden from prying eyes. If your child’s room is stylized as a fairy forest with blue skies and green carpets, then a house resembling a princess castle or a fairytale hut would be appropriate in such an interior..

Modern children’s beds do not have to be monotonous and ascetic. Give your child a piece of a fairy tale even in such little things, and every day he will fall asleep with a smile.


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