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In an apartment or house, each child should have his own corner, ideally a children’s room. The child spends a huge amount of time in the children’s room. Therefore, it should be beautiful, light and, of course, cozy. Wallpaper is designed to create a suitable interior.

Recently, 3D children’s wallpapers are gaining popularity. This is not only a tribute to fashion, unlike ordinary wallpapers, 3D children’s wallpapers, creating a three-dimensional image, help develop the imagination of children, stimulate them to explore and learn about the world and create an indescribable cozy atmosphere.


3D wallpaper is a unique wall covering for a children’s room. They have a number of advantages over conventional wallpapers:

  1. 3D baby wallpaper expands the space. Due to the depth of the 3D image, it allows you to hide significant imperfections in the room. This is especially true for small children’s rooms. Children’s 3D wallpaper will help to visually expand a narrow room or raise the ceilings.
  2. Children’s 3D wallpaper helps to zone the room. With their help, you can perfectly select an area for games, for classes or for relaxation..
  3. Kids 3D wallpaper will create a unique kids room. In which both young children and adolescents will enjoy their time.
  4. Kids 3D wallpaper will help you get rid of the usual lights in the kids room. It is enough to purchase a fluorescent or LED 3D wallpaper that will create a soft light at night..
  5. Children’s 3D wallpapers are very durable, they can be wiped clean and even washed with soapy water. This is very important for children’s rooms, playing with paints, a child can inadvertently stain the walls. Regular wallpaper will have to be re-glued, and you will wipe the 3D wallpaper with a wet rag and there will be no trace of the paint. They do not fade in the sun, and will delight you and your child with their excellent appearance for a long time..
  6. Children’s 3D wallpapers are made from environmentally friendly materials that are highly breathable. And this is an important factor when choosing a cover for a room for children..

But it is worth paying attention to some of the disadvantages that 3D children’s wallpapers have:

  1. When applying 3D wallpaper, the surface of the walls must be perfectly flat, as some unevenness can distort the image.
  2. To properly glue the 3D wallpaper, you will have to seek the help of a specialist, especially for 3D LED wallpaper. It is very important that the 3D wallpaper is glued without distortions or irregularities..
  3. For kids 3D wallpaper you will have to pay a decent amount of money. The cost of such wallpaper is influenced by the complexity of the image, the type and method of printing, the material from which they are made..

All the disadvantages of 3D wallpaper for the children’s room are covered by the special atmosphere created by correctly selected images. For example, if your child does not fall asleep well, you can stick images in the sleeping area in black and white or pastel colors, looking at which the child will calmly fall asleep. If your child is hyperactive, then children’s 3D wallpapers of calm colors will help to calm his temperament, and vice versa, bright color images will help stimulate the child to take action..


Manufacturers of 3D wallpaper for children offer several types of such wallpapers that will look different in a children’s room..

  • Single 3D Wallpaper – This is a small 3D image, in their appearance they resemble a painting, photograph or sticker. Most often, single 3D children’s wallpaper is hung over a desk, sofa or bed for children and framed..

  • Standard 3D Wallpaper – are produced as usual rolls. Most often, standard children’s 3D wallpaper depicts geometric shapes, floral patterns or abstractions. Standard 3D wallpaper can be used to glue the whole room for girls or boys. They will visually add space to the room, increasing it, or, conversely, can reduce the space in the room..

  • 3D panoramic or landscape wallpaper – look like a huge canvas. In a room for children, they can be glued on a wall or on a wall and a half. Most often, 3D panoramic type wallpaper for children depicts a forest or a meadow with flowers..

  • Fluorescent 3D Wallpaper – thanks to a special coating, which includes phosphorus, these 3D wallpapers glow in the dark. The drawing, applied with fluorescent paint, duplicates the main image and appears only at night, when the lights are turned off in the children’s room. During the day, using sunlight or the light of special lamps, the fluorescent image is charged so that an unusual luminous image can be seen on the wall at night. Often, parents purchase 3D fluorescent wallpaper for boys and girls room to replace standard bedside lamps. For example, fluorescent wallpaper for boys with the image of the galaxy will help create an atmosphere of unknown in the room, stimulate the child to explore and develop imagination..

  • LED 3D Wallpaper – consist of a huge number of small LEDs that are embedded in a chip. LED 3D wallpaper will look interesting in a teenage room. Using a special remote control or an application on a smartphone, the child will be able to adjust the brightness, color palette, hue and even the image himself. Just like fluorescent wallpaper, it can be used as a night light. An important advantage of LED 3D wallpaper is the ability to turn off the glow at any time..

How to choose the right?

Stopping your choice on 3D wallpaper for the children’s room, you should pay attention to the age of your child.

For example, for very tiny children under the age of 3, it is better to glue 3D wallpapers with large images. Kids will be interested in looking at pictures with toys, for example, teddy bears or bunnies. Children’s 3D wallpaper with the image of blue sky and clouds or green forest will also attract your baby’s attention. Looking at the blue sky with clouds with your baby, you will be able to come up with different stories or fairy tales while putting your baby to bed..

For children aged 3 years and older, you can glue 3D wallpaper with the image of your favorite cartoon characters or fairy tales on the wall. Photomurals for a boy with the image of cars or super-heroes will inspire the kid to active games. For girls, choose 3D wallpaper with princesses, mermaids or cats.

For older children who already go to school, it is worth choosing a 3D wallpaper on the wall, taking into account their wishes. It can be all the same cartoon characters, for example, it is better to paste over the play area for children with such wallpaper.

On the wall where the desk is and the child is engaged in lessons, it is better to glue 3D wallpaper of an educational nature, for example, with the image of a geographical map or with formulas. Such images will perform two functions: on the one hand, they will serve as a hint, and on the other hand, they will stimulate the child to learn something new..

You can also purchase 3D wallpapers that will depict more basic themes such as sports, space, animals, music or movies..

If both a boy and a girl live in the same room, then it is better to divide the space for them, creating separate zones for each child. For example, for girls, by pasting an image with a mermaid on the wall, and a photo wallpaper for a boy with an image of popular cars "Wheelbarrows".

When choosing teenage wallpapers, listen to the opinion of your own child. At this age, children learn to show and defend their own opinion, so when you go for 3D wallpaper for kids, take your teenager with you. It is better to choose teenage 3D wallpapers not very bright colors, and you can add brightness to the room with the help of various accessories, for example, pillows, flowerpots or figurines. Stylish 3D wallpaper in a teenage room should serve as a background decoration material.

Boys, adolescents, are usually interested in sports, technology, cars. Wallpaper for a teenage boy may also contain images of skyscrapers, bridges, cities, unusual buildings.

Girls in their teens are romantic natures who dream of a prince on a white horse. For girls, get 3D wallpapers featuring flowers, favorite artists or movie actors. Young ladies will also like 3D wallpapers with views or sights of the most romantic cities – Paris and Venice.

Choose 3D baby wallpaper with your child, "revived" the images will help develop your little one’s imagination. In the children’s room with 3D wallpaper pasted, the child will be happy to play, learn and develop.

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