Stretch ceilings in the nursery

The decision of what kind of ceiling will be in the children’s room comes quickly – of course, a stretch one! After all, it helps to easily and inexpensively change the interior and requires minimal maintenance..

But then the pangs of creativity begin. Which stretch ceiling to choose – multi-level or with photo printing? Are stretch ceilings in a nursery safe? And what if the child wants to see the starry sky instead of the ceiling in the bedroom? Let’s talk about everything in order.

Why do we need?

Experienced designers and caring parents use stretch ceilings as the best way to change a room for children’s play and relaxation. These popular ceiling designs are appreciated for an endless variety of options, non-standard design and striking effect, reliability and practicality, ease of installation and simplicity in maintenance..

Stretch ceilings are beautiful, aesthetic, durable (manufacturers give guarantees for a period of 15 to 50 years), absorb noise well, do not require special repairs and are able to fit into the most exotic interior design solution. Advanced developments in the manufacture of stretch ceilings for children’s rooms allow them to be given high strength, flexibility and any texture, and also make it possible to paint in all kinds of colors and apply various images to the surface.


Stretch ceilings that are safe for children’s rooms are made of thin polyvinyl chloride film or specialized fabric impregnated with a special vinyl compound. These materials do not emit harmful substances and do not have a strong odor, which means they do not cause allergies. Stretch ceilings designed for children’s rooms are not subject to combustion and do not collect dust and condensation on their surface.

The film for a stretch ceiling in a nursery is often chosen by those who seek to saturate the child’s living space with his favorite characters and color accents in combination with an unusual approach to design and an affordable cost of such repairs. And the fabric stretch ceiling for the nursery is preferred by those who are ready and pay for its breathability and long service life, and wait until the selected pattern is applied and dried.

Both film and fabric stretch ceilings are of three types:

Matte – are deservedly considered “classics of the genre” due to their low cost, increased moisture resistance, the ability to qualitatively hide communications and ceiling flaws and successfully fit into almost any interior. The matte surface of the children’s bedroom stretch ceilings does not attract too much attention by reflecting what is happening in the room and the reflections of light from the window. It can imitate an ordinary bleached or wooden ceiling, and a sky with clouds or a traveler’s map, and any landscape or fairy-tale drawing – it all depends on the general design idea of ​​the room and the preferences of its young inhabitants..

Glossy – universal assistants in the arrangement of “mirror”, spacious and non-standard interiors filled with light, color and creativity. High-quality glossy ceilings for children’s rooms are made of hypoallergenic and antistatic materials, it is easy to care for them and it is easy to hide electrical wiring and ventilation equipment. The glossy covering of the suspended ceiling will come to the rescue in a small and poorly lit nursery – with proper planning, the space of the room can be visually doubled.

Satin – justify the glory of the “golden mean” between glossy and matte stretch ceilings, in no way inferior to their external and technical characteristics. Convenient when combined with plasterboard structures and curved ceilings, resistant to dust and dirt. Thanks to the soft reflection of light, the satin stretch ceiling brings an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility to the children’s room, and depending on the time of day, room lighting or viewing angle, it can change its color. Ideal for calm and sophisticated interiors without excessive pomp. And to create a “starry sky” loved by children, such a stretch ceiling certainly cannot do without special interweaving of satin threads.

All materials used for stretch ceilings have their own advantages and characteristics. A glossy canvas saturates the children’s room with bizarre reflections and originality, matte fills with a chamber atmosphere, and satin will always delight the endless play of shadows and light on its mother-of-pearl surface.

A separate category is multilevel stretch ceilings. They help to compositionally divide the children’s room into functional or thematic zones. Different levels of stretch ceilings allow you to discreetly place bulky air conditioning equipment and a complex lighting system behind them, mask the defects of the main ceiling and, if required by the design project, even visually change the geometry of the children’s room.

Film or vinyl canvases of stretch ceilings are successfully used to create a multidimensional space in a children’s room. And playing the role of domes, arched vaults or various inserts in plasterboard structures and successfully combined with lamps, multi-level stretch ceilings can transform a children’s room beyond recognition.

Truth and myths

The main and, it seems, the only significant problem of stretch ceilings in a children’s playroom is their vulnerability to sharp objects. Yes, as testimonials and customer experience show, with due diligence of the child, it is still possible to damage a thin PVC stretch film ceiling with a well-aimed boomerang or the blades of a flying airplane. However, this can be easily avoided if you transfer such games to the street or immediately install a stretch ceiling made of stronger vinyl fabric in the nursery. After all, a torn canvas of a film stretch ceiling is not always subject to aesthetic reconstruction.

Another disadvantage is the impossibility of installing a stretch ceiling in a nursery without the involvement of an experienced master. With all the seeming lightness, high-quality installation of a suspended ceiling is a delicate matter and requires special qualifications..

The last and very insignificant minus of stretch ceilings for a children’s room is the intolerance of some models to wet cleaning. Seamless stretch ceilings can only be wiped with dry rags (otherwise they will lose their elasticity), and fabric ceilings – with a slightly damp soft sponge or microfiber cloth. In any case, the cleaning of stretch ceilings should take place in a gentle mode without the use of coarse brushes and hard sponges, since with a strong mechanical effect, the stretch ceiling canvas can easily jump off the mount.

The main myth about stretch ceilings is that it is possible to eliminate the consequences of the flood from the neighbors from above with the help of cuts or punctures in the canvas. In fact, a whole canvas of any stretch ceiling can easily withstand even 100 liters per square centimeter. And in order to remove water from the seamy side of the stretch ceiling, which must have sagged under its weight, it is necessary to remove the lamp and drain the accumulated moisture through the opened hole in the stretch structure. Then the remaining water should be carefully removed from the surface of the stretch ceiling with a dry cloth. If everything is done on time and carefully, the canvas will quickly restore its elasticity and return to the specified parameters..

Another myth about stretch ceilings in a children’s room tells about the need to select special lamps for them. In fact, there are no restrictions in the choice of lighting fixtures for stretch ceilings, although there is a difference in their fixing (built-in fixtures are mounted to the base ceiling). Also, the recommended power of screwed-in light bulbs is set in the range from 35 to 60 watts, otherwise the thin film of the stretch ceiling may deform or crack.

There are whole legends about the dangers of stretch ceilings in a children’s bedroom, which grew out of unpleasant associations and unfounded fears. Yes, it happens that film stretch ceilings exude a pungent toxic odor, characteristic of really harmful phenolic fumes. But this is precisely the sign of a low-quality stretch ceiling fabric made with gross violations of the prescribed technology. Whereas the certified stretching cloths made of film that have received the ECO quality mark, although they contain scanty amounts of chemicals, do not evaporate them, and the subtle odor that appears during manufacture quickly disappears after installation. High-quality fabric stretch ceilings do not smell at all and are also completely environmentally friendly and completely safe.

However, with fake stretch ceilings installed by accident or deceptively attractive cheapness, the story is not so optimistic. Made from low-quality raw materials and without strict control of all stages of production, they can really negatively affect the fragile child’s body. Therefore, when choosing a stretch ceiling for a children’s bedroom, parents should pay special attention to accompanying documentation and environmental safety certificates, as well as directly to manufacturers and installers..

Photo printing

Special technologies for applying almost any image on an artificial or woven fabric today make it possible to turn it into a masterpiece of modern art or a skillful copy of the creations of the great masters of the past..

Therefore, photo printing on a stretch ceiling is one of the most common ways to decorate children’s rooms. Toddlers and adolescents especially like the realism of the resulting image – their favorite characters, plots or landscapes, embodied on a stretch ceiling, look like real ones. To achieve such a result, just a high-resolution original picture and conscientious manufacturers and installers of a stretch ceiling with a photo print are enough.

In their reviews, clients often note that the stretch ceiling fabric with photo printing comes out very dense, and it is much more difficult to damage it than a thin film. And many more complain that in vain they did not dare to order photo printing on gloss for a long time. Such a bold stretch ceiling solution looks no worse than the usual matte one. Although still more advantageous photo printing looks on a satin stretch ceiling.

For girls and boys

It just so happened historically that boys are not particularly demanding of interior delights. Usually they are quite happy with a simple stretch ceiling with a high-quality image of a popular cartoon or movie hero, a knight’s castle or a treasure map, a favorite landscape or a sports car..

But girls often require a special approach to changes in personal space, and therefore they are more selective in the design of the stretch ceiling of their room. Young ladies are actively involved in the choice of style, and in the development of a frame sketch, and in the determination of color solutions for all details of the future design. That is why stretch ceilings in girls’ rooms are of high complexity and great variety. And also by careful selection of shades of the image, which will decorate the stretch ceiling in the little housewife’s room.

But since children grow up very quickly, and their tastes and interior preferences change even more rapidly, then with a competent approach to arranging a children’s room, it is better to use a stretch ceiling with neutral motives or plots that reflect not so much the child’s age as his character and favorite activities (sports, dancing, history, music, drawing, theater, travel).

Starry sky

All children, without exception, feel equally tender feelings towards the stretch ceiling, which looks like a starry sky – and the youngest dreamers, and little pragmatists, and romantic young ladies, and still beardless, but already very courageous admirers of flights in dreams and in reality. Star twinkling helps to recreate tiny LEDs or thin fiber optic cables that are attached to a stretch satin ceiling or descend through it to different heights, receiving light from the projector and reflecting it to the ends of the ceiling structure.

To populate the stretch ceiling of a children’s room with magic stars, you need to mount a frame for it 120-180 millimeters below the base ceiling, then attach an optical fiber to the ceilings and place a light generator, and only then close the entire structure with a stretch satin canvas.

This type of stretch ceiling is the most expensive, but its lighting system can be adjusted both manually and remotely. And skillfully applied on a mother-of-pearl surface, the drawing very realistically represents invitingly flickering known and unknown constellations, captivating the imagination of galaxy clusters and the endlessly mysterious Milky Way on such a stretch ceiling of a nursery..

Installation features

The work of installing a stretch ceiling is one of the fastest and cleanest: without plaster, whitewash, painting and mountains of construction waste. As a rule, it is carried out after the completion of the finishing of the room, and it is not required to level the base ceiling of the nursery. When, in the end, the stretch ceiling made of fabric or film looks perfectly flat, this is due to the correct initial measurement by a specialist technologist, competent drawings for the factory production of the ceiling sheet and the impeccable work of a qualified installer.

First, a frame made of aluminum or plastic molding is built around the perimeter of the room or according to a sketch previously agreed with the designer. After fixing the ceiling edge in its grooves, the final tension of the canvas is carried out with air heated to 45 degrees, supplied from a specialized heat gun. So, before installing the stretch ceiling, it is better to remove from the nursery all toys and objects that are sensitive to temperature rise, as well as, of course, the young owners of the room themselves. And be sure to introduce installers to the wiring system in this room..

Mounting a stretch ceiling in a standard children’s room takes about 2-3 hours. And the duration of the construction of a multi-level stretch ceiling depends on its design and the number of fixtures. The installation of an ordinary chandelier takes a little over half an hour, and the installation of each spotlight takes about 20 minutes..

By the way, no matter what the workers say, it is better to categorically refuse to install a stretch ceiling in the nursery with a gas cylinder – for the purpose of elementary fire safety.

It is worth noting: any stretch ceiling in a children’s room will definitely become an important component of the interior and will provide every child with a fabulous immersion in the land of dreams and fantasies that have come true. And the delight of shining eyes and the gratitude of satisfied boys and girls will be the best confirmation of the correct choice of a stretch ceiling for arranging their personal space.

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