Teenage bed with drawers

The child grows primarily physically. Over time, children’s furniture becomes simply small for him, and the choice of a new one must be approached with all responsibility. In terms of style, a teenager is already quite independent and can clearly explain what he needs, but it is better for parents to take on such everyday moments as strength and safety.

Features of choice

As for choosing a bed, first of all you need to pay attention to the material of manufacture. It must be durable; it is best to choose wood – solid wood, for example. Products made from it are hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and strong enough even for the most active children. Opt for hardwoods (beech or oak), and avoid conifers, as they are short-lived and contain a lot of resin.

The upholstery of the bed must match the interior, be easy to clean and also hypoallergenic. And the varnishes and paints with which the wood is covered are of high quality.

A bed for a teenager should not have sharp corners, all its parts should be firmly screwed to each other to avoid the possibility of accidental breakage.

It should also be borne in mind that boys prefer a bed of darker shades..

For girls, both light and dark wood are suitable..


There are several bed options for teenagers. The most popular of them is, of course, the classic one with drawers..

As a rule, this is an ordinary single or one-and-a-half bed. It is good in that it can be placed in both large and small rooms, since it does not take up much space. Of course, there are many options for improving and complementing such a simple-looking bed – for example, there are special boxes for storing a lot of teenage things in the base of the bed. They differ in size and in the way they are pulled out – back and forth or have doors.

It is worth paying special attention to the built-in drawers.. They allow you to save space and, at the same time, store a huge amount of things. For adolescents, this is most important – all kinds of property should lie in their place, and not be scattered throughout the room. Built-in drawers can teach a teenager to order..


An alternative is a bed with pull-out containers for storing things. This will be especially true for teenage girls with a lot of clothes and cosmetics..

For girls

Beds with drawers are a very profitable niche on the market, therefore there are a huge number of models.

For example, a bed with drawers can be a real joy for a girl. Such a huge amount of storage space will definitely inspire her – after all, the filling process itself is important for any woman..


Drawers in a girl’s bed can perform completely different functions – from standard storage of various things to a bedding cabinet, as, for example, here.

The bed shown in the photo is also interesting in that there are several shelves at the head of the bed. They can be a great home for a book or flower. Special attention should be paid to the color of the wood and the bedding itself..

Another interesting option is a bed with drawers at the head..

After all, the drawers do not have to be located at the base of the bed or at the bottom. Drawers and shelves built into the back look like a real mini-wardrobe. They add chic and appeal to any room, especially when paired with a pair of colored pillows. This option is convenient because, firstly, all things are at arm’s length – and this is ideal for reading at night, for example. And, secondly, such boxes and shelves can become a real decoration of the interior – you can place flowers or other knick-knacks on them..

Particular attention should be paid to a couple of chests-boxes located under the bed. As a rule, these parts are included with the bed, and parents do not have to run around the city in order to find something that matches the style. It is very convenient and, of course, also saves space and is a great addition to the interior. Extra drawers never get in the way.

For boys

It is believed that boys are less picky about everything when it comes to design. This is not entirely true. A bed for a teenage boy, undoubtedly, should be, first of all, comfortable, practical and comfortable. But you should not bypass the question of the design and model of the bed for the boy by the side – after all, he should also like the bed.


A bed in the style of minimalism will look very good..

The name speaks for itself – there is nothing superfluous in this bed and even the most discerning teenager will like it. This bed will be very easy to fit into virtually any interior – dark wood looks gorgeous in any version. Importantly, the bed has drawers for storing linen – and boys often sin by leaving the bed unmade..

If you need a more non-standard option, a similar model is ideal..

There are three times more drawers and shelves here than on the previous one, which significantly increases its functionality. The fence allows you to feel in privacy. As in the previous model, there are boxes for bed linen – there are two of them. Drawers in a fence or built into the headboard can be a great place to live for textbooks, and maybe even clothes..

Bunk beds and attics

An interesting solution would be a bunk bed – this is especially true for two teenagers of the same sex. Two sleeping canvases in such a bed are connected by columns, and a ladder leads to the upper one. As a rule, there are drawers and lockers here, which is undoubtedly very convenient and saves space. They can be located on the sides or built into the walls of the lower bed, located in the base and have a pull-out mechanism or open like a cabinet. Also, the bunk bed is safe, as it has sides – walls, thanks to which the child will not fall from the second tier..

Loft beds can be classified as space-saving beds. They are located on elevations so that under them you can easily organize a study area with a computer and a bookcase with many drawers and shelves..

For example, here the bed itself is located upstairs, directly above the wardrobe with clothes or bedding. It is worth paying special attention to the fact that, in addition to the cabinet, this model has additional drawers for books or disks..

Another option is a bed built into the furniture. It is good in a room where there is a need to use every meter “to the maximum”. As a rule, the bed is built into furniture with drawers to achieve maximum functionality – for example, in wardrobes.

Caring for the health of the child

In addition to choosing a bed directly, parents should pay attention to such an important detail as a mattress. They are usually hard and soft. Ideally, if there is a balance between hardness and softness. Such a mattress will adjust to the curves of the teenager’s body and create support for his spine. Pay attention to models with independent springs and springless mattresses.

The width of the mattress is determined by the behavior of the child in a dream (whether he sleeps in line or stretched out) and his complexion. If a teenager has a habit of tossing and turning in a dream, then you should take a closer look at the mattresses measuring 200×90 cm.

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