Wall-mounted changing tables

With the appearance of a newborn child in the house, the question of choosing a changing table arises. The variety of species makes the newly-born parents get lost, but today the wall-mounted changing table is gaining particular popularity, which has both positive and negative qualities..

Advantages and disadvantages

The wall-mounted changing table is a specific piece of furniture for children. It consists of a frame that is fixed to the wall and a table top that folds back. When the worktop is closed, the structure is almost invisible. Such a table, as a rule, has a small number of shelves for children’s hygiene products (usually 1-2) and rectangular sides with rounded ends. This structure of the product protects the child from falling..

Despite this, you cannot leave the child alone on the table, you must always be near. Such a table is a necessary thing in a small apartment, as it is compact and does not take up much space.. In addition, this design has the following advantages:

  • The ability to adjust the height for the height of the parents;
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of the product. The table is easily attached to any surface (chipboard, concrete, brick);
  • No restrictions on location. It can be installed in a children’s room, in a living room, and even in a bathroom;

  • The presence of small shelves allows you to store baby hygiene products needed when changing or massaging a baby. This allows you not to leave and collect the necessary creams and oils from different shelves every time, everything is in one place;
  • Stable construction. There is no need to be afraid that the table will turn over or fold in half (as it may be with folding changing tables);
  • Rich assortment. These tables are made in any color and from different materials (plastic, wood). This allows you to choose a table for any interior of the apartment..

The folding table on the wall also has a couple of disadvantages:

  • The need to install an additional shelf or cabinet next to the table. The presence of small shelves at the table does not allow storing all children’s things and accessories, so the task is to cope with this defect;
  • Traces remain on the wall after dismantling, since fixing the table involves making holes in the wall.

The choice of a children’s table should be approached more carefully and pay attention to many nuances.

Selection rules

Children’s furniture, like no other, requires a special approach to the choice.. When buying a wall-mounted table, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Material quality. First of all, it must be safe and non-toxic. You should choose an environmentally friendly material (wood, MDF). Wood is a more reliable material, and MDF is a cheaper analogue that can be easily damp cleaned. You can buy a chipboard product, but before buying you need to make sure that it is safe. To do this, you should ask the seller for a quality certificate for this table. The metal table is also a priority for young parents, as it is a strong and durable product. Plastic tables are cheaper than others, but in terms of quality and reliability they are significantly inferior to other types of tables.

Experts advise to smell the material when choosing a product. If there is a foreign or suspicious odor, then you should not purchase this product..

  • Product dimensions. When choosing a table, preference should be given to a wider countertop, as it will be practical for an older child. The length of the table should vary from 60 to 100 cm.For the smallest, it will be relevant and practical to use a surface up to 70 cm, and for older children from 70 and more, therefore it is better to choose an average tabletop length.
  • Practicality of the whole structure. An excellent option would be a table with a mounted mattress, this will save you from additional expenses and searches for the size you need. The material of the product must be moisture resistant, practical and “breathable”, as well as easy to wash off dirt.

  • The presence of sides. It is worth paying attention to the protective sides, which should not be less than 5 cm in height.This value is optimal to keep the child from falling and to carry out the necessary procedures comfortably.
  • The presence of durable shelves. Such devices will store personal hygiene items for children, so it should be quite wide. The number of shelves in wall tables must be at least two. This will allow you to place all the necessary accessories..

Product design

One of the important factors in choosing children’s furniture is its color and design. It should harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. An interesting solution is a wooden table on the wall. The color of such a table can vary from light wood to wenge, while the outer side of the tabletop can be decorated with paintings or fairy-tale characters. When the table is opened, this design move is not visible, but when closed it can resemble a painting.

Do not get too carried away with decorating the product. The surface of the table should be resistant to everyday wet cleaning and should not become a gathering place for dust and dirt, so you should not decorate the outer surface of the tabletop with carvings. The color of the product should be neutral, soft and pleasing to the eyes..

Decorate the table depending on its further “destiny”. If you want to use it for other purposes in the future (for example, as a box for storing objects), then you should not use children’s design, for example, large cartoon characters. If the wall table is planned to be used only for its intended purpose, then this design will be appropriate. The wall-mounted changing table can become an indispensable item for the baby and his parents, you just have to approach his choice correctly.

For how to make a wall-mounted changing table with your own hands, see the following video.

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