Wallpaper for a teenage boy

The adolescence of a son for parents and for the child himself is a very difficult period, it rarely goes unnoticed, difficulties await all family members at almost every step. Therefore, everything that surrounds the boy should be positive, love and harmony. The interior of a teenager’s bedroom is especially important at this difficult hour, because the growing up child spends almost all his free time in his personal space..

Photo wallpaper for a teenager’s room should reflect his inner world, be in harmony with his "I AM", fit in character, correspond to modern fashion and style. However, it is often very difficult to find the ideal option that will please both the child and his parents, but perhaps it is enough to study a little the features of the decorative coating, the tastes and preferences of the young owner of the bedroom..

To make the child’s bedroom interesting, bright, and most importantly cozy for him, so that he likes to be in it, moms and dads should pay attention to the wallpaper. Previously, they were often used in design, now the popularity of this decorative element for walls is gaining momentum again.!

Right choice

The interior of a room for a teenager should show those around him his individuality, taste preferences, and the simplest way of self-expression is just a photo wallpaper. They can depict your favorite comics, vehicles, sports equipment, portraits of your favorite musicians, actors, abstract drawings, etc. Do not lose sight of the moment that the room where the teenager lives should also be liked by his friends, since the opinion of peers is insanely important for the younger generation. Therefore, it is better to entrust the choice of wallpaper on the wall to the young man himself, since only he knows what he will definitely like and his friends will like..

If the parents are firmly decided to buy photomurals for the nursery, then the idea that this process will not take much of their time is wrong. To begin with, adults need to find out a list of rules that will help you choose the perfect wallpaper on the wall of a room for a teenager:

  • The bedroom should be spacious, not cluttered with furniture and unnecessary household items. Wall murals will look good only when they are not covered by interior details. If the room is small enough, then the pattern for the walls should be selected individually, since too large images of something can distort and visually reduce the already meager space..
  • For a children’s room, harmony is a very important parameter.. Therefore, wall murals should not “fall out” of the general style, otherwise they will look ugly and spoil the general appearance of the room.

  • It is imperative that the work area where the child is engaged or plays must be separated from the wallpaper.. Even with peripheral vision, the teenager should not see the patterns of the wall covering, otherwise he will be greatly distracted from the main activity, will not be able to concentrate on doing homework.
  • You should also take into account the nature of. For a calm boy, photomurals in blue, green, brown, gray and orange will be ideal. If the child is a real rebel, the color palette of wallpaper for his room can be even more radical, for example, combine black and red colors..

In order to understand which wallpaper will most likely suit and please the child, parents should consult with him, but at the same time remember the advice of psychologists and professional designers, in time directing the wishes of their beloved child in the right direction. Observing all the rules, you can choose high-quality wallpaper that fully meets the needs of a teenager and his parents.

Features and Benefits

Wall murals are very beneficial to use for decorating a children’s bedroom. First of all, this is due to the fact that growing up, every child wants to somehow differ from his peers, to demonstrate to others his “I”.

Wallpaper familiar to everyone will not help to stand out and create a unique style of the room, but photo wallpapers, on the contrary, can cope with this difficult task..

The advantages of this decorative element are obvious:

  • Thanks to photomurals, a child can express himself. When a young man is surrounded by what he likes, he feels more comfortable, he is confident, does not withdraw into himself.
  • Wall murals can be easily re-glued if desired, for example, when the image on them gets tired of the child. This happens very often during adolescence..

  • The pattern on such wallpaper looks neat, aesthetically pleasing.. This is much better than a room covered with posters, posters, or even worse, a painted room that is nothing but visual clutter and chaos..
  • The range of photowall-paper is very large, as well as a rich selection of plots, color options, which allows the teenager to express himself and demonstrate his preferences.

  • The greatest benefit for parents is this is absolute safety. Wall murals are made only from environmentally friendly materials, so they will not harm health and will not negatively affect his health.
  • Availability of film – a special protective layer, thanks to which the wallpaper does not fade, does not wear off, calmly react to moisture, temperature fluctuations and other environmental factors. That is why photomurals serve for a very long time, they are practical to use and care for.

Types of design and stylistic solutions

The most common way of decorating a teenager’s room with photo wallpaper is to use modern-style drawings that are fully consistent with his interests. Depending on the character of the growing young man, his taste preferences can change daily, so parents should always consult with their sons about the drawing..

For 14 years old, photomurals need to be chosen, taking into account the hobbies, music and other preferences of teenagers:

  • active computer gamers will find wallpapers with images of heroes from their favorite games;

  • creative people will like the city wall murals, graffiti;


  • sports guys will appreciate the wallpapers with portraits of famous football players, basketball players, hockey players and boxers, cyclists and representatives of other sports;


  • a room for a teenager with photowall-paper depicting predatory animals is the most common choice, since these motifs do not get bored so quickly and are considered universal;

  • for admirers of motorcycle and auto equipment, it is worth choosing photomurals with ATVs or motorcycles, cars and other vehicles;

  • music lovers can decorate the walls with wallpaper with their favorite solo performers or bands;
  • for moviegoers there is nothing better than images with frames from the films you like.


Stylish looks

In the children’s room where the boy lives, you can use not only drawings of the male sex to which the child belongs, but also abstract images, that is, universal photo wallpapers suitable for everyone: these are marine themes, space, animals, megacities and other options.

Naturally, ideal room designs are the harmony of all children’s elements: for example, the theme of the sea is no longer amusing cartoon fish, these are beautiful ships, seascapes; animals are not cute cats, but powerful lions and tigers.

Little boys love small cars, for example, the racing car from the popular cartoon Cars. In adolescents, this love can turn into a passion for modern cars.. So why not decorate a teenager’s bedroom wall with a large supercar image? In addition to these photo wallpapers, the room can be supplemented with modern fancy furniture, such as bean bags, matching curtains and compact lighting fixtures..

And to refresh the wallpaper, make them more modern, you can highlight them with neon lighting or decorate with a decorative frame made of various pieces of furniture and shelves. Do not be afraid of experiments: in such a bedroom everything will become unusual and original, and any companion of a teenager will certainly envy his friend.

And most importantly, a teenager’s room, and in particular, its walls, decorated with photo wallpaper, will be ideal only if they match the tastes of the young owner. The main thing is that the selected photo wallpaper is fashionable, and in no case “childish”, and for this you need to always talk with the child and be interested in his life.

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