Wallpaper for a teenager’s room

The child grows over time and certainly changes, habits, hobbies, and most importantly, interests change. His main habitat should not remain static and his main habitat is a children’s room, where he spends a lot of time after school, in circles and walks.

Of course, you should not think that repairs in the nursery will stand untouched for many years. Children during growth, according to psychologists, are most susceptible to dynamic changes, both personal and social..

Therefore, you should not be surprised that after not so much time, the interior elements will have to be radically changed so that your child is most comfortable in it..

And in this case, in order not to miscalculate with these changes, it is worth taking a closer look at the interests of the child, perhaps even discussing with him how he sees the interior of the nursery.

Fashion trends in the world of children’s wallpaper, of course, can be important to you. Despite this, we recommend that you listen to the interests of your children..

The main thing is not to overdo it with criticism, because the main thing in the process of educating a child’s personality is to make sure that he is not afraid to express his opinion, even if this opinion does not correspond to your view of the design of his children’s corner.

So, you are about to make repairs in the nursery. The question arises before you: what wallpaper is best to choose in order to create maximum comfort for children?

Of course, it is the wallpaper that is the key element that forms the interior. Perhaps nothing has a greater impact on the mood created in the room than the color, pattern and tone of the wallpaper on its walls..

We invite you to speculate on the topic: what wallpaper is right for your child? Let’s try not to forget that he has unique features and hobbies..

Types of wallpapers and popular brands

When choosing wallpapers, you need to remember that they come in completely different types, made from a variety of materials. You can choose to your taste paper, cork, vegetable wallpaper, glass wallpaper, non-woven, textile, velor or liquid.


An interesting option can be the choice of photowall-paper..

They can, for example, depict cities, cars, any sporting events (for boys) and more romantic stories (for girls).

For example, landscapes.

It will also be possible to paste the original wallpaper with the image of graffiti.

Plain wallpaper is a good option. They will not let the eye get tired, and also leave the child a place for self-expression. Such wallpapers will not attract much attention..

Wallpaper with a geometric image will be able to convey the peculiarities of space in a more original way and look very unusual.

Wallpaper in “stripes” will allow you to use combinations of several colors, you can choose your favorite shades, create a contrast.

Especially for you, we have prepared a small overview of brands that produce wallpapers for children and adolescents..

You can pick up products from companies such as BN, ProSpero, AURA. There are many offers on the market from foreign brands, including wallpapers from Casadeco (France), KEMEN (Spain), Sergio Rossellini (Italy), York (USA), Harlequin (England), etc..

German wallpapers from the “Kids Club” collection from the “Rasch” factory continue to delight consumers with a successful interpretation of various themes, perfect for children and teenagers. The wallpapers of this collection are mainly made of paper, the age level of the brand’s audience is approximately from 3 to 13 years old..

Children of this age will feel especially comfortable surrounded by various patterns, ornaments, images of magical characters and animals. Among the wallpapers in this series, there are floral ornaments that will not leave your daughter indifferent..

For growing men, there are curbs with intricate images of toy construction equipment..

There are also drawings depicting racing cars, heavy trucks, cars, made in original style solutions..

Frequent guests on such wallpapers are heroes of popular animated films. What is noteworthy – the wallpapers of the “Kids Club” brand include all kinds of wallpapers: you can find geometric, monochromatic, plot patterns, floral ornaments, flowers and even graffiti..

Original design solutions

With all the variety of offers on the wallpaper market, you should understand that just choosing high-quality wallpapers will not be enough. It is important to use their strengths in an original way, to create an extraordinary space. To create an interesting space in the room, we suggest using the following interior design principles in the nursery. You can place a seascape with a beautiful frigate on the wall and paste over the room with wallpaper in a light navy blue.

At the same time, stylized furniture will complement the space and add zest to it..

No one will forbid you to place a photo wallpaper depicting a city street and consolidate the feeling of an unusual space with a lamp stylized as a street lamp..

Or, for example, hang a lifebuoy on the wall in a room with a seascape. Such an accessory will look at least original. Your child is likely to appreciate these design delights..


If your son plays hockey, then a room will look very stylish, on the walls of which, like accessories, hockey sticks will be placed. You can order a blanket with the emblem of his favorite hockey team, as well as place posters on the walls depicting uncompromising ice battles.

In a room originally decorated with several types of wallpaper, a sports corner will look harmonious – perhaps even a children’s wall and a horizontal bar. It will be important to decorate the sports area with a separate type of wallpaper that differs in color..

In this case, a moderately bright color will become appropriate, which will invigorate and encourage physical activity. However, remember to dilute it with soft, soothing tones so that when arriving in another area of ​​the room, for example, intended for school homework, the child can concentrate and tune in to study..

In the bedroom, use tones that help prepare for bed and bring calmness to the atmosphere of the room. In general, there can be a thousand options for the execution of a conceived design idea..

Color palette and pattern

Do not forget about certain rules in the matter of choosing themes, plots, colors and textures..

For example, if your child is in the active stage of growing up, you should not completely delete both adult and child elements from the interior..

In this case, it would be wiser to resort to their symbiosis. Let there be a kind of “golden mean”. In this case, the child will be most comfortable: he will feel harmonious in the room. In other words: “at ease”.

Of course, in the undergrowth room, most likely there is no place for domestic “Baba Yaga”, “Snake Gorynych” or overseas “Mickey Mouse” and “Donald Dakov”.

However, stylized boats made in gray-yellow color, walls made like bricks, or with elements of football graffiti, if the owner of the room is a boy, will look appropriate..

Naturally, the older the child is, the further it is necessary to move away from children’s themes in the design of the interior of his room. Bright colors are replaced by softer, sometimes pastel colors. Various thematic pictures may appear on the walls, sounding in unison with the interior of the living space.

Psychologists recommend not to get carried away with annoying and very bright shades when choosing colors. This opinion is explained by the unformed and still vulnerable child’s psyche. Create a relaxing atmosphere. A faithful assistant in this will be a reasonable combination of variegated and moderate tones..

It is also not recommended to use coatings with textured and overly variegated patterns. They will be annoying. Believe me.

How to choose?

If the nursery is on the north side of the house, then concentrate more light colors in the interior. This will help in the event that the room where you plan to create comfort for the child is small, then in no case should you aggravate the situation by choosing a dark color for decorating the walls. He will make the already cramped room visually even closer. This state of affairs, most likely, will not please the inhabitant of the room..

We emphasize that it would be a good idea to split the room into separate zones. Wallpaper becomes a tool for solving this problem. In the sleeping space, let the walls be decorated with soothing colors, and in the place where the child decides the lessons, colors may appear that will set him up for mental work and help to concentrate.

Elsewhere, the room can be made flashy and festive. Make the color of the walls sound in unison with the color of the furniture, or contrast, emphasizing certain colors.

There is no doubt that the child will accept the idea of ​​creating a combined interior with a bang. Various materials can be combined in it and non-standard ideas, creative solutions can be seen.

Prepare a special space on the walls to place various posters of your favorite football clubs, sports teams, comic book heroes or rock artists.

Most likely, this wall for a child will become one of the most beloved fragments of a room interior. Next, we will try to make out in more detail what design will be most appropriate for the children’s rooms of adolescents of different genders..

For boys

The gender of the child plays an important role. This should also be reflected in the choice of the interior design of the living space. For girls, a softer one, with a touch of romance will suit; for young people, more brutal elements, more weighty colors will be appropriate. For example, small “actions” – plot compositions on the walls will seem useful for them.

Choice based on gender

If you want to choose a good design for your beloved daughter, then start with the fundamental element – the choice of color. Imagine for yourself what idea you want to bring to life. If, thanks to stereotypes, you still think that there is no better color for your princess than pink, you are a little mistaken. Develop these conjectures.

This color, with its overabundance, can be very annoying. Although light pink, used in moderation, in combination with other feminine colors can create a unique atmosphere, which is the best fit for a cozy room of a young lady..

It would be appropriate to dilute the restrained tones with bright interior elements, such as pillows, chairs, decor elements. This will add energy to the interior. After all, the territory of the nursery is also intended for entertainment, where you can spend time fun and usefully..

For boys

Boys are still mischievous. They often do not sit still. It’s hard to keep them. So why not go for the trick and use soothing colors when creating a room for a future man? To at least slightly exaggerate the boy’s activity, the contrast of light and dark will be ideal. Green and blue fit perfectly into a palette of soothing colors..

Let the child’s hobbies be reflected in the interior. For a young football player, you can choose wallpaper with the image of soccer balls and idol players. Posters with your favorite team can take pride of place on the walls.

If your main hobby is music, it will be appropriate to choose a wallpaper with the image of guitars, drums, notes or any other thematic symbols.

To summarize, when designing a room for a boy, the most useful technique is the use of contrasts. The use of several types of wall wallpaper at once is encouraged..

One room for children of different genders

Sometimes it happens that the housing issue does not allow children of different genders to be accommodated in separate rooms. Then some kind of design tricks come to the rescue, suitable for solving the problem. Their main task is to create a cozy space for children of different sexes, where both a girl and a boy will feel equally comfortable..

If the children are of different sexes, but approximately the same age, then using flowers it is not necessary to divide the space. It can even become a reason for conflict..

Try to decorate the room in the same style.

Let each of them, with the help of their favorite accessories, decorate their corner the way they want..

If an adult child lives in the same room with a baby, then the wallpaper should be in such a room of two types, saturated to varying degrees.

In the corner of a small child, stick baby wallpaper.

In the common room of a boy and a girl, divide the space visually. Use fences or curtains to physically divide the space as well. Let the walls be completely different, and the partitions will help hide the sharp transition between them..

We hope that our article will be useful for you and will suggest fresh and non-standard solutions..

But, most importantly, do not forget that a child in adolescence has practically formed his views and interests. Let him create his own world, his living space, in which he will be as comfortable as possible.

This means that he will be able to more effectively recuperate after school, rest, relax and, perhaps, will more often please you with good grades and new victories in sports or creativity..

Good luck to you and your child!

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