Wallpaper in the nursery with stars

Glowing wallpaper for walls is a category of finishing materials, the interest in which has not waned for several decades. Most often, such wallpapers are glued to the children’s room. But many children, growing up, subsequently want to return that unique atmosphere of magic and select similar wallpapers already in their adult bedroom.

What is the secret of the popularity of these materials? It’s all about their special properties. In the daytime in sunlight, they are no different from all other wallpapers with a regular pattern. But at night they begin to glow with a soft muffled light, creating an atmosphere of a certain mystery in the room. Such wallpaper can be glued not only to the walls, but also to the ceiling..

The glow effect is achieved through special dyes (pigments). Depending on which manufacturer and what technologies he uses, wallpapers with luminous elements are divided into two categories:

  1. Luminescent wallpaper with glow in the dark effect. This type of finish is processed with special compounds that absorb solar energy for the whole day, and with the onset of darkness give the received energy in the form of a dim glow..
  2. 3D Fluorescent Glowing Wallpaper. Their manufacturing technology is as follows, the pattern on the wallpaper begins to appear in the light of ultraviolet rays. To obtain the glow effect, it is advisable to purchase lamps with special lamps that glow with such rays. The number of such lamps is calculated based on the area of ​​the room: 1 light bulb per 3 sq. M. area. If the luminaires are with reflectors, the number may be less. Choosing a fluorescent wallpaper is best for a room located on the shady side. The sun’s rays are harmful to such wallpapers..

The design of wallpaper with a luminous pattern can be very diverse. If you are looking for clothes for the walls in the bedroom, perhaps you should pay attention to the wallpaper depicting a seascape, a picture of a night metropolis will look great in the living room, and for a children’s room it is worth choosing something quieter.

A universal option for children of both sexes is wallpaper for the nursery with glowing stars. They can be combined with other wallpapers to create a specific theme. So, for example, a boy’s room can be pasted over with wallpaper with stars on one side, and a wallpaper with a picture of a rocket or space aliens from a cartoon on the other. For a girl’s bedroom in a couple of star wallpapers, you can pick up posters or stickers with magical fairies.

Selection Tips

  1. Glowing wallpaper looks best from a distance and in large rooms. If you have a small area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe room, it may be worthwhile to paste over with such wallpaper not the whole room, but one wall or even a fragment of the wall.
  2. Choose wallpapers with cartoon characters with care. These wallpapers are very popular with little kids. But when they start to grow up, these wallpapers get bored. Alternatively, you can restrict yourself to stickers glowing in the dark, which, if desired, can be removed and replaced with a plot that is more suitable for age..
  3. It is necessary to take care of the luminous layer very delicately. Even if there is an icon on the wallpaper that it is washable, do not rub it with soapy water and other household chemicals..
  4. It is worth buying wallpaper with glowing stars and other fragments only if they have a certificate of conformity. It will be a guarantee that the new wallpaper will be a source of joy and will not harm your health. If the seller cannot provide a certificate, before buying, check the name of the manufacturer’s company and go to their website – a reputable company must have it. Compare the brand of wallpaper there with the one indicated on the etiquette. If all the data is the same, you can safely buy.
  5. Some stores offer wallpaper with a “starry sky” effect for the ceiling. As a rule, they are made in a darker version than the walls – in blue or black. These wallpapers look good in a room with high ceilings. The maximum effect of such wallpaper will be obtained if there is hidden lighting around the entire perimeter of the room..

When choosing a wall decor with a star theme, pay attention to the general background and color of the pattern, as well as how often it is repeated and what size of the star..

  • A bright and large ornament will attract the attention of younger children.
  • For those who have already started attending elementary school, it may be worth choosing small stars on a yellow or pale blue background. The eyes do not get tired of such a pattern, especially since it is already difficult for first-graders and they do not need additional sources of irritation.
  • And a teenage girl will surely appreciate the wallpaper depicting the Milky Way – looking at it, it is so good to dream of something romantic.



Many people ask the question – is the paint that glows harmful to children’s health?? Manufacturers assure that in such small quantities it is no more harmful than glue or paint, or any other wallpaper. The source of the glow itself is important here – the pigment. The name of the paint often contains the word “Phosphorescent”. However, this does not mean at all that it contains phosphorus. It may be a phosphor that has been tested in Russia and is recognized as absolutely safe..

Some people are worried about whether the light emanating from the stars will interfere with the night’s rest? If your child prefers to sleep in complete darkness, you may not want to choose this wallpaper. The wallpaper pattern can be compared to the soft glow of a night light that most people prefer..

If you are still afraid of the harmful effects of paint on the child’s body, pay attention to the novelty: LED wallpaper. Their basis can be very different from paper of sound-absorbing fabric to flexible displays. Their principle of operation is similar: diodes are built into the base, which create a flickering glow. In the version with a display, the diodes are controlled using rheostat switches.

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