Country style curtains

Country style curtains

Decorating an apartment is a long and laborious process that takes a lot of time and effort. A lot in interior design depends on the style direction, which sets the overall tone for the room. The Country style is quite popular in the modern world, which is more and more often used by residents of megalopolises. Having chosen this direction in the interior, the owner of the apartment must take into account all the nuances of the style, including what the textile design of the rooms should be. First of all, this applies to curtains..

Style features

Country style is in demand among people who value naturalness and environmental friendliness. Its main task is to create a home interior in a rustic spirit. Its features depend on the color of the chosen country, which sets the basic tone. An entire apartment or a single room can embody Mexican motives, a Ukrainian house, Swiss chalets and other options from different countries..

Basically, Country is chosen by residents of summer cottages or private houses in order to arrange the entire space of housing in one direction..

However, many city apartment owners prefer Country as a general theme of the premises. Very often it can be a bedroom, living room or kitchen..

The main feature of the style is the natural finish, which is used to decorate the apartment.. Therefore, artificial materials such as plastic, silicone, linoleum, synthetics and stretch ceilings are inappropriate here..

Modern Country does not require an absolute repetition of all the components of the rustic decoration, just a little stylization is enough. It is important to make the room as simple and close to nature as possible. Therefore, textiles should be the main focus..


Country music appreciates naturalness, so all textiles must be of natural origin. To decorate windows, you need to use chintz, linen, cambric, cotton or silk curtains. These are the basic materials for the rural look. They are interesting in that, in addition to the aesthetic appearance, they have the ability to create coziness and comfort in the room..

About what style curtains can be "Country", can be seen in the video below.

Flax is good because it is able to warm the room in winter and cool in summer.. In addition, it is least susceptible to dirt and wear, and its structure allows sunlight to enter the room in large quantities..

Burlap is suitable for styling, which is distinguished by its durability. For its manufacture, jute, hemp or linen yarn is used, which gives the fabrics coarseness and density..

But natural fabrics are short-lived – they quickly fade and shrink. Therefore, it is permissible to replace them with artificial analogs, which should exactly repeat the texture and mattness of natural fabrics, but at the same time have high wear resistance..

Country style is distinguished not only by the naturalness of textiles, but also by the ornament of fabrics. So, the curtains should have an uncomplicated pattern to emphasize the lightness and simplicity of the village house:

  • A large or small cage is best suited for fabric decoration of curtains.. They can be decorated with lace, which will add lightness to the space..

  • Curtains in polka dots or in a circle look interesting. Country music allows you to use fabrics with images of fruits, berries, vegetables, household items and pets. Everything that people associate with the village can be used to decorate the window openings of housing..

  • But with all this, the drawing should not be large.. Large images will spoil the overall picture and very quickly bore the owners. Small and medium ornaments are the main difference between the Country style and other trends..

Another important point is that Country does not tolerate over-combination of drawings. The combination of cells, polka dots and flowers in one room – the top of tastelessness.


The style is characterized by a variety of colors, which are distinguished by calmness and warmth. They should not be colorful and flashy, their main difference is density and juiciness.. The ideal solution would be to use natural colors such as green, yellow, brown, beige, blue and their light shades:

  • English country assumes a rich color palette that uses dark tones. It is dominated by green, red and brown shades..

  • American style prefers calmer and lighter tones of natural colors. It can be light green, beige, brown and light yellow. However, gray curtains can also be used to decorate windows..

  • But French Provence appreciates tenderness and lightness, and therefore it is characterized by the use of pastel colors with gray, mint and sand shades. In this case, the curtains may have a small pattern, for example, in a flower or a check..

  • In Russian version Traditionally, white curtains are used, which may include fruits or vegetables. Many apartments have small windows in the kitchen, so white tulle will give the room natural light..

All directions of style are united by one common goal – to create an atmosphere of home comfort. Therefore, the color scheme in textile design should not attract undue attention to itself, but complement the overall design..

For different rooms

To determine the choice of curtains, you need to be guided primarily by the location of the window:

  • For the bedroom, it is appropriate to use long lace curtains on the floor.. They can have delicate colors with small ornaments, and you can decorate them with hooks of the same color as the curtains themselves. Instead of grabs, it is possible to use a satin ribbon or lace braid.

  • Curtains in the living room can have a striped print. It will create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility in the room, and in combination with a classic lambrequin, it can set a rustic tone..

  • To decorate the kitchen, you need to choose short and practical curtains, the length of which should not be lower than the window sill.. Curtains can consist of one canvas, or two canvases. They can have a bright ornament that will emphasize the purpose of the kitchen..

How to choose?

When choosing curtains in the Country style, you need to take into account not only the general style of the room, but also the size of the windows. For example, if the windows are narrow, then the curtains need to be selected in light shades so as not to lose an already small amount of light. But large windows, which are typical for a wooden house, can be decorated with thick curtains in pastel colors..

Also, when choosing curtains, you need to study their varieties in order to find the ideal option for a particular room:

  • Roman curtains have a built-in mechanism, thanks to which they can be raised or lowered, while adjusting the lighting inside the room. When folded, they resemble an accordion, and when unfolded, they look like a flat canvas. Curtains can be fixed in various ways to either completely cover the window space or leave an area under the windowsill open. Roman curtains are often used for the kitchen, especially if it does not have a large area..

  • Roller blinds is a twisted canvas attached to the sash of a window or to the wall above the opening. They are easy to spread out to darken the room, and just as easy to hide in a box. The main advantages of roller blinds are ease of maintenance and affordable prices. They can be hung in the bathroom or kitchen to restrict light from entering..

  • Cafe curtains look good in the kitchen, because they shade the space a little, which is necessary in the bedroom and in the living room. They do not have enough length to close the window completely, but they do not visually reduce the space..

  • Japanese curtains consist of sliding fabric panels that move left and right. They are ideal for a living room or dining room with large windows or an adjacent loggia. The length of the curtains allows you to visually increase the ceiling and not overload the interior of the room. The good thing is that they are unpretentious in care – it is enough to wipe them from time to time with a damp cloth..

  • Curtains-muslin consist of fabric or beaded threads. They are designed to create a light and airy atmosphere that is inherent in the modern Country style. But muslin curtains do not have high wear resistance and strength, and therefore they cannot be installed in an apartment with small children..

  • Blinds popular for their ability to completely darken a room using a special mechanism. They can be made of thick fabric or wood, which fully corresponds to the style direction. You can hang them in any room, because they will look harmoniously with all the rustic elements.

  • Tulle known to all people, and therefore needs no introduction. Usually it has a curtain tape with a cord, the loops of which must be attached to a curtain or cornice. This type of curtain is suitable for any room, the main thing is to choose the right design.

Having studied all types of curtains that are suitable for Country style, you also need to decide on their color and design.. It is best if they repeat the main shade of the room. If you want to make the space a little brighter, then it is permissible to use burgundy or blue. It can be pickups or cornice..

Interior options

The world’s leading designers are constantly improving modern home, introducing some innovations into each style direction. In the modern world, there are enough artificial materials that are able to imitate natural materials. Therefore, you can use synthetic fabrics, only they should look as natural and natural as possible..

Designers offer the following solutions:

  • Curtains with hooks that have the same design as lace will look good. You can hang them on a wooden or metal curtain rod with simple tips.

  • Lambrequins with a simple shape and frequent assemblies are currently considered fashionable..

  • To simplify the cleaning process, lifting curtains are increasingly used. They look spectacular and modern, and in combination with braid or lace they acquire a unique look.

  • Country style allows you to combine different fabrics to create a unique curtain. It is important that they have the same color or texture. You can, for example, connect beige canvases, one of which may have a checkered pattern, and the other striped.

  • Various decorations look beautiful: braid, tassels, laces and lace. But they must necessarily repeat the general style of the room and not look pretentious..

  • In a bedroom or children’s room, you can use ruffles and frills. It is possible to decorate the curtains yourself by purchasing sewn appliques from the sewing workshop.

A rustic, uncomplicated and calm style of contribution helps to create a comfortable and cozy home. And correctly selected textiles will complement the interior and immerse residents in an atmosphere of safety and peace..

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