Curtains for veranda and terrace

Curtains for the veranda and terrace serve as an excellent decor, protect from the sun’s rays. drafts and bad weather. Outdoor curtains for outdoor terraces and curtains for glazed rooms are made from practical fabrics and special materials.


In the warm season, it is difficult to see in the house if there is a light structure in the form of a veranda or a gazebo. Air filled with aromas of flowers, refreshing coolness await on a cozy and beautifully decorated terrace in the middle of the garden or not far from the main building.

The veranda and terrace in a country house is a favorite area for families to relax. On a cozy veranda overlooking green trees and lawns, as a rule, all family members gather together, spending time in comfort. Therefore, each hostess tries to decorate the veranda and gazebo as a visiting card of her summer cottage. Elegant and stylish curtains play an important role in the decor..

Outdoor curtains protect from the sun in the heat, waterproof curtain models effectively shelter from rain and dew due to the water-repellent properties of the materials from which they are made.

Waterproof curtain models are intended for staying in the open area of ​​a veranda or gazebo.

Materials (edit)

The fabric for curtains or curtains on the veranda is chosen depending on the season. The lightest and most transparent types of fabrics are relevant for the summer season.. Popular materials for the summer season:

  • Cotton;
  • Organza;
  • Tulle;
  • Silk;
  • Linen;
  • Flannel.

In sunny weather, translucent laces and scallops will look just magical, playing under the bright rays of the sun. They are collected and draped in folds, secured with exquisite elements..

Bamboo is another naturally occurring summer material.. Eco-friendly fiber with unusual weave is easy to clean and wash. For a practical housewife, such curtains can be the best solution when decorating both open and closed veranda. Curtains do not cause allergies, do not accumulate static electricity and keep insects out.

Rolled up over a door or window opening, bamboo curtains do not interfere with movement, moreover, they perfectly decorate the interior. Warm tone and originality of design are another strong point of this summer material. Next to wicker furniture made of vine, bamboo looks harmonious, and the grass and trees in the garden and on the paths against a beige background pleases the eye with bright green.

Lightweight awning fabrics made according to special technologies for gazebos and terraces have a density of no more than 250 g / m2. High-quality coloring and impregnation of materials, the strength of the threads and the form of their weaving are important..

Acrylic has become widespread from synthetic materials, the most modern unnatural fabrics include blackout. The development of manufacturers from Finland made it possible to completely protect the premises from the sun’s rays at the beginning of summer, when the “white nights” begin in the northern regions. Blackout curtains do not allow drafts to “walk”, help to keep warm and quiet. Synthetic blackout is not subject to fire, melts in case of fire with minimal release of harmful substances. Curtains of two or three layers, it is customary to drape the inner parts with beautiful folds.

If the blackout is two-layer, the outer layer comes out. – fabric containing thin metallic threads that completely reflect light. The interior layer is a dark, densely woven sunscreen fabric. Aesthetic curtains prevent dust from settling, and impregnated with acrylics repel moisture.

The third layer, if any, is a decorative material that imitates satin or silk, as well as jacquard, bright and colorful, with an ornamental pattern, photographic print. Quite expensive for the price, the three-layer blackout meets the requirements of an ideal material, looks great in any interior.

Impregnated canvas curtains do not allow moisture to enter the house, close the windows from drafts, rains. For the coldest time – late autumn and winter – on the open terrace, oilcloth and polycarbonate canvases will be appropriate.

Awnings tarpaulin curtains additionally cover the ceiling and walls on the veranda.

Polymer curtains are known as “soft windows”, which make it easy to protect the gazebo instead of glazing in fall / winter. The tension of flexible PVC curtains provides them with proper opacity, so in a gazebo with a similar design it will be light enough all day. Products of the latest generation have the following functional qualities:

  • Durability and reliability. The service life of curtains can be up to 10 years, they do not sag or tear, they are resistant to sun and water.
  • High protective properties. There will be no dirt and dust, insects on your veranda. It is such canvases instead of windows that can shelter from rain and wind in the off-season and in winter. In cold weather, a small heater is enough to stay warm without compromising on the usual way of life in the country.
  • Low cost and ease of installation.

Plastic and polyethylene products of various colors, in addition to being practical, visually expand the viewing space. They are not inferior in strength to colored curtains with synthetic threads. If necessary, the bottom of the windows is draped or covered with colored curtains in addition. This will hide the veranda from prying eyes, and complex curtains, consisting of two or three layers, further enhance the feeling of comfort and coziness..

Dimensions (edit)

The main dimensions of the curtain fabric are length and width. The latter depends on the size of the cornice, depending on the thickness of the material, exceeding it by one and a half to two times to create the desired volume. Parameters such as the length of terrace curtains can be different:

  • Up to the windowsill. Are intended for windows located in niches, horizontally directed. Such curtains only slightly touch the plane of the window sill..
  • Average. In this case, the curtain hangs slightly lower, not reaching the heating radiator line. It is better to fix curtains of this length with pendants to make the appearance of the window more attractive when the curtains are open..
  • To the floor. Windows that offer a beautiful view are in an arched style, of an unusual shape, French and lifting ones are best decorated with such curtains. Falling freely to the floor, they decorate a spacious veranda.
  • Cafe style. This is the name of the small canvases that cover the bottom of the window, leaving the top open. Thus, objects of indoor decoration are not visible from the street, and light and air freely penetrate into the room..

If you like very long curtains lying on the floor in spectacular flounces, then add 10-15 cm on top, and up to 50 cm of fabric from below to make a hem.

How to choose?

When it comes time to choose curtains suitable for the veranda, it is easy to get confused, since there are a large number of types of curtains, as well as options for decorating them. In this matter, a methodical selection will help, which allows you to select suitable products. If necessary, the curtains are simply sewn on their own from the fabrics intended for this..

Besides, it is important to take into account the proportions of the windows, the purpose and style of decoration of your comfortable corner. For the terrace, curtains become a visual dominant in the interior, moreover, they are also assigned the functions of a protective nature, and not just a beautiful element. Experts do not recommend choosing expensive fabrics for sewing curtains, because they are exposed to the external environment, need frequent cleaning or washing. Lightweight and practical fabrics are suitable for decorating a terrace..

Fabric curtains and curtains are selected to match the main colors of the interior. The large assortment allows you to do this without difficulty, since colors and patterns are available on the market in abundance. Ready-made curtains take into account the most common sizes and types of windows. For non-standard openings on the terrace, the curtains can be shortened to size or made for such windows special products with an original design.

If you like a rustic veranda – with square large armchairs, a cabinet and shelves with carved doors, it is best to decorate the interior with smooth cotton striped curtains in warm or neutral colors. Cream, green, red – depends on your taste and desire to decorate the terrace. If the openings are small, straight curtains are intended for them..

Deep pleats on the cotton curtains create a sense of comfort and security. The wooden curtain rod with rings, on which the curtains are fixed, maintains a natural atmosphere reminiscent of the old traditions in the design of rural houses.

For a warm veranda in the off-season, PVC facade curtains will be the best choice. The open terrace area will be decorated with a moisture-resistant decor, covered with a comfortable canopy. Customer reviews indicate positive ratings received after the design of gazebos and terraces with PVC curtains.

How to hang?

To hang and secure curtains made of fabric materials, several types of fastening structures are usually used.. These are such devices:

  • Eaves in one or more rows. They hold the panel’s weight and help move it along the opening. The slats are produced flat and round with different diameters, the traditional ones are supplied with rings and cords for opening curtains. Cornices are made of brass, anodized iron, wood with a smooth texture or decorated with patterns and carvings.
  • Swivel brackets and straps. They hold street curtains, firmly fixed around the perimeter of the gazebo. Bracket fasteners withstand blizzards and heavy windy rain. Curtains can be rolled up on a strap, often closed and opened.
  • Roll mechanisms.

Screens with fabric attached to them are called Japanese curtains. The frame moves along the eaves, hermetically closing the window opening and protecting the room from the incoming cold wind and oblique rain streams. Rolls made from natural materials and bamboo are becoming more and more popular. They are universal types, easy to assemble and spread. For a successful decoration of the terrace, fabric curtains are complemented with garters and hooks, beautiful hand-made clips.

Design options

Distinguish between classic, romantic and modern design styles with the participation of curtain fabrics. Classic models can be used to decorate a spacious veranda, turning it into a work of art. English or Austrian, French versions of street curtains and textile curtains – lifting, hooks and eyelets.

To care for them, you need to spend a lot of time maintaining the exquisite decor..

Simple and beautiful – it’s about design pleated curtains, suitable for any size of veranda. Light weight and compactness are the undoubted advantages of such models. Pleating helps to regulate the flow of light, and a special impregnation keeps the curtains attractive and clean for a long time..

White and light-colored curtains expand the space of a small terrace, they can be hung both in summer and in winter when there is snow. Snow-white and neutral beige curtains look like attributes of luxury, recalling the design of the recreation area at elite resorts.

Summer curtains, designed in cold colors: blue, lilac, pale turquoise, perfectly refresh and make the room colder in the heat. Warm colors add warmth and comfort. Crimson and pink, purple look enchanting, fabulous. Green is uplifting, the same can be said for bright orange..

If the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe windows on the veranda is large, and most of them face the sunny side, the best option would be to strengthen double-sided curtains that reflect light from the outside..

Roman curtains – straight cuts of fabric of unlimited length, which can be collected in uniform noble folds. Curtains of this type look great on any window openings..

If on the veranda the windows are glazed to the full height, from ceiling to floor, you can stop at such a design option as panels. The stretched fabric of panel curtains is attached to the cornice and can only be moved horizontally along the window. The panels are easy to care for, they do not need to be washed and ironed like fabric curtains. To create an interesting decor, a bright and colorful pattern is applied to the canvases with accents on individual elements. Different curtains are moved along the windows, changing places.

Romantic fancy curtains, like summer dresses that dress the room, make a good impression on the viewer. They can be left straight or draped, show imagination and create an original design, combining them into a unique composition under the canopy and canopy.

If you hang curtains along the entire perimeter of the veranda or terrace, several accents in the decor will be created at once. You can leave one or two sides of the gazebo free by placing curtains on only the other two. According to the French tradition, it is also customary to drape the exit to the terrace with fabrics..

Vertical draperies eliminate excess sunlight. A canopy to match the tablecloth is placed above the table.


In the next video, you can find even more options for decorating your veranda and terrace with curtains..

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